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The CHERRY Families Of Early Norfolk Co Virginia And Northeast North Carolina
Family Information Compiled By
John H Cherry
And Others
The sources of information for these biographies are in the Source Codes file. The Source Codes are those numbers & letters (in parenthesis) following a biography. The codes in [braces] after a person's name are ID codes. Example: [C1b8g]. These are used to help identify people with similar names.

The latest Updates were on 20 November 2012.

The Cherry people with ID#s starting with [C2... are the descen-dants of Ben Cherry from Ireland who settled in Chester Co PA in the mid-18th Century, then moved south to NC & GA in the 1790s and soon after. Any name in Blue Text is an update since the prior update to this web page. People with a [C1... ID# are descendats of the Cherry families of 17th Century Norfolk Co VA or from northeast NC in the early 19th Century. Cherry ID# [C3... or bigger are temporary ID#s until they can be traced back to an ancestor with a [C1... ID#.

The Cherry Families of Martin Co NC and nearby counties in NC, and prior to Martin Co from VA back to the mid-17th Century, are made up from a background of research by John H Cherry of TX in the 1990s, then further updated by John E Young in the 2010-2012 years. Those Cherry families of the Martin Co NC area were by far not the only Cherry families researched by John H Cherry; his information included many Cherry immigrants who came to the USA in the 19th Century. John H Cherry's info was released to the world via his Cherry Clearinghouse Newsletter of the 1990s.

This whole Cherry website, if printed on standard size pages in 11 point type, would be a book of about 1,296 pages, not counting the 97 page index. A Name Index of those pages, as of the November 20 update, is here in a PDF file (730 Kbytes). Remember, this Index is for the Printed pages (if they were printed to paper), not an index for these web pages. At the present time, there are no plans to go to print. But you can download these pages in PDF format; most files are 100 pages each. Those blocks of PDF pages that seem to be so much larger because they are well over 1 meg big, even though the block is just 100 pages, is because that block of pages contains maps or pictures.
In these Cherry web pages, if you see a reference to a page in the Cherry files, that page number is for the printed version, not a web page number. Web pages have no page numbers.

The latest updates were mostly of Cherry families of Linn Co MO who went to TX in the 1870s, and of the UT Cherry families of the 1850s.

CHERRY Introduction
Names Beginning Aaron
Names Beginning Cherry, A David
Names Beginning Cherry, Elizabeth
Names Beginning Cherry, J B
Names Beginning Cherry, Lem
Names Beginning Cherry, Patience
Names Beginning Cherry, William
Names Beginning Halliburton
Names Beginning Sachse
Some Cherry Marriages in TN & Allied Families
Cherry Source Codes

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MAP of Stewart Co TN in 1865 (JPG = 8.4 meg, PDF = 11.5 meg). Shows rivers, creeks, and landowners. Resolution is 300 dpi.

1826 WILL of William Cherry of Stewart Co TN (JPG = 1.4 meg, PDF = 2.3 meg). Resolution is 300 dpi.

Many North Carolina Cherry families settled in Stewart Co TN in the pre-1810 years. The Stewart County Tennessee Genealogy Society has a valuable site for old Stewart Co records:

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