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The Scots and Irish

It is almost impossible to trace the specific ancestors of America's early emigrants from Northern Ireland. A courthouse fire in Belfast destroyed many public records of value to genealogists before North Ireland was separated from Eire in 1922. Although I am no authority, I hope the controversial and heretical opinions I wrote below will help you form your own opinion about who the Scots Irish were. For brevity I omitted the scientific envdence on which my conclusions are based.

Eire is the Keltic word for Ireland and means "Aryan", but most of the people of Eire may be a distinct race that had lived in Ireland for tens of millennia before the arrival of the first Aryan farmers (civilization). Gaelic is an Indo European language, to which non Aryans probably contributed many words, as Indians did to American English.

The Origins and Racial Characteristics of the Irish

The beautiful people typical of southern Eire almost always have blue eyes, so may be descendants of Hamites, like Aryans, Berbers, and the blond haired and blue eyed Guache who inhabited the Canary Islands before their discovery by Europeans. Both the Guauche and Irish may have traveled from northern Africa by sea to escape the severe desiccation caused when the last Ice Age peaked (rain diminishes during Ice Ages because less water evaporates from oceans).

Most people whose ancestors evolved in hot, dry climates have high nose bridges (to humidfy air before it enters the lungs?). The Irish have jutting noses.

The African ancestors of the Irish probably had skin like that of the Scots Irish, which is tinted pink by the blood which allowed their ancestors to dissipate heat in the hotter climates of the Sahel and Fertile Crescent. Evolution for heat conservation and as camouflage in the snowy environment of Ice Age Europe may be reasons that their skin is whiter (not pink) than that of Aryans.

The skins of almost all species whose skins are camouflaged by thick hair or feathers is white (have you ever seen a black skinned chicken?), as were the skins of the ancestors of all races. After the ancestors of todays' races became relatively hairless about 130,000 years ago, the skin of those which continued to evolve in dark forests darkened for camouflage.

Most primates dwell in the forests, so their hair is dark, for camouflage. The ancestors of Aryans left the equatorial rain forests about 150,000 years ago, so unlike nearly any other primate, most Aryans have light colored hair for camouflage in the savanah. The ancestors of Aryans evolved longer than other races in almost treeless northern Africa and the Fertile Crescent. They did not move into the forests of Europe until after the last Ice age ended (about 11,000 years ago in southern Europe). Aryans were the first farmers, and may have fair hair because their race was bred for beauty. Almost all Irish have extremely black hair, perhaps for camouflage in Europe, which was more densely forested before the arrival of Aryan farmers. Like most non Aryan Europeans, the southern Irish have remained Catholic. They seem more oriented towards life's pleasures, less industrious, energetic, demanding, and mission-oriented than the Scots Irish, and their bodies, behavior and survival instincts are more like those of southern Europeans, who are rarely as tall as Aryans. Some of my ancestors from this race were named Noland and Flannigan.

Spectacular shades of red hair were produced by miscegenation between the black haired native Irish and the fair-haired Anglo Saxon Judeo Christian imperialists who ruled Eire from Dublin. Similar results were produced in the coastal areas of Eire where blond Germanic Vikings settled. The hair of a person with only one non Aryan great great grandparent may have deep, slightly reddish tones.

Miscegenation between races which occupy the same territory for millennia is inevitable. Would the ethnic diversity of Ireland have been as well preserved without healthy and sometimes bloody nationalism?

The Origin and Kinship of Scots Irish

After Judeo Christian imperialists had racially cleansed the northern counties of Ireland, Protestant King James Stuart resettled this vacant land with Presbyterian Scots (half the Scots of Scotland remained Catholic). The ancestors of Scots were mostly Celtic and Germanic (Viking) Aryans. The words Scot, Brit (as in the words Brittish and Brittany), and Hittite may come from the word Hitt or Heth (see Genesis 10). Scots prefer being called Scottish, not "Scotch", which has other meanings, like whiskey or stingy.

Scots Irish look Germanic (Aryan). Scots Irish often have blond (includes light brown) hair, a characteristic unique to the Hamitic race (eg. Aryans, the Gauche of the Canary Islands and the Berbers of the Sahara) except for a few Australoids (some Australian environments are similar to those of the Sahara).

I read that genetically Scots are about a third Viking (Germanic Aryan), a third Keltic Aryan (the race that created all the civilizations of southern Europe, like ancient Greece and Rome), and the remainder Pict (a savage Cro-Magnon race that occupied Britain before the arrival of Aryans in the British Isles?).

