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bennett “Governor” John Bennett of the No Creek farming community in Ohio Co KY, was born in County Down, Ireland in 1753, and came to America, first settling in Montgomery Co MD. He later moved from Baltimore to No Creek in 1798 after most of his children were born. He was the first settler on No Creek. John first married _____ Petty, then married Mary Icypheny Plummer in 1786, and apparently he was widowed because he married Elizabeth P _____, the widow of John Woodward, in 1823. Elizabeth was born in MD in 1780. John Bennett died at Bo Creek, Ohio Co in 1828. His children were-

1.   John Bennett, b abt 1772 in Frederick Co MD, married Casandra Benton in MD on 29 Dec 1795 in Frederick Co. She was a sister of Benjamin Benton, and was born 6 Mar 1779 in Montgomery Co MD. She died in 1823 and John died at No Creek, Ohio Co KY in Oct 1845. John and Casandra had eight children. All but the first son were born at No Creek, Ohio Co KY-

      a.   Reuben Bennett, b 1796 in Frederick Co MD. (W)

      b.   Elizabeth Bennett, b 25 Nov 1799, married Peter Shown in 1820. He was born 17 Apr 1795 in Fredericktown, Fredericktown Co MD, and died in Ohio Co KY on 29 Nov 1861. Elizabeth died there on 21 Dec 1868. They had ten children, all born in Ohio Co KY-

             1.   John Shown, b 16 May 1821, married Emily Spurrier in Ohio Co on 2 Dec 1845. She was born 25 Oct 1827 in Grayson Co KY and died 19 Jan 1900 in Ohio Co. By 1860 they had eight children by 1880-

                    a.   Clifton Shown, b 16 Jul 1847 at Beda, Ohio Co, married Sarah Jane Black in 1870. Clifton died 23 Feb 1937 at Beaver Dam, Ohio Co.

                    b.   Palestine Shown, b 7 Aug 1849, married Thomas E Webb in 1875 and died 27 Nov 1919 at Beda, Ohio Co.

                    c.    Milah Shown, b 1851

                    d.   Peter Shown, b 19 Jun 1854, married Phebe Stewart in 1879. They had at least one son-

                           1.   Hollon T Shown, b 1890, married Beulah Lee Rowan [R2b1b9h].

                    e.   Judith Shown, b 1856, probably never married.

                    f.    Laura Shown, b 1859, married Samuel W Bell [R2b1b2e] in 1890.

                    g.   Ulysses Shown, b 1864

                    h.   Hosa Shown (son), b 1868

             2.   Edward “Ned” Shown, b 28 Mar 1823, married Matilda V Spurrier on 25 Feb 1851 in Ohio Co and died 16 Oct 1904 in Ohio Co. Matilda was born 7 Jul 1929 in Grayson Co and died 17 Jul 1913 in Ohio Co. They had at least eleven children by 1880, all born in Ohio Co KY-

                    a.   Virgil Shown, b 4 Jun 1852, married Effie B Ambrose in 1881, and died 9 Nov 1926 at Beda, Ohio Co.

                    b.   Isaac Shown, b 14 May 1853, married Louella Wallace in 1879, and died at Hartford, Ohio Co on 1 Dec 1931. Louella was born 10 Mar 1860 in Ohio Co, daughter of Franklin Wallace and Adeline Lowe, and died at Hartford, Ohio Co on 2 Jun 1927. They had at least one daughter-

                           1.   Carrie Shown, b 20 Feb 1882 in Ohio Co, died 24 Feb 1951at Hartford, Ohio Co. She married a Mr Sheffield.

                    c.    Silas Shown, b 1 Feb 1855, married Lucy A _____ about 1879. She was born in 1857 in KY.

                    d.   Mary Elizabeth Shown, b 12 Sep 1856, married Isaac C Hoover in 1878, and died at Beda, Ohio Co on 11 Mar 1939.

                    e.   Louisa Shown, b 1857, died young.

                    f.    Susan Shown, b 1858

                    g.   Wilson Shown, b 22 Sep 1862, died 18 Oct 1939 at Hartford, Ohio Co. He did not marry.

                    h.   Charles Shown, b 1864

                    i.     Perry Shown, b 1866

                    j.     Alonzo Shown, b 1869

                    k.    Edward Shown, b 1873

             3.   Isaac Shown, b 6 Aug 1825, married Rebecca S Bennett on 1 Apr 1852 in Ohio Co KY. She was born in 1835 in Ohio Co, daughter of Joseph B Bennett Sarah Carson, and died in Jan 1880 in Ohio Co at age 44. Isaac died in Ohio Co in Feb 1906. They had at least nine children-

                    a.   Elizabeth Shown, b 31 Dec 1853 in Ohio Co, married Charles R Campbell in 1875. She died at Hartford, Ohio Co on 28 Sep 1920. They had a son-

                           1.   Walter B Campbell, b 17 Oct 1887 in Ohio Co and died 16 May 1953 in Ohio Co. Walter married his cousin Ira S Shown in 1912.

                    b.   Sarah Shown, b 3 Feb 1859, married Wilbur Perry Bennett on 25 Feb 1875. He was born in on 30 Mar 1844 in Ohio Co, son of Alexander Barnett Bennett and Frances Ann Benton. Her line is continued under his name.

                    c.    Rena Shown, b 22 Dec 1860, married Isaac Knox Westerfield on 1 Sep 1884 in Ohio Co, and died 3 May 1941 at Heflin, Ohio Co. Isaac was born at Livermore, McLean Co on 10 Jul 1857, and died at No Creek on 11 Apr 1929. They had six children, all born in KY-

                           1.   Dudley Westerfield, b 3 Jul 1885, died 18 Apr 1947 at Hartford. He married Lydia O _____. She was born in 1877.

                           2.   Tamer Westerfield (son), b Nov 1886

                           3.   Herbert Westerfield, b 29 May 1888, married Clemmie Hoover. She was born 26 Apr 1883 at Beda, Ohio Co. Herbert died in Ohio Co on 13 Mar 1962.

                           4.   Rosa Westerfield, b Oct 1890

                           5.   Gilbert Westerfield, b 2 Sep 1893 at Bells Run, Ohio Co, married Georgia Ralph at No Creek on 8 Apr 1917. She was born 11 Apr 1893 at Buford, Ohio Co.

                           6.   Rollie Westerfield, b Oct 1896, married Mattie E _____. She was born abt 1895. They had a son-

                                  a.   Alison J Westerfield, b abt 1926.

                    d.   Nancy V Shown, b Jan 1863 in KY, married Louis M Ashby on 22 Dec 1889 at her sister Sarah’s home, and died in 1918. Louis was born in 1849 in Ohio Co and died by 1900. They had four children-

                           1.   Georgia Ashby, b May 1892

                           2.   Mary Ashby, b Dec 1893

                           3.   Gay Ashby, b Sep 1894, lived with her aunt and uncle William E Brown and Relda Ashby in 1910, in Ohio Co KY.

                           4.   Louis R Ashby, b Apr 1899

                    e.   Mary Sarilda Shown, b Jun 1865, married Testus(?) / Festus(?) C Fields on 24 Dec 1896, his third marriage. He was born in Mar 1855 in KY. Mollie died 30 Apr 1905 in Ohio Co and in 1910 Testus married his fourth wife, Elizabeth E _____. She was born in 1856 in IL. In 1910 they lived at Herren, Williamson Co IL. This was Elizabeth’s second married. She had six children from the first. Mollie and Testus had four children-

                           1.   Rebecca Fields, b 1 Dec 1897, died 13 Dec 1898.

                           2.   Beckham Fields, b Apr 1900, was alive in 1910 living at Herren, Williamson Co IL.

                           3.   Sherman Fields, b 1900, was either Beckham Fields, or was a twin of Beckham and died as an infant.

                           4.   Mary S Fields, b Apr 1905, died at birth with her mother.

                    f.    Charlotte Shown, b 2 Nov 1867 in Ohio Co, married Samuel Dennis Myers on 21 May 1891. He was born in Oct 1846 in KY and this was his second marriage; the first was in 1873 which produced two sons. Samuel died 7 Jan 1919. Charlotte died 21 Jul 1944 at Beaver Dam, Ohio Co. She had five children, all born in Ohio Co KY-

                           1.   Clayton Hallows Myers, b 24 Feb 1892, died 10 Mar 1913 at Beaver Dam, Ohio Co.

                           2.   Clemma L Myers, b Apr 1894, had two children born in Ohio Co. The father of the first son was a Mr Hocker. It does not appear that Clemma ever married the son’s father since her parents raised the two grandsons as if they were actual sons, and they used the Myers name-

                                  a.   Noble Glenn Myers, b 13 Oct 1912, died in Ohio Co on 20 Jan 1970.

