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Walter Morecroft Tomlinson1

(Jul 23, 1892 - Aug 8, 1892)
Walter Morecroft Tomlinson|b. Jul 23, 1892\nd. Aug 8, 1892|p7612.htm|Walter Morecroft Tomlinson|b. Dec 2, 1858\nd. 1917|p5206.htm|Annie Taylor Brooks|b. Sep 18, 1860\nd. 1952|p5197.htm|(?) Tomlinson||p5307.htm||||George Brooks|b. c. 1829\nd. Apr, 1886 or Apr, 1888|p4734.htm|Christiana S. Thompson|b. Jun 26, 1833\nd. May 8, 1874|p4728.htm|

Kyah's 2nd cousin 4 times removed.
Descendants of Samuel Brooks
     Walter Morecroft Tomlinson was born on Jul 23, 1892 in Sherbrooke, Québec.1 He was the son of Walter Morecroft Tomlinson and Annie Taylor Brooks.1 He was privately baptized by R. J. Fothergill on Aug 4, 1892 at the Church of England in Sherbrooke. Witneses were his father Walter and his uncle H. M. Tomlinson.1

     Walter died on Aug 8, 1892 in Sherbrooke at the age of 16 days.2 He was buried on Aug 9, 1892 in Sherbrooke by George Thorneloe in the presence of Walter's father Walter, and his uncle H. M. Tomlinson.2