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Pate Family Photos

William Pate and Francis Matilda "Fanny" Thompson

with children still at home. Taken prior to 1894.

The original of this photo was in the possession of Lillian Rae Hudson Verhalen of Knox City, Knox County, Texas.

Rear: Carrie Elizabeth Pate and William Nathan Hunter Pate

Front: John Luther Pate - William A. Pate - Francis Matilda Thompson Hughes Pate - Missouri Pate

William A Pate

b: 28 February 1839 in ?Jasper Co. Georgia, a son of John Pate and Evaline Bates, he died April 14, 1897 in

West Station,McClennan County, Texas

(Apparently, this man was a victim of a tornado, as he died as a result of being impaled with a 2x4.)

Married first to Sarah A Evaline Mercer (16 August 1865) in Coosa Co., Alabama who died about September 1873. He had two daughters by this first wife: Mary J. "Dolly" Pate, who married a Mr. McClain and Sarah A. "Annie" Pate, who married Mr. Bob Smith.

Married second to "Mrs. Frances Hughes" on September 4, 1873 in Coosa county, Alabama. Thanks to many Pate researchers for some of these facts, as 'many of us' never really knew that each of these had prior marriages, much less where and when. Frances Matilda Thompson had married a Mr.William Hughes (we believe his given name was William?) and had a daughter, Hattie Hughes, who was born in 1868. After Mr. Hughes died, Fannie married William A. Pate in Coosa County, Alabama.

Frances Matilda Thompson, a daughter of William Houston Thompson and Mary E. Spear, was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 5, 1845. She died in Rochester, Haskell county, Texas, September 19 1924, and is buried in the Charlie Hudson plot in Rochester, Texas. Her headstone reads 'Moma Pate.'

Children of William A. Pate and Frances Matilda Thompson

Amanda "Lina" Pate  	b: 26 September 1874 in Birmingham, Alabama
						d: 23 December 1968 in Newcastle, McClain county, Oklahoma			
	Married William Alfred Jenkins	
						b: 12 March 1864 in Texas		
						d: 12 November 1959 in Oklahoma			
Mattie Eula Pate		b: 9 August 1875 in Goodwater, Coosa County, Ala		
						d: 12 October 1951 in Rochester, Haskell County, Texas			
	Married Charles Gibson Hudson m: 27 December 1893 in Hill Co. Texas	
						b: 4 April 1870 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi		
						d: 13 June 1947 in Rochester, Haskell County, Texas	
						Father: William Beasley Hudson	Mother: Sarah Eliza Watson	
William Nathan Hunter Pate	
						b: 1878 in Alabama					
	Married Stella Velma Landerth	
						b: 1883 in Texas					
Carrie Elizabeth Pate	
						b: 1 September 1879 in Goodwater, Coosa Co., Ala		
						d: 3 October 1948 in Knox City, Knox Co., Texas			
	Married Isaac Lafayette Hudson	m: 28 November 1898 in Hill Co. Texas
						b: 24 April 1872 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Mississippi		
						d: 8 March 1944 in Knox City, Knox County, Texas	
						Father: William Beasley Hudson	Mother: Sarah Eliza Watson	
Missouri "Zue" Dolaska Pate	
						b: 9 June 1884 in Alabama	(Family lost contact, death date unknown)				
	Married Duncan Levi Hagain	m: 1904 in Hillsboro, Hill county, Texas
						b: 1874 in Alabama			
						Father: William David Hagain	Mother: Ruth McDuffy	
John Luther Pate	
						b: 23 October 1889 in Hubbard City, Hill Co., Texas		
						d: 2 April 1978 in Lubbuck, Texas			
	Married Viola Parks		m: March 1907 in Hollis, Oklahoma		
						Father: Adolphos "Allen" Porter Parks	Mother: Sarah "Sallie" Adaline Bates	

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Lina Pate Jenkins and William Jenkins photos.

Carrie Pate Hudson and family 1948


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