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Bowes Family Cemetery

SURNAME Given Name Dates Age Comments
Bowes Richard D. d. 1/9/1916 46 yrs  
Bowes Minnie d. 8/9/1911 36 yrs  
Bowes Percy D. 1906-1934    
Jakeman Edward Reginald 1884-1949    
Jakeman Ethel Masie 1874-1938    
Jakeman Dasie Mildred 1918-1922    
Wellsman Elizabeth     Wife of James Wellsman
Unidentified Marker       Gone Home
Pentz Janet d. 10/22/1912 56 yrs d/o John and Jane Pentz
Pentz Jubina d. 5/12/1928    
Bowes Edwin Clyde 4/17/1889 24 yrs  
Bowes Clarence L. d.9/2/1898 21 yrs  
Bowes Richard d. 6/8/1916 79 yrs  
Bowes Phoebe d. 3/19/1922 84 yrs w/o Richard
Settle Carol Gertrude 12/25/1942-12/29/1942   d/o Wilfrid and Gertrude
Pentz John d. 11/4/1887 82 yrs  
Pentz (unreadable)   36 yrs w/o John
Conrad Winfred Gordon S. d. 11/6/1913 9 yrs s/o Henry and Margaret
Conrad Henry J. 1859-1940    
Conrad Margaret J. 1863-    
Leslie Roxie Anna d. 9/16/1889 29 yrs w/o Isaac
Thomas Janet M. 9/5/1902-9/7/1982   d/o Mary and Daniel
MacDonald Daniel Alexander 1878-1970    
Conrad Mary Ann 1880-1969   w/o Daniel A. MacDonald
MacDonald William F. 10/30/1905-6/25/1927   s/o Daniel and Mary
MacDonald Malcolm R. 7/29/1922-4/30/1923   s/o Daniel and Mary
McDonald Wm. d. 8/5/1890 74 yrs  
MacDonald Frances d. 2/3/1906 64 yrs  
MacDonald Saphia 1841-1920    
Turner Irvin L. d. 3/23/1914 39 yrs  
Turner Mary C. 1864-1934    
Conrad Harry S. d. 11/4/1905 17yrs 6 mos  
Conrad Elizabeth Ann d. 3/4/1905 42 yrs w/o Thomas
Conrad Annette 1868-1937   w/o J. W.
Thompson George F. d. 4/2/1909 34 yrs 4 mos s/o Robert and Minnie
Bowes Sarah Gray d. 3/25/1911 87 yrs w/o John
Bowes John d. 2/17/1916 85 yrs  
Bowes Ida d. 12/1/1914 40 yrs w/o George F.
Bowes George F. d. 2/17/1922 61 yrs  
Bowes Thomas B. d. 4/24/1927 22 yrs  

Transcribed by John and Carolyn Bowse
July 10,2000.

**John notes that he understands there are several more graves in this cemetery that are no longer marked.**

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