                                  b.   Walter Myers, b 17 Oct 1916

                           3.   Frank Myers, b 25 Dec 1895 at Point Pleasant, Ohio Co, and died in May 1963 in KY.

                           4.   Cecile Myers, b May 1898

                           5.   John Thomas Myers, b 30 Jun 1905, died 24 Feb 1972 at Beaver Dam, Ohio Co.

                    g.   Josie Shown, b Apr 1870 at Hartford, Ohio Co, married _____ Rowe.

                    h.   Lelia Shown, b abt 1873, married _____ Trodgen.

                    i.     Isaac Shown, b Jun 1876, was not married by 1900.

             4.   William Shown, b abt 1828

             5.   Peter Shown Jr, b 1830, married Margaret Ann Sandefur in 1850. She was born 18 Jan 1830, daughter of William Sandefur and Elizabeth Bennett, and had at least nine children-

                    a.   Sylvester Shown, b 10 Dec 1851 in Ohio Co, died 18 May 1929 at Hartford. He married Margaret Ann Davis in 1878 in Ohio Co. She was born in 1856 in KY. They lived in Ohio Co and had seven children, with five still alive in 1910-

                           1.   Kate Shown, b 1880, married William Crabtree in 1899. He was born in 1873. They had six children.

                           2.   child Shown, b & d 1880s

                           3.   Ira S Shown, b 1885, married Walter B Campbell in 1912. He was born 17 Oct 1887 in Ohio Co and died 16 May 1953 in Ohio Co. His parents were Charles Campbell and Elizabeth Shown. Ira died in 1959 in Ohio Co. They had ten children.

                           4.   Bessie Morton Shown, b 1888, married Robert Renfrow in 1905, and died in 1928.

                           5.   Arley M Shown, b 9 Sep 1891, died 9 Mar 1944 near Hartford, Ohio Co. He married Lillian Richardson and they had five children.

                           6.   Jesse Shown, b & d 1892

                           7.   Robert H Shown, b 28 Feb 1897 near Hartford, Ohio Co KY.

                    b.   Sarah E Shown, b 1853, married John T Iler in 1871. (Mrs Ester Iler had married John W Iler. John W died in Jefferson Co on 25 Oct 1927 and was born in Ohio Co KY on 1 Aug 1850. His mother was Mary Shuck.) They had at least one child-

                           1.   Mary F Iler, married Henry Cephas Simmons in 1893. He was born in 1845, son of William C Simmons (born in 1801 in Bullitt Co) and Amelia Simmons (born 1811). William C Simmons was a son of Cephas Simmons (born 1777) and Cynthia Shain of Bullitt Co. Amelia Simmons was a daughter of Henry Child Simmons (born 1773 in Prince George's Co MD) and Sarah Ferguson. Henry Child Simmons (born 1773) was a son of Jonathan Simmons (born 1749) and Elizabeth Child; Jonathan Simmons was a brother Cephas Simmons of Bullitt Co.

                    c.    Mary H Shown, b Jan 1855

                    d.   Benjamin Shown, b 1856

                    e.   William N Shown, b 1858

                    f.    Lemuel Shown, b May 1860. He was age 1 month in in 1860, age 1 year in 1870, and age 20 in 1880.

                    g.   Melinda Shown, b 1866

                    h.   Sherman Shown, b Feb 1868, married Ida _____in 1897. She was born in Sep 1877 in IL and in 1900 lived at Charryvale, Montgomery Co KS. They had a daughter-

                           1.   Ora Shown, b Feb 1899 in OK.

                    i.     Alonzo Shown, b 1871

             6.   Benjamin Shown, b 14 Nov 1831, married Sarah A Lashbrook in Daviess Co on 20 Dec 1859. She was born 16 Nov 1843 in Daviess Co. They had six children, all born in Daviess Co, then moved to Riley Co KS in the winter of 1879-1880 with their children-

                    a.   Achilles Grant Shown, b 1867

                    b.   Anna Shown, b 1869

                    c.    Peter Shown, b 1873

                    d.   Suisie Shown, b 1874

                    e.   Nellie Shown, b 1878

                    f.    America Shown, b Nov 1879

             7.   Casandra Katherine Shown, b 1832, married Nathaniel Mason Wilhite in KY in about 1852 and lived at Bells, Ohio Co in 1870. He was born 19 Nov 1828 at Nelson, Muhlenberg Co KY. They had at least eight children-

                    a.   Warren Wilhite, b 26 Jan 1853 in Ohio Co, died 31 Jul 1945 at Sacramento, McLean Co. He married Martha Roy (Ray?) in 1875 in KY and in 1880 they lived at Slaughterhouse, Webster Co. She was born in Apr 1858 and in 1900 they lived at Hanson, Hopkins Co KY. They had eight children by then, all born in KY-

                           1.   Elizabeth W Wilhite, b 31 Mar 1877, married a Mr Walker by 1900 and died 23 Jan 1930 at Sacramento, McLean Co.

                           2.   Robert Wilhite, b 1878, died by 1900.

                           3.   Kittie Wilhite, b Jul 1881

                           4.   Nomi Wilhite, b Feb 1886

                           5.   Peter Wilhite, b May 1888

                           6.   Amos Homer Wilhite, b 12 Jul 1891 in Hopkins Co, lived at Morehouse, MO in 1917.

                           7.   dau Wilhite, b Dec 1894

                           8.   Lilia Wilhite, b May 1897

                    b.   Elizabeth Wilhite, b 1855, married Thomas J Huckleberry about 1873 and they lived in McLean Co. He was born in 1852 in KY. They had at least four-

                           1.   Lillie Huckleberry, b 1874 in McLean Co.

                           2.   Warren Huckleberry, b 1875 in McLean Co.

                           3.   Eunice Huckleberry, b 1878 in McLean Co.

                           4.   George Rollins Huckleberry, b 27 Jun 1881 in IL, died at Island, McLean Co KY on 23 May 1949. He mnarried.

                    c.    Cordelia Wilhite, b 22 Jul 1856, died 14 Oct 1914 in Hopkins Co KY. She married Marion Jobe. He was born in KY in 1852 and died in 1897 at Beach Grove, McLean Co.

                    d.   George Wilhite, b 1858

                    e.   Benton Wilhite, b 1859

                    f.    Sally A Wilhite, b 1865

                    g.   Edwin Wilhite, b 1867

                    h.   Mary Thomas Wilhite, b 28 Jun 1871 in McLean Co KY, married Thomas Walter Conley at Beach Grove, McLean Co on 4 Mar 1886. He was born 28 Aug 1863 in Daviess Co, and died in Jackson Co on 23 Mar 1945. They had a daughter-

                           1.   Edna Minnie Conley, b 20 Mar 1891 in McKinley Co.

                    i.     Mattie Wilhite, b 1872

             8.   Reuben Shown, b 14 Nov 1833, died 10 Feb 1861.

             9.   Elizabeth Shown, b Feb 1839, married John W Boone in 1867; he was born about 1842 in Daviess Co, son of Beverly W Boone and Sarah N _____. In 1880 they lived at Slaughterhouse, Webster Co KY. 1900 Elizabeth lived in Caldwell Co KY with her daughters Ida and Sarah, and was a widow. Elizabeth had seven children with three still alive in 1900-

                    a.   Ida S Boone, b Feb 1871, was single in 1900 and 1910 and lived in Caldwell Co then. She was widowed by 1920, and continued to use the Boone name, or married a Mr Boone. She had no children by 1910 and lived with her divorced sister Sarah. Ida died at Princeton, Caldwell Co on 26 May 1932.

