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           From Yorkshire England To Phildelphia.



1*** William HOLGATE (Probable Father of Matthew Holgate Sr.)


Birth:      Sawley, North Yorkshire England

Death:      Between 1685 & 1694

Reli:       Quaker


 William Holgate was the founder of Twisden Meeting.William Holgate was imprisoned and and was seized of 26 pounds, 19 shillings and 8d. of household goods for holding a meeting in his house in 1682.



Children:      Mathew (~1650-)

            ***Elizabeth (1657-)

            ***Francis (1658-)

            ***William (1659-)

            ***Robert (1661-)

            ***John (1664-)

            ***Mary (1668-)

            ***Ann (1670-)


(*** = Probable)


1.1a Mathew HOLGATE Sr.*


Birth:      abt 1650\5, Sawley, North Yorkshire England

Death:      Philadelphia Pa.

Reli:       Quaker


Mathew Holgate sr.of the Forrest of Pendle arrived Phila. Aug. 31 1685 on the Rebecca of Liverpoole with a letter of certification from the Marsden Monthly Meeting signed by William HOLGATE and Isacc Ashton.

 County: Philadelphia Co.

   Matthew Holgate, Sr., of Philadelphia, purchased in 1698 a

tract of land extend ing from the Schuylkill river to the line of Germantown township, and prior to 1720 erected a fulling mill on the



*Mathew Houlgate, Sr., bought John Jennett's tract in 1698, extending from the Schuylkill river, to the line of Germantown township, and prior to 1720, erected a fulling mill on the Wissahiccon, below Conrad's Lane. The ruins of this mill have lately been covered up by the workmen engaged in making the Wissahiccon turnpike. This family erected the stone dwelling, now owned by George Markle, on Rittenhouse (Red Bridge) Lane.


*In 1779, there were at least eleven mills in Roxborough, nine of them on the Wissahickon, and eight of them grist mills. They were situated as follows:


    1. John Vandaren's grist mill, (now owned by the Robesons).

    2. John Vandaren' and Martin Rittenhouse's grist mill.

    3. Nicholas Rittenhouse's grist mill.

    4. Jacob Rittenhouse's paper mill.

    5. William Rittenhouse's grist mill.

    6. Abraham Rittenhouse's grist mill.

    7. Matthew Holget and Christian Snyder's fulling mill.

    8. Peter Care's grist mill.

    9. John Gorgas' grist mill.

   10. Benjamin Gorgas' oil mill.

   11. Thomas Livezey's grist mill.


*From H.G. Jones Book on the Levering Family




Spouse:     Sarah STURGIS

Birth:      England

Death:      Philadelphia Pa.

Father:     Anthony STURGIS (~1644-1702)

Mother:     Ann (-1696)


Children:   Mathew (-~1770)



Other Spouses Mary MIDGLEY


1.1a.1 Mathew HOLGATE Jr.

Birth:      Roxborough Pa

Death:      abt 1770


Matthew's will was probated 26 Feb 1770. 


Remarks: Mathew Houlgate. Roxborrow, Phila. Co. Yeoman. 5 Jan 1770. 26 Feb 1770. Wife: Mary. Children: John and William, Exec., Sarah Moir, Mary Gruber, Elizabeth and Margaret Colladay. O:469.


Spouse:     Mary


Children:   John (~1724-~1778)

           William (~1725-1815)






1.1a.1.1 John HOLGATE Sr.

Birth:      abt 1724

Death:      abt 1778, Roxborough Pa


John HOLGATE's will was proved 1 Aug. 1778



Spouse:     Jane


Children:   Cornelious (1758-1829)




           William (1762-1843)

           Mary Ann


1.1a.1.1.1 Cornelious HOLGATE

Birth:      27 Jan 1758

Death:      14 Apr 1829, Wilkesbarre Pa

Occ:        Justuce of the Peace


  Cornelius Holgate, of Roxb., who was b. Jan. 27, 1758.  He d. April 14, 1829, near to Wilkesbarre, Pa., where he was buried until 1876, when his son Griffith had his body removed to the Lev. Cem. and buried beside that of his wife, who d. Aug. 20, 1843, at Leverington, Philad.Cornelius was buried in the Daleville Cemetery, Covington Twp, Luzerne Co, PA. and his body was later moved to Leverington cemetery in Philadelphia Co, PA.



