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barnett Colonel Alexander Barnett, younger brother of Colonel Joseph Barnett (born in 1734, died in 1795), was born in 1745 in VA. He married Jane Barnett in 1769. She was born in 1748. They came with their children to Jefferson Co VA (now KY) in 1788, probably from Amherst Co VA. In 1797 Alexander received a 2,000 acre land grant in Hardin (now Ohio) Co and he settled on the land about three miles from Hartford. Alexander died in 1819, and his wife Jane in 1825. They had six children-

1.   Mary Barnett, b 1770, died unmarried in 1814.

2.   Jean or Jane Barnett, b 1772, married Joseph Barnett. He was born in 1777 and died in 1823. Jean died in 1828. They had five children-

      a.   Felix Barnett

      b.   Thomas Alexander Barnett

      c.    Abigail Barnett, b 1803, married William Cooper Rowan [R2b1a].

      d.   Elizabeth Barnett, had no descendants.

      e.   Joseph Barnett, had no descendants.

3.   Rachel Barnett, b 1774, married Robert Barnett in 1796. He died in 1799 and she in 1803. They had one child-

      a.   Joseph Barnett, b 1798, married Charlotte Stevens. She was born in 1803. Joseph died in 1860. They had at least six children-

             1.   Nancy Jane Barnett, b 1812, married John Allen Bennett in 1843. He was born in 1812.

             2.   Sally Mary Barnett. She was born in 1825 and married Alexander Barnett Baird, who was born in 1821.

             3.   Thomas A Barnett, b 1835.

             4.   Henry S Barnett, b 1840.

             5.   Joseph W Barnett, b 1842.

             6.   Eliza M Barnett, b 1844.

4.   Rebecca Barnett, b 1777, married James Baird in 1803. He was born in Ireland in 1781.

5.   Elizabeth Barnett, b 1779, died in 1798, unmarried.

6.   Robert Barnett, b 1784, married Elizabeth Conditt in 1816. She was born in 1794 in NJ, and came to KY in 1808. She died in 1830, and Robert then married in 1834 to Betsy Allen, who was born in 1796. Robert died in 1865. His seven children were-

      a.   Alexander Montgomery Barnett, b 1817, married his first cousin Martha Timmons and moved to Texas. They had eight children.

      b.   Joseph Conditt Barnett, b 1818, married Frances D Bennett in 1841. She was born in 1821, daughter of Joseph Bennett and Frances H Chapman. Frances died in 1878 and in the same year Joseph married Mildred Ann Tinsley, widow of Henry Mack Bennett. Joseph died in 1893. By 1860 Frances and Joseph had eleven children-

             1.   Mary Elizabeth Barnett, b 1841, married George R Carson in 1864, and died in 1866. George was born 11 Sep 1839 in KY, son of Robert Lindsey Carson and Elizabeth Stevens, and died in Ohio Co on 28 Jun 1923.

             2.   Matilda E Barnett, b 16 Dec 1842, married Woodbury Tinsley in 1864, and died at Hartford, Ohio Co on 27 Mar 1925. Her line is continued under his name.

             3.   Andrew Martin Barnett, b 1844, was killed in 1865 in the Civil War.

             4.   George Washington Barnett, b 1845, married Martha Mercy Needham in 1871. She was born in 1849.

             5.   William Butler Barnett, b 1848, married Louisa M Needham in 1871.

             6.   Ruth Ann Barnett, b 1851, died 24 Sep 1853 in Ohio Co.

             7.   Frances Magnolia Barnett, b 14 Aug 1853, married John W Taylor in 1875. He was born in 1848 and died in 1890. In 1910 Fannie lived with her sister Matilda at Hartford. Fannie died on 24 Aug 1919 in Ohio Co. They had a daughter-

                    a.   Flora M Taylor, b 1877, died in 1898.

             8.   Morris Finley Barnett, b 1856, married Harriett Williams in 1877, and died in 1879. They had a daughter-

                    a.   Mabel Barnett, married Frank Lowe.

             9.   Emma Caroline Barnett, b 1860, died in 1862.

             10. Cicero Maxwell Barnett, b 1864, died in 1915. He married Alice Dee Bennett in 1887. She was born in 1866, daughter of Joseph Admiral Bennett and Millie Ann Crabtree, and died in 1937.

             11. John Wesley Barnett, b & d died in 1867.

      c.    Eliza Theodocia Barnett, b 1820, married Allen Benton in 1838. He was born in 1818 and died in 1859. She also died in 1859.

      d.   Lucinda Barnett, b 1822, married John L Woodward in 1843. They moved to IN. Lucinda died in 1890.

      e.   Robert Emmitt Barnett, b 1825 in Ohio Co, married Amanda Phipps in 1850. She was born in 1830, daughter of Elijah Phipps and Harriet Robertson, and died in 1910. Robert died in 1874. They had twelve children-

             1.   Elijah Phipps Barnett, b 19 Jan 1850 in Ohio Co, died 25 Jul 1915 in Ohio Co. He did not marry.

             2.   Pauline Barnett, b 1852, married John L Barnett in 1874. Her line is continued under his name.

             3.   Alexander Barnett, b 1854 in Ohio Co, died in 1910.

             4.   Nestor Barnett, b 20 Oct 1856, died 2 May 1930 at Caneyville, Grayson Co KY. He was married when he died.

             5.   Junius Brutus Barnett, b 1858, died in 1937.

             6.   Ledru Rollin Barnett, b 1861, died in 1943.

             7.   Victor Grant Barnett, b 1863, died in 1944.

             8.   Andrew Morris Barnett, b 14 Jan 1865, died 22 May 1938 at Hartford. He married Sue May. She was born in Daviess Co on 3 Jul 1869, daughter of William May and Amelia Davis, and died at Hartford, Ohio Co on 27 Jul 1938.

             9.   Harriet R Barnett, b 1867, died in 1868.

             10. Robert John Barnett, b 1869, died in 1912.

             11. Alzien Barnett, b 1871, died in 1951.

             12. Uzal Conditt Barnett, b 1873.

      f.    Elizabeth Caroline Barnett, b 1827, married Stephen Woodward, and died in 1852.

      g.   Morris Harper Barnett, b 1830.

7.   Sarah Barnett, b 1782, died in 1862, unmarried.

8.   Lucretia Barnett, b 1786, married Samuel Bennett in 1810.

9.   Joseph Barnett, b 1790, died in 1795. (64,58)

Colonel Joseph Barnett's estate was appraised in Hardin Co KY on 27 Jul 1797; the executor was Robert Baird. Some of the purchasers at the estate sale were Jesse Cravens, Joseph Barnett, Hannah Barnett, Robert Barnett, Peter Springston, Michael Rely, Ignatius Pigman, Harrison Taylor, Robert Mosley, Elijah Cravens, John Douglass, Robert P Allen, Robert Baird, Peter Penibaker, John Rowan, and others. Colonel Joseph owned lots in Hartford and in Bardstown; two persons owing Joseph money were Philip Reed and John Allen. Colonel Joseph Barnett's estate was recorded in Mar 1798. (8p)