Antropologists and linguists have called the entire Aryan race and language Hittite, particularly since World War II, but I suspect that Hittites were mainly the ancestors of Celtic Aryans, that the ancestors of Germanic Aryans were mainly the gigantic Amorites, Zamzummin or Rephaim (Goliath is an Aryan name), and that the other eleven Hamitic nations of Canaan were mainly the ancestors of the eleven other known Aryan nations (Slavs, Albanians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Kurds, Tocharians, etc.).

Who is Aryan?

Kelts. Slavs, Kurds, Germans (Vikings, Anglo-Saxon and other Germanic tribes), etc. and about eight other nationalities belong to the now vanishing ARYAN race. Aryans descend from the Hamites who about 18,000 years ago began the first civilization. Hamites created all the ancient civilizations of the Fertile Crescent (Canaan, Egpyt, Mesopotamia, etc.).

Mongoloid civilizations began only after Mongolians acquired Aryan technology (ceramics, etc.).

Before Hamites brought their technology to sub-Saharan Afica about two thousand years ago, crude stones used for chopping were the only tools sub-Saharan Africans had, except for the Bushmen of East Africa, who made sophisticated stone tools like those of American Indians. Bushmen are more closely related to Hamites than to other races of sub Saharan Africa.

In the Hebrew Torah (Old Testament of the Bible) Aryans are known as Hittites and other nations which descended from Ham. After World War II, anthropologists and linguists began to use the word Indo-Hittite.instead of the word Aryan.

What was the pre-Christian RELIGION of Aryans?

"Aliyan" meant "Lord" or "God" in the ancient Aryan language. After Semite herdsmen drove Aryan civilization from its Fertile Crescent homeland (the "Promised Land" of the Israelites, etc.) Aryans could no longer identify themselves by the geographic names of their homelands. Did they begin to identify themselves by the religion of their civilization in order to distinguish themselves from the savage, racist, genocidal and irrational religion of the worshippers of Yaoweh (see Deuteronomy 7, etc. in the Torah)?

The ancient Aryans of Scotland, etc. frequently engraved their tombstones and other monuments with symbols of the God of their civilization, like the swastika, circle, or dot, all of which depict the sun (light).

These images of the sun became the icons of the Aryan God of Life, and the values of their civilized religion (respect for the Life, Liberty and Property of ALL people, not just a "chosen" few).

Democracy was an intrinsic part of the political structure of the Hamitic clans which created civilization. Hebrew conquistadores reported how democratically Canaan was governed long before Aryan civilization had established itself in ancient Greece (see Joshua 9.11).

To Aryans, light represented life, and darkness death, The sun's daily cycles represented the phases of all Life: noon was maturity, sunset was old age,.night was death and the underworld. Sunrise was rebirth, reincarnation, or resurrection.

About two thousand years ago, Jews began to use all these concepts, the cross, etc. to persuade intimidated Aryans to worship the "great and terrible" god of the Hebrews, and to do unto others (Aryans, Cherokees, Negroes, etc.) what Hebrews had done unto the ancestors of the Hittites in Canaan (the "promised" land). See CHRIST.htm

The swastikas arms are bent right because the sun seems to move across the sky from left to right in the northern hemisphere, where one must look south to see it.

English and other Indo Hittite languages are read from left to right (Hebrew is written right to left) because that is the way their Hamitic ancestors saw the sun move. In the northern hemisphere, the sun moves to the right, so the Right was associated with God's will. The Left or Sinister direction was associated with evil.

After Chaldeans and other Semitic herdsmen obtained horses from Mongoloians, they were able to conquer and enslave the youngest colonies of Aryan civilizations in Mesopotamia (e.g., Ur). By the time of Abraham,, thanks to the abundant food supplied by their en Aryan slaves, Semites had become numerous enough to conquer Egypt, where they were known as HYKSOS (Egyptian for "rulers of foreign lands" (imperialists) or shepard (Semite) kings.

The Hyksos government of Egypt was unable to conquer the Hittites of Anatolia because Hittites had superior iron weapons and kept their technology secret. The Hamites of Egypt were brutally enslaved and treated like dogs. For centuries only Hyksos were allowed access to Hamitic women, who were raped Atilla the Hun style. Hamitic men were worked and fought to death until Amosis I miraculously united the Hamitic clans of the Nile valley and drove Egypt's Hyksos government into the desert, laden with the pillaged gold with which Hebrews constructed their "tabernacle" before they began to dispossess, exterminate and enslave the Aryans of Canaan. Egyptian civilization never recovered from this miscegenation (nor will today's).

