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BOSTIAN Genealogy

July 13, 2003

Redesigned the home page.
July 12, 2003

Moved the website to Rootsweb! Going to eventually redesign the entire site.

Welcome to the family genealogy

BASTIAN in Pennsylvania 1750-1765. The first immigrants to America in my line were the family of Christopher and Ann BASTIAN. They and their family immigrated from Germany in the mid-1700s through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

BOSTIAN in North Carolina 1765 - present. Between 1760-1770, three sons of Christopher and Ann (Andreas, Jonas, and Mathias) and possibly another son, Christopher, Jr. removed to Rowan County, North Carolina. Their land was primarily in the area now known as China Grove in Rowan County.

You can search for ancestors in the BOSTIAN surname database, which is a collection of over 1090 individuals including COPE ~ FULLER ~ LEONARD ~ LENTZ ~ LINN ~ STIREWALT. You can also search by a specific person.

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Beth Bostian, 2003

Last Update: July 13, 2003