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Descendants of John MANGUM

Fifth Generation

46. Jacob MANGUM (James , William , John , John ) was born about 1759 in Greenville, Orange County, North Carolina. He died about 1835 in Mt. Crogham, Chesterfield County, South Carolina and was buried in Chesterfield Co, SC, Pageland?.

Jacob and family were enumerated in Richmond Co, NC, in 1790.

"There is no definitive proof that Jacob is the son of James Mangum,
b 2 June 1734, Albamarle Parish, Surry Co VA," Grady G. Mangum of San Antonio
Texas wrote James Parham of the MFB. "This family link is missing and proof
is doubtful at this time, but it is the only one plausible and was passed
by word of mouth to ear from father to son. Records of Granville Co, NC, were
destroyed in 1865 during the Civil War and this relationship will probably never
be documented" he noted.

Jacob may not have moved very far to have lived
in Anson County, Richmond County, NC, and Chesterfield Co, SC. His estate was
probated by 16 Nov 1835, Chesterfield District, SC.
He seemed to have married between
1782 and 1788. (See file on Jacob Mangum which includes the booklet, "The
Mangum Family" by Dr. J.L. Campbell and C.P. Mangum in which there is
considerable information on the descendants of Jacob Mangum but does not
identify the father of Jacob.)

This booklet notes that Jacob Mangum, our ancestor,
served with General Francis Marion against the British and Tories in South
Carolina. This service has never been documented.

The notice for the probate of Jacob Mangum's estate appeared in the Cheraw
Gazette dated 16 Nov 1835: "Thomas Lee, Applicant, vs Anna Mangum, William
Hudson and wife Mary, John Hudson and wife Sarah, Jonas Hainsworth and wife
Elizabeth, Arthur Mangum, Joseph Mangum, Elisha Mangum, Daniel Wadsworth and
wife Catherine, John Thornton and wife Agnes. It appearing to my satisfaction
that Jonas Hainsworth and wife, Elizabeth, Arthur Mangum, Wm. Mangum, Joseph
Mangum, John Thornton and wife Agnes, reside without the limits of this State,
it is therefore ordered that they be and appear before me in the court of
Ordinary on Monday the 18th of January next to be held at Chesterfield C.H., to
shew cause why the Real Estate of Jacob Mangum, deceased, should not be sold or
divided, or their consent to the same will be taken as confessed and entered of
record. Turner Bryan, O.C.D. Nov 16, 1835." (This notice appeared in the
newspaper on 1 Dec 1835, according to Grady G. Mangum.)

There has been a persistent and long-standing tradition that Jacob came
from Ireland; that too has never been documented.

Jacob married (1) Ester GIBSON about 1781 in SC.

Parents of Esther are unknown. She may have been born in Richmond Co. She
was married to Jacob Mangum before 1782 at which time her first son was born.
Jacob lived in Richmond Co until about 1800 at which time he moved to
Chesterfield Co, SC which may have been nearby and just over the SC-NC line.

John Mangum of Henryville, PA, has found that Anna Nancy Mangum, the second wife
of Jacob, was also a Gipson. The relationship of Esther and Nancy, if this is
correct, has not been determined.

Jacob and Ester had the following children:

+ 97 M i James MANGUM was born Jan 27 1782 and died about 1863.
  98 F ii Mary (Hudson) MANGUM was born before 1786 in Richmond Co, NC.

published privately in 1988. For a complete biographical sketch, see WHO'S WHO
IN AMERICA, WHO'S WHO IN THE WEST, or Page iii the Palmer family history
noted above.

1786 NC State census noted four females in the household: Mary, Sarah,
Elizabeth, and wife.
        Mary married William HUDSON.
  99 F iii Sarah (Hudson) MANGUM was born before 1786 in Richmond Co, NC.

m John Hudson

1786 NC State census noted four females in the household: Mary, Sarah,
Elizabeth, and wife.
        Sarah married John HUDSON.
  100 F iv Elizabeth (hainsworth) MANGUM was born before 1786 in Richmond Co, NC.

m Jonas Hainsworth

1786 NC State census noted four females in the household: Mary, Sarah,
Elizabeth, and wife.
        Elizabeth married Jonas HAINSWORTH.

