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In the Name of God Amen, I Jacob Horn Senior, of the South East
Passage in the County of Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia,Farmer.
Being in perfect Health of Body and in perfect mind and memory thanks
be to God for it but Calling unto me the Mortallity of my Body do make
and Ordain this my Last Will and Testament in Manner following I
Recommend my Soul into the Hand of Almighty God that Gave it and my
Body I Recommend to the Earth to be buried in a Decent Christian like
manner at the Direction of my Executrix and Executor Therein after and
as touching such Worldly Goods wherewith it has pleased God to Bless me
with I Give Devise Dispose and bequeath in the following Manner and

First I do Order all my Just Debts and Funeral Charges to be paid and
Satisfyed Imediately. I Give and Bequeath unto Frances my Beloved Wife
the Whole of the Income of that part of the Estate Which I now Occupy
and Live on. Bounded on the North by a Tract of Land which was Gifted
Micheal Henneberry and on the South by a Stake fixed distant from a
Small house Twenty Rods and fifteen feet and to be Governed By the
Course and Distances of the Original Grants. I Give and bequeath unto my
Wife Frances all my Personal Estate during her Life and after her Death the
said Remaining part to be sold and the Money arisen from said Effects to
be equally divided between my five Sons: the Tract of Land which I Live
on and described as above Shall be put up for sale and to be purchased by
one of my Sons and not to a Stranger and which one of my sons has
purchased the said Tract of Land with all the Buildings thereon Shall pay
or Cause to be paid unto his Brothers or their Respective Heirs in four
Equal Shares the money that arrises from the sale of the said Tract of Land
and the purchaser shall have five Years in paying the money from the day
after the sale without any Intrest.

I Give and Bequeath unto Jacob Horn Junior my Son That Part of the Estate
which he now occupys and has held.
I Give and Bequeath unto George Horn, Andrew Horn & Benjamen Horn
my Sons all them Certain Tracts of Land as was Laid out for them on the
Second day of May one thousand Eight Hundred and Eight their Lines to
Continue to the Rear of the Grant Excepting a Square of Land adjoining
the Creek Measuring Eight Rods in the Front and the same in the Rear and
Likewise that Andrew Hom is to have an Acre and Quarter of Land on the
Hill and a piece purchased from Micheal Heneberry for the four Acres and
a Quarter adjoining him and it is my will that the Creek and Landing place
where George Horn Lives shall be for the free use of all my Heirs and it is
my will that the South Creek wen I now Live shall be free for any of my
Sons or their Heirs to Land and it is my Will that the Burrial Ground
Fences should be kept in Repair by my Respective Sons and held in my Estate.

I Give and bequeath unto my Son John Horn and his Heirs all that
Certain Tract of Land begining at a Stake distant Twenty Rods and fifteen
Feet from a small house and to Run North 55 East to the Rear of the
Grant thence to Run South 35 East untill it Comes to the partition Line
of Land Granted Jacob Horn Senior & Jacob Horn Junior thence to Run
South 55 West untill it Comes to the Publick Road thence Northwesterly
along the Shore at High water mark till it Comes opposite the stake thence
North 55 East to the stake the said Tract of Land I Give and Bequeath
unto my son John Horn and his Respective Heirs for Ever and it being my
will that the Wife of the said John Horn should not have it in her power to
Convey or bargain for any of said premises that part of the Beach which
was Surveyed and Laid out for me I Give and Bequeath unto my Sons
George, Andrew, Benjamen and John Horn to be in Severality amongst
them and their Heirs.

I Give and bequeath unto Joseph Young my Son in
Law his Heirs and Assigns that part of the Estate he now Enjoys but not to
be Sold to any Person but to the Family of the Name and Heirs of Horns
And I appoint and Nominate Christian Brehm, Andrew Horn, Benjamen
Horn to be Executors of this my Last Will and Testament ........

And I Give and Bequeath
unto Sophia Moser the Sum of Ten pounds and unto Sarah
McNamara the sum of Ten pounds Currency said Sums are to arise from
and out of the Sale of the Land on which I now Live that is Each of my
Sons to pay four pounds a piece. And it is my Will that piece of Ground
were Benjamen Horn' house and Barn stand Measuring one Hundred and
Seven feet on the Shore(?) thence North 55 East Twenty Rods thence
South 35 East Eight Rods thence South 55 West to the Shore(?) he shall
give unto Andrew Horn the same Quantity of land Elswhere and my Estate
shall be Divided in thirty days after my Funeral amongst my Heirs as is
Described and alotted them. And I do hereby utterly disallow and Revoke
all Former Wills and Testaments, Legacys and Executors ratifying and
Confirming this and no other to be my Last will and Testament. In
Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and fixed my Seal at the
South East Passage County & province foresaid this Sixth day of January
and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifteen and
in the Fifty fourth _____of his Majestys Reign.

Declared by him to us to be his
Last Will and Testament
Jacob Horn

In Presence of us

Christian Brehm
Alexander Forsyth
William Anderson

Submitted by William M. Richards

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