If so many of our ancestors have for so many generations so stubbornly, irrationally and defiantly professed to believe in the infallibility of varying and inconsistent versions of the racist and genocidal (Deuteronmy 7) scriptures of predatory aliens which report incredible events that occured centuries before being written about (even though a written language had always been available), why is it so difficult for us to believe sensible but undocumented hearsay about our own family history, or the "legends" and "mythology" of our mostly Germanic and Celtic (Indo-Hittite or Aryan) pre-Christian ancestors, with the same blind zeal?

Few Aryans have many of the racial characteristics of Semites, whom the Bible claims descend from Shem, a son of Noah. At the deepest emotional levels of their loyalty and minds, most Aryan Judeo Christians identify themselves only as Jews (by adoption). Most are convinced that they are descendants of the "lost" tribes of Israel (Hebrew Semites) and are angered (Deuteronomy 2.25) when their Jewish exploiters are criticised. Judeo-Christians are usually so prejudiced against their Aryan race that they deny its existence and consider its former religion ("paganism") to be the utmost evil. The religious and secular media of "Western Civilizaton" influences the mental development of Aryans long before they are intellectually capable of thinking for themselves except instinctively.

Origins and Kinship of the Aryans

The last Ice Age ended about 11,000 years ago. It lasted about 100,000 years. During the preceding Ice Age, which ended about 150,000 years ago, the white skin (the skin of most animals is white underneath the fur or feathers, eg. a chicken) of the savage ancestors of all modern humans was camouflaged and protected from the cool weather of Africa's dark equatorial rain forests by thick dark body hair. During the more than 20,000 years of hot and humid climate that preceded the last Ice Age, their body hair became so short that their light colored skin was uncamouflaged.

At the same time that these hot global temperatures increased evaporation from the oceans, and consequently rainfall in the grasslands which surrounded Africa's equatorial forests, the part of the human population that was becoming intelligent enough to speak (and coordinate with each other well enough to compete for meat with dangerous predators like lions and wild dogs) moved from the forests into the aforesaid game rich grasslands. They became the ancestors of all humans except Pygmies and Negroes, who evolved dark skin pigment for camouflage because they continued to evolve in the dark equatorial rain forests (scientists report that the average IQ of Americans of Negro descent is about 15% less than that of the average American, and about 15% more than that of the average African Negro).

Humans who hunted in grasslands south of the equatorial forests became the ancestors of the Hottentots and Sans. Those who hunted east of the rain forest became the ancestors of Bushmen. Those who hunted in grasslands north of the equatorial rain forests (the Sahel) became the ancestors of all humans whose ancestors left Africa thousands of years ago and of the Hamitic Berbers who remain in northern Africa and "look just like Europeans" according to some Moroccans I met (most Hamitic nations of northern Africa have been conquered by Cro Magnon Semites during the last millennium).

Rainfall and game in the Sahel diminsihed after the Last Ice Age began, so the ancestors of Australoids left Africa in search of better hunting grounds over 100,000 years ago. Neanderthals already occupied Europe, so Australoids settled in Asia. Australoids were displaced by Mongoloids, who left Africa about 70,000 years ago and quickly became too numerous to be displaced from Asia by any other race. Cro Magnons left Africa about 38,000 years ago during a warmer phase of the last Ice Age, and probably exterminated the Neanderthals of Europe and the Middle East. Neaderthals may have been less agile than Cro Magnons, since their massive bodies and heads, short limbs, and probably very thick body hair had evolved to protect them from cold climates during one or more Ice Ages.

Descendants of non-African races which have lived in dark forests for many millennia have also evolved dark skins and even kinky hair, but are no more related to Negroes and Pygmies than Aryans. Kinky hair may have evolved because thick vegetation is less apt to snag it.

Because Cro-Magnon races lived for tens of millennia in Europe during the coldest part of the last Ice Age, their descendants have more massive torsos and shorter limbs than an average Aryan of the same body weight. The body hair of the descendants of Cro-Magnons is usually longer, darker, and more visible than that of Aryans, and their skins are usually darker for camouflage in the dark forests of Europe. Aryans and other races which evolved in grasslands for tens of millennia have skins that are the color of sand or dried grass, and fair or blond hair, probably for camouflage. Aryans may have evolved long straight or curly head hair and beards in order to protect their necks from insects and solar radiation, and to camouflage hunters, whose less hairy bodies might gleam with sweat.

