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Descendants of Ward Hudson Generation No. 1 1. WARD HUDSON (RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1735 in Virginia, and died 1793 in Lunenberg Co., Virginia. He married MARTHA HUDSON 8 August 1761 in Amelia Co., Va. She died in Lunenberg Co., Virginia. Notes for WARD HUDSON: Deed Bk 8, page 80...Lunenburg county, VA. "This indenture made 9 Dec 1763 by Robert Melon of the Province of North Carolina to Ward Hudson of Nottoway Parish in Amelia Co. for the sum of (Pound sign) 53, 530 acres of land lying in Lunenburg Co. bounded & beg'g at a corner of Edward Hatchett on Irby's branch & adj. lands of Crymes, Edmonds, Ingrams, Gafford & Roberts. Wit: Lod'k Farmer, John Phillips, Archand Hatchett Signed by his mark, Robert Malon (notice the diff. in the spelling.) Ack: 9 Dec 1763 and Rec: 10 May 1764" 155 "This indenture made 11 Jan 1772 by William Jeter of Lunenburg Co. to Ward Hudson of the same Co. for the sum of [Pound sign] 80, 120 acres of land lying in said county, it being the plantation said Jeter now lives on adj. lands of Mr. Edmondson, Wm Grimes & Ward Hudson Wit: John Ward, Drury Melone, James Mercer Signed Wm Jeter" Children of WARD HUDSON and MARTHA HUDSON are: 2. i. JOHN HUDSON, b. 1762, Virginia; d. 1790, Lunenberg Co., Va. ii. WARD HUDSON, JR, m. ANNA THWEATT, 1 March 1787, Lunenberg Co., Virginia. 3. iii. ROLIN/ROWLAND HUDSON, b. Abt. 1765, Virginia; d. 1810, Oglethorpe Co. Ga. 4. iv. RICHARD (V) HUDSON, b. Virginia; d. 1841, Wilcox Co., Ala. 5. v. EDITH HUDSON, b. Abt. 1763, Virginia. vi. PHEOBE HUDSON, m. EDWARD HARDING, 14 December 1793, Lunenberg Co., Virginia. Notes for EDWARD HARDING: There is a STRONG chance that this man is the son of Thomas Harding and Phoeby Beasley. vii. NANCY HUDSON, m. (UNKNOWN) EDWARDS. 6. viii. LAMECK HUDSON, b. 22 September 1780, ?Lunenberg County? Virginia; d. 22 October 1844, Ebemezerl, Wilcox County, Alabama. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN HUDSON (WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1762 in Virginia, and died 1790 in Lunenberg Co., Va. He married MARY BEASLEY 1781 in Lunenberg Co., Va, daughter of ROBERT BEASLEY and BETSEY WILLINGHAM/WINNINGHAM. She was born Abt. 1765 in Lunenberg Co., Va, and died Aft. 1830 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Notes for JOHN HUDSON: Some say that John was a Private in the Rev. War., that due to the hardships he suffered, he died young. It is known he died in 1790, in Lunenberg Co., Va. leaving a wife, Mary, and four children, Frederick, Rolin/Rowland/Robert, Mason Ward, and Elizabeth. The children are named in his will, of which I have a copy. John married Mary Beasley, 1781, in Lunenberg Co., Va. Years later, in Noxubee County, Ms., court records will prove the relationship between he and his great grandchildren, children of John Hudson and Elizabeth Beasley. Court records address the estate of John Hudson in Lunenberg Co., Virginia. 7, Lunenberg county, VA: Recorded in Oglethorpe county, Georgia and Lunenberg county, VA..... Oglethorpe co. in the State of Georgia...Know all men...John Hudson late of Lunenburg Co. VA dec'd by his last will 15 June 1790 did unto his wife, Mary Hudson, now Mary Ward...during her natural life grant a tract of land lying in Lunenburg county on the waters of Couches Creed containing 200 a adj. Colo. Edward Jordan, Shadrack Clark, & at the death of said Mary Hudson, now Ward, it to be equally between his 4 children, Frederick, Robert, Ward & Betsy Hudson all now having reached lawful age & wishing to dispose of our rights to the aforesaid land which will arrive to us at the death of Mary we the said Frederick, Robert, Ward Hudson & Nathaniel H. Smith in right of my wife, Elizabeth Smith formerly Elizabeth Hudson appoint Frederick Hudson Power of Attorney to convey our rights & interest in & to the aforesaid land in fee simple. 28 Nov 1815 Wit: Joseph Vinson Signed Robert Hutson Ward Hutson Nathaniel H. Smith Power of Atty certified before Joseph Vinson, Esq. JP in Oglethorpe Co. Ga 28 Nov 1815... Received in Lunenburg Co. 23 Dec 1815 by William H. Taylor [One might note that the wording indicates that at this point in time, the mother was still alive. The HFA shows her dying in 1815, based upon this "land sale."] The fact that the mother is living next door to son, Ward Hutson, in the 1830 Oglethorpe county, GA. census proves that she did not die in 1815. Notes for MARY BEASLEY: Mary is believed to be a daughter of Robert and Betty (Willingham) Beasley. If this proves to be true, she would also be a sister to William Beasley who married (possibly 2nd) Nancy English. She married 19 years after the named Robert and Betty married, in the same county and State. Other Willingham researchers show her as a daughter. [I lack positive proof....ear] Widowed in 1790, she remarried 1793. Her second husband, Seth Ward, was a brother to Samuel Ward who had married Edith Hudson, a sister to Mary's deceased husband. Seth is believed to also be a "cousin" of John Hudson, as John's grandmother is reportedly a Ward. Mary and Seth moved with the four children by John Hudson to Oglethorpe County, at least it was there in 1800 that Seth is shown as guardian of the two oldest sons, Frederick and Roland/Rowland Hudson. Then in Jan. of 1802, he is shown as guardian of Ward Hudson,(named as Mason Ward Hudson in will), orphan of John Hudson. John Beasley is shown as surety for that action, which makes the question, was this man, John Beasley, a brother of Mary? Interestingly enough, either thru omission, or non concern, no guardianship has been "reported" for the daughter, Elizabeth, who ultimately married Nathaniel Harrison Smith. HFA records indicate Mary died in 1815. This is based upon a land sale in Virginia of John's lands?....this is a false belief. The 1830 census of Oglethorpe County, Georgia show Mary Ward living next door to Ward Hudson, actually he is listed as "Hutson", with her age being "under 70". Her husband, Seth Ward, had died in 1826. His will in Oglethorpe Co., Ga. named John Hudson, son of Frederich Hudson, as executor. Beasely and Ward surnames in Lunenberg Co., Va, in late 1790s are in association in court records of that County. Robert Beasley is the name that appears on several Ward documents. Also, on Ward Hudson's will, the name of Sam Ward appears. Back then, all these families were already intertwined. Children of JOHN HUDSON and MARY BEASLEY are: 7. i. FREDERICK HUDSON, b. 1783, Lunenberg Co., Va; d. 1841, Noxubee Co., Ms. ii. ROLIN/ROWLAND HUDSON, b. 1784, Lunenberg Co., Virginia; m. CANDIS. Notes for ROLIN/ROWLAND HUDSON: ************** Somewhere, I picked up that this man was to have had some 14 children?? There is a will on file, I don't have a copy in Barnwell county, S.C......and, I did locate a notation in the War of 1812 pensions (I think it was pensions, at least it was dealing with the War of 1812......) That was shown as: ROLEN HUTSON 2 REG'T (2 BATTALION, OSWALD'S,) SOUTH CAROLINA STATE TROOPS. Again, this need much work. [This is the man the HFA shows as a brother.] ************ November 1999......It is my belief that this family is the incorrect tie from this name on down.....I am going to move this family out of this line up, and set them up "on their own" locate the "John Hudson, b. 1800" you need to go to the index. [Again, the "now detached family" came from records submited to the HFA, and until I can personally prove them, I have them seperated. Records indicate to me that the person over in S.C., Rolen Hutson, is in fact a seperate individual, not this Robert Hutson. Somewhere in my notes, I have questioned the ability to have married and had two children and still be under "guardianship" of Seth Ward, so in my mind, the dates and events regulated to the S.C. person just do not fit.] *********** 1815, there is a land sale in Lunenberg county, VA. of the land that John Hudson, father of "the correct" Robert/Rowlin/Rolin/Robin Hutson/Hudson, had left to his wife, Mary Hudson (now Ward) that document, Robert Hutson had requested that his brother, Frederick act as attorney on his behalf, as did the other two siblings, Ward Hudson, and "Nathaniel Smith, in right of my wife, Elizabeth." The document was originated in Ogelethorpe county, GA., and filed in both States. Also recorded in Lunenberg County, VA. is the record of the wives signing away their dowrey rights...the names of the wives stated: Candes, wife of Robert, Lucy, wife of Frederick, Jane, wife of Ward. In these documents, the surname is spelled both HUTSON and HUDSON. Candes is shown signing her dowery rights in Jasper County, GA. in 1817. The 1820 census of Jasper County, GA. shows: Page 188, line 309... Robert Hutson..300010-0001 This equates to: three males under the age of 10, one male25-44, and one female 25-40. Now, to "find" the rest of the story!! More About ROLIN/ROWLAND HUDSON: Fact 1: notes state that 1sr wife was Candes, 2nd wife, Sarah, left 14 children 8. iii. MASON WARD HUDSON, b. 22 February 1787, Lunenberg Co., Va; d. 6 September 1860, Monroe/Clay Counties, Missippi. iv. ELIZABETH HUDSON, b. 23 March 1789, Lunenberg county, VA; d. 23 June 1861, Stephens, Oglethorpe GA; m. NATHANIAL HARRISON SMITH, 24 November 1808, Greene county, Georgia; b. 1781, Dinsiddie Co., Va; d. 28 January 1836, Stephens, Oglethorpe GA. Notes for ELIZABETH HUDSON: Marriage is shown as Nathaniel Smith to Elizabeth Hutson, in DAR book for marriages in Oglethorpe and Greene counties, GA. Contact with Feb. 2001 gave me the dates of birth and death as well as burial information. This info. came from a FTM Vol13, #406. Both are buried in Smith/Sanders Famly Cemetery on Salem road, near Stephens, GA. 3. ROLIN/ROWLAND HUDSON (WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1765 in Virginia, and died 1810 in Oglethorpe Co. Ga. He married DOSHA HARDING 14 January 1806 in Lunenberg Co., Virginia. She was born in Virginia, and died in ?Georgia?. Notes for ROLIN/ROWLAND HUDSON: From the Oglethorpe Co., Ga. Minutes Court of Ordinary, 1813-1830 we find the following, without a date as to when recorded: "Ordered that Josheph Hubbard be & he is hereby appointed quardian for Robert Hudson & Ward Hudson orphans & minors of Roland Hudson dec'd. & Thomas Moody & Martin J. Davenport & Jacob Wise came into Court & entered theirselves in the sum of six thousand dollars for the faithfull performance of the above trust." (The above was transcribed by myself [ear] from a photocopy sent from Ray Brown, of Ga. who is a descendent of Dosha Harding Hudson Hubbard. Jan. 1999) Another piece, also undated.... "On the petition of Daniel Dupree agent & Joseph Hubbard in wright of his wife administrator of the estate of Roland Hudson dec'd Stating to the court now seting their verifibility (?) & con___ses of an order of court to divide the negro property among the several distributees in interest in said estate & the court percieving the ______ for such an order in order to make such division--Direct that the prayor of the petitionors _____ in terms of ________. & Geo (?Hedspeth), P Compton, Saml Ward, Wm M Stokes, John Moody, Phil Burford & Thos Duke, Esq. is appointed to make said Division." [Note that the above states "several distributees".....does this indicate other children, or include the widow?][I would vote for "include the widow"] Now, we have a the Inventory of the negroes belonging to the minors of Roland Hudson dec'd, also the hire of said negroes by the guardian, Dec. 29th, 1814...Rec'd of Daniel Dupree, agent for Dosha Hudson, late Dosha Hubbard adminstratix of Roland Hudson, dec'd for Robert Hudson...and then, for Ward Hudson. Recorded 10th of May 1815. Children of ROLIN/ROWLAND HUDSON and DOSHA HARDING are: i. ROBERT HUDSON, b. Abt. 1807. Notes for ROBERT HUDSON: Only because his name appears "first" in the court records did I show Robert Hutson/Hudson as being the first born. As his mother remarried in 1811 in Oglethorpe County, Ga., we can assume that his father had died possibly in 1810. As the parents married in 1806 in Lunenberg County, Va., neither of the children were very old when their father died. There is a marriage record for Robert Hudson and Nacy Ward, Nov 4, 1834 in Oglethorpe County, Ga.If this is the correct man, then he may have been the male listed in the 1830 census in the household of Joseph Hubbard, his step-father. As there is a tie amongst the Ward family and this line of Hudson, it makes sense that he would have married a cousin. At this writing, April, 1999, these are considered only clues, as this is not yet proven. Nor is the marriage of the brother, Ward Hudson/Hutson shown under his name. Another entry in the marriage books of Oglethorpe County, Ga. for a Robert Hudson has him marrying in December 19, 1827, Lucinda Beadles Stewart. Again, if this is the man, then this one would have been his first marriage?? (check for a son of the other Ward Hudson...) ************ Book #2 1815-1830 Oglethorpe Co. Inventories and Returns on Estates: Inventory of the negroes belonging to the minors of Roland Hudson dec'd also the hire of said negroes by the guardain Dec 29th 1814. Rec'd of Daniel Dupree agent for Doshia Hudson, Late Dosha Hubbard administratrix of Roland Hudson dec'd for Robert Hudson the following negroes to wit: Ben, Nancy, Ezckiel, Januarey & Chloe, comprising Lot No.3 paying total No.! the sum of $1''66cents, valued $1165-- Rec'd for Ward Hudson the following negroes to wit: Nathan, Nancy, Jacob, Pasehal, Caroline, composing Lot No. 1. Receiving from lot No.2, drawn by myself the sum of $11''66 1/3cents & from lot No. 1 the sum of $1''66cents, valued at the sum of $1150-- Hired out the negroes belonging to Robert for the year 1815: Hired Ben to Charles Bowdin for the sum of 61-- Ezekiel to Joseph Hubbard the guardian " " " 45-- Nancy to "Do "Do 26-- Chloe to "Do "Do 7 06/4 Hired Ward Hudson negroes (1815) Nancy to Stephen Allen for the sum of 25.50 (??..ear) Nathan Bound to Sherod Stroud for 3 years to learn the Blacks Smiths trade, the Balance of said negroes keep by myself for their maintainance. Signed......Joseph Hubbard, Guardian Recorded 10th of May 1815 **************** An account of the hire of the negroes belonging to the minors of Roland Hudson deceased fro the year 1815...... Robert Hudson's negroes.... Ezekiel to Joseph Hubbard.....................$60 Little Nanie "Do "Do.......................... 26 Jenney "Do "Do....for her expences Cloe to Sam Ward.................................. Ben to Charles Bowden.......................... 75 *************** ii. WARD HUDSON, b. Abt. 1808, ?Oglethorpe County, Ga.?; m. ? DEMARIS GOOLSBY, 10 December 1828, Oglethorpe County, Ga. Notes for WARD HUDSON: Listed as Ward Hutson on the 1830 Oglethorpe County, Ga. census, shown to be between the age of 20-29, with a wife, age 15-19. Some distance away was Joseph Hubbard:0001001-00001 which indicates one male between the age of 15-19, one male age 40-49, and one female, age 20-29. Doshia married in 1806 Roland Hudson, so it is apparent that she is not listed here. She married Joseph Hubbard in 1811, Oglethorpe County, Ga. after Roland had died. A marriage record of a Ward Hudson and Demaris Goolsby is recorded to have taken place 10 Dec. 1828. It is a good bet that this will be this Ward Hudson, son of Roland Hudson and Doshia Harding. Late 1998, in contact with Ray E. Brown of Georgia...he thought Doshia was a child of Rolin Hudson, and sent me what he had copied from the records of Oglethorpe Co., Ga. Keep in mind that records exist on both Frederick and Ward Hutson/Hudson showing both spellings. Our subject, this Ward, will be a 1st cousin to Frederick and (Mason) Ward, sons of John Hudson of Lunenberg Co., Va. ********** Inventories and Returns Book, Oglethorpe County, Ga.: 1815......Ward hudson's negroes Big Nancy & Jacob to Henry Allen.........$47 Paschal to "Do "Do....................... 10 Caroline to Joseph Hubbard for her "expeninses" Signed, Joseph Hubbard Guardain and then...... Negroes the property of the minors of Roland Hudson dec'd hired out 30th Dec 1816. Ezkiel to Joseph Hubbard..................$76 Big Nana & Jacob to Stephen Allen......... 47 Little Nana to Joseph Hubbard............. 30 Paschal to Elizabeth Kent................. 12.25 Jency & Caroline & children to Josheph Hubbard...00.00 Cloe to Samual Ward........................ 14.56 1/4 . 4. RICHARD (V) HUDSON (WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born in Virginia, and died 1841 in Wilcox Co., Ala. He married SUSANNAH PARROTT 1797. Notes for RICHARD (V) HUDSON: Although HFA records show this Richard Hudson to have died in Ga. in 1841, I believe he will be found to have died in the same county as his brother, Lameck Hudson, which was Wilcox Co., Alabama. Will Book 2, Wilcox Co., Alabama, pg 216.......Richard Hudson died intestate in Wilcox Co., Rowland W. Hudson appt. administrator...5 Jul 1841. It is known that a dau. of this Richard Hudson, Mahaley, died in Randolph County, Ala. 23 May 1878. Children of RICHARD HUDSON and SUSANNAH PARROTT are: 9. i. ROWLAND WARD HUDSON. ii. PATSY HUDSON. iii. THURSEY HUDSON. 10 iv. MAHALEY HUDSON, b. 23 February 1803; d. 23 May 1878, Randolph County, Alabama. v. SUSAN HUDSON. vi. MARTHA HUDSON. 5. EDITH HUDSON (WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1763 in Virginia. She married SAMUEL WARD Abt. 1776 in Virginia, son of UNKNOWN WARD. He was born Abt. 1755 in Virginia, and died 1842 in Oglethorpe Co. Ga. Notes for SAMUEL WARD: From "someone's" DAR application: [this info. from email over the Oglethorpe Co. Ga. mail list. Jan. 2000] Samuel Ward born ca 1755 in Virginia - most likely Lunenburg Co. He died in Oglethorpe Co., GA. His will was recorded Nov. 1842. Place of residence during the Revolution was Lunenburg Co., VA 1st wife: Sarah 2nd wife: Eadie Children: Sally Ward m. William Ward Wiley Ward m. Dolly Jordon Nancy Ward m. Charles Thaxton Polly Ward m. _______ Young (I have rec'd of Polly Ward m. Henry Young, 2 Jan 1812, Oglethorpe Co., GA) Patsey Ward m. ______ Nixton (hard to read) Dicey Ward m. Yelverton Thaxton in 1806 Dicey b. 1789/VA; d. Aug 1860/Butts Co, GA Permelia Ward m. _______ Gray (I have record of Permelia Ward m. John Gray 14 Nov 1814, Oglethorpe Co., GA) John Ward m. (blank) The record does not state if Eady or Sarah is the mother of the above children. Sources: Certified copy of will Rev War Pension Record #S32047 (Samuel applied 3 Sept 1832 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, age 79 yrs) (Census of Pensioners 1840: Ward, Samuel; age 85,Oglethorpe Co., GA head of household pensioner living with: Samuel Ward) Service: Enlisted in the Virginia Line, 1780 from Lunenburg Co., VA. Made tour through North Carolina. Discharged Feb 1781 and returned home. Enlisted a 2nd time Fall 1781 Marched to Little York where he remained until after the surrender. Children of EDITH HUDSON and SAMUEL WARD are: i. SALLY8 WARD. ii. WILEY WARD. 11. iii. NANCY G. WARD, b. Abt. 1780, Halifax county, Virginia; d. 1840, Chambers county, Alabama. iv. POLLY WARD, m. (UNKNOWN) YOUNG. v. PATSEY WARD, m. (UNKNOWN) NIXTON. 12. vi. DICEY WARD, b. 1789, Amerhearst county, VA; d. 1860, Butts county, GA. vii. PERMELIA WARD, m. (UNKNOWN) GRAY 13. viii. JOHN WARD. 6. LAMECK HUDSON (WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 22 September 1780 in ?Lunenberg County? Virginia, and died 22 October 1844 in Ebemezerl, Wilcox County, Alabama. He married (1) SUSANNAH TENCH LONGMIRE. She was born Abt. 1790 in Edgefield Dist., South Carolina. He married (2) SALLEY "LOLLY" WILLIAMSON 10 July 1800. Notes for LAMECK HUDSON: Will Book 2, Wilcox Co., Alabama pg. 121.......... Richard C. Parker guardian of Person and Estate of Lemech Hudson, non compos mentis. In same book, pg 216, Richard Hudson died intestate in Wilcox Co. Rowland W. Hudson appt. administrator....5 Jul 1841 pg 41..Caleb B. Hudson, possible wife, Ann M. Ragland of Halifax Co., Va.... estate of Thomas Ragland. ************** Aug. 2000...located the following on FTM pages: Children of Lemech Hudson and Susannah Longmire are: Henrietta Beatrice Hudson, born Abt. 1825 in Monroe Co., Alabama, USA; died August 1868 in Logansport, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, USA; married (1) LeGrand Parker September 24, 1839 in Monroe Co., Alabama, USA; married (2) John T. Hardin May 04, 1854 in Monroe Co., Alabama, USA. Martha B. Hudson, died Unknown; married Richard C. Parker April 22, 1841 in Monroe Co., Alabama, USA284; died Unknown. Infant Hudson, died Unknown. Cemetery: Ebenezer Cemetery, Wilcox Co., Alabama, USA. Religion: Baptist Lemech Hudson, born September 22, 1780 in Virginia, USA died October 27, 1844 in Wilcox Co., Alabama, He was the son of Ward Hudson, Sr. and Martha Hudson. He married Susannah Tench Longmire Bef. 1825 Susannah Tench Longmire, born Abt. 1790 in Edgefield Dist., South Carolina, USA died Aft. She was the daughter of Garrett E. Longmire, Sr. and Henrietta Maria Belcher. Generation No. 3 7. FREDERICK HUDSON (JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1783 in Lunenberg Co., Va, and died 1841 in Noxubee Co., Ms (Source: Court records show Frederick active June of 1841.). He married LUCY GREER Bef. 1805 in Greene/Oglethorpe Co., Ga, daughter of WILLIAM GREER and JANE HAYNES. She was born 14 February 1785 in Georgia. 