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emrich  Johann Adam Emrich, born 1795 in Germany, married Anna Maria Mickel from Germany. They had three known sons, all born in Germany-

1.   Henry Emrich

2.   Wilhelm Emrich, b 1821, died in 1867. He married Caroline A Faustmann who was born in 1830. They had six children between 1852 and 1863, all born in Germany.

3.   John Emrich, b 11 Dec 1830 at Darnstadt, Germany, moved to KY and died there on 21 April 1907. John arrived at New Orleans on 5 Jun 1848. and became a US citizen in 1856. He married Elizabeth Schmidt. She was born 11 Dec 1828 at Baden, Germany and arrived in the USA at New Orleans on 12 Jun 1850. Within six months she married John Emrich in Hancock Co KY on 27 Jan 1851. Elizabeth died at Hawesville, Hancock Co on 24 Dec 1913. She was buried in Blackford Cemetery in Hancock Co. They had ten children, all born in Hancock Co KY-

      a.   Henry Charles Emrich, b 10 Dec 1851, married Selena “Lena” Margaret Fouch in Hancock Co on 26 Oct 1875. She was born 9 Nov 1857 in Hancock Co, daughter of Johann George Fouch and Mary Elizabeth Mickel (both from Germany), and died 2 Jun 1939 at Utility, Hancock Co. She was buried with Henry in Blackford Cemetery. Henry died 24 Jan 1942 at Hawesville, Hancock Co and was buried in Blackford Cemetery. They had seven children, all born in Hancock Co KY-

            1.   William H Emrich, b 7 May 1878, died 18 Oct 1904 in Hancock Co. His death certificate said his mother was born in IN.

            2.   Ira Otto Emrich, b 17 Jan 1881, lived at Philpot, Daviess Co in 1918 with his wife Virginia, and died there on 6 Jan 1978. He had married Nancy Virginia Dawson. She was born in December 1881 at Masonville, Daviess Co KY, daughter of Ira Weldon Dawson and Mary L _____. They had two children born in KY-

                  a.   Rae Vivian Emrich, b 17 Jan 1907 in KY, married Taylor Miller. He was born 15 Sep 1906, and died 11 Jan 1990. They had a daughter.

                  b.   Charles Weldon Emrich, b 19 Jul 1911, died 27 Oct 1990 at Palm Beach, FL. He married a Ms Temple and they had two children.

             3.   Dora Emrich, b 17 Mar 1883, died 7 Sep 1894.

            4.   Elma Josephine Emrich, b 10 Jul 1885, died 7 Feb 1962 in Daviess Co. She had not married by 1920.

            5.   Ivory C Emrich, b 19 Dec 1888 at Chambers, was a merchant in Philips Co AR in 1917, and was not married then. He was still single, living at West Helena, Phillips Co in 1920 and 1930. In 1930 he was an engineer for a lumber mill. Ivory died 5 Aug 1936 in Philips Co AR.

            6.   Wallace Edward Emrich, b 9 Aug 1891 at Chambers, lived at West Helena, Phillips Co AR in 1917 and was a streetcar motorman then, not yet married. He married Margaret Josephine Hill about 1923 and lived at Tyronza, AR. Margaret was born 10 Nov 1899 in AR, and died 28 Sep 1990. Wallace died 30 Jul 1983 at Tyronza. They had three children, all born at Tyronza-

                  a.   Harry Hillman Emrich, b 21 Feb 1924, died 4 Feb 1996 at Mission, Hidalgo Co TX. He married Mariedna Beley at Tyronza. She was born 18 April 1929 at Tyronza, daughter of Charles Maxwell Beley and Anne Elizabeth East. Mariedna and Harry lived at Tyronza for years. About 1979 they moved to Mission, Hidalgo Co TX where he was a pastor. He died there on 4 February 1996. After he died Mariedna moved to Jonesboro, Craighead Co AR and married Bill Booher. They were living at Jonesboro in 2008. She and Harry had five children–

                        1.   dau Emrich, was stillborn on 18 Dec 1948 at Tyronza and was buried in Tyronza Cemetery.

                        2.   Mary Joan Emrich, b 21 Jul 1950

                        3.   Julie Emrich, b 8 Oct 1951

                        4.   Carolyn Emrich, b 27 Dec 1955

                        5.   Harry Hillman Emrich II, b 2 Nov 1960

For more details, see the East and Young endnote on last page.

                  b.   Marjorie Ann Emrich, b 8 Aug 1925, died at Memphis, TN on 20 Mar 2005. She was a nurse for the Memphis Veterans Medical Center. Marjorie was buried in Tyronza Cemetery.

                  c.   Jean Emrich, b Aug 1932, married Joseph Cashon Landrum. He was born 11 Jun 1931 at Paragould, AR and died 16 Dec 2002 at Germantown, Shelby Co TN. He was a veteran of the US war in Vietnam, and was buried in Memorial Park South Wood at Memphis. Jean was living at Germantown when her sister Marjorie died in Mar 2005. They had four sons and a daughter.

