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Before you leave this page, please note that there is a link to the HUDSON FAMILY RESEARCH PAGE below. As always, changes are being made often, so please come back and see the progress.

Hudson Links have been added for your surfing. It is hoped that you will enjoy the few Hudson sites I have been made aware of. Please let me know if you have a site that you would like have included on this list.

The Hudson Family Association, along with the family names of Beasley, Greer, Haynes, Watson, Pate, Thompson, Durst, Stevens, Ledbetter, and others not yet established, have created a most interesting Logic Problem.....I am my own 5th cousin, 6th cousin once removed, and own 7th cousin, and that is only my father's side.

My family moved from Lunenberg Co., Va. to Oglethorpe Co., Ga. about 1799 after John Hudson, son of Ward Hudson, had died in 1790, and his widow, Mary Beasley Hudson, married a suspected cousin of John's, Seth Ward. For a transcribed version of the wills of Ward Hudson, John Hudson, and then also, Richard Hudson, Ward's brother, you might want to visit the Virginia Wills page.

The oldest child of John Hudson and Mary Beasley Hudson, Frederick Hudson married about 1803 Lucy Greer, dau. of Jane Haynes and William Greer, b. 1748, who was a son of Aquilla Greer. By April 1837, Frederick Hudson was in Noxubee Co., Ms., where land records indicate a purchase in 1838 for both Frederick and his son, John Hudson.

John Hudson married Elizabeth Beasley in 1824, dau. of William Beasley and Nancy English, dau. of Henry English and Betsy Haynes. Information recently obtained indicate that William Beasley and Mary Beasley may have been siblings, children of Robert Beasley and Betty Willingham, of Virginia.

John and Elizabeth Hudson had ten children, most of which died extemely young. There is a bible record which gives names and dates on this family. William Beasley Hudson, a son, born in Oglethorpe Co. Ga., 1829, and who died 1877 in Noxubee Co., Ms., was my great grandfather. Printed materials will indicate his death to be April 24, 1872, however that is the date of the death of his wife, Sara Elizabeth Watson Hudson.

William Beasley Hudson married a total of four times, his 2nd wife, Sarah Eliza Watson, was the mother of all his children. She died at the birth of my grandfather, Isaac Lafayette Hudson, April 24, 1872. "William Beasley", notice the middle name is used, is buried, as are three of his wives, in the Hudson Family Cemetery, Shuqualak, Noxubee county, Mississippi. (If one were to check the LDS records, somewhere in there it indicates that Ike's father was "William Beasley", not William Beasley Hudson, but "just" William Beasley.) This is how I personally have always "identified" this great grandfather, "William Beasley", however, his surname was Hudson.

My grandfather, Ike, and his brother, Charles Gibson Hudson, left Shuqualak, Ms., in 1888 for Hill Co., Texas, where they were to work and live with a cousin, Henry Greer. They arrived by train, and while awaiting for someone to come pick them up, spent their last money, ten cents, on a soda.

In time, the brothers met and married sisters. Ike married Carrie Elizabeth Pate, and Charlie married Mattie Eula Pate, daughters of William H. Pate and Francis Matilda Thompson.

Ike and Carrie Hudson had ten children. Their son, who was born in 1913, Charles Jackson "Shorty" Hudson, was my father. He married Myrtie Mae Durst, daughter of E.M. Durst and Zuma Melissa Stevens, in 1939 at Selma, California. They had met while both lived in Texas, Knox County and Haskell County. My father died 1995, Hanford, Kings County, Ca. I have two brothers, Charles and "Tootie". I am carrying on the Hudson name the only way a daughter can, I named my son Hudson Shane Rose.

I have multiple ties to the Aquilla Greer (1716) line and Henry Haynes Sr. (1701) thru my father's family.

I have a missing Greer line on my mother's side. My mother's great-grandfather, Francis Marion Greer, was b. 1830 Gallatin Co., Ill. to an unknown Greer and his wife, Margaret. This F.M. Greer had a brother, William M., who was also listed in the 1850 census of Morehouse Parish, La. in his mother's house with no male head of house listed. William M. Greer was born 1826 in Tenn.

(Since I first created this page, it has been determined that the "best" match will be Abraham, son of Asa, Greer who married Peggy Kinney in Tenn., 1825 who will turn out to be that missing Greer. Exact proof has escaped several of us who believe this to be true.)

Extensive research in Noxubee Co., Ms. has produced a "lost" daughter of Frederick Hudson and Lucy Greer, Mary Hudson. She married in Greene Co., Ga., William Byrd, 1825.

By 1848, she had died. There were children: Frederick Hudson Bird/Byrd, William , John, Mary, and Elizabeth. Frederick Hudson Bird married Lousiana Elliot 1851 in Nox. Co., Ms. I have no further information on this Billy Bird family after that time, but would love to find them.

God Bless, and check out some of my favorite links.

If you have any info. you wish to share, or anything to ask about these families, please feel free to contact me. For those who wish to share any Hudson Family Research, you can access our pages for more information. HFA has established a permanent web home, for the purpose of conducting HFA bussiness and is no long associated with this group of persons searching/researching any variation of the surname of Hudson/Hutson. However, this is a website you want to see.

For a look at the 1840 Noxubee County, Mississippi cenus just click on the highlighted link. Sometime soon we will have more census information available.

For a look back in time: [This link must be is a photo.]Texas Catfish Photo from a Hudson Family outting near Knox City, Texas. The fellow on the right is Isaac Lafayette Hudson, Jr, 1900 - 1997, my father's brother. The man with the K on his "swim wear" is identified as Edwin Clark of Knox City. Anyone knowing who is in the background, I would love to add his name to this.

Transcribed wills from Lunenberg County, VA., for Richard Hudson, Ward Hudson, and John Hudson, appear here. Remember, errors can be made in transcription. There is one word which makes one wonder...that word appears at the bottom of the will of John Hudson. I view it as stating the Beasley brothers "refused" to take up probate. Others do not, they believe it indicates that the brothers did take up probate. Perhaps you can make that determination for yourself. This is one good example: see the original yourself, and come to your own conclusions!

While working on my family of HUDSON-GREER-HAYNES-ENGLISH, in the early stages of my research, I compiled the following: Marriages in Noxubee County, Mississippi, which has a lot of genealogical infomation on our various Hudson, Haynes, Greer, and others. You might want to check that out. I have some additions/corrections to make on it, but it is "workable". All additions and corrections will be gladly accepted, too.

If you happen to be looking for relatives in Oglethorpe County, Georgia you might want to check the 1830 census for that county. The entries that appear are as they are to be found on the original document, with all the mis-spellings of the names. Included in this transcription is the information on the slaves, where you can find the numbers and the ages of those hard to find ancestors.

Finally gave up! I need to finish the project, however I have posted the transcribed the Index to Probate Records Book A of Noxubee County, Ms........the portion that I have finished. It is not "all there" but there is enough to make someone happy?

On a more personal nature, a few pages appear on the web that deal with ME. My Story.

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