1800, Frederick and his brother, Roland/Rowland, were appointed a guardian in Oglethorpe Co., Georgia, Seth Ward, husband of their mother. (Mary Beasley Hudson married Seth in 1793, after their father had died in 1790.) First found on tax rolls 1805, Greene Co., Georgia. Most records of Fredrick and Lucy married life are unavailable. However, a Warranty Deed which is recorded in Greene Co., Ga. states the following: Abram, Henry and William Greer, Jr., of County of Greene in consideration of the good will we bear our sister, Lucy Hudson, freely give unto Frederick Hudson and Lucy, his wife, of Greene County, lawful parts and rights as heirs of William Greer's, Sr., (deceased) lately of Greene County, Georgia 122 acres on waters of Fisher's Creek on line of Academy land thence south adjoin the heirs of Jonas Greer (deceased) being part of the tract of land held and owned by the said William Greer Sr. deceased at the time of his decease, July 30, 1814. Witness: Parmenas Haynes Signed: Abraham Greer Absolum Autry Henry Greer William Greer William Greer Recorded Oct. 18, 1814 Family history states that 1815, he and his siblings sold their deceased father's land in Lunenberg Co., Va., and this leads to the speculation that Mary had died. However, Mary Ward (Mary Beasley Hudson Ward) will be found living next door to Ward Hudson (Mason Ward Hudson) in Oglethorpe County in the 1830 census. There is an Indenture signed by Frederick Hudson in Green Co., Ga. "for the consideration of the sum of four hundred and thirty dollars to him in hand" land lying in Oglethorpe Co., on waters of Sandy Creek....containing 150 acres, "to have and to hold..." recorded April 8, 1817. He sold to Barnabus Arthur. Census Records of Greene County, Georgia for 1820 show that in Frederick Hudson's household were two boys, over 10 yr and under 16, and one man, over 26 yr and under 45, one girl under 10 years, and one woman,over 26 and under 45. Slaves were recorded as being numbered ten, three males under 14, two males under 20, one female under 14, two females under 20, one female under 45, and one female over 45. The 1828 will of Seth Ward names "John Hudson, son of Frederick Hudson, of Oglethorpe Co.", as co-administrator of his estate. By the summer of 1827, Frederick is guardian of one, if not all, of his sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Mary Greer Ragan and Jerimiah Ragan's, daughters. As Mary had died late 1826 and Jerimiah died early 1827. These records are in Greene Co., Georgia. 1830 census of Greene Co. Ga. shows that in the household of Frederick there was one male 20-30, one male 50-60, two females 10-15, one female 15-20, and one female 40-50. Seventeen slaves are listed. (By this time both John and Mary have married are living in their own homes. It is believed that the extra females shown are the nieces of Lucy, orphans of Mary and Jerimiah Ragan.) Court Records of Noxubee Co., Mississippi indicate that Frederick was there as early as April 1837 where he was appointed guardian of Lucy Sophrona Ragan, the youngest dau. of Mary and Jerimiah. Land records show purchase of land in 1838, located R14 T17, sec. 19 and 30, purchased from the Robertson family. Noxubee Co., Ms. court records also indicate that Frederick was still alive as late as June, 1841. His estate was introduced for Probate in Jan. 1842, with his son, John as administrator. Frederick was involved in the estate of a "Scott", an unknown as of this writing, (June,1997). Mention is made in court records of Nox. Co., Ms. ( In the 1840 census, a J.B. Scott is shown next door to John Hudson.....) Although in a book, Tombstone Inscriptions of Noxubee County, it is shown that Frederick died in 1838, this is in error. He is said to be buried in the Hudson Family Cemetery, on the Hudson Plantation, in Shuqualak, Mississippi. Having visited the cemetery, I found no tombstone. It is said that many tombstones are missing from this cemetery. Several dates written in that same book are known to be in error. It is not known from where the information was taken. One should also remember that Shuqualak did not exist until around 1855. Although the families lived in that area that is now known as Shuqualak, land records show that Frederick purchased some distance north, northwest of his son, John Hudson, who purchased the land where the Hudson Family Cemetery is located, T13R17, sec. 21. Also, remember, Lucy S. Ragan, his charge, is recorded to have purchased from a store in what is now Gohlson, just to the west of now Shuqualak. She later married H.O. Beasley, who was living in Parkesville. [Henry Oscar Beasley, younger brother of Elizabeth, wife of John Hudson.] DB 24, page 8 This indenture made 21 Dec 1815 by Frederick Hudson for himself & as attorney in fact for Robert Hudson, Ward Hudson & Nathaniel Smith who intermarried with Betsy Hudson to Leonard Crymes of Lunenburg Co. for the sum of $200.00...convey 200 acres of land lying in Lunenbrug County on the waters of Couches Creek, it being the same land where on John Hudson dec'd...their father died....containing 200 acres bounded on the North by lands of Labon Coleman, East by legatees of John Smith dec'd, South by Edward Jordan & West by said Leonard Crymes. Signed: Frederick Hudson for myself & as Atty for Robert Hudson Ward Hudson Nathaniel Smith Ack: 23 Dec. 1815 & ordered recorded.... Notes for LUCY GREER: From two sides of this family, written many years ago, it is stated that Lucy Greer Hudson was born in Georgia. Then, the death location is in debate, as one side says she died in Georgia, the other, in Mississippi. No mention of Lucy in court records of Noxubee County, Ms. have been located. Her name is not on the land records of Frederick Hudson, of 1838, and his Probated estate was divided between three children, John Hudson, William Hudson's estate, and William Bird in right of his wife, Mary, in 1841. The marriage is acknowledged in a document where Lucy's brothers give to their sister land: Warranty Deed, located in Greene Co., Ga. Abram, Henry and William Greer Jr. of County of Greene in consideration of the good will we bear our sister Lucy Hudson, freely give unto Frederick Hudson and Lucy, his wife, of Greene County, lawful parts and rights as heirs of William Greer Sr.'s (deceased) lately of Greene County, Georgia 122 acres on waters of Fisher's Creek on line of Academy land thence south adjoning the heirs of Jonas Greer (deceased) being part of the tract of land held and owned by the said William Greer Sr. deceased at the time of of his decease, July 30, 1814. Witness: Parmenas Haynes Signed: Abraham Greer Absolum Autry Henry Greer William Greer William Greer Recorded Oct. 18, 1814 (Make note that one William Greer, the deceased, is Lucy's father, born 1748; the William Greer that signed the deed is her brother....who married Delia Haynes in 1808; and the William Greer who witnessed is her cousin...the one who married "the other Delila Haynes in 1794") Children of FREDERICK HUDSON and LUCY GREER are: 15. i. JOHN HUDSON, b. 7 December 1805, Ogelthorpe Co., Ga; d. 18 July 1843, Noxubee Co., Ms. 16. ii. WILLIAM GREER HUDSON, b. 20 June 1808, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 8 January 1836, Greene Co./ Oglethrope, Georgia. 17. iii. MARY HUDSON, b. Unknown, Georgia; d. Abt. 1846, Noxubee Co., Ms. 8. MASON WARD HUDSON (JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 22 February 1787 in Lunenberg Co., Va, and died 6 September 1860 in Monroe/Clay Counties, Missippi. He married JANE C. HAYNES 19 February 1805 in Greene Co., Georgia, daughter of HENRY HAYNES and SARAH GREER. She was born 25 August 1785, and died 28 June 1862 in Monroe/Clay Counties, Missippi. The following was located in a book of exerts from GA. records: "Hudson, Ward, minor orph of John decd, Seth Ward apptd gdn, John Beasley sur. 1/19/1802 Oglethorpe Co. <Ga> Minutes of Inferior Court." Oglethorpe County, Georgia court records: A Return on the estate of Ward Hudson orphan & minor of John Hudson dec'd for the year 1805 to the hire of Negro woman......$70, expended and lade out, $13. Signed, Seth Ward guard'n Recorded 7th Feb 1806 Then, in 1806, another report of hire of one Negro woman to "himself" by Seth Ward, guard'n........Recorded Jan 31st 1807 This one is interesting: Yearly return on the estate of Ward Hudson orphan for 1807, 1808, & 1809 by Seth Ward guardian. Paid tax 38 1/4 cents & the season of our ____ .............$ 6.381/4 paid cash $5, Do 4 bushels of oats $2.................$ 7 paid 4 gallons of brandy $4, two pr shoe _____ .......$ 6 Do cash to ward $5, Do expense at hiring the Negro $2.50.. 7.50 Do the Negro hired to the said Ward himself..............$66.25 ------------------- Do paid the said ward all the profits arising from the $93.131/4 said Negro & returned the Negro to the said ward which was all I had in my possession as guard'n......see report filed. signed Seth Ward guard'n At the bottom of the page: "settled & paid off" ********* From a great-great grandson, Jerry Hudson: There is a Hudson file in the Aberdeen Ms. public library. Ward and his wife, Jane/Jennie, are buried in what is now Clay County Ms. (it was in Monroe County). The Hudson family cemetery is about 30 yards south of the Clay/Monroe county line and about 100 yards west of the Derricot road which is along the Tom Bigbee river. Dr. Henry Haynes Hudson came to Texas in about 1865 and died soon after, in Colmesneil, Tx. His son, Forrest Henry Hudson moved to South Texas and is buried in the Three Rivers cemetery. His son, Fred Warren Hudson died recently (now 1998) and is also buried in the Three Rivers cemetery. ********** 1830 census of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.....Ward Hutson 2121001-0111001 and next door: Mary Ward....this has to be his mother, Mary Beasley Hudson Ward. Age is "under 70", (it is believed she was born abt. 1765?) Although HFA shows an Elizabeth Hudson who married George L. English in 1825 as dau. of Frederick Hudson, it will be found that she is actually a dau. of Ward Hudson and Jennie/Jimmie/Jane Haynes. This Elizabeth signed with her siblings when they deeded land to their mother. (July 1998)....from Juanita Donaldson.....rec'd family group sheets on Ward Hudson and information stating she had found the following in The Georgia Genealogical Magazine, Winter, 1983, page 43: #206....Fredrick, Robert [Rolin], Ward and Betsy Hutson, (orphans) Interestingly enough, I had just rec'd that same info thru email stating that they rec'd one draw. ****************************************** 1 Oct 1860...Monroe County, Ms....the children of Ward Hudson executed a deed to their mother, Jane C. Hudson for the property (land and slaves) of Ward Hudson, signed by the following legatees: R.J. Noxubee Co. 3-28-1861 (d. there 1898) H.H. Hudson John Hudson Jane Hudson B.W. Ark Co., Ark, 1861 William Hudson Lucy A. Burrow....J.A. Burrow Elizabeth English...George L. English *W.H. English...signed in Ark. Co., Ark, 1861 Cathering Moore...James Moore Witnesses to the signatures, R.G. Clay, Benjamin Williams and W.T. Barry. also indicated as signing was G.L. Tayor, James E. Tomlinson and W.H. Gideon **************************** *possibly a son of another daughter, one who also married English. 