The blood whcih adds its tint to the faces of Aryans, especially when they blush, helps to dissipate heat. Aryans also dissipate heat better because they are taller and have longer limbs than most non Aryans of the same weight. Do Aryans have less body hair than other "white" races because Aryans evolved longer in the warm climate of northern Africa? Temperatures in the Sahel can exceed 140 degress Farenheit. Armed only with sticks and stones, over-heating while attacking big game or defending oneself from dangerous predators might be fatal.

The last race to abandon Africa were the Hamitic ancestors of Hittites. Some Hamite savages forced out of the Sahel 20,000 years ago by the lack of rainfall (caused by the cold climate at the peak of the last ice Age) settled in the small unoccupied forest (where cattle and herdsmen starve) of Canaan and began civilization by collecting, storing, and soon farming wild grasses like barley and wheat. Hamites were forced to do so because they had little else to eat and almost no other place to find refuge: When the Sahel dried up, Hamites could not return to their ancestral rain forests in sub Saharan Africa because they were occupied by Negroes and Pygmies. At the peak of the last Ice Age, the nearest hunting grounds in Europe and Asia were already densely occupied and defended by savage Cro-Magnon and Mongoloid races:

  1. The Cro Magnon ancestors of Semites exploited the herds that grazed the grasslands around Canaan and Mesopotamia.
  2. Southern Europe was occupied by the Cro Magnon hunters and gatherers who had exterminated the Neaderthal race.
  3. Eastern Asia was occupied by the Mongolians who had dispossessed the Australoid race.

Much of South West Asia to the east of Canaan was uninhabitable due to lack of rainfall and Northern Europe was covered by glaciers until the end of the last Ice Age (about 11,000 years ago). Was America first inhabited by Neanderthals, then by Hamites, and lastly by Mongoloids?

I suspect that the "Caucasoid looking" Indians known as Kennewick man, etc. were Hamites who crossed from Siberia into America when the sea level was low about 20,000 years ago, and that they created the Clovis projectile points, etc. (arrow heads), and that about 9000 years ago Hamites were pushed into the south eastern USA by a genocidal wave of big game hunting Mongoloid savages.

The more secure a race is the more prosperous it can become and the faster it can progress scientifically and technologically. Have people of Aryan ancestry prospered more and faster than other races because they were bred to be more trustworthy and compassionate neighbors? Did the permanent Hamitic settlements made possible by farming require laws, the enforcement of which over many millennia bred out of the Hamitic population of Canaan many of the survival instincts of humanity's savage ancestors? Do people of Aryan ancestry have one tenth the crime rates of some races because their Hamite ancestors of Canaan were bred to benefit people, like other domesticated animals? Were individuals who were more dangerous, or who did not respect the property, etc. rights of others more likely to be removed from the Aryan gene pool by being exiled, killed or denied food, particularly when resources were inadequate? Were individuals who were more trustworthy, honorable, and spiritually noble more likely to survive in a non-nomadic community?

Why are there so many blond Aryans with such beautiful faces and other features? Without modern contraceptives, was the painful sacrifice of children who were less desirable because they were born defective, sickly, or less beautiful the only way to prevent the starvation of the entire family (there are biblical references to child sacrifice by the Hamitic Canaanites)?

By the time the last Ice Age began to end about 11,000 years ago, rainfall had increased enough for the Hamites of Canaan to start farming previously uninhabited areas in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Anatolia. Aryan Phonecians established coastal colonies around the Mediterranean and travelled the seas as far as the tin mines of Brittain. Celtic farmers moved into southern Europe, built great cities with the help of Cro Magnons savages.

As long as Aryans were more powerful militarily, they could co-exist with savages. Aryans had been bred to be too compassionate to exterminate savage races (Aryans had not yet been Christianized). Aryans and their savage work force created the great empires of southern Europe, like Greece and Rome. Aryan civilization in southern Europe deteriorated after a few centuries of miscegenation between non Aryans and Aryans. This is now happening in North America and northern Europe too, so "Western" (a euphemism for "Aryan") civilization is doomed.