                    b.   E Boone (dau), b 1876

                    c.    Sarah Narcissa Boone, b Nov 1874, married a Mr Huckey and divorced by 1900, and continued to use the Boone name She had two sons, who used the Boone name-

                           1.   Elmer Hobart Boone, b 2 Jan 1899

                           2.   Robert L Boone, b 1902 in Caldwell Co KY.

             10. Amos Shown, b 30 Aug 1845, married Mary Frances Bennett, daughter of Henry Mack Bennett and Mildred A Tinsley, in 1870. She was born in 1854. They apparently divorced and Amos married Sarah M Barnett in 1879. In 1910 he was divorced, living alone at Hartford. Amos died 15 May 1917 at Beda, Ohio Co. He and Mary had at least one child-

                    a.   Henry H Shown, b 1871 in Ohio Co KY, died in 1881.

      c.    Ann Bennett, b 1801 at No Creek, Ohio Co, married Samuel Bryant in Ohio Co on 25 Jan 1827. He was born in 1797 and in 1860 they lived at Hartford, Ohio Co. They had about five children, all born in KY-

             1.   John William Bryant, b 25 Aug 1828, died 18 Sep 1912 in Ohio Co. He married Betsy Ann Wallace in Ohio Co on 10 Oct 1854. She was born 20 Dec 1835 in KY, daughter of George Washington Wallace and Lucinda Cox, and died 17 Feb 1892 in Ohio Co. They had four children-

                    a.   Vashti E Bryant (dau), b 1855, married Bruno Frey in 1875. He was born in 1850 in Switzerland.

                    b.   Ruth E Bryant, b 1857, married William T McSherry in Ohio Co on 20 Nov 1878. He was born in KY in 1844.

                    c.    Lemuel Bryant, b 1859

                    d.   Norma Bryant, b 1869

             2.   Matilda E Bryant, b 1834, married Henry M Smith on 25 Feb 1857 and lived at Hartford, Ohio Co in 1860. He was born in TN in 1838. About 1863 they moved to Columbia, Gibson Co IN, then in 1880 they were in Warrick Co IN. They had five children by 1880-

                    a.   Samuel H Smith, b 1858 in Ohio Co KY.

                    b.   Rachel C Smith, b Apr 1860 at Hartford, Ohio Co, married by 1880, probably in IN.

                    c.    James W Smith, b 1862 in Ohio Co KY.

                    d.   Isabel A Smith, b 1865 at Columbia, IN.

                    e.   Lemuel H Smith, b 1872 at Columbia, IN.

             3.   James Harvey Bryant, b 16 Oct 1837, lived at Hartford, Ohio Co in 1860. He married Maggie Minner about 1865 and they lived in IN, and married Mary M Wilson in 1879 in NE. Maggie was born in 1844 in KY and died about 1870. Mary was born in Oct 1858 in MO. James had nine children, born in IN, NE, and in CO.

             4.   Mildred A Bryant, b 1840.

             5.   Lucinda Bryant, b 1844.

      d.   Lucretia Bennett, b 1811, married William Bryant in 1832. He was born in 1808. By 1860 they had at least four children-

             1.   Mizella Bryant, b 1837.

             2.   James B Bryant, b 1841.

             3.   Nathan Bryant, b 1851.

             4.   Virgil Bryant, b 1853.

      e.   Nathan Bennett, b 17 Aug 1802, married Martha Ward in 1831. She was born 1 Feb 1807, and died 3 Feb 1866. Nathan then married widow Mrs Sallie Lawton. Nathan died 29 Jul 1892. He had eight children-

             1.   Basil Mansfield Bennett, b 1832, married Eleanor Tweddle in 1856. She was born in 1838, daughter of James Twedell and Elizabeth _____. They had eight children-

                    a.   Henry Bennett, b 1857, died by 1886.

                    b.   LaFayette Bennett, b 1859, died by 1886.

                    c.    Marcus D L Bennett

                    d.   Stephen R Bennett

                    e.   Herman E Bennett

                    f.    Rupert Bennett

                    g.   Bernice Bennett

                    h.   Ethel Bennett

             2.   Charlotte Jane Bennett, b 1835.

             3.   Delila Ward Bennett, b 1837.

             4.   Isaac McDonald Bennett, b 1838, married Amanda Tinsley in 1861.

             5.   Stephen Albert Bennett, b 1840, married Eliza N Barnett in 1866.

             6.   Amanda Matilda Bennett, b 1843.

             7.   Noris Bennett, b 1846, married Susan Tabor in 1869.

             8.   Martha Evaline Bennett, b 1848, married William C Ambrose in 1866.

2.   Jefferies Bennett, b the 1770s and married Eleanor _____. She was born about 1776 in MD. They had nine children-

      a.   Patsy Elizabeth Bennett, b 1797, married Moses K Chapman in 1817. He was born in MD in 1793 and died in 1890. Patsy died in 1873. They had seven children-

             1.   Leah E Chapman, b 1823, married James Frank Sandefur in 1842. He was born in 1816. They had at least nine children-

                    a.   Susan E Sandefur, b 1843, married Marion Duvall in 1861.

                    b.   Lucy E Sandefur, b 1846.

                    c.    George M Sandefur, b 1848.

                    d.   Rezin T Sandefur, b 1850.

                    e.   William Virge Sandefur, b 1853, married Annie Lewis in 1893.

                    f.    James W Sandefur, b 1855.

                    g.   Sarah J Sandefur, b 1856, married _____ Hudson.

                    h.   Martha C Sandefur, b 1859.

                    i.     Tom Sandefur

             2.   Nathan B Chapman, b 1826, married Lucy _____ about 1850. She was born in 1827.

             3.   Rezin J Chapman, b 1826, married Eleanor Elizabeth Sandefur in 1849, and died in 1889. She was born in 1830. They had at least eight children-

                    a.   Louisa G Chapman, b 1852, married Richard Tweddell.

                    b.   Frances M Chapman, b 1853.

                    c.    Mary Chapman, b 1855.

                    d.   William Chapman, b 1857.

                    e.   Laura A Chapman, b 1860, married Lemuel S Craig in 1879. He was born in 1850, son of Isiah Craig and Nancy P Ellis. Laura married John Mitchell Chinn in 1900.

                    f.    John D Chapman, married Lutitia Hoover.

                    g.   Frank Chapman, died as a young man.

                    h.   Moses Chapman, died in 1891.

             4.   Obed Bennett Chapman, b 1832, married Catherine M Borah, daughter of George Borah, about 1858. Catherine was born in 1834 and died in 1880. Obed married a second time, to Jeannette Leach. He had seven children-

                    a.   Clinton Lee Chapman, b 1858, married Altha Ellis in 1880. She died in 1881, and Clinton then married Minnie Sandefur.

                    b.   William Obed Chapman, b 1863, married Annie Ward, then Annie Malin.

                    c.    John P Chapman, b 1867, married Helen Stewart.

                    d.   Wilson Chapman, b 1871 and died in 1874.

                    e.   Louis P Chapman, b 1876, married Verna McManama.

                    f.    Hiram Dudley Chapman, b 1885.

                    g.   Tolbert Luther Chapman, b 1888.

             5.   Joshua D Chapman, b 1833, married Cordelia A Hall. She was born in 1840, and died in 1865. He then married Caroline Borah. She was born in 1837 and died in 1895. Joshua's children were-

                    a.   Joseph Dudley Chapman, b 1859.

                    b.   Martha Vitula Chapman, b 1861, married her cousin Lorenzo Dow Bennett in 1880.