1830, Census of Oglethorpe Co., Ga 2121001-0111001 Notes for JANE C. HAYNES: This one is somewhat confusing. Marriage records have been recorded with the name of "Jimmie", "Jennie", etc......One descendent has her name as Jane C. Haynes, 25 Aug 1785, d. 28 June 1862, in Monroe/Clay Counties, Ms. She is buried in Clay County, as is her husband, Ward Hudson. Another descendent has her name as Irene Jane Haynes, b. 28 Aug 1788, d. 17 June 1862. At this time, July, 1998, I do not have a "correct" answer...(ear) Children of MASON HUDSON and JANE HAYNES are: i. ELIZABETH HUDSON, b. Abt. 1807, Oglethorpe county, GA; m. GEORGE LEWIS ENGLISH, 31 October 1826, Greene Co., Georgia; b. Abt. 1790. Although HFA has this Elizabeth Hudson as a dau. of Frederick Hudson, she is not his daughter. Ward Hudson lived adjoining parcel to Parmenas English in Oglethorpe Co., Ga. Parmenas is the father of this George Lewis English. ******** Aug. Possible ggggrandmother!! Has writings of her own grandmother who named Elizabeth as being a daughter a Ward Hudson and that his mother was "the widow Hudson". Thru another, I have George L. English in the Chickasaw county Ms 1850 census: George L English, age 60, Farmer, b. in GA Elizabeth, age 43, b. GA is either Linda J, age 21, or it is Sara J (hard to read, at the bottom of the page with dark areas, of course! Looking into possiblity that another page has the "other memebers of the family listed." July 1998, Telephone conversation with Jaunita Donalson of Arlington Texas, per her records this Elizabeth is a dau. of Mason Ward Hudson also, that Robert J. Hudson, of Nox. Co., Ms. is also a son..... 18. ii. WILLIAM HUDSON, b. 1814; d. 6 September 1860, Monroe County, Mississippi. 19. iii. JOHN HUDSON, b. Abt. 1817, Georgia. iv. ROBERT J. HUDSON, b. 24 May 1820, Georgia; d. 9 September 1898, Noxubee County, Mississippi; m. MARTHA HAYNES, 2 January 1851, Noxubee County, Mississippi; b. 4 April 1820, Georgia; d. 17 September 1888, Noxubee County, Mississippi. Notes for ROBERT J. HUDSON: Found in the household of Nancy (English) Beasley on the census of 1850 in Noxubee County, Ms. with the spelling of surname as Hutson, age 30, b. Ga. also in her household was Henry Ann Hutson (Hudson), her grandson, son of her deceased daughter, Sarah Annie Beasley Hudson. The 1860 census of Noxubee County shows in Household # 876/856 R. J. Hudson, age 40, Farmer, B. in Ms. He is the last entry on the page, and the next page continues with: Household #877/857, Martha Hudson, age 42, b. Ga. with Ann E. Haynes, age 18, b. Ms. and John English, age 13, b. Ms. in her house. [Could this John English be a nephew of Robert J. Hutson?] In the 1870 census, in Household # 27/28 is Robert J. Hudson, age 50, b. Ga. with Martha Hudson, age 50, b. Ga., and then a Virginia Holes, age 13, b. Ms. is in School. In 1860 and 1870, the residence is in/near Summerville, which was to become Gohlson. The 1850 census is thought to be near Shuqualak. The Will of R.J. Hudson.....Noxubee County, Ms: R.J. Hudson of said county for reasons and deeming it right and proper...bequeath to J.C. Hudson of every kind and description I may own at the time of my death. I appoint J.C. Hudson executor of this will without Bond, revoker and sets. July 13, 1897 (signed) R.J. Hudson Witness H.G. Nicholson R.L. Edwards J.B. Nicholson (I have a copy of the original handwritten will.....<ear> (J.C. Hudson is most likely Jack Caleb Hudson, son of William Beasley Hudson and Sara E. Jack later named one of his sons "Robert Jerral Hudson.") More About MARTHA HAYNES: Fact 1: 1850, Cenus of Nox. Co., Ms, household #693, with child, Ann E., age 7, b. Ms Fact 3: Buried Gholson Cemetery, Noxubee Co., Ms v. FREDERICK HUDSON, b. 1824. 20. vi. BEASELY W. HUDSON, b. 4 December 1826, Georgia; d. 6 August 1865, Prairie Township, Arkansas Co., Arkansas. 21. vii. CATHERINE B. HUDSON, b. Abt. 1828, Georgia; d. Monroe County. 22. viii. HENRY HAYNES HUDSON, DR., b. Abt. 1829, Georgia; d. Abt. 1865, Colmesneil, Texas. 23. ix. MARY JANE HUDSON, b. 1836. 9. ROWLAND WARD HUDSON (RICHARD (V)7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) Child of ROWLAND WARD HUDSON is: i. JAMES EDWARD HUDSON. 10. MAHALEY HUDSON (RICHARD (V)7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 23 February 1803, and died 23 May 1878 in Randolph County, Alabama. She married JOHN M. DUKE, REV. 22 June 1824 in Putnam County, Georgia, son of JOHN DUKE and PERMELIA KNIGHT. He was born 1791, and died 10 February 1868. Child of MAHALEY HUDSON and JOHN DUKE is: 24. i. MEHALEY J. DUKE, b. 22 February 1860; d. 3 March 1937, Randolph County, Alabama. 11. NANCY G. WARD (EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1780 in Halifax county, Virginia, and died 1840 in Chambers county, Alabama. She married CHARLES G. THAXTON (Source: Names and dates on this line from Harold Cochran, Sept. 2000.) 1801, son of WILLIAM THAXTON and LUCY CLAY. He was born Abt. 1779 in Southan, Cumberland county, VA, and died Bef. September 1825 in Butts county, GA/Monroe county, GA. Child of NANCY WARD and CHARLES THAXTON is: 25. i. DELINDA HUDSON9 THAXTON, b. 24 February 1802, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 12 February 1855, Russell Co., Ala. 12. DICEY WARD (EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1789 in Amerhearst county, VA (Source: date of birth from Jane Benson 9/2000.), and died 1860 in Butts county, GA. She married DR YELVERTON THAXTON (Source: found proof on Thaxton family tree page of of this man marrying Dicey.) 10 January 1806, son of WILLIAM THAXTON and LUCY CLAY. He was born in Halifax county, VA, and died in Butts county,GA. More About DICEY WARD: Burial: Towaliga Baptist Church Cemetary Notes for DR YELVERTON THAXTON: Sept 2, 2000.......after reading this man's name in several documents over the course of my search/research, I now find that he was "related"...although I haven't yet pinpointed how this WARD family further back ties into us. Although some believe that Martha WARD married Richard Hudson IV, we haven't found her family as of yet. Yelverton Thaxton will be found in Oglethorpe and Greene counties, GA during the period that Frederick Hudson was selling some of his land, as Yelverton was a witness to some of the actions. This Dicey Ward's mother, Yelverton's wife's mother, was Edith Hudson, sister to John Hudson, who died 1790 in Lunenburg county, VA. therefore, this Dicey Ward Thaxton would be a 1st cousin to our Frederick Hudson! Just remember to watch who the witnesses are on documents...... ****************** Children of DICEY WARD and YELVERTON THAXTON are: 26. i. CHARLES CLAY9 THAXTON, b. 1808, Georgia; d. Georgia. 27. ii. YELVERTON THAXTON, JR, d. 19 June 1904. 13. JOHN WARD (EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) Children of JOHN WARD are: i. HENRY T.9 WARD. ii. JOSEPH L. WARD. iii. FRANCIS M. WARD. 14. HENRIETTA B. HUDSON (LAMECK7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1805, and died 1868 in DeSoto Parrish, La.. She married LEGRAND PARKER 24 September 1839 in Monroe County, Alabama, son of BENJAMIN PARKER and EMILY TISDALE. He was born 31 May 1813 in South/North Carolina, and died 26 August 1853 in Alabama. Children of HENRIETTA HUDSON and LEGRAND PARKER are: i. LAMECH HUDSON9 PARKER, b. 1845, Alabama; d. 1864, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. 28. ii. ROBERT JEFFERSON PARKER, b. 27 October 1847, Monroe County, Alabama; d. 7 November 1914, Logansport, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. Generation No. 4 15. JOHN HUDSON (FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 7 December 1805 in Ogelthorpe Co., Ga, and died 18 July 1843 in Noxubee Co., Ms. He married ELIZABETH BEASLEY 23 December 1823 in Ogelthorpe/Greene Co., Ga, daughter of WILLIAM BEASLEY and NANCY ENGLISH. She was born 10 November 1807 in Georgia, and died 19 November 1870 in Noxubee Co., Ms. 1830, Census of ?Greene Co., Ga? 100 010-100 01 1850, Census of Noxubee Co. lists only four children at home, Wm. , John H., Oscar F., and Hosia W. Odd, but the 1850 census of Noxubee county, Ms does show Elizabeth in the census, it also notes that William Beasley Hudson "had married with-in the year", leading one to believe that perhaps on the day the census was recorded he was not actually living in her household, but being reported to have been there the "official day" of the census. The date the information was recorded was 18th of October, 1850. No mention of a wife for W.B. Hudson is given on the census....wonder where he was when this was given, or, where he married...his first wife's name was Jane Elizabeth English, now, to find which English family. [note made Nov. 1999...I had not realized the notation was on the census until today?] 1850 Noxubee county, Ms..... Household # 665/665 Elizabeth Hudson, age 52, b. Geo William Hudson, age 21, b. Geo John H Hudson, age 16, b. Geo Oscar F. Hudson, age 13, b. Geo Hosea W. Hudson, age 10, b. Geo [Although it has been proven that this family could read and write, the census taker did get that last name "wrong"...Osia Cincinatus Ward the correct name. Also, Elizabeth remarried in 1850. Her marriage is recorded in the marriage license books of Noxubee county, Ms. She married Isaac Hudson. One side of the family states that Elizabeth married "John's cousin, Oscar." However, I think that maybe they got that named mixed up? Family lore has it that Elizabeth and Isaac did not stay married, that they separated....and that he was the grandfather of "Hudson Strode". [Hudson Strode was a professor at the University of Alabama.] Elizabeth and Isaac Hudson are not found in the 1860 census of Noxubee county. Elizabeth is found in the 1870 census. Where did they go for a short period of time? [Did they go to Georgia? A Captain Isaac Hudson, of Georgia, is reported to be the grandfather of Hudson Strode, who was born in Illinois. Would Elizabeth have traveled back to Georgia, then come back to Noxubee?] Children of JOHN HUDSON and ELIZABETH BEASLEY are: i. LUCY JANE10 HUDSON, b. 1826, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. Bef. 1843. ii. ANNIE ELIZA HUDSON, b. 14 October 1827, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 14 October 1848, Noxubee Co., Ms. More About ANNIE ELIZA HUDSON: Annie died on her 21st birthday. Just prior to her death, she took an engagement ring from her finger and returned to her fiance, Mr. Charlie Fields. 29. iii. WILLIAM BEASLEY HUDSON, b. 10 June 1829, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. 