The kinship and origins of Europeans and all other races

Miscegenation between Aryan races has reduced their diversity, which was never great: the genetic distance between Aryan nations is less than ten thousand years. There have been about thirteen Aryan races (Germans. Kelts, Slavs, etc.), one of which was the Tocharian race, which settled in the Xinghan province of China and has been almost completely absorbed by the Mongolian race. In Deuteronomy 7 and elsewhere in the Torah, these Aryan nations are called Hittites (Kelts?), Amorites (Germans?), Canaanites, and other Hamitic nations.

NON-ARYAN European races are known in the Hebrew Torah (Old Testament of the Bible) as descendants of Japhet and by anthropologists as Cro-Magnons. They were in Ireland before Aryan (Indo-Hittite) farmers brought civilization into Europe (beginning after the last Ice Age about eleven thousand years ago) and created the beautiful cave paintings in Southern France, etc.

The purest Aryans now live in northern Europe (England, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.). Northern Europe was nearly unpopulated after the last Ice Age. Cro-Magnons fled the cold into southern Europe. The influence of the Atlantic Ocean and perhaps the Gulf stream may have helped keep parts of Ireland warm enough for human habitation (by Picts?) throughout the last Ice Age (which lasted about 100,000 years).

CroMagnons (Basques, Semites, etc. and possibly Picts) split off from the Hamitic race about 40,000 years ago, when they entered Europe from North Africa and probably began dispossessing Neanderthals.

Since southern Europe warmed up enough for agriculture thousands of years before northern Europe, Aryan Kelts used the savages they settled amongst as laborers, and built Europe's first civilizations (which began collapsing after Aryans began interbreeding with them).

Before Aryans were judeo-christianized, they were too civilized to exterminate any race, no matter how savage, amongst whom they settled.

Before Aryans domesticated themselves, no race (including the savage ancestors of Aryans) had ever occupied the territory of a weaker race without exterminating it, e.g.

  1. of the many human races which have existed, none except homo sapiens now survives
  2. by about thirty thousand years ago the Cro-Magnon race had completely exterminated Euroipean Neanderthals, who may have exterminated previous human races in Europe and Asia
  3. Hamites like "Kennewick Man" may have exterminated any other race (Neaderthals?) which had previously lived in America.
  4. after Mongoloids occupied Asia about 70 thousand years ago they exterminated all Australoids and related races (Melanesians?) except those that escaped to Australia and other islands of the Pacific.
  5. about 5,000 years ago the Semites of the Middle East began exterminating Hamites and Aryan civilizations of the Fertile Crescent and North Africa (the Pentateuch of the Bible gives a one sided account of part of this story). The Federal government and media in their hands has assisted those who are currently exterminating Palestinian and Kurdish Aryan survivors in the area.
  6. the Negroes of Africa have almost completely exterminated the Bushmen, Hottentots, Pygmies, and "colonists" from Europe and Asia.
  7. Mongoloid "Indians" almost completely exterminated the Hamites of America like "Kennewich Man".
  8. although against their civilized consciences (Romans 2.14), after noble Aryans adopted a savage religion (Deuteronmy 7, etc.) they partially exterminated and dispossessed other races (e.g. Cherokees and other American Indians, and the media still claims Semites).

Some of the above exterminated races have survived on the fringes of their former territories.

The territorial instincts of human savages are as strong as those of any undomesticated animal, and none has ever willingly tolerated a weaker race encroaching upon its territory.

Aryan and Cro-Magnon races are called "Whites", and

  1. about 70, 000 years ago split off from the Mongoloid races
  2. over 100,000 years ago split off from the Australoid and other south east Asian races
  3. from 150 to 200 thousand years ago split off from the Negro, Pygmy, Hottentot, Bushmen and all other races of sub Saharan Africa
  4. about 300,000 years ago split off from Neanderthals
  5. millions of years ago split off from the ancestors of Chimpanzees (whom geneticists say are more closely related to humans than to Gorillas)
  6. about 15 million years ago split off from the ancestors of lemurs,
  7. also split off from the ancestors of trees.

Only racists say VIVA LA DIFFERENCE.

A racist is anyone whose actions, thoughts, feelings (not necessarily hatred), etc. are in any way influenced by kinship (e.g. motherhood) or the ancestry of other humans or animals and plants.

What does the CONFEDERATE FLAG symbolize?

That our Confederacy is no longer considered sovereign because it has been illegally occupied by the Federal government is no reason for us to allow our enemies to remove the Confederate flag from the dome of South Carolina's state house.