            7.   Ida D May Emrich, b 5 Aug 1896, married William H Davies after 1919. He was born 9 Feb 1895 at Hawesville, Hancock Co, son of Timothy H Davies and Agnes Ann Askins, and died 27 Nov 1987 in Jefferson Co but lived at Brandenburg, Meade Co KY. Ida died 27 Apr 1963 at Hawesville. They had three sons, all born in Hancock Co KY-

                  a.   William H Davies, b 26 Jun 1923. He enlisted in the US Army Air Corp on 26 Jun 1942 at Bowman Field, Louisville. He was a butcher when he enlisted, and was not married.

                  b.   Charles E Davies, b Jul 1927

                  c.   James C Davies, b 28 Jul 1929 at Hawesville.

      b.   William Wilhelm Emrich, b 14 Mar 1854 in Hancock Co KY, died 27 Jan 1860 in Hancock Co KY.

      c.   Louisa Katherine Emrich, b 20 Sep 1856 in Hancock Co KY, married Jesse D Lyons Rice in Hancock Co on 30 Nov 1875. He was born 17 Jun 1851 in Hancock Co, son of Andrew L Rice and Mary Ann Marie Hale, and died there on 28 Mar 1923. Louisa died at Utility, Hancock Co on 16 Apr 1928 and was buried in Blackford Cemetery. They had five children born in Hancock Co KY-

            1.   Hillary D Rice, b 16 Mar 1877, died 14 Jul 1928 in KY. She was not living at home in 1910.

            2.   Oscar C Rice, b 25 Jun 1879, was married to Fannie Bruner. and living at Ekron, Meade Co in 1918. He was a merchant. Oscar died 14 Aug 1952 at Brandenburg, Meade Co KY. Fannie was born 1 Mar 1878. They lived in Ohio Co and Meade Co and had four children-

                  a.   Charles Rice, b 1903

                  b.   Verna Mae Rice, b 1905, married Boyd Robinson and died 10 February 1993. Boyd died in 1959. They had a daughter named Ruth.

                  c.   Norman Rice, b 1911

                  d.   Arthur Rice, b 1914

            3.   Herman John Rice, b 18 Nov 1882, lived at Louisville in September 1918 and was a clerk for the L & N Railroad. He married Lelah Belle _____ by then and in 1920 was still at Louisville. Herman was a farmer in Meade Co in 1930. Lela was born about 1891. Herman died in Breckinridge Co but lived in Meade Co when he died on 4 January 1973. They had two sons-

                  a.   Herman J Rice, b Dec 1919 at Louisville, KY, died in Jefferson Co on 5 ec 1989 but lived in Warren Co.

                  b.   Franklin H Rice, b 13 Dec 1921 at Louisville, KY, and died 20 May 2004 at Stephensport, Breckinridge Co.

            4.   Larus H Rice, b 26 Dec 1886, died 13 Oct 1967 in Jefferson Co but lived in Hancock Co when he died. He married Ruth Rebecca Crosby on 12 Mar 1913. She was born 13 May 1894 in KY, daughter of Taylor Crosby and Vitula Berry, and died 11 Aug 1913 at Utility, Hancock Co. She was buried in Blackford Cemetery. Larus married again about 1925. His second wife was Bessie _____, born in 1900 in KY, and this was her second marriage.

            5.   child Daniel, died youmg.

      d.   Mary Caroline Emrich, b 17 Dec 1858 at Chambers, died in Daviess Co KY on 25 Aug 1951. She had married Ira Dawson. Ira was born 8 Oct 1853 in KY and died 9 May 1918.

      e.   Emma Emrich, b 7 Jan 1861, died 8 Dec 1898. She married Harden Heller Bruner after 1880. He was born 1 Nov 1858 in Hancock Co, son of Martin Bruner and Elizabeth Basey, and died 24 Jun 1909. They had six children, all born in Hancock Co KY-

            1.   Nora Elizabeth Bruner, b 20 Aug 1882, died 17 Jan 1909.

            2.   Minnie Bell Bruner, b 17 Mar 1884, died 16 Nov 1898.

            3.   Walter Louis Bruner, b 28 Mar 1886, died 3 Dec 1970. He lived in Daviess Co then. He married two times: Sue K ____, born in 1892, and Elizabeth Bessie _____, died 26 Dec 1999. In 1920 Walter lived at Owensboro, was single, and was a lineman for the telephone company. He lived at Louisville in 1930, was a civil engineer for Jefferson Co, and had married Sue about 1925.