19 April 1877, Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi. iv. MARY SUSAN JANE HUDSON, b. 1831, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. Bef. 1843. v. FREDERICK JARREL HUDSON, b. 1833, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. Bef. 1843. vi. JOHN HENRY GREER HUDSON, b. 1835, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. Aft. 1858 (Source: Court papers delivered to Asylum in Jackson, Ms to appear in court first Monday of Dec. 1858). 1858, Instatutionalized at Jackson, Mississippi, described as lunatic in court papers vii. OSCAR FELIX HUDSON, b. 1837, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 1855, Noxubee Co., Ms (Source: Court records, Noxubee Co., Ms). viii. FESTUS ENGLISH HUDSON, b. 1839, ?Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. 1850, Noxubee Co., Ms. ix. OZIEA CINNATUS WARD HUDSON, b. 1840, Noxubee Co., Ms; d. Aft. December 1862 (Source: On list of original members of Cavalry, Nox. Co., served with Uncle Henry O. Beasley. Name does not appear on monument of those who died??). December 1861, On the original roll of the Noxubee Co. Troopers Cavalry, in the same unit as his uncle, Henry O. Beasley, and Henry's son, Jerimiah. His name does not appear on the monument dedicated to those who died in the War, or of wounds rec'd. x. SARAH CAROLINE HUDSON, b. 1843, Noxubee Co., Ms; d. 1843, Noxubee Co., Ms. 16. WILLIAM GREER HUDSON (FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 20 June 1808 in Oglethorpe Co. Ga, and died 8 January 1836 in Greene Co./ Oglethrope, Georgia. He married (1) SARAH ANNIE BEASLEY July 1830 in Georgia, daughter of WILLIAM BEASLEY and NANCY ENGLISH. She was born 1809 in Oglethorpe/Greene Co. Ga, and died May 1832 in Georgia. He married (2) JANE "IRENE" OWEN SMITH 7 May 1833 in Oglethorpe Co. Ga, daughter of PETER SMITH and MARY ?OWEN?. She was born 13 September 1815. Recorded in Marriage Records of Oglethorpe Co., Ga. in book by DAR, listed as Fact 2: "Cudson", not "Hudson". Child of WILLIAM HUDSON and SARAH BEASLEY is: 30. i. HENRY ANN HUDSON, b. 17 May 1832, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 10 January 1891, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Ms. Children of WILLIAM HUDSON and JANE SMITH are: 31. ii. FREDERICK THOMAS10 HUDSON, b. 25 April 1834, Greene Co., Georgia; d. 6 May 1886, Lamar Co., Texas. iii. LUCY JANE WILLIAMS HUDSON, b. 10 May 1836, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 27 June 1855, Oglethorpe Co. Ga (Source: Will of Lucy Jane W. Hudson on file). Died unmarried, will on file, left all things to brother, Frederick Thomas, mentioned estate of grandfather, Frederick Hudson. 17. MARY HUDSON (FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Unknown in Georgia, and died Abt. 1846 in Noxubee Co., Ms (Source: Noxubee Co. court records). She married WILLIAM "BILLIE" BYRD/BIRD 6 June 1825 in Greene Co., Georgia. He was born Abt. 1801 (Source: 1850 Census, Noxubee Co., Ms). Court records granted equal distribution of slaves to William Bird in right of his wife, Mary, from the estate of Frederick Hudson. Highly suspected that another daughter existed...Lucy S. Bird married John Wingo. The name Lucy Sophrona would be a family name, that of a cousin. No proof to this thought, but it is very possible.....John Wingo was present and purchased at Hudson estate sales. Notes for WILLIAM "BILLIE" BYRD/BIRD: Marriage records, Greene Co., Georgia.....June 6, 1825, William Byrd married Mary Hudson. 1842, William Bird, in right of wife, Mary, inherited equal 1/3 share of slaves of estate of Frederick Hudson, Noxubee Co., Ms. William Byrd married Mary Reynolds, 28 Jan 1847, in Noxubee Co., Ms....and in 1848 went to court to gain guardianship of his own children. 1850 census of Noxubee Co., Ms gives his name as Billy Bird, age 49, born in Ga. Listed in the household: Frederick, age 22, b. Ga.; William, age 19, b. Ga.; John W., age 16, b. Ga.; Mary L., age 13, b. Ms; Elizabeth, age 12, b. Ms; and Martha Means, age 14.......also show the new wife, Mary...... 2nd wife, Mary, was widow of William A. Reynolds, William Byrd was administrator of the court records stated "...intermarried with this administrator." 1850, lived next door to Wright Bird, age 52, b. N.C.... Children of MARY HUDSON and WILLIAM BYRD/BIRD are: 32. i. FREDERICK HUDSON BYRD/BIRD, b. 11 November 1828, Oglethorpe Co. Ga. ii. WILLIAM W BYRD/BIRD, b. 1831, Georgia; m. MARTHA MEANS, 1851, Noxubee Co., Ms; b. 1836, Alabama. iii. JOHN W BYRD/BIRD, b. 1834. iv. MARY LEE BYRD/BIRD, b. 1837, Noxubee Co., Ms. v. ELIZABETH P BYRD/BIRD, b. 1839, Noxubee Co., Ms. 18. WILLIAM HUDSON (MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1814, and died 6 September 1860 in Monroe County, Mississippi. He married NANCY SUE COLLIER 26 October 1835 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Malcolm Hudson made notes that this is the line of Joel Robertson. There seems to be a problem here. If he died in Sept. of 1860, how did he sign the deed in Oct. of 1860? Unless he had signed prior to that date, and the others signed, then it was recorded on that date?? Children of WILLIAM HUDSON and NANCY COLLIER are: i. REBECCA I HUDSON, b. 1835, Oglethorpe Co., Georgia. ii. CATHARINE HUDSON, b. 1837, Georgia. iii. ELIZABETH HUDSON, b. 1839, Mississippi. iv. MARY HUDSON, b. 1841, Georgia. v. HENRY CLAY HUDSON, b. 1845, Georgia. vi. MARTHA P HUDSON, b. 1847, Mississippi. vii. NANCY HUDSON, b. 1848, Mississippi. 33. viii. WILLIE MARIAH HUDSON, b. 1856, Chickasaw County, Ms; d. 1935, Kaufman County, Tx. 19. JOHN HUDSON (MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1817 in Georgia. He married (1) JANE (UNKNOWN) Abt. 1844. She was born Abt. 1829. He married (2) ELIZABETH Abt. 1856. She was born Abt. 1824 in Mississippi. Found in the 1850 census in Chickasaw Co., Mississippi, John Hudson and his family lived next door to William Hudson, believed to be his brother. Chickasaw County is a neighboring county to Monroe County, where Ward Hudson and his family is listed. The 1870 census of Prairie Township, St. Charles, Arkansas County, Arkansas shows a John Hudson, believed to be this John Hudson, living near his brother, Beasley Ward Hudson. From Philip Hudson, I have learned that "John" was married twice. In the 1870 census is a completely "different" family than found in the 1850 census, this may be a solid explanation? Jaunita Donaldson, a member of the HFA sent her notes on Beasley W. Hudson and included this 1870 census info on John. (July 1998) 1850, Census of Chickasaw Co. Ms provides names and dates of children Children of JOHN HUDSON and JANE (UNKNOWN) are: i. WILLIAM PRESTON HUDSON, b. 1845. ii. CATHARINE HUDSON, b. 1845. iii. CAROLINE HUDSON, b. 1847. Children of JOHN HUDSON and ELIZABETH are: iv. ROBERT10 HUDSON, b. 1854, Mississippi. v. ?TULULA HUDSON, b. 1857, Mississippi. vi. ROLAND HUDSON, b. 1859, Mississippi. vii. ANNIE HUDSON, b. 1864, Mississippi. viii. BELLE HUDSON, b. 1866. 20. BEASELY W. HUDSON (MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) (Source: Family line from Juanita Donaldson of Arlington, Texas....1998.) was born 4 December 1826 in Georgia, and died 6 August 1865 in Prairie Township, Arkansas Co., Arkansas. He married (1) ELIZABETH ANN KEATON 22 December 1847 in Lowndes County, Ms. She was born September 1824 in Alabama, and died July 1853 in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Ms. He married (2) JULIA A. KEATON 2 March 1854 in Mississippi. She was born Abt. 1831 in Alabama. Children of BEASELY HUDSON and ELIZABETH KEATON are: i. MARY LOUSIA HUDSON, b. 30 October 1848, Mississippi. 34. ii. OLIVIA ANN HUDSON, b. 27 August 1850, Aberdeen, Monroe County, Ms; d. 20 October 1926, Celina, Collin County, Texas. Children of BEASELY HUDSON and JULIA KEATON are: iii. THOMAS F. HUDSON, b. 1855. iv. REMUS F. HUDSON, b. 1857. 21. CATHERINE B. HUDSON (MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1828 in Georgia, and died in Monroe County,MS. She married JAMES MOORE. reported to be "Caroline" Child of CATHERINE HUDSON and JAMES MOORE is: i. WILLIAM HUDSON MOORE, d. Abt. 1863. died in the Civil War. 22. HENRY HAYNES HUDSON, DR. (MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1829 in Georgia, and died Abt. 1865 in Colmesneil, Texas. He married SARAH ELIZABETH PERSONS 20 December 1855 in Macon County, Alabama. buried Three Rivers cemetary one source says he died Woodville, Tyler Co., Tx Child of HENRY HUDSON and SARAH PERSONS is: 35. i. FORREST HENRY HUDSON, d. Texas. 23. MARY JANE HUDSON (MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1836. She married GEORGE TAYLOR. 1860 census shows name as Mary L. Most likely a grand-daughter, not a dau., note the birth year?? Child of MARY HUDSON and GEORGE TAYLOR is: i. JAMES R. TAYLOR, d. 1860, Mississippi. 1860, Child fell from a tree on the first day of school and died.. 24. MEHALEY J. DUKE (MAHALEY8 HUDSON, RICHARD (V)7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 22 February 1860, and died 3 March 1937 in Randolph County, Alabama. She married VINCENT TAYLOR. He was born 25 November 1859 in Alabama, and died 9 November 1904 in Rnadolph County, Alabama. Child of MEHALEY DUKE and VINCENT TAYLOR is: 36. i. IOLA BASHIBEE TAYLOR, b. 9 December 1888, Lineville , Alabama; d. 5 August 1962, Columbus, Georgia. 25. DELINDA HUDSON THAXTON (NANCY G.8 WARD, EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 24 February 1802 in Oglethorpe Co. Ga, and died 12 February 1855 in Russell Co., Ala. She married JOHN VINES DUNN 7 March 1820, son of THOMAS DUNN and ELIZABETH COLLIER. Child of DELINDA THAXTON and JOHN DUNN is: 37. i. SARAH WESLEY10 DUNN, b. 30 November 1837, Lee Co., Ala; d. 4 February 1901, Grandview, Johnson Co., Texas. 26. CHARLES CLAY THAXTON (DICEY8 WARD, EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1808 in Georgia, and d died in Georgia. He married MARY MATTHEW/MATHIS. She died in Georgia. Child of CHARLES THAXTON and MARY MATTHEW/MATHIS is: 38. i. CHARLES G10 THAXTON, b. 23 January 1829; d. 20 June 1884, Franklin, GA. 27. YELVERTON THAXTON, JR (DICEY8 WARD, EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) (Source: name and family name/dates from John W. Turner ( died 19 June 1904. He married MARY ANN WASHINGTON. Child of YELVERTON THAXTON and MARY WASHINGTON is: 39. i. JAMES EDWIN10 THAXTON, d. 14 October 1926. 