Jacob also married (2) Nancy "Nannie" GIBSON about 1787 in Orange or, Richmond Co, NC. Nancy was born about 1770 in North Carolina. She died after Nov 16 1835 in Pageland, Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

Source: John Mangum of PA, based on Gibson Genealogy provided by Frank Gibson
of 1013 Dunlap, Lufkin, TX 75901, rec'd April 1991. For Many years the
Mangum researchers felt Anna Nancy who m Jacob Mangum was the dau of James Lee.
The Gibson research, located by the Rev. John Mangum of PA found here to be a

The Gibson genealogy provided by Mrs. J.E. Howe of Hamlet, NC, has Nancy
Gibson as a daughter of Nelson Gibson and Bedie Robertson, thus a
granddaughter of Agnes Williams and Thomas Gibson, rather than a daughter.

Jacob and Nancy had the following children:

+ 101 M v Arthur C. "Asa" MANGUM was born about 1788 and died about 1862/1863.
+ 102 M vi William MANGUM was born about 1794 and died May 3 1849.
+ 103 F vii Agnes (thornton) MANGUM was born 1795.
+ 104 M viii Joseph Edward MANGUM was born 1798 and died 1870.
+ 105 M ix John C. MANGUM was born 1803 and died after 1850.
+ 106 M x Gibson MANGUM was born about 1805 and died 1856.
+ 107 M xi Jacob MANGUM Jr. was born about 1805 and died before 1880.
  108 F xii Catherine MANGUM was born about 1807 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

Catherine m Daniel Wordsworth, according to Jacob's estate papers
        Catherine married Daniel Wadsworth.
+ 109 M xiii Fletcher MANGUM was born about 1808 and died Dec 1869.
+ 110 M xiv Elisha MANGUM was born May 20 1807 and died Nov 8 1890.

50. John MANGUM (John , William , John , John ) was born Jan 19 1763 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. He died Mar 3 1843 in Fulton County, Mississippi and was buried in Fulton, Itawamba Co, MS.

Rev. War veteran and progenitor of the large group of Utah Mangums.
See Ivie Hale's book on the Utah Mangums for this complete line.
Source: Brenda Moody, Mesa Arizona
John is the great grandson of John Mangum and Rebecca Bennet. He served in the
Rev War and has many descendants today. Noteworthy is the fact that it was
some of his children and his wife, Rebecca, that went through Nauvoo, Illinois,
on the trek to Salt Lake City, UT, after being conbverted to Mormonism by John
Richie, a Mormon missionary , who was in Fulton, MS. Rebecca later married
Mr. Richie at Nauvoo and went with him to Utah. (See Delta Ivie Mangum Hale's
book written in 1971 on "John Mangum, American Revolutionary War Soldier and
his descendants.)

She wrote "His parents apparently moved to Lunenburg County soon after he was
born, as his father, John Mangum, is listed as a member of the St. James
Parish, Lunenburg County in the year 1764, the year after John was born. As
John grew older, he was apparently active in the Baptist Church, as he and his
brother Lewis are both listed as members. (South Carolina Baptists, pp. 165-66;
Bush River Baptist Church Records.)

In 1805 he moved from Newberry District, SC to Warren Co, afterwards to Clinton
Co, Ohio. In 1811 he moved to Giles Co, TN. In 1815 he moved to St. Clair Co,
AL, and in 1823 or 24 to Pickens Co, AL. His post office address there was
Carrollton, Pickens Co, AL.

An interesting story has been handed down through the family, as told by Bishop
Hugh Richey of St. Johns, Arizona, and was originally told to him by his
father, James Moroni Richey. "My great-grandfather enlisted in Marion's
Brigade at the age of 16 and served four years to the end of the war.

Brig. Gen Marion organized his brigade of frontiersmen who furnished their own
fast horses, arms, and food and who could be armed and in the saddle in a
matter of minutes upon call. They would destgory the British supply trains cut
off any small detachments, rush into their main camps at night for a raid and
be in another county before dawn. When the British would chase them with a
large force, they would hide in the sweamps and mountains or scatter to their
own homes until the danger was past and then be at it again. They were the
best marksmen, riders, and woodsmen on the frontier.