             6.   Minerva Jane Chapman, b 1837, married Alex Stogner in 1858. He was born in 1828. By 1860 they had two children-

                    a.   Cordelia Stogner, b 1859, married James D Gordon in 1872.

                    b.   Elvira Stogner, b 1860.

             7.   Joseph W Chapman, b 1840, died in 1890, unmarried.

      b.   Nancy(?) Bennett, b 1804, married Sam Bryant.

      c.    Mary Bennett, married Francis Sandefur in 1822. He was born in 1801. They had at least one child-

             1.   Eliza Ann Sandefur, b 1832, married William Milton in 1850, and divorced by 1860. They had four children-

                    a.   Mizella C Milton, b 1852, may have married George W Rowe in in 1866.

                    b.   Amanda Milton, b 1854, married Alfred Patterson in 1881.

                    c.    John T Milton, b 1855.

                    d.   Samuel B Milton, b 1857.

      d.   Joseph B Bennett, b 1806, married Sarah Carson in 1829. She was born in 1803 and died in 1891; Joseph died in 1894. They had eight children-

             1.   Tabitha Ann Bennett, b 1834, married Samuel Lynn Baird.

             2.   Rebecca S Bennett, b 1835, married Isaac Shown and died in Jan 1880 in Ohio Co, at age 44. Her line is continued under Isaac’s name. They had 9 children.

             3.   Mary Ellen Bennett, married J M D Hughes. He was born in 1824 and died in 1861, probably a son of John S Hughes. She later married J T Jones in 1867. She had six children-

                    a.   Martha Hughes, b 1854, married Bill Edwards and moved to AR.

                    b.   child Hughes, died young.

                    c.    child Hughes, died young.

                    d.   child Hughes, died young.

                    e.   child Hughes, died young.

                    f.    Emma Jones, married Bill Bradshaw and had two children.

             4.   Sarah E Bennett, b 1837, married four times: 1st to Franklin Coleman in 1852; 2nd to John W Stevens in 1860, who died in 1863; 3rd to Richard A Patton in 1867; and 4th to L Fred Woener in 1891. She died in 1903, and had two children-

                    a.   Lucy Coleman, b 1853, married James H Patton in 1870, and married Robert Levi Nelson in 1882.

                    b.   Hannah Stevens, married _____ Bennett.

             5.   Sarilda C Bennett, b 1839, married Henry T Stevens. He was born in 1831. Sarilda died in 1905.

             6.   Fielden L Bennett, b 1841, died in 1861.

             7.   Hardin D Bennett, b 1844, married Sally Ann Stevens in 1865. She was born in 1844, daughter of John B Stevens and Jane Baird. Sally died in 1867, and Hardin later married Millie Atherton and they moved to Texas.

             8.   Joseph W Bennett, b 1848, died in 1862.

      e.   Sarah Bennett, b 1811, married John Sandefur in 1832. He was born in 1809, and by 1860 they had at least seven children-

             1.   Robert B Sandefur, b 1840.

             2.   Charles T Sandefur, b 1842.

             3.   Mary Ann Sandefur, b 1843, married John Neighbors in 1864.

             4.   Martha Ellen Sandefur, b 1847, married Franklin Majors in 1866.

             5.   John L Sandefur, b 1851.

             6.   Socrates T Sandefur, b 1853.

             7.   Stephanus Sandefur, b 1855.

      f.    girl Bennett, married _____ Lashbrook.

      g.   Nancy Bennett, never married.

      h.   William Jefferson Bennett, b 1817, married Sarah A Owen in 1840 and had at least eight children-

             1.   Joseph Admiral Bennett, b 1841, married Milly Ann Crabtree in 1864. She was born in 1846, daughter of John C Crabtree and Lavisa Scott. Joseph died in 1908 and Milly in 1928. They had five children-

                    a.   Alice Dee Bennett, b 1866, married C M Barnett.

                    b.   Lavisa Bean Bennett, b 1868, married John B Foster in 1885. She died in 1936. They had three children.

                    c.    Lewis R Bennett, b 1870, died in 1871.

                    d.   Stella Lee Bennett, b 1877, married J W Sanderfur.

                    e.   Rosa Ann Bennett, b 1881, married L F Ward.

             2.   Elizabeth A Bennett, b 1843, married Peter Parks in 1858. He was born in 1831. By 1860 they had a child-

                    a.   William Q Parks, b 1860, married Ida B S Carson in 1881.

             3.   George W Bennett, b 1845, married Lucy Sandefur in 1864.

             4.   Susan M Bennett, b 1848, married David B London in 1871.

             5.   Christopher C Bennett, b 1849, married Martha Johnston in 1872.

             6.   Achilles Bennett, b 1851.

             7.   Cordelia G Bennett, b 1853, married John M London in 1871.

             8.   Richard H Bennett, b 1856.

      i.     Susan E Bennett, b 1820, married Asa Bryant, who died in 1856. They had a daughter-

             1.   Mary E Bryant, b 1839, married Hezekiah C Ward in 1860. He was born in 1840.

3.   Nellie Bennett

4.   Nancy Bennett

5.   Reuben Bennett, b circa the early 1780s, married Elizabeth Allen. She was born in 1796, daughter of John Allen. After Reuben died, she married Robert Barnett. Reuben and Betsy had a son-

      a.   John Allen Bennett, b 1812, married Nancy Jane Barnett in 1843. She was born in 1812, daughter of Joseph Barnett and Charlotte Stevens of No Creek. John and Nancy had six or seven children-

             1.   Joseph Reuben Bennett, b 1844.

             2.   Charlotte V Bennett, b 1848, married Robert Campbell in 1874.

             3.   Susan Bennett, b 1852, married S J Wedding in 1875.

             4.   Elbridge G Bennett, b 1855.

             5.   Sallie M Bennett, b 1856, married A J Mahon in 1879.

             6.   Josephine Bennett, married _____ Myers. (Is this Malinda Josephine Bennett?)

             7.   Malinda J Bennett, b 1859, married H F Myers in 1886.

6.   James Bennett, b before 1786.

7.   Samuel Bennett, b 1787, married Lucretia Barnett in 1810. She was born in 1786, and died in 1854. Samuel died in 1837. They had five children-

      a.   Charles Nelson Bennett, b 1811, married Martha Lindley in 1835. She was born in 1814, daughter of Daniel Lindley and Sallie _____, and died in 1883. They had three children-

             1.   Lucretia M Bennett, b 1838, married E Virgil Stevens in 1857. He was born in 1834. They had a son by 1860-

                    a.   Alonzo Lindley Stevens, b 1859, married Florence Ellis.

             2.   D D Bennett

             3.   Stevens Bennett

             4.   Amanda E Bennett, b 1841.

             5.   Robert D Bennett, b 1847, married his cousin Lydia Amanda Foster in 1881. She was born in 1854, daughter of William Foster and Susan Bennett.

      b.   Mary Jane Bennett, married Nathaniel Stevens. He was born in 1810 and died in 1839. They had three children-

             1.   Will Stevens

             2.   Sam Stevens

             3.   Sallie Stevens, married _____ Howard.

      c.    Amanda Bennett, b abt 1816, married John Douglas Jr [R2b4b] in 1837.

      d.   Alexander Barnett Bennett, b 10 Sep 1819, married Frances Ann Benton on 4 Oct 1838 in Ohio Co KY. She was born 2 Feb 1822 at No Creek, Ohio Co, daughter of Benjamin Benton and Altha Chapman. By 1860 they had 14 children, all born at No Creek, Ohio Co KY-

             1.   Altha Lucretia Bennett, b 6 Dec 1839. She married her cousin George B Stevens at No Creek on 29 Nov 1856. He was born in 1835 in Ohio Co, son of Richard Stevens and Elizabeth Owen. They had four children in Ohio Co-

                    a.   Dillis Stevens, b 4 Sep 1857

                    b.   Rufus Stephens, b 22 Jan 1860

                    c.    Mary Prudie Stephens, b 15 Jan 1861

                    d.   William R Stephens, b 4 Apr 1866

             2.   Savilla Green Bennett, b 18 Dec 1841, married John B Ward in Ohio Co on 19 Oct 1857. He was born 27 Mar 1834. Savilla died 25 Jul 1859 leaving a son-

                    a.   Alfred S Ward, b 4 Feb 1859, died 25 Aug 1859 in Ohio Co.