28. ROBERT JEFFERSON PARKER (HENRIETTA B.8 HUDSON, LAMECK7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 27 October 1847 in Monroe County, Alabama, and died 7 November 1914 in Logansport, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. He married NANCY ELLEN MURPHY 31 August 1868 in Desoto Parish, Lousiania. She was born 6 May 1852 in Calhoun, La.?, and died 26 October 1934 in Logansport, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. Children of ROBERT PARKER and NANCY MURPHY are: i. WILLIAM LEGRAND10 PARKER, b. 11 April 1869, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 20 May 1910, Rapides Parish, Lousiana; m. HATTIE DAVENPORT, 7 June 1889, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; b. 12 January 1872; d. 1 February 1930. ii. ROBERT R.J. JEFFERSON PARKER, b. April 1870, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; d. Bef. 1880, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. iii. HATTIE BEATRICE PARKER, b. 26 February 1872, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 29 October 1958, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; m. RICHARD CLAUDE ROBERTS, 26 October 1888, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; b. 13 February 1867, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 1 March 1934, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. iv. MATTIE VIOLA PARKER, b. 7 November 1875, Desoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 11 September 1960, Desoto Parish, Louisiana; m. FRANCIS MARION LILES; b. 10 July 1870; d. 21 December 1913, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.. v. MARY LOU PARKER, b. 30 August 1877; m. WILLIAM LOFTON BILLY ROBERTS; b. 18 May 1872, Desoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 12 October 1958, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. vi. NANNIE ELIZABETH PARKER, b. 25 April 1883, Desoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 15 December 1957, Desoto Parish, Louisiana; m. WILLIAM HENRY MILLS; b. 21 June 1872; d. 31 October 1953, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.. vii. CHARLES RICKS PARKER, b. 10 February 1885, Desoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 6 December 1912, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana; m. SALLIE IRIS ROBERTS, 23 August 1903, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; b. 20 February 1885; d. 8 July 1969, Pasadena, Texas.. viii. JOHN CURTIS PARKER, b. 24 October 1887, Louisiana; d. 26 January 1919, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; m. CHLOE JANE MOSELY, 28 November 1904, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; b. 14 June 1887, Louisiana; d. 10 April 1975, Texas. ix. GRACE PARKER, b. 13 April 1889, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 19 August 1913, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; m. GRANVILLE HAZELWOOD WILSON; b. 27 May 1884; d. 1 March 1961, Shelby Co., Texas.. x. DOROTHY PARKER, b. October 1891, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana; d. 29 February 1916, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. Generation No. 5 29. WILLIAM BEASLEY HUDSON (JOHN9, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3,RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 10 June 1829 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, and died 19 April 1877 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi. He married (1) JANE ELIZABETH ENGLISH Abt. 1850. She was born 16 October 1829 in ?Georgia?, and died 27 January 1852 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Ms. He married (2) SARAH ELIZA WATSON 23 November 1854 in unknown, daughter of CHARLES WATSON and MARTHA RUSSELL. She was born 14 January 1833 in Alabama, and died 24 April 1872 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi. He married (3) FRANCES E. LAGRONE 16 February 1873 in Noxubee county, Mississippi. He married (4) CYNTHIA B. GARNER 14 February 1877 in Carroll County, MS. I find it odd that our bible records show that W.B. Hudson's first wife, Elizabeth English, died, in 1850.....when the Tombstone Inscription book from Noxubee Co., Ms show that she died 27 Jan 1852......also, family history states she died one short year after her marriage? Nov. 1999.....Just noticed that William B. Hudson is shown in the household of his mother, Elizabeth, aged 21 on the 1850 census. Although recorded in the month of Oct., the census "official date" was sometime earlier in the year. It is possible that he was not actually living there at that time, that he was already married, living someplace away? We have yet to discover where he married his first wife, Jane Elizabeth English, nor have we discovered her parentage. (It was "noted" by a check mark that he was "married within the year") Am beginning to lean toward possible parents being Parmenas English and wife. Parmenas English, there was two of them: One, a brother to Henry English, who was father of Nancy English Beasley, the other, a nephew (I think, I can't remember right now, will have to look to be positive.] of the older Parmenas. Remember, this family has a history of marrying cousins. The book of Tombstone Inscriptions for Noxubee county show a wrong date for the death of William B. Hudson, it shows April 24, 1872, which was the date for Sarah Watson who died at the birth of my grandfather, Isaac L. Hudson on that date. 16 October 1850, 1st married Jane Eliz. English per bible records November 1850, Wife, Jane Eliz. English, died per bible records 23 November 1854, 2nd married Sarah E. Watson, mother of his children 24 April 1872, Sarah died in childbirth of I.L. Hudson 16 February 1873, 3rd married Francis E. children 14 February 1877, 4th married Cynthia B. children More About JANE ELIZABETH ENGLISH: buried Hudson Plantation, Shuqualak, Ms some believe this to be a dau. of Parmenas English and Sarah Haynes? Children of WILLIAM HUDSON and SARAH WATSON are: i. MARTHA ANN11 HUDSON, b. 13 October 1855, Noxubee Co., Ms; d. November 1868, Noxubee Co., Ms. 40. ii. BETTY JANE HUDSON, b. 10 June 1857, Noxubee Co., Ms; d. 2 September 1948, Meridrian, Ms. 41. iii. JACK CALEB HUDSON, b. 1 March 1859, Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi; d. 29 November 1937, Ethlesville, Pickens Co., Ala. iv. WILLIAM BEASLEY JR HUDSON, b. 10 May 1861, Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi; d. 26 September 1863, Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi. 42. v. SALLEY WATSON HUDSON, b. 1 July 1865; d. 15 May 1947. 43. vi. CHARLES GIBSON HUDSON, b. 4 April 1870, Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi; d. 13 June 1947, Rochester, Haskell County, Texas. 44. vii. ISAAC LAFAYETTE HUDSON, b. 24 April 1872, Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi; d. 8 March 1944, Knox City, Knox County, Texas. 30. HENRY ANN HUDSON (WILLIAM GREER9, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 17 May 1832 in Oglethorpe Co. Ga, and died 10 January 1891 in Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Ms. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH LIZZY BEASLEY 11 March 1856 in Noxubee Co., Ms, daughter of WILLIAM BEASLEY and ADALINE LUMPKIN. She was born 6 November 1839 in Georgia (Source: dob from LDS), and died 27 March 1865 in Noxubee Co., Ms. He married (2) FRANCES EUNETTA MADSON 15 December 1868 in Noxubee Co., Ms, daughter of LEROY MADISON and FRANCES TUCKER. She was born 17 May 1853. More About MARY ELIZABETH LIZZY BEASLEY: Fact 1: 1860, census gives name as Elizabeth, age 20, in household of Henry A. Hudson Children of HENRY HUDSON and FRANCES MADSON are: i. HENRY HUDSON, b. 1868, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. Tracy California; m. MAUDE. ii. ANNIE HUDSON, b. 1869, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. 1890, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; m. JIM CARPENTER. iii. FANNIE HUDSON, b. 18 April 1872, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. 6 September 1967, Tulsa, Okla; m. JOHN M. THOMPSON; b. 9 March 1856; d. 14 February 1918, Mayben, Mississippi.. iv. JIM HUDSON, b. Abt. 1875; d. East Point, Georgia; m. MAGGIE GREER. also married 2nd, Pearl Cook v. SAMUEL CLAYTON HUDSON, b. 29 February 1880, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. 8 March 1949, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; m. MARY LIDA VAUGHN; b. 9 August 1890, Steens, Mississippi; d. 23 March 1945, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi. vi. ALLIE VEVETTA HUDSON, b. 16 April 1882, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. 13 February 1941, Tennessee; m. ROBERT TAYLOR PARKS; d. Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi. vii. ROBERT BOB HUDSON, b. March 1884, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi. viii. JOSIE HUDSON, b. November 1886, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. 1933; m. ROBERT MARION STEWART; b. 1877. ix. TUCKER HUDSON, b. June 1891, Brooksville, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. Abt. 1971, Tracy California. Fact 1: born after his father had died. 31. FREDERICK THOMAS HUDSON (WILLIAM GREER9, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 25 April 1834 in Greene Co., Georgia, and died 6 May 1886 in Lamar Co., Texas. He married (1) ELLA OWEN, daughter of DAVIS OWEN and SARAH. She was born 1836, and died 2 July 1860. He married (2) ANN ELIZABETH SIMS 4 April 1861 in Wilkes Co., Georgia, daughter of REDDING SIMS and SARAH (UNKNOWN). She was born 7 December 1839 in Gulfport, Ms,and died 29 August 1926 in Texas. More About FREDERICK THOMAS HUDSON: May 1886, Buried McDonald Cemetary, Lamar Co. Tex Served Civil War, Co.B. 27th Georgia Battalion (Source: From Lamar Co. Web page....July 1997) [Children of Frederick Thomas source: Mildred Adams, 1997] Children of FREDERICK HUDSON and ELLA OWEN are: i. WILLIAM OWEN HUDSON, b. 19 August 1855; d. 2 June 1880. ii. LUCY JANE HUDSON, b. 21 April 1857; d. Abt. 1915; m. MILLARD PINSON. iii. SARAH EMILINE HUDSON, b. 15 October 1858; d. 17 November 1887; m. GUS B. SHELTON. iv. ELLEN HUDSON, b. 14 May 1860; d. 28 September 1882; m. ROBERT BAIRD. Children of FREDERICK HUDSON and ANN SIMS are: v. DIXIE11 HUDSON, b. 13 March 1862, Wilkes Co., Georgia; d. 19 March 1937; m. E.D. COSTON, 23 October 1884. vi. MATTIE THOMAS HUDSON, b. 28 September 1863, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 22 September 1893, Lamar Co., Texas; m. THOMAS L. TREADWAY, DR., 23 December 1884. vii. MARY ELIZABETH HUDSON, b. 5 February 1865, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 19 August 1940, Dallas, Texas; m. THOMAS O. KYLE, 29 November 1910. viii. HENRY STOW HUDSON, b. 20 March 1866, Oglethorpe Co. Ga; d. 4 January 1943, Goodnight, Texas; m. NELLIE STRICKLAND, 19 October 1893. ix. GEORGIA SIMS HUDSON, b. 30 April 1868, Wilkes Co., Georgia; d. 14 July 1942, Cooper, Texas; m. HENRY PIERCE, November 1896. x. JOHN FREDERICK HUDSON, b. 23 June 1871, Lamar Co., Texas; d. 5 August 1871, Lamar Co., Texas. xi. JABEZ LUTHER HUDSON, b. 13 August 1872, Lamar Co., Texas; d. 11 March 1897; m. SALLIE LEE WOODS, 17 September 1893. xii. ANNA MAE HUDSON, b. 12 January 1875, Lamar Co., Texas; d. Aft. 1951. xiii. LINTON HUDSON, b. 10 March 1877, Lamar Co., Texas; d. Aft. 1951; m. DONNA HOWZE, 9 June 1898. xiv. MARSHALL MERCER HUDSON, b. 1 August 1879, Lamar Co., Texas; d. Aft. 1951. More About MARSHALL MERCER HUDSON: Fact 1: Married twice, widowed xv. ROBERTA BALLS HUDSON, b. 18 December 1882, Lamar Co., Texas; d. 29 May 1924, Paris, Texas; m. CLYDE SHORT. 