Spouse:     Mary LEVERING

Birth:      13 Jan 1755, Roxborough Pa

Death:      20 Aug 1843, Roxborough Pa

Father:     Abraham LEVERING (1717-1804)

Mother:     Anna THOMAS (1726-1799)

Marr:       29 Mar 1781,  at her father's house in Roxborough


Children:   John (1782-1854)

            William (1783-1805)

            Abraham (1785-1786)

            Anna (1788-1857)

            Jane (1789-1854)

            Abraham Levering (1791-1847)

            Griffith (1792-1881)

            Sarah (1794-1840)

            Thomas (1796-1797)

            Maria (1797-1874)

            Susanna (1800-1877)


1.1a. John HOLGATE

Birth:      12 Mar 1782, Roxborough Pa

Death:      28 Apr 1854

Occ:        Deacon Roxborough Baptist Church

Reli:       Baptist


Spouse:     Myra GILBERT

Birth:      1 Apr 1768

Death:      7 Feb 1857


Children:   Elizabeth


1.1a. Elizabeth HOLGATE


Spouse:     William Alger LAIN


1.1a. William HOLGATE

Birth:      12 Jun 1783, Roxborough Pa

Death:      14 Sep 1805


1.1a. Abraham HOLGATE

Birth:      19 Sep 1785, Roxborough Pa

Death:      30 Nov 1786


1.1a. Anna HOLGATE

Birth:      5 Jan 1788, Roxborough Pa

Death:      18 Jan 1857


Spouse:     Thomas BARTOLETTE

Death:      10 Aug 1857, Illonois


1.1a. Jane HOLGATE

Birth:      27 Feb 1789, Roxborough Pa

Death:      4 Nov 1854


Spouse:     Isreal GILBERT

Birth:      14 Jul 1789

Death:      4 Mar 1852

Marr:       7 Jan 1813


1.1a. Abraham Levering HOLGATE

Birth:      1 Mar 1791, Roxborough Pa

Death:      8 Nov 1847


 Abraham Levering, was born March 1, 1791, at Roxborough,and m. Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Nathan and Abigail Clark Jones, of Pittsburg, Pa.  Abby J. Holgate, daughter of Abraham L. and Elizabeth Holgate, b. Oct. 13, 1824, in

Lebanon, O., m. Dec. 4, 1845, in Van Buren county, Iowa, Edward Hanford.  They have sons, Cornelius H. and Frank Hanford. From Pittsburgh they removed to Cincinnati, and thence to Van Buren Co., Iowa.


Spouse:     Elizabeth JONES

Birth:      20 Apr 1796, Milford Conn.

Death:      22 Jan 1880

Father:     Nathan JONES

Mother:     Abigail CLARK

Marr:       26 Mar 1818, Pittsburg


Children:   Abby J. (1824-)


1.1a. Abby J. HOLGATE


Birth:      13 Oct 1824, Lebanon Ohio


Spouse:     Edward HANFORD.

Marr:       4 Dec 1845, Van Buren county, Iowa


Children:   Cornelius H.



1.1a. Griffith HOLGATE

Birth:      2 Nov 1792, Roxborough Pa

Death:      5 Jan 1881

Burial:     Mt. Moriah Cem

Occ:        merchant

Reli:       Baptist


  Griffith was b. Nov. 2, 1792; m. Feb. 28, 1822, Elizabeth Rose, b. Feb. 13, 1796. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. Was a merchant in Haddington, a suburb of Philadelphia, from 1821 to 1834, when he moved to a farm in Darby Tp., Delaware Co., Pa., where he remained until the death of his wife, April 29, 1866, when he accepted domicile with his daughter, Elvina Levering Cartwright, at Oswego, N. Y., where he died on Jan. 5, 1881. He was a lifelong member of the Baptist Church, a type of Christian consistency and of business integrity. Both were buried at Mt. Moriah Cem., near Philadelphia.


