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Upper Dublin Families was created to bring together fellow genealogy researchers researching Upper Dublin area ancestors. In order to help this site grow I am asking for anyone who comes across any links, Pictures, Biographies, Maps & local histories to please contribute them. I am available to help create WebPages for those who have trouble with the technical side of the internet.

Bill Cannon



Upper Dublin Family Tree Links

·  Lightkep /Lightcap of UpperDublin

·  Upper Dublin A Beautiful Country - pdf

·  History of Upper Dublin Evangical Lutheran Church - pdf

·  Upper Dublin Maps

·  "Puff's" Church Records - Upper Dublin Congregation

·  Francis Houpt

·  Montgomery County Genealogy Links at Rootsweb

·  Bean's History of Montgomery County - Upper Dublin

·  Gwynedd Friends Genealogy

·  Montgomey Co. Board on Ancestry

·  Upper Dublin Map present - pdf

·  Union Rifle Company




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