32. FREDERICK HUDSON BYRD/BIRD (MARY9 HUDSON, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 11 November 1828 in Oglethorpe Co. Ga. He married LOUISIANA ELLIOT 24 August 1851 in Noxubee Co., Ms, daughter of TAVENOR ELLIOT. Original court records viewed in Noxubee County, Mississippi give the full name as Frederick Hudson Bird when his father received guardianship of his own children after the death of their mother. The guardianship was 1848, however the father had married in 1846....this induces the theory that Mary Hudson Byrd/Bird had died 1845-46. Marriage records of 1851 show the name as Frederick H. Bird. ************ April, 2001......... located a query on GenForum dated 1999.......has this family. Thru I received the names and dates of the children, as Dot was in contact with Lelia Jager <>, the lady who initiated the posting. Dot is another Bird researcher. *********** From this information, one might assume the family continued using "Bird" Children of FREDERICK BYRD/BIRD and LOUISIANA ELLIOT are: i. HENRY WALTER BYRD/BIRD, b. 4 October 1853. ii. WILLIAM TAVENOR BYRD/BIRD, b. 20 August 1859. iii. ALICE JANE BYRD/BIRD, b. 2 August 1862. iv. LUCY LELIA BYRD/BIRD, b. 1 April 1865. v. ROBERT LEE BYRD/BIRD, b. 6 June 1869. 33. WILLIE MARIAH HUDSON (WILLIAM9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) (Source: Name and connection to William from HFA member, Joel Alford Robertson.) was born 1856 in Chickasaw County, Ms, and died 1935 in Kaufman County, Tx. She married JOHN ANDERSON ROBERTSON. Child of WILLIE HUDSON and JOHN ROBERTSON is: 45. i. WILLIAM PINCKNEY11 ROBERTSON, b. 20 November 1879, Boliver county, Ms; d. 1943, Terrell, Texas. 34. OLIVIA ANN10 HUDSON (BEASELY W.9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 27 August 1850 in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Ms, and died 20 October 1926 in Celina, Collin County, Texas. She married DAVID JONES HYNDS 9 December 1888 in Hunt County, Texas, son of ROBERT HYNDS and MARY MOORE. He was born 25 July 1844 in Dandridge, Jefferson Co., Tenn, and died 22 September 1922 in Celina, Collen County, Texas. !st husband, Jonas Harris Sparks Notes for DAVID JONES HYNDS: From Juanita Donaldson.......Arlington, Texas.July 1998 2nd husband of Olivia Ann Hudson Farmer, served in CSA, Capt. 1861-1865 Methodist This was his second marriage, also. First wife was Ida Mims Allen. Children of OLIVIA HUDSON and DAVID HYNDS are: 46. i. LUCY LEE11 HYNDS, b. 18 August 1890, Celina, Collin County, Texas; d. 5 September 1977, McKinney, Collin County, Texas. 47. ii. WINNIE DAVIS HYNDS, b. 7 August 1893, Celina, Collin County, Texas; d. 15 January 1981, Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas. 35. FORREST HENRY HUDSON (HENRY HAYNES9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) died in Texas. buried in the Three Rivers Cemetary Children of FORREST HENRY HUDSON are: 48. i. FRED WARREN HUDSON, d. 1997, Texas. 49. ii. CLARENCE DARROW HUDSON. 50. iii. WILLIAM EARL HUDSON. 36. IOLA BASHIBEE TAYLOR (MEHALEY J.9 DUKE, MAHALEY8 HUDSON, RICHARD (V)7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 9 December 1888 in Lineville , Alabama, and died 5 August 1962 in Columbus, Georgia. She married CHARLES WARNER CARTER 16 December 1906 in Barfield, Alabama. He was born 7 May 1885 in Wedowee, Alabama, and died 14 September 1961 in Lineville, Alabama. 37. SARAH WESLEY DUNN (DELINDA HUDSON9 THAXTON, NANCY G.8 WARD, EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 30 November 1837 in Lee Co., Ala, and died 4 February 1901 in Grandview, Johnson Co., Texas. She married THOMAS W. LOCKHART, son of JOHN LOCKHART and NANCEY EDWARDS. He was born 1830, and died 1907. Child of SARAH DUNN and THOMAS LOCKHART is: i. VARA VOLENA11 LOCKHART, b. 14 January 1878, Lee Co., Ala; d. 30 September 1954, Johnston Co., Texas; m. JAMES RUSSELL MORELAND, 20 November 1898, Johnson Co., Texas; b. 1874; d. 1945. More About VARA VOLENA LOCKHART: Fact 1: info taken from HFA file, dau. is Sunshine Moreland Wilson, no further info.. 38. CHARLES G THAXTON (CHARLES CLAY9, DICEY8 WARD, EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 23 January 1829, and died 20 June 1884 in Franklin, GA. He married ABIGAIL AMANDA SMITH. She was born 21 May 1829, and died 27 February 1912 in Franklin, GA. Burial: Salem Methodist Church Child of CHARLES THAXTON and ABIGAIL SMITH is: 52. i. JAMES GIDEON11 THAXTON, b. 5 May 1849, Heard county, GA. 39. JAMES EDWIN THAXTON (YELVERTON9, DICEY8 WARD, EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) died 14 October 1926. He married MARY EVALINE CAMP. Children of JAMES THAXTON and MARY CAMP are: i. SARAH ESTMA11 THAXTON, m. ROY DORSEY. Second husband: Otto Hilliger ii. THOMAS "THAD" JEFFERSON THAXTON. ii. GEORGE WASHINGTON THAXTON, d. 6 September 1923; m. ELIZABETH ANN WEAVER. Not sure if Elizabeth was the first or second wife. Also married to Catherine M. Lewis. John w. Turner, 2/18/2001 shared his wife's info listing this family back to Yelverton Thaxton. iv. HENRY BAILEY THAXTON. Generation No. 6 40. BETTY JANE HUDSON (WILLIAM BEASLEY10, JOHN9, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 10 June 1857 in Noxubee Co., Ms, and died 2 September 1948 in Meridrian, Ms. She married (1) JESSIE FLOORE. She married (2) STEPHEN W. PANKEY 26 October 1881 in Noxubee Co., Mississippi. Children of BETTY HUDSON and STEPHEN PANKEY are: i. SALLIE RACHEL12 PANKEY, b. 13 August 1882, Mississippi; d. 18 July 1883, Mississippi. ii. LOTTIE DRUSCILLA PANKEY, b. 23 December 1883; m. HARDY CAMPBELL. iii. STEVIE MAY PANKEY, b. 3 January 1887, Noxubee County, Mississippi; d. 22 March 1898, Noxubee County, Mississippi. More About STEVIE MAY PANKEY: Fact 1: buried Hudson Plantation, Shuqualak, Ms. 41. JACK CALEB HUDSON (WILLIAM BEASLEY10, JOHN9, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1 March 1859 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi, and died 29 November 1937 in Ethlesville, Pickens Co., Ala. He married JESSIE AUTRY HANCOCK 14 February 1883. She was born March 1863, and died 19 January 1939 in Ethlesville, Pickens Co., Ala. From grandson, John Ellis Hudson of Columbus, Ms., we find that "Captain Jack" moved his family to Ethlesville, Alabama, a short distance from the State line, not too far from Columbus, Ms. Captain Jack was a colorful character, to say the least. He worked for a while in Shuqualak for the Nunn company, but is remembered for delivering mail to the rail station/train as it came thru the community of Ethlesville. Apparently he became an alcoholic with a "mean streak" and is mentioned as the reason the two brothers, Charles Gibson, and Isaac Lafayette, left Shuqualak for Hill county, Texas in 1888. On a knoll, in Ethlesville is a church with a cemetery. Here you will find both Captain Jack and his wife, and several other members of her family buried. At one time, Robert J. Hudson (named after Robert J. Hudson, son of Ward Hudson) and his family lived across the road from the church. Robert's widow, Betty, sold the home place and moved into Mississippi. Records show that the "first" Robert J. Hudson/Hutson, of Noxubee county, Ms., left all he owned to "C.J. Hudson." Children of JACK HUDSON and JESSIE HANCOCK are: i. WILLIAM BEASLEY HUDSON, b. 29 January 1884; d. 1888, Birmingham, Alabama. ii. JACK CALEB HUDSON, JR, b. Abt. 1885. iii. ROBERT JARREL HUDSON, SR., b. 12 March 1889, Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi; d. Ethlesville, Pickens Co., Ala; m. WILLIE NAOMI FOSTER; b. 25 March 1888, Calotta, Pickens County, Alabama; d. 15 November 1985. Named after a "cousin" of his father, Robert changed his middle name to "James". He is buried in Ethlesville, Alabama iv. CHARLIE COCKERALL HUDSON, b. 14 September 1891; d. Lowndes Co., Mississippi; m. IRENE YOUNGBLOOD, 15 October 1914; b. 18 May 1888. v. JESSIE RUTH HUDSON, b. 20 October 1897, Shuqualak, Noxubee Co., Mississippi; d. 22 February 1995, Columbus, Lowndes Co., Mississippi; m. THOMAS EUGENE MCMULLEN, SR. vi. TOM HUDSON, b. 2 February 1901; d. 3 January 1957, Texas; m. FLORENCE OKELLY "BETTY" WORLEY. 42. SALLEY WATSON HUDSON (WILLIAM BEASLEY10, JOHN9, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1 July 1865, and died 15 May 1947. She married JOHN FENDLE HORGAN 16 November 1892 in Noxubee Co., Ms. He was born 1864, and died in Noxubee Co., Ms. [Printed records show his name as "Morgan", family knowledge of Horgan.] Child of SALLEY HUDSON and JOHN HORGAN is: i. HUNTER HUDSON HORGAN, b. 7 September 1892; m. KATHERINE SMITH, 12 September 1914. 43. CHARLES GIBSON HUDSON (WILLIAM BEASLEY10, JOHN9, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 4 April 1870 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi, and died 13 June 1947 in Rochester, Haskell County, Texas. He married MATTIE EULA PATE 27 December 1893 in Hill Co. Texas, daughter of WILLIAM PATE and FRANCES THOMPSON. She was born 9 August 1875 in Goodwater, Coosa County, Ala, and died 12 October 1951 in Rochester, Haskell County, Texas. Children of CHARLES HUDSON and MATTIE PATE are: i. SALLIE FRANCES HUDSON, b. 1 October 1894, Hillsboro, Texas; d. 24 May 1896, Hillsboro, Texas. ii. FANNIE BETTY HUDSON, b. 19 March 1896, Hillsboro, Texas; d. 27 August 1907, Hillsboro, Texas. iii. HATTIE EULA HUDSON, b. 30 January 1898, Hillsboro, Texas; d. 26 May 1983, Rochester, Texas; m. JOSEPH FREDERICK CLARK, 6 June 1937, June 5, 1937; b. 16 December 1895, Sherman, Texas; d. 8 June 1971, Rochester, Haskel Co., Texas. Notes for JOSEPH FREDERICK CLARK: From "the History of Rochester, Texas".... Joe was the youngest of five chldren. His mother died and his father remarried. In 1907, his father homesteaded a section of land near Melrosse, New Mexico, in or at Cantara. He served in the Navy 1917-1919. Moved to Rochester in 1923. He and "Mr. C.G. Hudson" [Charles Gibson Hudson] bought the Meat Market from Tom Murphy. 