            4.   Mary Catherine Bruner, b 4 Dec 1888, died 1 Mar 1918 in Hancock Co. She married Waymon Edcar Monical about 1913. Waymon was born 23 Apr 1888 at Hawesville, Hancock Co, son of William Riley Monical and Mary Cathryn Riley, and died 29 Mar 1928 at Cloverport, Beeckeinridge Co. Mary’s two daughters were both born at Hawesville, Hancock Co-

                  a.   Mary Louise Monical, b 11 Nov 1914, married Elfred B Zimmerman on 4 Jub 1944. He was born 22 Sep 1913, and died 14 Mar 2003 at Frankfort, KY.

                  b.   Thelma Lee Monical, b 22 Jul 1916, died 2 Aug 1985 at East Lansing, MI. She had married Edward Henry Graper, who was born 28 Mar 1902 at Lynnville, Warrick Co IN, son of Ferdinand F Graper and Kate Weierbacher. Ferdinand Graper, born in 1858 in Hanover, Germany, and married Kate Weierbacher in Warrick Co on 6 Jul 1896. Kate was born in Apr 1873 in Warrick Co, daughter of German parents.

            5.   Grace Anna Bruner, b 24 Feb 1893, died 17 Mar 1903.

            6.   Arthur John Bruner, b 28 Jun 1895, died 23 Feb 1982 at Owensboro, Daviess Co KY. He married Mabel I Cardon and they lived at Owensboro. Mabel was born 18 Dec 1909 and died at Owenbsboro on 21 Aug 1984. They had three children-

                  a.   Arthur J Bruner, b 24 Sep 1935 in Daviess Co KY. He died in Davidson Co TN on 25 May 2005.

                  b.   child Bruner

                  c.   Elbert L Bruner, b 6 Jan 1944 in Daviess Co KY. In 2008 he lived at Madison, Davidson Co TN.

      f.    Elizabeth Emrich, born 10 Jan 1863, died in Hancock Co on12 Sep 1928 and was buried there in Blackford Cemetery. She married John Thomas Daniels about 1900. He was born in Daviess Co on 15 May 1850, son of Isabel Daniel and Hannah Jones, and died in Hancock Co on 24 Dec 1915. This was his second marriage. He and Elizabeth had a son-

            1.   John Lewis Daniel, b 1 Jul 1908 at Utility, Hancock Co, and died at Owenensboro, KY on 1 Mar 1989. In 1930 he lived with his aunt Leona Emrich at Owensboro. She was his mother’s youngest sister; neither was married. John worked for the telephone company then.

      g.   John Adam Emrich, b 12 Jun 1865, died 8 May 1938 at Tyronza, AR. He married Rose Reed Rowan [R2b1b4h] about 1900. She was born 15 Sep 1880 at Owensboro, KY, daughter of William Andrew Rowan and Frances Matilda Hand, and died 26 Oct 1918, probably at home near Tyronza, on 26 Oct 1918 of uremic poisoning after the birth of her youngest child, and was buried in Jonesboro's City Cemetery. About 1923 John married Frances V “Frankie” Killough at Memphis. She was born in TN on 7 Jan 1890 and was a school teacher. John owned and ran a general merchandise store at Tyronza, AR, and was also in the ginning business. He died at Tyronza on 8 May 1938, and was buried in Tyronza Cemetery. Frankie died 31 January 1976 at Tyronza and is also buried in Tyronza Cemetery. John and Rose had eight children, all born at Tyronza-

            1.   unnamed boy Emrich, b 1901, died at Tyronza when three days old; he is buried in Jonesboro's City Cemetery.

            2.   Oscar Rowan Emrich, b 5 Aug 1902

            3.   John Harwood Emrich, b 25 May 1905

            4.   Margaret Emrich, b 11 Sep 1907

            5.   Ruth Mary Emrich, b 4 Jun 1910

            6.   Dorothy Emrich, b 12 Dec 1912

            7.   Sara Emrich, b 16 Aug 1916

            8.   Donald Proctor Emrich, b 30 Sep 1918.

For more details, see the Rowan endnote on last page.

      h.   Louis Augustus Emrich, b 13 Oct 1867, died 29 Mar 1946 in Obion Co TN. He married Jennie Belle Medcalf in 1891 and in 1900 they lived at Pellville, Hancock Co. She was born 28 Mar 1872 in KY, daughter of William Downey Medcalf and Nancy Ellen Bell, and died 22 Nov 1941. In 1920 they were living at Hickman, Fulton Co KY. They had four children by 1900, eight by 1910, and ten total, all born in Hancock Co KY-