In order to incite hatred against our own ethnic group, many members of the same small alien kinship group to which almost all the owners of mass broadcast media (television and radio networks, newspapers, film studios, etc.) belong and their religious golem used their control of the media to intimidate our politicians and race and influence us to remove our Confederate flag which honored our veterans from atop South Carolina's Statehouse, under the false pretense that it represents slavery and racial hatred.

I suspect that the real reason that our exploiters hate the flag of the men who died protecting South Carolina from the hordes of arsonists, murderers, rapists, thieves, etc.unleashed against us by the Federal Government is that throughout the world the Confederate flag represents our struggle for freedom, independence and REBELLION against the Federal government whose imperialism threatens the entire world, not just the liberty of American citizens.

Why do the owners of the media not also object to the Federal flag, which represented a government that sanctioned slavery over ten times longer than the Confederate States of America did?

Was ending slavery the purpose of the Federal government's invasion of the Confederate States of America?

If so, was it hypocritical for the Federal government not to have "freed" 500,000 slaves in non-Confederate states of the USA until years after its military conquest of the Confederacy?

Was the true cause of the Federal invasion of the Confederacy the same Federal Imperialism and minority special interests that continue to revolt the majority of its citizens today?

Did Southerners who had to compete with low cost slave labor feel as threatened by slavery then as many are today by the 1000% higher crime rates of federal government supported Negroes being born and immigrating into their neighborhoods (the cause of massive "white flight")?

Many citizens of Confederate states hated slavery even more than their northern cousins, and for that reason emigrated from states that allowed slavery.

Only a small percentage of non-Jewish citizens of Confederate states owned slaves.

Does the mulatto population of the USA have more slave owner ancestors than the non mulattos it is demanding reparations, welfare, "affirmative" action, and other privileges, etc. from?

Race did not determine who was a slave or slave owner in the United States of America or in the Conferderacy. Negro and Indian slaves were owned by Negroes and Indians who were not slaves.

Efforts to preserve our freedom and ethnic identity are even more important since Clinton appointed more members of the aforesaid alien ethnic group to rule over us than any other Federal dictator in history.


LOVE your kinfolk.

Gordon B. Hinckley, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said: "For Latter-day Saints, families do not end at death. They are the basis of society even in the world to come. With that understanding, members of this Church regard it as both a privilege and an obligation to seek out their forebears."

The doctrine of the eternal nature of the family is one of the most important and sacred teachings for us. As I learn more about my own ancestors, who worked so hard and sacrificed so much, it increases my sense of identity and deepens my commitment to honor their memory. Perhaps there has never been a time when a sense of family, of idsentity and self-worth, has been more important to our world.

Seeking to understand our family history can change our lives. It helps bring unity and cohesion to families. There is something about understanding the past that helps give our young people something to live up to, a legacy to respect.

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Those I questioned when I was a child knew little more about my ancestry than about my grandparents. When I began genealogical research about 1967, none of the descendants of Thomas B. Stewart (born 1828) I questioned knew any more about his immediate ancestors than that the Stewarts came from Ireland.

Few Americans of northern European descent know much about their own ancestors. Most warn anyone who tries to find out anything about his ancestors that he "may find skeletons in the closet". Nearly all Aryans/Hittites identify themselves only as "Jews by adoption" (Christians), and think knowing anything whatsoever about their real (genetic) ancestors and race is evil (Deuteronomy 7.24).

Negro leaders often complain that keeping them ignorant of their ancestry and history is how enemies have tried to destroy their own race.

I have travelled over ten thousand miles and invested many years of unpaid, painful and mostly fruitless research trying to identify my own ancestors. Those who contribute to and help preserve and disseminate their own genealogy may spare some member of a future generation some hardship and expense, if not our race from destruction.

If you try to trace a family a generation further back you may understand how difficult, irreplaceable and costly genealogical and historical knowledge and research is, so why lose it? Add what information you can while you can so it too can be passed on to members of future generations who may want to know.

Much of my own genealogy was recorded in Fairfield, Chester and other County Deed books.

Benefit future generations by storing relevant, true and useful facts about your own family safely and cheaply for centuries by recording it with your deeds, wills, etc., wherever you live.

Although this copyrighted document is my intellectual property, and copying it or any part thereof without my permission is a violation of my legal rights, genealogical information belongs to no one and can not be protected by copyright, which may be why some selfish genealogical researchers are as unwilling to share their own research (which is often destroyed when they die) as they are glad to obtain that of others.

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