1928, he was elected mayor of Rochester and served one term. In 1932 he sold his store and moved to Ft. Sumner, New Mexico, returning each year to work in the Bell & Speck Grocery Store. After he married Hattie Hudson, a dau. of C.G. Hudson, they continued to live in Rochester until 1943, when they moved to Amarillo, Texas. From there, to Weatherford, and then, in 1945, returned to Rochester until his death in 1971. iv. JOE HUNTER HUDSON, b. 8 September 1901, Hillsboro, Texas; d. 8 December 1993,Ranger, Texas; m. ELVA HUDDLESTON, 8 August 1921. v. EVA UNGER HUDSON, b. 27 December 1904, Temple, Texas; d. 18 January 1954, San Francisco,California; m. (1) L. H. ANSKE; d. Japan; m. (2) UNKNOWN WISE. vi. ISAAC GIBSON "PETE IKE" HUDSON, b. 2 September 1907, Rochester, Texas; d. 23 April 1993, Big Spring, Texas; m. CORRA SNOWDEN; b. 18 July 1913; d. 3 April 2001, Big Spring, Texas.. vii. WHITE HENRY HUDSON, b. 12 September 1907, 12 Sep 1911; d. 16 October 1992, Knox City, Knox County, Texas; m. (1) EVALETTA LAVETTA COURSEY, March 1931; b. 1914; d. 1961; m. (2) FLORENE CORNETT, Aft. 1961; b. 1 February 1915; d. 15 January 1996. viii. ALDEAN "JIGGS" HUDSON, b. 24 October 1913, Rochester, Texas; m. EDITH IRENE LENNEHAN;b. 1924; d. 1977. ix. WILLIAM LUTHER HUDSON, b. 26 July 1916, Rochester, Texas; m. TOMI DELL CAUBLE, 2 November 1939; b. 8 January 1920. x. CECIL PAUL HUDSON, b. 18 September 1919, Rochester, Texas; m. SUE MUNSON; b. 25 October 1920. 44. ISAAC LAFAYETTE HUDSON (WILLIAM BEASLEY10, JOHN9, FREDERICK8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 24 April 1872 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi, and died 8 March 1944 in Knox City, Knox County, Texas. He married CARRIE ELIZABETH PATE 28 November 1898 in Hill Co. Texas, daughter of WILLIAM PATE and FRANCES THOMPSON. {Mrs. Hughes} She was born 1 September 1879 in Goodwater, Coosa Co., Ala, and died 3 October 1948 in Knox City, Knox Co., Texas. Ike Hudson, age 16, and his brother, Charlie, age 18, left Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi in 1888 for Hill County, Texas. It is told that the reason for their leaving was that their brother, Jack Caleb, was mean to them. Their mother died at Ike's birth, and their father died when Ike was seven years old. The census of 1880 shows them in the household along with their siblings, and Jack as the head of house. It is told that a Negroe family stayed with them after the Civil War to care for the children. One story is that upon returning to visit about 1925, as Ike neared the doorway of a house on the old family farm, a Negroe woman came running out, shouting "My baby, my baby, my baby's come home!!" This was told by Ike's youngest daughter who had accompanied him on that trip. Not having located any court records, it is also told that both Ike and his brother, Charlie gave their shares of the farm to their sister, who at the time had become a widow, with a child to raise. Another story is that upon landing at the train station in Hill County, Ike and Charlie had ten cents between them. They spent it on a Coke while waiting to be picked up. It is believed that they came to Hill Co. to live and work with/for a cousin, Henry Greer. As of this writing, which Henry Greer this is to have been has not been discovered. Ike's oldest son, Ike, Jr. relates that they actually went to work for someone else. The brothers met and ultimately married sisters, Charlie married Mattie Pate, and Ike married married Carrie Pate. Visiting the family farm in 1995 and 1996, I walked into the family cemetery, located in sec. 21, T13 R17, Noxubee County, Mississippi, just about a mile south of Shuqualak. The ground surrounding the cemetery is a farmed field. Nearby, on another piece of ground, in sec. 20, which is recorded to have been a part of the Hudson lands, is a family who owns their own land, and their name is Hudson. This family is a black family. As I was with others who did not wish to stop in the rain, I did not investigate as to who they really were. I would like to believe that they were the family that helped raised my grandfather. 1917 found Ike and his family moving to Gillespie Community in Knox County, Texas. He bought the Rawlings' farm, about 1 1/2 miles SE of the Gillespie Baptist Chruch and 1 mile west of the Thorp Methodist Church. Due to the drought, in 1918, Ike and four of his children went back to Hill County to pick cotton while his wife and the younger four stayed home. From memories of Neoma Hudson Savage: Carrie Elizabeth Pate came with her parents and grandparents to Hill County from Alabama in 1881. Her mother had three sisters and twelve brothers. May, 1998.....from aunt Lillian Rae Hudson Verhalen: Moma's grandmother is to have been Cherokee. Her mother's mother? Anyway, it was thru her mother, and it was her grandmother, not sure which one. Children of ISAAC HUDSON and CARRIE PATE are: i. WILLIAM TRAVIS HUDSON, b. 1898, Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas; d. 1898, Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas. ii. ISAAC LAFAYETTE HUDSON, JR, b. 7 July 1900, Hill Co. Texas; d. 28 November 1997, Ft.Worth, Texas; m. EMMA BELLE PARKER, 8 July 1925, Rochester, Haskell County, Texas; b. 25 July 1906; d. 18 October 1990, Ft. Worth, Texas.. May 8, 1998.....from aunt Lillian Rae Hudson Verhalen: Emma Belle was Comanche. iii. SALLIE NEOMA HUDSON, b. 31 July 1903, Hill County, Texas; m. JAMES ARTIE SAVAGE, 14 June 1925; b. 19 August 1889, Savage, Texas; d. 13 April 1946. Neoma Hudson Savage, known to our family as "Sis & Auntie". She was always available to nurse any family member who needed her. She loved to travel on the Greyhound Bus, a and knew people in every town. The following is from her own writings: My first recollection is moving near Penelope, where my sister Ruby was born in 1905. When Ruby was 18 months old she died of pneumonia and typhoid fever. She is buried in Cotton Wood Cemetery, where our oldest brother who was still born was buried in 1898, William Travis. Papa sold our place near Penelope and rented a place in the Barton Community, between Penelope and Malone. Eniver Bets was born June 6, 1907. When she was six weeks old, Papa rigged up a covered wagon with a grub box on the back and we set out for Rochester, Texas to Uncle Charlie Hudsons. We stayed there a while and went on up to Hollis Okla. to Grandma Pate's, Uncle Luther Pate, Uncle Hunter Pate, Aunt Lina Jenkins, Aunt Zue Hagains, Aunt Hattie Jones, they lived in dugouts. Then we went back to Rochester. While we were gone, their daughter, Fannie, had died and "Pete Ike" had been born, Sep of 1907. We were gone six weeks on that trip. Years later, I mentioned something of the trip, like on my 4th birthday, we ate dinner at Mama"s half sister, Annie Smith...Moma didn't think I could remember, but I did. More About JAMES ARTIE SAVAGE: Buried in Johnson Cemetary, Monday, Texas "Cpl. 359 Inf. 90 Div." Artie joined the Navy on 1 Feb 1946, and died 13 Apr 1946 iv. RUBY PANKY HUDSON, b. 1905, Texas; d. Texas. v. ENIVER BETSEY "BILLIE" HUDSON, b. 6 June 1907, Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas; d. August 1993, Roswell, New Mexico; m. EZELL MONROE CLARKE, SR, 14 August 1927, Knox City, Texas; b. Knox City, Knox County, Texas; d. 21 July 1957, Ruidoso, New Mexico. vi. WARREN BIRCHFIELD "BUCK" HUDSON, b. 25 May 1909, Penelope, Hill Co., Texas; d. 4 December 1974, Knox City, Texas; m. IOLA VICTORIA JOHNSON, 24 April 1929, Rochester, Haskel Co., Texas; b. 3 June 1913, Monday, Texas. Notes for IOLA VICTORIA JOHNSON: Iola, Mona Joyce, and June were all born in the same bed, in the same house, on the same farm, The Johnson Farm, three miles NW of Munday, Texas. vii. PEARL ELIZABETH HUDSON, b. 10 May 1911, Penelope, Hill Co., Texas; d. 14 September 1984, Austin, Texas; m. CHARLES RAY AKIN, SR, 23 December 1935, Knox City, Texas; b. 1 June 1909; d. 23 December 1997, Austin, Texas.. viii. CHARLES JACKSON "SHORTY" HUDSON, b. 15 April 1913, Hubbard City, Hill County, Texas; d. 3 February 1995, Hanford, Kings County, California; m. MYRTIE MAE DURST, 26 August 1939, Selma, Fresno County, California; b. 10 August 1918, Rochester, Haskell County, Texas; d. 17 January 1999, Hanford, Kings County, Ca. ix. EDNA FRANCIS HUDSON, b. 12 July 1915, Hill Co. Texas; d. September 1995; m. (2) E.J. MARTIN, 8 May 1940, Texas. x. LILLIAN RAE HUDSON, b. 2 March 1918, Knox City, Knox County, Texas; m. MATHIAS VERHALEN; b. 1 November 1917. 45. WILLIAM PINCKNEY ROBERTSON (WILLIE MARIAH10 HUDSON, WILLIAM9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 20 November 1879 in Boliver county, Ms, and died 1943 in Terrell, Texas. He married MARY LUCILLE FOSTER. She was born 1885, and died 1969. 46. LUCY LEE HYNDS (OLIVIA ANN10 HUDSON, BEASELY W.9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 18 August 1890 in Celina, Collin County, Texas, and died 5 September 1977 in McKinney, Collin County, Texas. She married JAMES NATHANIEL PERKINS 10 June 1908 in Mustang Community, Denton, Texas. More About LUCY LEE HYNDS: buried Oldtown Cemetery, Celina, Collin Co., Texas Children of LUCY HYNDS and JAMES PERKINS are: i. UNNAMED12 PERKINS. ii. BONNIE PERKINS. iii. ROSS PERKINS. 47. WINNIE DAVIS HYNDS (OLIVIA ANN10 HUDSON, BEASELY W.9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 7 August 1893 in Celina, Collin County, Texas, and died 15 January 1981 in Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas. She married WILLIAM JEFFERSON PERKINS 30 March 1911 in Prosper, Collin County, Texas. He was born 19 October 1889 in Celina, Collin County, Texas, and died 22 September 1977 in Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas. Children of WINNIE HYNDS and WILLIAM PERKINS are: i. JACK12 PERKINS. ii. GARLAND PERKINS. iii. LOUISE PERKINS. iv. JUANITA PEARL PERKINS, m. BURNLEY HOUSTON DONALDSON 1st husband, George Washington Daniels v. HUBERT PERKINS. 48. FRED WARREN HUDSON (FORREST HENRY10, HENRY HAYNES9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) died 1 997 in Texas. Children of FRED WARREN HUDSON are: i. GERAL R. HUDSON. ii. PHILIP WAYNE HUDSON, b. Texas; m. NANCY. This man has been in contact with me for a little over two years. He provided me with information on his line, however I still need to get it into the files.. 49. CLARENCE DARROW HUDSON (FORREST HENRY10, HENRY HAYNES9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) Child of CLARENCE DARROW HUDSON is: i. GERALDINE HUDSON, b. Texas; m. MR MORTON. 50. WILLIAM EARL HUDSON (FORREST HENRY10, HENRY HAYNES9, MASON WARD8, JOHN7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) He married MARY JANE BRISTER. Child of WILLIAM HUDSON and MARY BRISTER is: i. LINDA DORINE HUDSON, m. ROBERT MCGEORGE. 51. MYRL11 CARTER (IOLA BASHIBEE10 TAYLOR, MEHALEY J.9 DUKE, MAHALEY8 HUDSON, RICHARD (V)7, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born in Delta, Alabama. She married ELMER WALTER MURRAY , son of HENRY MURRY and MARTHA BLANKENSHIP. Notes from email: Child of MYRL CARTER and ELMER MURRAY is: i. ELAINE SANDRA MURRAY, m. THOMAS JAMES HERNDEL 52. JAMES GIDEON THAXTON (CHARLES G10, CHARLES CLAY9, DICEY8 WARD, EDITH7 HUDSON, WARD6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 5 May 1849 in Heard county, GA. He married NANCY MAHALA LANCASTER. She was born 25 April 1850 in Troup county, GA. Burial: Salem Methodist Church, Heard county, GA Child of JAMES THAXTON and NANCY LANCASTER is: i. JOHN THOMAS THAXTON, b. 9 February 1871; d. 26 March 1948; m. ALLIE LUCY LIPHAM.