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William Gilkerson1

(c. 1813 - Jan 1, 1844)
William Gilkerson|b. c. 1813\nd. Jan 1, 1844|p6284.htm|William Gilkerson|b. Jul 22, 1774\nd. Mar 24, 1864|p6266.htm|Agnes Somers|b. 1781\nd. Feb 27, 1847|p6263.htm|John Gilkerson|b. c. 1742\nd. Mar 5, 1824|p6289.htm|Janet Gilkerson|b. c. 1741\nd. Jun 27, 1820|p6290.htm|Robert Somers||p6223.htm||||
Descendants of Robert Somers
     William Gilkerson was born circa 1813 in Barnet, Vermont.1 He was the son of William Gilkerson and Agnes Somers.1

     William died on Jan 1, 1844.1


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