Marion was called the Swamp Fox. At one time he was surprised dwhile he and
his men were all taking a bath in the river. They all ran for their guns, but
did not have tiame to get their clothes. He sent a flag of truce to demand
their clothes or he would kill ten of their best men. Col Sir Banstre Tarleton
sent the clothes. The British soldier who brought the clothes was asked to
eat with Marion and his men. Upon his return to his own lines he told Tarleton
that anyone who could eat sweet potatoes like Marion's men would never
surrender and that Marion had said, "Tell the Colonel Banstre Tarleton that I
will only kill eight of his men now," which of course he didn't. (The
Encyclopedia Americiana, 1957 Edition, Vol 18, p. 292.)

John had another brush with death. While he was in the service he was
permitted to go home on a furlough. When returning to the service, the crew
was captured and taken prisoner by the British and kept for several days. They
were taken out to a log and had their heads laid on it and then chained to the
log. The commanding officer drew his sword and raked two or three of them
across the head and told ther Captain to turn them loose. John Mangum was one
of the boys where was spared. After a while John had a chance to talk to the
commanding officer and asked him why their lives were spared. The officer
swore and told him that he knew his brother, William, who was a Tory and that
he thought he would make a good one too.

His service record indicates that John Mangum was in the following battles and
battle areas: Augusta , GA; Cup Board Creek, GA; Keoka Creek, GA; Edgell's Old
Field, SC where he was taken prisoner and received a wound on his head from
William Cunningham, one of the Tories; Anderson's Mile in Edgefield District,
SC; Bacon's Bridge near Charleston, SC.

John is listed in "MS Rev Soldiers," published by the DAR, p 201-202. Others
references listed at the end of the article on p 202 are:
Albemarle Parish, VA Records
Pension Records
ALA Records, Jones & Gandrud
1840 List of Miss. Pensioners
DAR Line accepted 1951
Research: Mrs. C.L.Willardson, San Diego, CAL

John married (1) Rebecca KNOWLES CANIDA on Jan 19 1809 in Lebanon, Warren Co, Ohio. Rebecca was born Oct 10 1785 in England. She died Feb 23 1847 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, (after Nauvoo) and was buried in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Daughter of James Canida (Canada) and Mrs. Abigail Canida. Rebecca and
her daughter Lucina Mangum were the first Mangums to be converted
to the Mormon religion. Rebecca died at the Winter Quarters of the Mormons
in Illinois. Her children moved on to the Salt Lake City area with their
sister who had married James Richey. Many Mangums are in the Utah area today,
all descending from this cluster of Mangums.

Rebecca's daughter Jane did not move with the family to Nauvoo. Source:
Mangum Family History by Delta Ivie Mangum Hale, 1971

Rebecca had one son from her first marriage, Jesse Knowles, but little is
known about her until her husband, John Mangum, died in 1843. Following
his death she lived in Fulton, MS, until 1846.

In the fall of 1844 a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Sants, James Richey, was in Fulton, MS. Some of Rebecca's children heard
his teachings and were impressed. Three of the family, Gemima, John, and
Jaqmes Mitchell became members. A year laterr Rebecca and the rest of her
children, except Jane, became memberrs. Rebecca and all her children with
the exception of Jane, moved to Nauvoo, IL, travelling by land during the
winter of 1845 and 1846. Upon her arrival in Nauvoo, her youngest daughter,
Lucinda, married the missionary, James Richey, who had brought the gospel
to her family. The Illinois mobs were at this time forcing the Latter-Day
Saints from their homes in Nauvoo. Soon after the marriage, probably in
January or February of 1846, Rebecca accompanied her daughter and new son-in-
law along with other relatives as they too left Nauvoo.

The extreme cold of the winder was hard on the travellers, as their only
shelter was their wagons and what wagon covers or tents they were able to
carry with them. Rebecca was fortunate that her son-in-law had a team and
wagon. Those less fortunate were forced to travel on foot, carrying on their
backs their only earthly possessions. That spring and summer were spent at
the second camping area of the Mormons, Mt. Pisgah. Here theuy built a log
cabin to provide some shelter from the elements. This was beyond the frontier
of that day, yet close enough to the frontier settlements that they could
return to the settlements of Missouri to obtain food for the next winter.

