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Famous and Notables
Some of the historically notable and interesting ancestors and cousins found in this data.

Prepared descendancy reports in text format. You can view and save the file to your computer for your use.
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Schueth Downline Names
Rice Downline Names
Conger Downline Names
Schindler Downline Names
Rabbass Downline Names
Thiele Downline Names
Tagel Downline Names
Connelly Downline Names
Starr family descendancy
Kallhoff descendancy
Ludwick descendancy text
Latzel descendancy txt file
Baskins Descendants
Sage descendants

Prepared ancestry reports in text format. You can view and save the file to your own computer for your use.
When viewing the reports, the named person is number '1'. Parents are number 2, Grandparents are number 3, etc...
Henry Schueth ancestors
Elizabeth Thiele ancestors
Alva J Rice ancestors
Selma Rabbass ancestors
Fred Schindler ancestry.txt
Lucy Tagel pedigree text
Roy Conger ancestors
Margaret Connelly ancestors
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