            1.   child Emrich, b & d 1890s

            2.   child Emrich, b & d 1890s

            3.   Clara Belle Emrich, b 3 Dec 1896, died 15 Aug 1983 in TN. She married Ernest Walden Rice about 1919 and they lived at Hickman, KY. He was born 3 Jun 1894 at Hawesville, Hancock Co but grew up in Daviess Co. He was a son of Hedge F Rice and Nettie Shelton. In 1917 Eernest lived at Hickman, Fulton Co. He died 5 Sep 1928 of tuberculosis in Fulton Co KY and was buried at Clinton, Hickman Co KY. In 1920 three of his younger siblings also lived with them. They had two children, both born in Fulton Co KY-*

                  a.   Wendie Rice, b 15 Aug 1921

                  b.   Earnest W Rice, b 28 Aug 1925, died in ec 1977 in TN.

            4.   Herbert Virgil Emrich, b 12 May 1899, died 9 Jan 1968 in Orange Co CA. In 1930 he and his brother Ira were at Detroit, MI, and Herbert was had been married for five years, but no wife was with him. He had married Ruth F Paschall. Herbert was a “municipal conductor” in 1930. Ruth was born 24 Jan 1912, and died 22 Mar 1993. Her home was at Santa Ana, Orange Co CA when she died, but there is no CA death record for her, so she must have died outside of CA.

            5.   Ira Louis Emrich, b 11 Nov 1901, died 16 Mar 1993 at Mount Clemens, Macomb Co MI, but lived at Harrison. He married Viola Marie Allen. She was born 17 Sep 1905, and died 19 Sep 1996 in Clinton Twp, Macomb Co.

            6.   Ellen Eugenie Emrich, b 25 May 1904, died 25 May 1991 in MS. She married James Henry Marr in 1927. He was born 21 May 1900 in MS and died 26 Jul 1970 at Olive Branch, DeSoto Co MS. In 1930 they lived at Memphis, TN and Ellen’s brother Hillary lived with them. James was an auto mechanic then.

            7.   William Henry Emrich, b 12 Sep 1905, died 28 Sep 1981 at Kenton, Gibson Co TN. He married twice. The first wife was Ruth Katherine Orrell, married in 1926. She was born 4 Apr 1907 in Weakley Co TN, daughter of Robert Thomas Orrell and Pearl Jane Parsons, and died 29 Dec 1929. In 1930 William was a boarder in the home of widow Betty Bevins (born in TN in 1869) at Tyronza, AR. William was then a hardware store clerk. His son lived with him. William’s second wife was Lillie Beatrice Perryman, daughter of Ezekiel Evander Perryman and Molly F Primrose. Lillie was born 20 Jul 1903 in TN and died 2 Jan 1991 at Kenton, Gibson Co TN. She married William in Obion Co on 25 Dec 1932. William’s son with Ruth Orrell was-

                  a.   Charles Emrich, b 1927 in AR.

Ezekiel Evander Perryman and Molly F Primrose were married in Gibson Co TN on 27 Apr 1883.

            8.   Hillary Medcalf Emrich, b 24 Feb 1908, died 11 Jul 1975 at Kenton, Gibson Co TN. He lived with his sister Ellen at Memphis in 1930 and was a streetcar conductor. Hillary married Sarah Louise Fowler in Obion Co TN on 24 Mar 1940. She was born 12 Jul 1917 in TN, and died 15 Sep 1992 at Kenton.

            9.   Mary Rose Emrich, b 20 Jul 1911, married Cullie Foster. He was born 15 Aug 1901 in Lee Co MS, son of Olando Bee Foster and Minnie Bickerstaff, and died 1 Jun 1962 in MS. In 1920 they lived at Nettleton, Lee Co MS. Olando Foster and Minnie Bickerstaff were married in Monroe Co MS on 5 Apr 1900.

            10. Edward Vilas Emrich, b 30 Jun 1916, married Annie Mae Saliba on 31 Dec 1939 in Mississippi Co AR. Annie was born at Blythville, AR on 10 Mar 1914, and died in Dec 1993 at Memphis, TN. Edward died there on 16 Mar 2005.

      i.    child Emrich, died as an infant

      j.    Leona F Emrich, b 16 Feb 1873, died at Hawesville, Hancock Co on 24 Jan 1931 of tuberculosis. She never married, and was buried in Blackford Cemetery. The informant for her death certificate was her nephew Oscar Rice of Brandenburg.


Most of this Emrich information was from “ZeldaFlury” who put it on the Internet. Other sources commonly used were: KY Death Certificates, especially those from Hancock Co; cousins in the Tyronza & Jonesboro area of AR; Social Security records; AR, KY, MS, and TN marriage records; WW I draft cards, Birth records from KY, Obituaries, and census records.