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Annals of the North British Society of Halifax Nova Scotia

(McNab Entries)

Ordinary Members of the North British (Scotland) Society
1770 Peter McNab
1797 Peter McNab, John McNab
1814 James McNab
1815 Peter McNab
1832 Alexander McNab and John McNab
1848 Andrew McNab
1868 Joseph D. McNab, John McNab
1871 A.W. McNab
1873 William McNab

Perpetual Members
1878 John McNab
1772, July 6 -1776,Nov 30 Peter McNab was the moderator of the Society (president)
1780, Nov 24 Peter McNab was the vice-moderator
1769- Dec 7 From the time until the meeting of 7th of Jun 1770 nothing of interest appears to have transpired, but at the meeting Mr. Peter McNab (from whom the present well known family descends) was pleased to offer himself as a member, and was unanimously elected.
1773 This year the four quarterly meetings were held at the house of Peter McNab, but little was recorded.
1780 Net Cash surplus funds at this date (aa amount of money in Halifax currency) which were lent by the Society to Peter McNab the vice-moderator; he giving bonds and engaging to pay 6 per cent annum for the money
1792 Peter was on the committee for charity.

Submitted by: Nat Smith
"McNab" entries from the book:
Annals of the North British Society of Halifax Nova Scotia 1786-1893

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