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Mose Kiser, Senior
as published on the "North Carolina Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees" website.

Mose Photo

Mose Kiser grew up believing there were no strangers, just folks he hadn't met yet. To say he was friendly, outgoing and giving is not saying enough about the good will and support Mose Kiser, Sr. spread.

After 50 years of service to the North Carolina dairy industry, Mose Kiser, Sr. retired in 1968. He spent 36 of his working years managing Guilford Dairy.

Mose was born around the turn of the century in Lincoln County where his father [Dr. W.C. Kiser]was a family doctor. In between house calls, Mose's father also ran a 200-acre farm. When they were old enough, Mose and his three brothers ran the farm, which had dairy cattle, feed corn and whatever other crops they needed. Moses went on to college and worked at the creamery at North Carolina State University.
Dr. William C. Kiser
The State College Creamery later became known as Pine State Creamery. After his graduation in 1923, he continued to work at the creamery until he joined Guilford Dairy in Greensboro.

Kiser had other responsibilities including being the president of the Greensboro Tobacco Warehouse, chairman of the board of the Wesley Long Community Hospital and director of Security National Bank (later North Carolina National Bank, NCNB). Kiser was active in a number of civic and professional organizations. He served as president of the High-Pont-Greensboro Dairy Council and the North Carolina Dairy Products Association. He was active in the Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Junior Achievement, United Way, Future Farmers of America, 4-H and the Farmer's Cooperative Council. He was said to be an "inexhaustible fundraiser."

Ethel Kiser
(nee Stewart)

As a result of his hard work, Mr. Kiser was the recipient of many awards. In 1968, he was honored by the North Carolina Dairy Products Association with the Distinguished Service Award. He also received the distinguished Citizen Award by the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, the Alumni Meritorious Service Award and the prestigious Watauga medal [1976] from his Alma Mater, North Carolina State University.

Kiser and his first wife, Ethel Stewart of Coast, had one son, Mose Kiser, Jr. He lives in Greensboro and has two sons, Moses Kiser III and Patrick Stewart Kiser. In 1965, his first wife passed on. Several years later he marries Helen Boren of Greensboro. Helen said her husband's dedication to his work and community was unbelievable. She said he was a dedicated Methodist and a dedicated milkman. Helen was married to Mose for 22 years.

Time Line
Event Date Age
Born 27 Jul 1900 -
Wright Brothers First Flight 1903 3
Ford Motor Co. Founded 1903 3
Graduated College 1923 22
Stock Market Crash 29 Oct 1929 29
World War II Begins 7 Dec 1941 41
Retired 1968 68
Awarded Watauga Medal 1976 76
Died Apr 1984 83

Mose is also survived by a granddaughter, Taylor Forbes Kiser, and a sister, Eisley [sic] Bollinger [sic] of Lincolnton.

Mose Kiser, Sr. enjoyed growing roses and camellias so he could give them to friends. His generosity still grows in the hearts of all those who knew Moses Kiser.

Elected to the North Carolina

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