Late in the season of 1846 they moved farther west to Council Bluffs, Iowa,
where they again built a log cabin and prepared to spend the winter. The
traveling and exposure proved too much for Rebecca and she did on February 23,
1847, at the age of 60. Her grave is in the Winter Quarters Cemetery. (See
the Personal Journal of James Richey for his account of this move and Rebecca's

John and Rebecca had the following children:

+ 111 F i Jemima Gemima MANGUM was born Sep 14 1809 and died 1848.
+ 112 M ii William Perry MANGUM was born Dec 25 1811 and died Feb 26 1886.
  113 F iii Rebecca Frances MANGUM was born Aug 10 1814 in Giles, TN. She died 1894 in Arizona.

Source: John Palmer's History of the Palmers...p 165, m Joseph Adair
Rebecca and her husband accompanied James Richey and his wife, Lucinda
Mangum--sister to Rebecca--from Nauvoo to the West. They are specifically
mentioned in Richey's personal journal. Joseph Adair wasd a brother of Samuel
Jefferson Adair, according to page 202 of MS Rev. Soldiers.
        Rebecca married (1) Joseph Jasper ADAIR, son of Samuel Jefferson ADAIR and Jemima Gemima MANGUM, before 1849 in Nauvoo?, Il?. Joseph was born about 1842. He died in Western U.S., Ariz?.

Journal of James Richey mentions Joseph Adair and his wife,
Rebecca Mangum, a sister to Lucinda Mangum Richey
        Rebecca also married (2) Thomas ADAIR after 1847 in Utah?, Arizona. Thomas was born before 1847. He died after 1847.

Adair married Rebecca Mangum Adair as her second marriage.
+ 114 M iv John Wesley MANGUM was born Jun 10 1817 and died May 23 1885.
  115 M v James Mitchell MANGUM was born Jan 7 1822 in Springsville, AL.

Source: John Palmer's History of the Palmers..., p 166
  116 M vi Joseph MANGUM was born about 1822 in Pickens Co, AL. He died in Iowa.

Source: John Palmer's The Palmers of NC..., p 166, m Emaline Laney c 1847
"MS Rev Soldiers," p 202, notes inf on Joseph Mangum .
  117 F vii Jane MANGUM Jenny was born Jul 4 1824 in Maury Co, TN. She died Jul 10 1913.

Source: Palmer's The Palmers of NC...., p 166, m Jedediah M. Brown
Jane did not move with Rebecca and her family to Nauvoo, Il.
        Jane married Jedediah M. BROWN. Jedediah was born before 1824.

Source: Mangum Family History by Delta Ivey Hale Mangum, p 25
+ 118 F viii Lucinda MANGUM was born Jul 20 1826 and died Feb 23 1903.

John also married (2) Mary "Polly" MURDOCK after 1780 in SC?. Mary was born before 1780 in Newberry, South Carolina.

They had the following children:

  119 M ix James MANGUM was born Dec 6 1791 in Newberry, SC.

Source: Hale's Mangum Family History, p 17
  120 F x Nancy MANGUM was born Nov 11 1794.

Source: Hale's Mangum Family History
  121 F xi Elizabeth MANGUM was born Dec 24 1798 in SC.

Source: Hale's Mangum Family History

John also married (3) Gemima GOGGINS before 1805 in Newberry, SC.

Daughter of Hamilton Goggins: Hale's Mangum Family History

John and Gemima had the following children:

  122 M xii Cyrus MANGUM was born Jan 5 1805 in Newberry Co, Newberry, SC. He died in TX.

Source: Hale's Mangum Family History
Mrs. Hale notes that Cyrus grew up and moved to Texas where he left a large
posterity. Another source: IGI of SC shows birth date and parents of Cyrus
  123 F xiii Mary MANGUM was born Jun 17 1804 in Newberry Co, Newberry, SC.

Source: Hale's Mangum Family History
Added Source: IGI of MS

57. Solomon MANGUM (William , William , John , John ) was born about 1800 in Nova Scotia.

Solomon married in 1821 and settled in Kemptville, Yarmouth Co, NS. He had a
son William Mangham born 1821; he married in 1848 and around 1861 moved to
Knowlesville, New Brunswick. There are manuy descendants there today.

