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Jennette Somers1

(c. 1776 - Apr 24, 1806)
Jennette Somers|b. c. 1776\nd. Apr 24, 1806|p5946.htm|Claude Somers|b. c. 1740\nd. Jun 1, 1818|p5934.htm|Agnes Somers|b. c. 1742\nd. Jul 13, 1824|p5935.htm|||||||Hugh Somers||||||
Descendants of Claude Somers
     Jennette Somers was born circa 1776 in Scotland.1 She was the daughter of Claude Somers and Agnes Somers.1

     Jennette married Thomas Gilfillan on Feb 3, 1797.1

     Jennette died on Apr 24, 1806.1

Children of Jennette Somers and Thomas Gilfillan


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