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Cousins From Province QUÉBEC in The Northern USA States

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Virginia B DRAPEAU
And Many Others

The sources of information for these biographies are in the Source Codes file. The Source Codes are those numbers & letters (in parenthesis) following a biography. The codes in [braces] after a person's name are ID codes. Example: [C1b8g]. These are used to help identify people with similar names.

The latest Updates were on 19 October 2011.

There are actually Two families contained herein: the Latendresse Families, and the Drapeau Families. Both originated in Province Québec in Canada, and prior to Canada, they were from France.

There are ID #s assigned to each person, and each ID# is a continuation of his / her parent's ID#. The Drapeau Descendants have ID#s starting with [D... and the Latendresse IDs start [L...
When a Drapeau and a Latendresse marry, then the ID# of the father is the ID# that the children continue with.
ID#s are needed because of the abundance of common given names, such as Joseph, Louis, Maria, Mary, Médard, etc. Without ID#s, it becomes too easy to get people confused.

This whole Quebec Cousin web site, if printed on standard size pages in 11 point type, would be a small book of a little more than 94 pages, including the index. A Name Index of those pages as of this update, is here in a PDF file (206 Kbytes).

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