Solomon married Elizabeth RICKER about 1821 in Nova Scotia. Elizabeth was born about 1800 in Nova Scotia?.

Solomon and wife settled in Kemptviller, Yarmouth Co, Nova Scotia after their
marriage in 1821.

Solomon and Elizabeth had the following children:

  124 M i William MANGHAM was born 1821 in Nova Scotia.

William Mangham married in 1848, according to Thomas Hughes and around 1861
moved to Knowlesville, New Brunswick. No further information
  125 F ii Jemima (hurlburt) MANGHAM was born 1795 in Nova Scotia. She died 1882 in Kemptville, Yarmouth Co, Nova Scotia.

According to letter from Thomas Hughes, Jemima m James Hurlburt (1801-1875)
and left many descendants of this Hurlburt Family in Canada and the U.S.
        Jemima married James HURLBURT on 1821 in Nova Scotia. James was born 1801. He died 1875 in Kemptville, Nova Scotia, Yarmouth Co and was buried in Nova Scotia.

No further information

58. William Person MANGUM (Arthur M. , William , John , John ) was born about 1782 in Albamarle Parrish, Surry County, Virginia. He died about 1873 in Orange County, Greenville, North Carolina.

Source: Alstons and Alstons, p 284 .
William Person Mangum was the father of Willie Person Mangum, US Senator.
William Person was the son of a sister of General Thomas Person.

William P. Mangum was named as a son of Arthur Mangum, Sr and Lucy Person
Mangum in a petition filed by William P. and Lucy Mangum in 1795 in Orange Co,
NC, requesting that John Carrington, Administrator of Arthur's estate, be
compelled to distribute Arthur's estate to his legimimate heirs. All the
children of Arthur and Lucy were named.

William married Catherine Kate DAVIS in Orange Co, NC. Catherine was born before 1811 in North Carolina?.

They had the following children:

+ 126 M i Willie Person MANGUM Senator was born May 10 1792 and died Sep 7 1861.
+ 127 M ii Priestly Hinton MANGUM Sr., Esquire was born Apr 3 1795 and died Aug 17 1850.

59. Arthur M. MANGUM Jr. (Arthur M. , William , John , John ) was born about 1764 in Orange County, Greenville, North Carolina. He died 1813 in Orange County, Greenville, North Carolina.

Source: Petition filed by William Person Mangum and his mother, Lucy Person
Mangum, following the death of Arthur Mangum, Sr in which they petition the
Court of Orange County, NC, to force John Carrington, administrator of Arthur's
estate, to distribute Arthur's land and money. The children, including Arthur
Mangum, Jr., are identified in this petition. Also in an amended petition, the
children of Arthur Jr are identified as William Mangum, Cynthia, Durrell,
Clary. William Preston Mangum, II of Winston-Salem, NC, feels that Jesse
Mangum is also a son of Arthur, Jr and Dicey Carrington.

Arthur married Dicey CARRINGTON on Apr 22 1801 in Orange Co, NC. Dicey was born about 1780. She died Sep 1853 in Orange County, North Carolina.

Dicey died after her husband, Arthur.
William Duke, Sr, in his will in 1852, acknowledged that Green Duke Mangum was
his son and that of Dicey Carrington Mangum.

Dicey was the daughter of John Carrington who was named as the administrator
of Arthur Mangum'Sr's estate in 1795. Sisters to Dicey Carrington was Nancy who
m a Sims, and Mary who m William Duke, Sr.

Who was Mary "Polly" Carrington that m James Mangum in Orange Co? Was she a
niece or cousin of Dicey Carrington?

At the time of the 1830 Census of Orange Co, NC, Dicy Mangum's household
included 2 males 15 to 20, 1 male 20 to 30, 1 female 5 to 10; 1 female 20 to
30, and 1 female 40 to 50.

Arthur and Dicey had the following children:

+ 128 M i Solomon MANGUM was born Dec 29 1781 and died Dec 29 1852.
  129 M ii William MANGUM was born before 1795 in Orange Co, NC. He died after 1795.