             3.   Wilbur Perry Bennett, b 30 Mar 1844 in Ohio Co KY. He married Sophia E Ambrose on 20 Nov 1866. She was a sister of W C Ambrose, and was born 26 Mar 1846 in Ohio Co, and died in 16 Dec 1874. Wilbur then married Sarah Shown on 25 Feb 1875. He died 27 Mar 1898 in Ohio Co. Sarah was born 3 Feb 1859 in Ohio Co and died 17 Jan 1939 at Owensboro. He had ten children, the last six from Sarah-

                    a.   Annie Frances Bennett, b 1868, married W G Ward.

                    b.   Silas Edward Bennett, b 17 Oct 1869, married Etta Myrtle Tinsley in 1894. She was born in 1873 and died in 1952; Silas died in 1946. They had six children.

                    c.    Hattie Pernola Bennett, b 8 Sep 1871, married Wilburn S Tinsley in 1889. He was born in 1869 and died in 1928. Hattie died in 1946. They had two sons.

                    d.   Della A Bennett, b 1874

                    e.   Mamie E Bennett, b 30 Jun 1879

                    f.    Viola C Bennett, b 24 Jun 1881, died young.

                    g.   Estel H Bennett, b 22 Feb 1883, died young.

                    h.   Verna Bennett, b 13 Feb 1887

                    i.     Weaver H Bennett, b 20 Feb 1893

                    j.     Charles Arvill Bennett, b 16 Nov 1897

             4.   Tabitha Matilda Bennett, b 1845, married Ezra W Ward in 1859. He was born in 1838. Tabitha died in 1869, but had two children-

                    a.   Pendleton W Ward, b 1865, married Katherine Ann Kirkendoll, and died in 1918. They had at least one child-

                           1.   Mabel Lula Ward, b 1902, married James Samuel Bell [R2b1b2f12].

                    b.   Savilla Ward, married William Smith in 1892. He was born about 1838 and died in 1912. Savilla died in 1940. They had six children.

             5.   Lucy Saraphean Bennett, b 1848, married Lindsey Alexander Warfield Carson in 1867. He was born in 1846 and died in 1921. Lucy died in 1938. They had children-

                    a.   Lillah E Carson, b 1868, married in 1898 Herman Rowan Pirtle [R2b1b7b].

             6.   John Samuel Bennett, b 1849, married Emma C Barnett in 1880.

             7.   Martha Corilla Bennett, b 1851, married John Butler Rowan [R2b1b9] in 1869.

             8.   Alelia Evaline Bennett, b 1853, married Alexander Hoover in 1870.

             9.   Bascom Winfield Bennett, b 1854, died in 1855.

             10. Mary C Bennett, b 1857, married Cortez P Brown in 1887. She died in 1870.

             11. Leslie Faree Bennett, b 1859, married Hannah E Stevens in 1880.

             12. Pascal Martin Bennett, b 1860, died in 1861.

             13. Lydia Florence Bennett, b 1863, died the same year.

             14. Miranda Jane Bennett, b 1868.

      e.   Robert P Bennett, b 1822, died in 1850.

8.   Hannah Bennett, b 1788 in MD, married Henry Stevens in 1805. He was born in MD in 1784, son of Richard Stevens and Lydia Garner. Hannah died in 1855, and Henry in 1874. They had 15 children-

      a.   Nancy Stevens, b 1805, died in 1806.

      b.   John Bennett Stevens, b 1806, married Jane M Baird. She was born in 1806 and died in 1874. John died in 1877. They had children.

      c.    Richard Stevens, b 1808, married Elizabeth Owen. She was born in 1808 and died in 1887. Richard died in 1894. They had eight children-

             1.   Henry T Stevens, b 1831, married Sarilda C Bennett about 1856. She was born in 1839. They had five children-

                    a.   Finley W Stevens, b 1857, married Martha A Owen in 1876. She was born in 1853, daughter of Henry Owen. Finley died in 1880 leaving no children.

                    b.   Clayton R Stevens, b 1860, married Minnie F Tichenor in 1881. She was born in 1867 and died in 1943. Clayton died in 1906. They had eight children.

                    c.    William Fielden Stevens, b 1861, married Malinda E Calloway in 1881. She died in 1884 and he then married Ann Mary Barnard in 1887. She was born in 1865. William had three children, one of whom was Lura May Stevens who married William R Stevens.

                    d.   Joseph Richard Stevens, b 1865, married Emma Bennett in 1887. She was born in 1870, daughter of William Griffith Bennett and Martha Hipsley. Joseph died in 1890. They had no children.

                    e.   Mary Belle Stevens, b 1870, married Leslie M Ward in 1890. He was born in 1865, and died in 1931. Leslie was born in 1865 and died in 1939. They had three children.

             2.   John W Stevens, b 1833, married Sarah E Bennett, who was born in 1837. They had two children-

                    a.   Luther Stevens, died in infancy.

                    b.   Hannah Stevens, married Lall Bennett.

             3.   George B Stevens, b 1835, married his cousin Altha Lucretia Bennett in 1856. She was born in 1840, daughter of Alexander Barnett Bennett and Frances A Benton. Altha died in 1866. She and George had four children-

                    a.   Dillis Stevens, b 1857, died in 1858.

                    b.   Rufus Stevens, b 1860, died in 1860.

                    c.    William R Stevens, b 1866, died in 1866.

                    d.   Mary Prudie Stevens, b 1861, married Sam T Barnett, and died in 1883..

             4.   Hannah M Stevens, b 1838, married John C Chamberlin in 1857. He was born in 1834 in NJ. They had a son-

                    a.   Benjamin Sanford Chamberlin, b 1858.

             5.   Richard A Stevens, b about 1841, married Sallie A Benton in 1865. She was born about 1845. They had three sons and five daughters.

             6.   Sallie A Stevens, married William Harris and had children.

             7.   Amanda A Stevens, b about 1846, married John J Williams in 1865. He was born about 1835 and died in 1878. Amanda later married William Milligan. She had five children-

                    a.   William Sherman Williams

                    b.   James Richard Williams

                    c.    Lura Williams, b about 1872 and died in 1892.

                    d.   child Milligan, died young.

                    e.   child Milligan, died young.

             8.   Taylor C T Stevens, b about 1848, married _____ Williams in 1870, who died leaving a child. Taylor later married Mizella Williams in 1883. She was born in 1843, daughter of Warden Williams and Rebecca _____, and died in 1928. Taylor had three children-

                    a.   Hiner Stevens

                    b.   Roy Stevens

                    c.    Marlow Stevens

      d.   Charles Wesley Stevens, b 1810, married Polly Wallace, and Teresa S Ford. He died in 1878.

      e.   Sarah Ann Stevens, b 1813, married Talbot Wallace. He was born in KY in 1806 and they lived in Ohio Co. They had at least six children, all born in Ohio Co KY-

             1.   Henry T Wallace, b 1831

             2.   Aretus Wallace, b 1833

             3.   John Franklin Wallace, b 1834, married Delilah Ann Woodward in 1854. She was born in 1834, daughter of John Milton Woodward and Charlotte Ann Simmons, and died in 1904. John died in 1906. They had nine children-

                    a.   James Curry Wallace, b 1855, married Annie Demoss, and died in 1887.

                    b.   Henry Clay Wallace, b 1858, died in 1878.

                    c.    John F Wallace, b 1859, died the same year of croup.

                    d.   Sarah Cordelia Wallace, b 1861, married William N Pirtle in 1882.

                    e.   Shelby Franklin Wallace, b 1864, married Ettie U Davis in 1886. They had children and lived in Ohio. Shelby also married Lillie A Royal in 1892, and married Mrs Ona McKernon in 1905.

