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William YORK
Will Made Nov 3, 1856


  1. To me beloved wife Margaret "one room on the first floor of my dwelling house for her own use during her life with comfortable bed and bedding with three rooms to be chosen by herself from my floor and when by age or disease the same should (be) expired? and be removed then my three sons Joseph, John and William shall remain there and replace an equal number in their (...?) always removing the old and replacing (...?).

- also to wife the gardens attached to my dwelling house - (....?) Three sons to pay her three pounds (...?) etc.

My real estate at Cow Bay:

To Joseph of premises on which I now live.

b. north by Mrs. FRASER


S by Joseph OSBORNE

E by son James

- Joseph to have the North

- John the center

- William the south (of the lot bounded by Joseph OSBORNE end)

  1. To daughter Jane, wife of James HOLLAND, three pounds to be paid by sons.

To dau. Mary, wife of Charles BLACKADAR, three pounds - paid by three sons.

To dau. Harriet, three pounds - paid by three sons.

To son James - 20 pounds - paid by Joseph.

- My barn to three sons

- The remaining part of my dwelling house I give unto my sons Joseph and John with the exception of one room on the second floor for my son William "with free access to and from the same until he can (...?) for himself when the whole shall become the property of my sons John and Joseph.

Land at Cole H. to three sons - 125 acres.

to Joseph

other equally divided between John and William

- daughter Harriet to have the bed and bedding she now occupies.

- my (...?) fishing to go to three sons

- sheep be divided equally between three sons.

Signed: William YORK (X his mark)

Submitted by Trish Lewis

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