Source: William Mangum is named as a son of Arthur Mangum Jr in the petition
filed by William Person Mangu and Lucy Person Mangum in claiming their part of
the estate of Arthur Mangum, Sr, lin 1795. Other children of Arthur Jr.
included Cynthia, Durell, Wiley, and Clary.
  130 F iii Clary MANGUM was born before 1795 in Orange Co, NC.

Clary Mangum is named as a daughter of Arthur Mangum, Jr. in the petition
filed by William Person Mangum and Lucy Person Mangum in 1795 in Orange County,
NC, in claiming the estate of Arthur Mangum, Jr.
+ 131 F iv Cynthia MANGUM was born about 1805 and died Oct 1881.
+ 132 M v Durrell MANGUM was born about 1807 and died after 1833.
  133 M vi Arthur MANGUM was born in Orange Co, NC.

Source: Petition of William P. Mangum, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
Orange Co, NC, followingv the death of Arthur Mangum Sr on 12 March 1789.
        Arthur married Penny Anne BUTLER. Penny was born in Mebane, Alanace County, North Carolina.
  134 M vii Wiley MANGUM was born before 1813 in Orange Co, NC.

Source: Petition of William P. Mangum, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
Orange Co, NC, following the death of Arthur Mangum Sr on 12 March 1789.

63. Chaney MANGUM (Arthur M. , William , John , John ) was born about 1772 in Orange County, Greenville, North Carolina. She died after 1834.

It is commonly written that Chaney Mangum married her "Mangum cousin" since
she is always identified as a Mangum. Recent conversations with Bill Mangum of
Winston-Salem, NC, indicates that she had two illegitimate children, both sons,
by Taylor Duke. (William Mangum owned land adjacent to Chaney's father,
Arthur, as noted in the petition filed by his wife and children after Arthur's
death when Nathaniel Carrington had refused to distribute Arthur's estate to
his children. (Location of Arthur's land was identified as lying adjacent to
some owned by William Duke.) William Duke was perhaps the father of this
Taylor Duke. Bill noted that when the second son was born, Taylor Duke was
taken to court to pay child support for the children.

Bill noted that this is an extremely sensitive issue with the Univ of North
Carolina Mangums, all who descend from Chaney. This explains their refusal to
answer my letters or telephone calls concerning their Mangum line. Bill noted
that only recently had these Mangums been invited to the Mangum reunion held by
the "other" Mangums in Durham County. He noted that the Mangums are very
reluctant to give out any information on their Mangum line for these reasons.

See notes under Taylor Duke.

Chaney married Taylor DUKE. Taylor was born in Orange County, North Carolina.

Taylor Duke, son of William Duke, lived adjacent to the Mangum tobacco
farm. He was sued by Arthur Mangum, Chaney Mangum's father, for child
support, and was required to pay a small amount of child support each
year. Bill Mangum (William Preston Mangum, III) of Raleigh, NC, noted
that this is documented in court papers at Raleigh. He was to send me
a copy of the legal document when he has an opportunity to get it from

Taylor and Chaney had the following children:

+ 135 M i Ellison Goodloe MANGUM Colonel was born about 1797 and died 1902.
+ 136 M ii Dr. Adolphus Williamson MANGUM was born Apr 1 1834 and died May 12 1890.
+ 137 M iii Hinton MANGUM was born about 1815/1820 and died about 1874.

64. Claramond MANGUM (Arthur M. , William , John , John ) was born 1773/1775 in Orange County, Greenville, North Carolina.

Clara m David Parker, a farmer of Granville. Issue: Harrison, David, daughter
m Wm Horner

Claramond married David PARKER. David died in Granville, NC.

Farmer at Granville

David and Claramond had the following children:

  138 M i Abner PARKER was born in Granville, NC.

Identified as Colonel and merchant
  139 M ii Harrison PARKER was born in Granville, NC.

No further information
  140 F iii PARKER was born in Granville, NC.

married William Horner, father of James H. and Thomas J. Horner, teachers
Source: unknown

66. James C. MANGHAM (Solomon MANGHAM , William , John , John ) was born about 1781.

James C. was a minor at the death of Solomon in 1791, raised by John
Carrington, m Ann Barrett in 1822 in GA.
Source: Vaugn Ballard, Arlington, TX

James married Ann BARRETT on 1822 in Georgia.