                    f.    William Cephas Wallace, b 1867, married Elton Williams in 1892, and died in 1940.

                    g.   Mary Catherine Wallace, b 1869, married Dillis Edgar Ward in 1891. He was born in 1866, son of James W Ward and Mary Elizabeth Lindley, and died in 1939. Mary died after 1953. They had seven children-

                           1.   Irene Ward, b 1891, married Alexander Thomas Bell Jr [R2b1b2a5] in 1926.

                           2.   John William Ward, b 1895, died unmarried in 1934.

                           3.   Clarice Ward, b 1897, married Peter F Marshall in 1922.

                           4.   Mabel Ruth Ward, b 1900, married George W Herod in 1927.

                           5.   Corrine Ward, b 1903, married Ancil Newton Payne in 1930.

                           6.   James Franklin Ward, b 1908, married Floy Zimmerman.

                           7.   Dillis Edgar Ward, b 1912, married Myrl Frances Bishop in 1933.

                    h.   Ina Belle Wallace, b 1871, married Monnie B Barnard in 1893. Monnie was a brother of Mayworth.

                    i.     Charlotte Drane Wallace, b 1873, married Mayworth Barnard in 1892. They had children and lived in OK

             4.   Martha J Wallace, b 1837

             5.   Mary L Wallace, b 1839

             6.   Susan F Walalce, b 1845

      f.    William Fletcher Stevens, b 1815, died in 1828.

      g.   James Axley Stevens, b 1817, married Sarah Austin, then Nancy Taylor. He died in 1883.

      h.   Mary Elizabeth Stevens, b 1819, married Thomas Stevens.

      i.     Martha Green Stevens, b 1821, married Peter C Lindley. He was born in 1818 and died in 1885. Martha died in 1848. They had two children-

             1.   Mary Elizabeth Lindley, married James W Ward.

             2.   Hannah Lindley, married _____ Park.

      j.     Susan Stevens, b 1822, married James G Daman, and died in 1859.

      k.    Henry T Stevens, b 1824, died in 1825.

      m.  Lydia Charlotte Stevens, b 1826, married Wick Lashbrook and moved to IN. They had children.

      n.   Rachel Stevens, b 1829, married N F Tower and moved to another state. They had children.

      p.   Ellen Stevens, b 1831, married M H Barnett.

      q.   Altha J Stevens, b 1833, married S B Lashbrook and had two children who died in infancy. Altha died in 1855.

9.   Joseph Bennett, b 1792 in MD, married Frances Ann Chapman in 1815. She was born in 1798 and died in 1857; Joseph died in 1863. They had 14 children-

      a.   Matilda Bennett, b 1816, married Franklin Wallace in 1836, and died in 1853. Franklin married widow Adaline J Ambrose in 1854. Matilda and Franklin had a child, perhaps three-

             1.   Alic Wallace, married _____ Barrett.

             2.   Luella Wallace, married _____ Shown.

             3.   Joseph T Wallace, b 1849, married Georgie E Lawton in 1876.

      b.   Minerva E Bennett, b 1818, married John S Ward in 1835, and died three months later.

      c.    William G Bennett, b 1819, died in 1839.

      d.   Mary P Bennett, b 1820, married Lorenzo Dow Cooper [R2b4c] in 1842.

      e.   Frances D Bennett, b 1821, married Joseph Conditt Barnett in 1841.

      f.    Reuben Allen Bennett, b 1824, married Cynthia Shain Woodward in 1846. She was born in 1829 and died in 1877. They had four children-

             1.   James D Bennett, b 1846, died in 1862.

             2.   Charlotte Frances Bennett, b 1848, married J D Lee Williford in 1863, and married Crittenden Taylor Baird in 1877. Taylor was born 1853 and died in 1943. Lottie died in 1931, and had-

                    a.   Candas Delila Williford, married Thomas H Baird in 1880. He was born in 1854 and died in 1919, and was a brother of Candas' second husband. They had children.

                    b.   Alice Bell Williford, b 1870, died in 1872.

                    c.    Myrtle Williford, b 1873, died in 1975. She married Fount Lochry and Fred Vick.

                    d.   Henry Clay Baird, b 1878, died in 1879.

                    e.   Leslie Baird, md, but had no children.

                    f.    Alma Baird, b 1883, died 1910.

                    g.   Nanny Baird, married _____ Shively, then _____ Kelly.

                    h.   Fannie Baird, married Deles Fuqua.

             3.   Ruth A Bennett, b 1854, married Charles Howley in 1879.

             4.   Reuben A Bennett, b 1856, married Susan Elizabeth Ellis in 1877. She was born in 1856 and died in 1904. Reuben died about 1940. They had four children-

                    a.   James C Bennett, b 1879, married Eva Bennett, daughter of Griffith Bennett and Martha Hipsley.

                    b.   Antha Bennett, b 1880, married Robert Alexander Rowan [R2b1b5a] in 1903.

                    c.    Ellis R Bennett, b 1883, died unmarried in 1906.

                    d.   Foster Bennett, b 1887, married Elizabeth Foxman.

      g.   Henry Mack Bennett, b 1826, married Mildred Ann Tinsley in 1847. She was born in 1830 and died in 1906. He died in 1864, and in 1878 she married Joseph Conditt Barnett. Henry and Mildred had six children-

             1.   Josephine Bennett, b 1848, died in 1850.

             2.   William Obed Bennett, b 1853, died in 1881. He married Mary Angeline _____ and they lived at Leitchfield, Grayson Co KY. She was born in 1855 and died in 1912. They had two children-

                    a.   W Earl Bennett, b 1871

                    b.   Ethan Esther Bennett (dau), b 1875

             3.   Franklin Bennett, b 1852, died in 1854.

             4.   Mary Frances Bennett, b 1854, married Amos Shown in 1870, and later married Obed Liles. Amos Shown was the youngest child of Peter Shown and Elizabeth Bennett. Mary died in 1931. She had at least three children-

                    a.   Henry H Shown, b 1871, died in 1881.

                    b.   Era C Liles, b 1887 in Ohio Co, died in 1948 in Ohio Co; she married Clarence B Shown in 1908 and they lived at Hartford, Ohio Co. They had a daughter-

                           1.   Ruth C Shown, b 1909.

                    c.    Joseph H Liles, b 1889, died in 1890.

             5.   unnamed boy Bennett, b and died in 1858.

             6.   Lorenzo Dow Bennett, b 1859, married his cousin Martha Vitula Chapman in 1880, and died in 1925. She was born in 1861, daughter of Joshua D Chapman and Cordelia A Hall. Martha died in 1920, and Lorenzo in 1925. They had at least seven children-

                    a.   Mildred Ann Bennett, b 1880, married L W Young and had three children.

                    b.   Ollie Irene Bennett, b 1882, married Algie Word and had four children. Algie died in 1928 and Ollie then married Mr W Alridge.

                    c.    Dorsie Frances Bennett, b 1885, died in 1949. She married J Vertrees. They had no children.

                    d.   Delia C Bennett, b 1889, died in 1890.

                    e.   Benjamin Harrison Bennett, b 1890, died in 1934, married Phyllis Moseley and had three children.

                    f.    Mary Belle Bennett, b 1892, married Herbert B Shown and had five children.

                    g.   Dora Ellen Bennett, b 1897, married _____ Walker. She had no children.

      h.   Ruth Ann Bennett, b 1828, married Sylvester Lewis Lindley in 1847. He was born in 1823 and died in 1866. Ruth died in 1889. They had six children-

             1.   Sarah F Lindley, b 1848, died in 1850.

             2.   Artemesia Lindley, b 1851, died in 1856.

             3.   Clayton Lindley, b 1854, died in 1856.

             4.   John Lindley, b 1858, moved to Hawaii in the 1890s.

             5.   Harve Lindley, moved to Hawaii in the 1890s.

             6.   Mary Lindley, b 1862, died in 1863.

      i.     Altha A Bennett, b 1831, married Isaac Foster in 1849. He was born in 1825 in Ireland, and died in 1902. Altha died in 1855 and had two sons-

             1.   Joseph Ney Foster, b 1850, died 1886.

             2.   William T Foster, b 1853, died 1855.

      j.     Delilah Vitula Bennett, b 1833, married Thomas Henry Carson in 1850. He was born in 1828 and died in 1899; Delilah died in 1902. They had 17 children-

             1.   Joseph Lindsey Carson, b 1851, married Zarilda Westbrook in 1872. They had two children-

                    a.   Silas Carson

                    b.   Tula Carson.