Spouse:     Elizabeth ROSE

Birth:      13 Feb 1796

Death:      29 Apr 1866


1.1a. Sarah HOLGATE

Birth:      20 Nov 1794, Roxborough Pa

Death:      2 Jan 1840, Waverly, N. Y.;


SARAH was b. Nov. 20, 1794; m. Dec. 13, 1818, Alexander Brooks. He was born Nov. 21, 1796, in Danbury, Conn.; went from there when 20 years of age to Berwick, Pa., where he became acquainted with Sarah. After their marriage 1826 they removed to Factoryville, New York, where he bought a woolen factory and manufactured cloths. He was a deacon in a Bapt. Church there for many years, and was the main financial support of the church. Prof. Alex. Atwood7 Brooks wrote of his mother, Sarah: "My natural ability and my success in life I owe to my  mother. She was a woman of superior qualities of both head and heart, and of exalted character in all the walks of life."  Both d. at Waverly, N. Y.; she on Jan. 2, 1840, and he on Aug. 12, 1876. On July 24, 1841, he mar. Margaret Ten Brook, of Waverly, who d. March 1, 1893.


Spouse:     Alexander BROOKS

Birth:      21 Nov 1796, Danburry Conn.

Death:      12 Aug 1876, Waverly, N. Y.;

Marr:       1826


Children:   Alex. Atwood


1.1a. Prof. Alex. Atwood BROOKS


Prof. Alex. Atwood7 Brooks wrote of his mother, Sarah: "My natural ability and my success in life I owe to my  mother. She was a woman of superior qualities of both head and heart, and of exalted character in all the walks of life."


1.1a. Thomas HOLGATE

Birth:      9 Mar 1796, Roxborough Pa

Death:      12 Aug 1797


1.1a. Maria HOLGATE

Birth:      5 Dec 1797, Roxborough Pa

Death:      1 Sep 1874, Near Philadelphia Pa.


List of Names of Persons in the United Stated, Canada, Australia Entitled to Property (Great Briton)HOLGATE, MARIA, born about 1798. Representatives wanted.



Spouse:     Randall FENTON

Birth:      9 Mar 1792, Pa.

Death:      10 Dec 1865, Pa.

Father:     ***Ephraim Fenton (-1826)(Probable Father)

Mother:     Mary THOMAS

Marr:       10 Jan 1819


Children:   Mary Jane (1819-1886)

            Martha (1821-1891)

            Eliza F. (1823-)

            Susan M. (1824-)

            Ursula (1826-)

            Sara Ann (1828-)

            Randall (1830-)

            Charles Levering (1832-1899)

            John L. (~1834-)

            Emma Maria (~1839-)

            Adelaid (1836-)


1.1a. Mary Jane FENTON

Birth:      24 Oct 1819

Death:      7 May 1886


Spouse:     Samuel McBRIDE

Birth:      10 Mar 1816

Death:      21 Feb 1890

Marr:       10 Oct 1849


1.1a. Martha FENTON

Birth:      11 Feb 1821

Death:      10 Oct 1891


Spouse:     Joseph KEYSER WOLF

Birth:      27 May 1818

Marr:       Sep 1848


1.1a. Eliza F. FENTON

Birth:      7 Feb 1823


Jarrettown Montgomery co. Pa.


Spouse:     Abraham LIGHTKEP

Birth:      29 Sep 1815

Death:      4 Feb 1885, Pa,

Marr:       1 Feb 1844


Children:   Mary Jane (1844-1914)

            Sarah Maria H. (1847-)

            Amanda E. (1848-1905)

            Randal F. (1850-)

            Adelaide W. (1855-)

            Annie Z. (1855-)

            John H. (1857-)

            William R. (1859-)


1.1a. Susan M. FENTON

Birth:      21 Nov 1824


Jarrettown Montgomery county Pa.



1.1a. Ursula FENTON

Birth:      24 Feb 1826


Spouse:     Henry SHEETZ

Birth:      24 Nov 1829

Marr:       8 Oct 1854


1.1a. Sara Ann FENTON

Birth:      1 Jun 1828


Spouse:     William M. EISENBREY

Birth:      9 Dec 1828

Marr:       12 Oct 1851


1.1a. Randall FENTON Jr.

Birth:      20 Jul 1830

Occ:        Carpenter


Pittsville Pa.


