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Ellis Families in The Northern USA
from Southern VT to WI, MN & Westward


The Curtin Families Of
Burke, Franklin County NY and MN

Family Information Compiled By
Mary Elizabeth ELLIS,
Marjorie L Slaughter,
And Others

The sources of information for these biographies are in the Source Codes file. The Source Codes are those numbers & letters in (parenthesis) following a biography. The codes in [braces] after a person's name are ID codes. Example: [E1b8g]. These are used to help identify people with similar names. When you see a child listed under the parent's biography, and an ID immediately follows the child's name, that's an indication that the child is listed alphabetically under his / her own biography. Otherwise, all info known of the child is shown with the parent's biography.

In some of the biographies there will be a text note (picture) which is an indication for you to go to the Pictures link to see that person's picture, or a grave of the person. Most pictures are from 1930 or before, and more will be added in the future, as availability permits.

You will note, after browsing through these biographies, that in addition to the usual male names of Charles, George, John, Joseph, and William, there are an inordinate number of Ellis names such as Alvin, Albert, Elias, Ephraim, Isaac, Joel, Levi, and unusual names starting with the letter L.

Updates since the prior update will have the name in Blue Text. The latest updates were on 31 August 2011.

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