             2.   Lemuel F Carson, b 1852, died in 1853.

             3.   Francis E Carson, b 1854, died in 1855.

             4.   Curtis W Carson, b 1855, died in 1877.

             5.   Clinton S Carson, b 1857, moved to Oregon.

             6.   Stephen E Carson, b 1859, died in 1861.

             7.   Mary Nancy Carson, b 1861, married George P Hix in 1887. He was born in 1856. They lived in Daviess Co for a while, then moved to Wray, CO. Mary died in 1906, and George in 1926. They had eight children-

                    a.   Marvin Carson Hix

                    b.   Homer Bennett Hix

                    c.    Elmer Clark Hix

                    d.   Virgil J Hix

                    e.   Ruth K Hix, married _____ Finn.

                    f.    Paul Sherwood Hix, died at age 24.

                    g.   Ernest R Hix, died at age 2.

                    h.   Gilbert Perry Hix

             8.   Virgil H Carson, b 1863, died in 1865.

             9.   Andrew P Carson, b 1864, died in 1865.

             10. Eddie Lincoln Carson, b 1866, married Mary Margaret McCormick in 1888. (Maggie McCormick's sister Martha Etta McCormick married William Wayne Pirtle [R2b1b7f].) Maggie was born in 1869. He died in 1939, and she in 1943. They lived at Urbana, IL and had four children-

                    a.   Elsie Clarie Carson, b 1889, married Thomas B Stephenson.

                    b.   Sadie Elman Carson, b 1892, married Lewis Piper, and died in 1935.

                    c.    Paul Elbert Carson, b 1893.

                    d.   Raymond Clark Carson, b 1900, died in 1932.

             11. George G Carson, b 1868, lived at Russellville.

             12. Matilda O Carson, b 1870, married Homer Hampton in 1894. They moved to Wray, Colorado after a few years. She died in 1915. They had 12 children-

                    a.   Ethel Belle Hampton, b 1895.

                    b.   Roscoe Ford Hampton, b 1897.

                    c.    Robert Perry Hampton, b 1898.

                    d.   Henry Posey Hampton, b 1901.

                    e.   Cliffie Marie Hampton, b 1903.

                    f.    Bertha Carson Hampton, b 1904.

                    g.   Harry Edmunds Hampton, b 1906.

                    h.   Elmer Daniel Hampton, b 1907.

                    i.     Sarah Jane Hampton, b 1909, died in 1919.

                    j.     Frank Hampton, b and died in 1910.

                    k.    Wade Hampton, b and died in 1912.

                    m.  George A M Hampton, b and died in 1915.

             13. Flora Adeline Carson, b 1872, married Stephen Oscar Rowan [R2b1b5c] in 1891.

             14. Robert P Carson, b 1874, married Salida Birk and moved to Wray, CO. He died in 1932. They had five children-

                    a.   Robert Carson

                    b.   Ruth Carson

                    c.    Ester Carson

                    d.   Mary Carson

                    e.   child Carson, died in infancy.

             15. Nora Carson, b and died in 1876.

             16. Cora Carson, b and died in 1876, a twin of Nora.

             17. John Thomas Carson, b 1878.

      k.    Minerva L Bennett, b 1834, died in 1845.

      m.  Hannah Adaline Bennett, b 1838, married Moses C Iglehart in 1857. He was born in IN in 1834, son of Jacob Iglehart and Hester _____. She had children and died in Marshall Co in 1884.

      n.   Vandarssa Bennett, b 1840, died in 1840.

      p.   Virgil P Bennett, b 1845, died in 1863.

10. Titus Bennett, b 1794 in MD, married Miranda Davis in 1820, and about 1826 married Christen Sorrels, who was born in 1794 and died in 1876. Titus died in 1873. He and his wives had three children-

      a.   Oscar Bennett, b before 1826.

      b.   Frances E Bennett, b 1827.

      c.    Sarah E Bennett, b 1831, married Allison Porter Baird about 1848.

11. Asa Bennett, b 1797 in MD, married Delilah Woodward, his step-sister, in 1818. She was born in 1798, and died in 1881. They had 15 children-

      a.   Amelia Ann Bennett, b 1818, married Henry D Iglehart in 1834. He was born in 1813. She must have died for he married again, to Cynthia Ann Ashby, in 1852. Amelia and Henry had at least eight children-

             1.   Elizabeth Iglehart, b 1835.

             2.   Josephine Iglehart, b 1837.

             3.   Martha J Iglehart, b 1839.

             4.   Alfred Iglehart, b 1841.

             5.   James B Iglehart, b 1843, married Permilia J Humphrey in 1863.

             6.   Sallie M Iglehart, b 1847, married Joseph M Prudden in 1866.

             7.   Sylvester Iglehart, b 1848, married Rhoda E Condict in 1873.

             8.   Delia V Iglehart, b 1849, married Newton C Williams in 1863.

      b.   Lucinda Bennett, b 1820, married James S Iglehart in 1847. He was born in 1818, son of Jacob Iglehart and Hester _____, and by 1860 they apparently had five children-

             1.   Lycurgus W Iglehart, b 1850, married Alice B James in 1872.

             2.   Levy W Iglehart, b 1852.

             3.   Emma Iglehart, b 1854, married William T Patterson in 1872, and died in 1879.

             4.   Leslie Iglehart, b 1855, married Hattie R James in 1881.

             5.   Eugene Iglehart, b 1857.

      c.    Mary E Bennett

      d.   James B Bennett, b 1824, married Ann Stateler in 1854. She was born in 1832; they had at least four children-

             1.   Luella Bennett, b 1855, married Ed H Johnson in 1875.

             2.   Virginia Bennett, b 1857.

             3.   James Bennett, b 1859.

             4.   Mamie Bennett

      e.   America J Bennett, b 1828.

      f.    Nancy Bennett, b 1829, married Charles N Bennett in 1847. He was born in 1824 and died in 1890. By 1860 they had three children-

             1.   Joseph C Bennett, b 1848, married Mary A Ross in 1876.

             2.   Allen Bennett, b 1849.

             3.   Phidelia Bennett, b 1851.

      g.   Lilburn D Bennett, b 1831, lived in IL in 1881.

      h.   Elizabeth Bennett, b 1833.

      i.     Matilda V Bennett, b 1835.

      j.     Artelia Bennett, b 1837.

      k.    Alfred Bennett, b 1840.

      m.  Clayton L Bennett

      n.+ 3 more children

12. Obed Bennett, b 1798 in MD, married Jane M Wilson. She was born in KY about 1796. Some children were-

      a.   Sydney Bennett, b 1826, died in the 1890s, unmarried.

      b.   Mary Agnes Bennett, b 1827, married James H Blain in 1861, and died in 1870.

      c.    George Will Bennett, b 1835, first married Mrs _____ McCune, and later married Sallie Leach.