Spouse:     Margaret J. HARPER

Birth:      29 Apr 1833

Marr:       25 Oct 1854


1.1a. Charles Levering FENTON

Birth:      28 May 1832, Montomery Co., Pa

Death:      23 Jan 1899, Bogard, Crrll Co., Mo

Occ:        Carpenter and Milkman


1859 Limelilm Pk.


 Reside near Bogard, Carroll Co., Mo


Spouse:     Elizabeth Ann FISHER

Birth:      2 Apr 1833, Montgomery Co., Pa

Death:      8 Feb 1894, Bogard, Crrll Co., Mo

Father:     Christian FISHER (1807-)

Mother:     Margaret CARR (1811-)

Marr:       9 Jan 1859


Children:   Charles Walton (1860-1932)

            Laura Margarette (1871-1938)


1.1a. John L. FENTON

Birth:      abt 1834


Died young


1.1a. Emma Maria FENTON

Birth:      abt 1839


Resided at Tyler, Smith Co., Texas.


Spouse:     William Thomas WILSON

Birth:      15 Sep 1838


1.1a. Adelaid FENTON

Birth:      1836


Died young


1.1a. Susanna HOLGATE

Birth:      21 Dec 1800, Roxborough Pa

Death:      6 May 1877


Spouse:     Johnathan SCOUT

Birth:      14 May 1807

Death:      12 Jul 1881


1.1a.1.1.2 Mathew HOLGATE


Matthew Holgate, who was a judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia

Holgate, Matthew (Pa). 2d Lieutenant of Lewis' Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776 and, in November, 1778, was Captain of a Company in the Second Battalion of Philadelphia County Associators.  From 31 July 1779 when he was Lieutenant Colonel of the Seventh County(Germantown) Battalion.

The Petition of Colonel Holgate, of the Second Battalion of Philadelphia County Militia for Two hundred Arms and cartouche Boxes, being read, Ordered, That Colonel Holgate be informed that this Board are pleased with his views to get his Battalion properly Armed and request him to make

search for Publick Arms within his district, and that the Lieutenant of the

County be accountable for Arms, application made thro' Him will be properly

attended to.

    The troop of light horse are notified to meet Tuesday, the 26th of

November [1782] at 10 o'clock in the morning, at Chestnut-Hill, the place

of "Rendezvous" of the 7th or Germantown Battalion [Colonel Matthew

Holgate]: They will be careful to appear properly equipped and accoutered.

                                                "W. Coats, Lt. C.P."

    He was later appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the Second Battalion of

Philadelphia County:


    The troop of Horse will meet the Second Battalion, commanded by Colonel

[Matthew] Holgate, the 4th of May, at Germantown.

                                                "William Coats,

                                      Lieutenant of the County of Philadelphia"

April 17, 1784



    The troop of Light-Horse of the County of Philadelphia, will please to

take notice, that they are to parade on Tuesday next, the 2d of May,

precisely at 9 o'clock in the morning at the Old Rising Sun, on the

Germantown Road, properly equipt as Light-Horsemen, in order to join the 2d

Battalion, commanded by Colonel [Matthew] Holegate (sic).

                                                 "William Coats, Lieut. C.P.

"Philadelphia County, April 26, 1786"



    The Second Battalion. commanded by Colonel [Matthew] Holegate, on

Tuesday, the 8th Day of May. The troops of Light Dragoons are to meet the

Second Battalion, commanded by Colonel Holegate, on their parade day, by

eleven o'clock in the morning . . .

                                                 "William Coats, Lieut. C.P.

    Captain Stiles, Commissioner of military stores, was directed to

deliver to Colonel Joseph Marsh eighty-two empty cannon catridges (sic);

and to Colonels William Will, Benjamin G. Eyre, And Matthew Holegate, two

hundred weight of gunpowder, in the following proportions, vizt: to Colonel

William Will seventy-five weight, to Colonel Benjamin G. Eyre seventy-five

weight, and to Colonel Matthew Holegate fifty weight, for the use of the

militia under their command, at their next meeting.