NO further information

James and Ann had the following children:

  141 M i William W. MANGHAM was born in Georgia.

No further information
  142 M ii James S. MANGHAM.

No further information
  143 F iii MANGHAM.

mentioned in Will of Solomon Mangham, MFB ?, pp. 22-25.
  144 F iv Caroline MANGHAM was born about 1824 in Georgia. She died 1843 in Georgia.

No further information

71. Willis Austin MANGAN (Solomon MANGHAM , William , John , John ) was born about 1795 in North Carolina. He died after 1860 in Pike County, Georgia.

Source: Vaughn Ballard of Texas who has written a book on the line of Solomon
Mangum Willis Austin m 26 Feb 1809 in Putnam Co, GA

Willis married Temperance Ann BREWER on Feb 26 1809 in Putnam County, Georgia. Temperance was born in Putnam Co, GA. She was buried in Lifsey Springs, GA, Putnam Co.

dau of George Brewer, Putnam Co, GA
No further information

Willis and Temperance had the following children:

+ 145 M i James Pendleton MANGHAM was born May 29 1810 and died Apr 7 1874.
+ 146 M ii Wiley E. MANGHAM Uncle Wiley was born Jan 5 1805 and died Jun 26 1891.
  147 F iii Jane Amanda MANGHAM was born 1813. She died 1830.

Source: Research of Vaughn Ballard of TX
  148 M iv John Newman MANGHAM was born 1814. He died 1861.

Source: Research of Vaughn Ballard of TX
  149 F v France Ann (Johnson) MANGHAM was born 1823.

Source: Vaughn Ballard of TX France Ann m Charles H. Johnson b 1820 Issue:
Lewis Cass, William D., Robert H., L.L. Johnson, Emma O. Johnson, Willis N.
Johnson, Edgar P., Anna E. and James B. Johnson.
  150 M vi William D. MANGHAM was born 1818. He died 1838.

Source: Vaughn Ballard of TX

76. Joseph MANGUM (Micajah , Joseph , John , John ) was born in Virginia.

lived in Goochland Co, VA, on the James River

Joseph married Elizabeth HUMBER before 1790 in VA. Elizabeth was born before 1790 in Isle of Wight Co, VA.

They had the following children:

  151 M i Michajah MANGUM was born before 1807. He died after 1844 in Richmond, VA.
  152 M ii Elisha MANGUM.
  153 M iii Josiah MANGUM was born about 1784 in NC. He died about 1832 in VA?.

This may have been the Josiah Mangum that witnessed the will of Henry Mangum,
Isle of Wight Co, VA in 1791. Source: Combined editions of the Mangum Family
Bulletins, p 41, item 34.

78. Mary LANGSTON 1 (Solomon LANGSTON , Mary Agnes MANGUM , John , John ) was born about 1756 in Granville County, North Carolina. She died after 1800.

Mary married Jesse HOLDER 1. Jesse was born about 1750 in Bertie County, North Carolina. He died about 1798.


They had the following children:

+ 154 M i Solomon Langston HOLDER was born about 1775.
+ 155 M ii Jeremiah "Jere" HOLDER was born about 1778 and died 1834.
+ 156 M iii Willis HOLDER was born 1789 and died 1872.
  157 F iv Delilah HOLDER.
  158 F v Rebecka HOLDER.
  159 F vi Martha HOLDER.
  160 M vii Jesse HOLDER died about 1812.
  161 M viii John HOLDER.
  162 F ix Elizabeth "Eliza" HOLDER.

84. William MANGUM (Samuel , James , John , John ) was born about 1765 in Sussex County, Viriginia. He died about 1817 in Sussex County, Viriginia.

Source: MFB, Issue #5, March 1970 Married Sally _____ Children Susanna
Mangram, Nancy Mangram, Samuel Mangram, John Mangram.

William married Sarah "Sally" (MANGUM).

They had the following children:

+ 163 M i John MANGUM was born about 1790 and died Oct 4 1843.
  164 F ii Susannah MANGUM was born about 1800 in Virginia.
  165 F iii Nancy MANGUM was born about 1800 in Virginia.
  166 M iv Samuel MANGUM was born about 1800 in Virginia.

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