13. Mary A Bennett, b 1800 in KY and a twin of Elizabeth, married Benjamin Woodward in 1820 and had two daughter before he died. After he died she married George Plummer. He was born in MD in 1790, and died in the 1850s. Her seven children were-

      a.   Emily Woodward

      b.   Melvina Woodward

      c.    Matilda Plummer, b 1827, married John Bryant in 1846. He was born in 1825. They lived in Ohio Co for years, then moved to MO. By 1860 they had six children-

             1.   George W Bryant, b 1846, married Susan N Deweese in 1866.

             2.   Mary E Bryant, b 1848.

             3.   James A Bryant, b 1850.

             4.   Samuel Bryant, b 1852.

             5.   Francis M Bryant, b 1856.

             6.   Fieldin B Bryant, b 1859.

      d.   James Henry Plummer, b 1832, married Nancy C Taylor in 1857. She was born in 1836, daughter of Richard C Taylor and Susanna Leach, and died in 1916. James died in 1905. They had six children-

             1.   Amanda R Plummer, b 1858, married John W Sorrels in 1880.

             2.   David Leonard Plummer, b 1859.

             3.   Richard Plummer

             4.   Angaline Plummer

             5.   Reason Plummer

             6.   Harvey Plummer

      e.   Sallie M Plummer, b about 1835, married Sam Jones in 1859 and had a daughter-

             1.   Mary Agnes Jones, married J D Sharer of Butler Co.

      f.    Samuel Bennett Plummer, b 1840, married Nancy M Leach in 1861. They had eight children-

             1.   George Plummer

             2.   Alice Plummer, married _____ Leach.

             3.   Bettie Plummer

             4.   Elijah Plummer

             5.   Matilda Plummer, married _____ Rains.

             6.   Melvina Plummer

             7.   James Plummer

             8.   Frances M Plummer, married _____ Taylor.

      g.   Irene B Plummer, b 1844, married Reason F Romans in 1863. They had 10 children-

             1.   Amanda Romans

             2.   Martha Romans

             3.   Vitula Romans

             4.   Hattie Romans

             5.   George Romans

             6.   Artelia Romans

             7.   Sam Romans

             8.   Abraham Romans

             9.   Charles Romans

             10. Alonzo Romans

14. Elizabeth “Betsy” Bennett, b 1800 in KY, married William Sandefur in 1824. He was born in 1799 in Henderson Co and died in 1863; Betsy died in 1877. Their eight children were-

      a.   Minerva E Sandefur, b 1828, married William H Sandefur and had five children-

             1.   Mary E Sandefur, b 1846.

             2.   Tabitha Sandefur, b 1849, married John T Lucas.

             3.   Francis William Sandefur

             4.   Austasia Sandefur

             5.   James A Sandefur

      b.   James Henry Sandefur, b 1829, married Mary Ann _____, who was born in 1833 and died in 1854. They had a daughter-

             1.   Mary Ann Sandefur, b 1853, died 1854.

      c.    Margaret Ann Sandefur, b 1830, married Peter Shown in 1850.

      d.   Malinda B Sandefur, b 1831, married William H Sorrels and moved to Jasper Co MO in 1883. They had children.

      e.   Jasper N Sandefur, b 1833, died in 1907. He married Mary E Leach in 1858. She was born in 1836, and died in 1868. Jasper then married Maria J Iler in 1869, and married America E _____ in 1855. The two known children of Jasper and Mary were-

             1.   Theresa C Sandefur, b 1859, died in 1877.

             2.   S P Sandefur, b 1867, died in 1949.

      f.    Jared Marion Sandefur, b 1837, married Harriet Hocker and had six children-

             1.   Ella Sandefur, married _____ Taylor and _____ Smith.

             2.   Elvis Sandefur

             3.   Leonias Sandefur

             4.   Zetta Sandefur

             5.   Allan Sandefur

             6.   James Sandefur

      g.   Delila Orleana Sandefur, b 1842, a twin of Icyrus, married Richard H Stewart in 1865. He was born in 1841 and died in 1889. Delila died in 1920. They had two children-

             1.   Della F Stewart

             2.   Albert B Stewart

      h.   Icyrus “Jane” Ashley Sandefur, b 1842, married Providence Hipsley and moved to the Oklahoma territory in the 1870s.

15. George Plummer Bennett, b 1807 in KY, married Lydia Dorsey Benton in 1826. She was born in 1807, daughter of Benjamin Benton and Altha Chapman. George died in 1855, and Lydia later married Lindsey R Carson. She died in 1871. They had twelve children-

      a.   Malissa Bennett, b 1827, married William Stevens in 1843. She died in 1900.

      b.   Lindsey Bennett, b 1829, married Matilda J Owen in 1851. She was born in 1826, and died in 1899. Lindsey died in 1908. They had five children-

             1.   Henry B Bennett, b 1852, married Judith Tinsley in 1873.

             2.   Robert Plummer Bennett, b 1854, married Sabra D Calloway, daughter of Calvin Calloway and Cynthia Wallace, in 1891. Sabra was born in 1869. Robert died in 1923. They had one child-

                    a.   Arnold Bennett, b 1893, married Dena Shown in 1919. She was born in 1899, daughter of Alonzo Shown and Maud Rhoades.

             3.   Lydia A Bennett, b 1856, married Jesse N Hudson in 1876.

             4.   William Clayton Bennett

             5.   Mattie Bennett, married Luther Ward.

      c.    Susan Bennett, b 1831, married William Foster in 1849. He was born in 1823 in Ireland, son of Richard Foster and Nancy Beaty, and a brother of Isaac Foster, born in 1825. Susan died in 1861 and William next married Sarah J Carson, daughter of Lindsey R Carson and Elizabeth Stevens. Susan and William had six children-

             1.   Mary F Foster, b 1850, died in 1851.

             2.   John Plummer Foster, b 16 Oct 1852, married Patsy Ann Howard in 1878. She was born in 1859 and died in 1941. John died at Beda, Ohio Co on 3 Apr 1915. They had eight children-

                    a.   Ellis Howard Foster, b 1879.

                    b.   Jesse William Foster, b 1881.

                    c.    Archie Chick Foster, b 1883.

                    d.   Johnny Foster, b 1885, died in 1889.

                    e.   Charles Tinsley Foster, b 1887, married Emma Rose Rowan [R2b1b9a5] in 1926.

                    f.    Walter McHenry Foster, b 1889.

                    g.   Filydia Foster, b 1891, married O D Carson.

                    h.   Marlissa Foster, b 1893, married Arvin Heflin.

             3.   Lydia Amanda Foster, b 1854, married Robert D Bennett.

             4.   Sophia Elizabeth Foster, b 7 Apr 1856 at Hartford, Ohio Co, married K H Howard, and died at Louisville on 27 Feb 1938.

             5.   Martha Agnes Foster, b 1858, married Clayton L Woodward in 1877. He was born in 1850, son of Stephen Woodward and Elizabeth _____.

             6.   Malissa Jane Foster, b 1860, married Robert McDonald and died in 1900. They lived in PA.

      d.   Elijah Bennett, b 1833, died in infancy.

      e.   Elizabeth Bennett, b 1835, married John Hatcher.

      f.    Icyphena Bennett, b 1838, married Jasper Davis and had five children-

             1j    girl Davis

             2.   George Davis

             3.   Jim Davis

             4.   Wayne Davis, twin of Lowry.

             5.   Lowry Davis

      g.   Joseph Bennett, b 1840, died in 1843.

      h.   Mary A Bennett, b 1842, married James W Smith in 1857 and moved to Grayson Co.

      i.     William Griffith Bennett, b 1844, married Martha Hipsley in 1867. She was born in 1847, daughter of Edwin Hipsley and Patsy _____. Martha died in 1886 and William died in 1930. They had nine children-

             1.   Louella Bennett, married _____ Iler.

             2.   Emma Bennett, b 1870, married Joseph Richard Stevens. He died in 1890 and she then married L B Tichenor in 1906. There were no children.

             3.   Alvis S Bennett

             4.   Edwin Plummer Bennett

             5.   Willie Bennett

             6.   E Pender Bennett

             7.   Eva Bennett, married James C Bennett.

             8.   Esther Bennett

             9.   Ray Bennett

      j.     James Sam Bennett, b 1846, married Barella A Gilstrap in 1867. She was born in 1849. He had many children and died in 1899.

      k.    Martha S Bennett, b 1849, married Richard A Ward. She died in 1924.

      m.  George P Bennett, married Elisha Hicks. (58,64,65,76,87,GA,HT,N,L,3n 1bmnqrs)