1.1a.1.1.3 Samuel HOLGATE

Spouse:     Susannah LOCK


1.1a.1.1.4 John HOLGATE


1.1a.1.1.5 William HOLGATE

Birth:      1762, Roxborough Pa

Death:      1843, Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, PA


County: Philadelphia Co.

 Name: William Holgate

 Rank: Lieutenant

 Annual Allowance: 240 00

 Sums Received: 1,482 58

 Description of service: Pennsylvania continental

 When placed on the pension roll: September 15, 1830

 Commencement of pension: January 1, 1828



Spouse:     Mary DAVIS

Marr:       Dec 26 1782


1.1a.1.1.6 Mary Ann HOLGATE

Spouse:     DAVIS


1.1a.1.2 William HOLGATE

Birth:      abt 1725

Burial:     1815, Upper Germantown Cemetery

Death:      15 Dec 1815,  Germantown, Phila. Co, PA


Spouse:     Susanna RINKER

Death:      13 Sep 1807, Germantown Philadelphia

Father:     Jacob RINKER


Children:   Jacob (1767-1832)


1.1a.1.2.1 Jacob HOLGATE

Birth:      10 Jun 1767, Chestnut Hill, Phila, PA "in the domicile of his ancestors".

Death:      18 Sep 1832


HOLGATE, JACOB,  Philadelphia; was several years in the state legislature, and an influential republican politician of the old school; was democratic candidate for governor of Penn., but not elected. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.)


Spouse:     Elizabeth SHEITZ/SHUTZ

Father:     Jacob SHEITZ/SHUTZ

Mother:     Elizabeth


1.1a.1.3 Sarah HOLGATE

Spouse: ???? MOIR


1.1a.1.4 Mary HOLGATE

Spouse:     John GRUBER

Marr:       6 Apr 1745


1.1a.1.5 Margaret HOLGATE

Spouse: ???? COLLADAY


1.1a.1.6 Elizabeth HOLGATE

Spouse: ???? COLLADAY


1.1a.2 John HOLGATE

Spouse:     Susanna


Children:   Anne (1728-)

            Susanna (1730-)

            Mary (1732-)


1.1a.2.1 Anne HOLGATE

Birth:      1 Oct 1728

Bapt:       14 Jan 1729,  First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia


1.1a.2.2 Susanna HOLGATE

Birth:      6 Oct 1730

Bapt:       4 Aug 1731, First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia


Spouse:     Joseph CAMMEL


1.1a.2.3 Mary HOLGATE

Birth:      26 Nov 1732

Bapt:       5 Jul 1733, First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia


1.1b Mathew HOLGATE Sr.* (See above)

Spouse:     Mary MIDGLEY

Death:      Dec 1679

Marr:       1677, Newchurch-in-Pendle


Children:   Mary (1678-)


Other Spouses Sarah STURGIS


1.1b.1 Mary HOLGATE

Birth:      1678,  England


1.2 Elizabeth HOLGATE

Birth:      4 Apr 1657, England


1.3 Francis HOLGATE

Birth:      19 Apr 1658

Spouse:     John TIPPIN

Marr:       1680


1.4 William HOLGATE

Birth:      18 Dec 1659


1.5 Robert HOLGATE

Birth:      12 Jan 1661


 It is recorded in the minutes of Marsden Monthly Meeting, Lancashire 12 mo. 16, 1681 that Robert Holgate, "Intends to sail for America"  accordingly, 1 mo 16, 1682, a "certificate of removal" was granted him.  Before his departure, he became a First Puprchaser from William Penn of 250 acres of land in Pensylvania.  Then, it would seem, he crrossed the sea, preceding Penn to the Province, and 7 mo. 11.1682, procured from William Markham, the Deputy Governor and the Commissioners, a warrant which caused his land to be surveyed, the 25th of the same month, on the east bak of Neshaminy Creek in Bucks County



1.6 John HOLGATE

Birth:      19 Jun 1664, England


1.7 Mary HOLGATE

Birth:      17 Mar 1668, England


Spouse:     William KIPPAX

Marr:       1704



Birth:      28 Feb 1670, England


Spouse:     William ATKINSIN

Marr:       1694, Grindleton


1.9 James HOLGATE


 James Holgate who came over on the "Rebecca" with

Matthew Holgate as a servant for a Cureton family.






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