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hardin Mark Hardin, who died in what is now Fauquier Co VA in 1735, purchased land there in 1716. He married Mary Hogue and they had at least six children. The sixth was Major John Hardin, born in 1710, married Catherine Marr (1711-1780) and died 13 Oct 1789 in Nelson Co VA (now is Washington Co Co KY). Major John moved from VA to Fayette Co PA about 1760 and engaged in the business of building and equipping boats for military and other parties going down river on the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. Major John moved to Nelson Co VA (now is Washington Co KY) about 1786. Hardin Co KY was named after him. John had about ten children: John Hardin, b 2 Jun 1733 in Prince William Co VA; Mary Hardin, b abt 1735 at Georges Creek, Fayette, PA; Mark Hardin, b 1735 in Prince William Co VA; Benjamin Hardin, b 1739 in Prince William Co VA; William Hardin, b 1747 at Fauquier, Prince William Co VA; Jesse Hardin, b 1751 at Fauquier, Prince William Co VA; Abigail Hardin, b 1753 in Prince William Co VA; Catherine Hardin, b 1755 at Fauquier, Prince William Co VA; Elizabeth Hardin, b abt 1757 in Prince William Co VA; and Susannah Hardin, b 1759 at Fauquier, Prince William Co VA. Son Benjamin Hardin, who married his cousin Sarah Hardin in 1767 in Stafford Co VA, and in 1788 sold his PA land and followed his father to KY. Sarah was born 10 Mar 1743 in Stafford Co, daughter of Martin Hardin and Lydia Waters, died 13 Oct 1826 in Washington Co KY. Their son Benjamin Hardin Jr was born in Westmoreland Co PA on 29 Feb 1784. Ben Jr was educated in Dr Priestley's school, as was his lifelong friend John Rowan [R2b3]. As a young man, Ben married Elizabeth Barbour on 31 Mar 1807 in Washington Co. She was born in 1788 in Culpepper Co VA, daughter of Colonel Ambrose Barbour who lived in Washington Co and was one of KY's famous pioneers. Ben and Elizabeth lived in Nelson Co KY in 1850, was a lawyer, and his home contained many relatives and other boarders. Ben Jr died 24 Sep 1852 at Bardstown, KY. He and Elizabeth had seven children-

1.    Lucinda Barbour Hardin, b 2 Feb 1809 at Bardstown, married KY governor John Larue Helm on 10 Aug 1830, and died at Elizabethtown, Hardin Co on 25 Dec 1885. John was born 4 Jul 1802 at Elizabethtown, and died 8 Sep 1867 in Hardin Co. They had ten children; the eldest was-

       a.    Benjamin Hardin Helm, b 2 Jun 1831 at Bardstown, Nelson Co, and died 20 Sep 1863 at Chattanooga, TN. He married Emilie Todd.

2.    Emily Hardin, b 1810, died in 1852. She married Robert Palmer at Bardstown on 14 Jul 1830.

3.    Kate Hardin, b 1810 (age 40 in 1850), married George Howell in Nelson Co on 25 Jul 1835, and married Thomas W Riley on 25 Mar 1840 in Nelson Co. They lived in Nelson Co.

4.    James Pendleton Hardin, b 22 Oct 1810, died 26 Oct 1842 at Bardstown. He married Jane T Chinn on 10 Nov 1835.

5.    Rowan Hardin, b May 1812 at Bardstown, KY married Eliza Ann Cartmill on 10 Mar 1836 in Fleming Co. She was born 4 Jul 1815 in Kanawha Co VA (is now WV), and died 3 Jul 1891. He served in the Mexican-American War, was appointed ambassador to a South American country, and was murdered in 1851 while crossing the Isthmus of Panama. He was buried there. Rowan and Eliza had seven children-

       a.    William F Hardin, b 27 Feb 1837, never married, and was murdered on 15 May 1857 in Nelson Co KY.

       b.    Ben Rowan Hardin, b 9 Jul 1838, never married and died 22 May 1932.

       c.    David Cartmill Hardin, b 16 Mar 1840, married Ellen Howard on 15 Apr 1869, and died at Frankfort, KY on 13 Apr 1897. Ellen died 11 Jun 1872.

       d.    Nancy Hanks Hardin, b 2 Jun 1841, married William Atkinson Hill Rowan [R2b3e1] at Bardstown, Hardin Co KY on 20 Sep 1877, and died 15 Feb 1910.

       e.    James P Hardin, b 25 Jul 1843, married Eliza Roberts in 1876, and died 22 Nov 1914 in Tuolumne Co CA.

       f.     John F Hardin, b 7 Apr 1844, was murdered on 20 Sep 1880, and never married.

       g.    Sally Hardin, b 9 Dec 1845, died unmarried about 5 Dec 1887 of tuberculosis in Nelson Co KY.

6.    William Hardin, b 1816, died 14 Jan 1827.

7.    Sally Hardin, b 1822, married George Dixon in Nelson Co on 15 Mar 1842. He was born in 1820 in KY and was a lawyer. (W,BH)

lytle In 1780 Captain William Lytle and his wife Anne Steele brought their small daughter Agnes to Fayette Co VA (now Fayette Co KY), moving from Lancaster Co PA. In Lancaster Co William had commanded an independent company of foot soldiers at fort Hamilton in Tuscarora Valley in 1750. They settled about 16 miles below Lexington, establishing the home from which Agnes was married to John Rowan [R2b3] in 1796, a short time after he began his law practice. (BH)