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1) The information contained within these pages is not guaranteed accurate. Upon request I will gladly supply what references/sources I have on particular persons or relationships.

2) To protect the privacy of individuals, I have attempted to remove the information on living individuals from these pages. If anyone finds information that should not be here, please email me and I will gladly remove it.

3) All pages updated October 2000 unless otherwise indicated.

I am changing ISP's again, so I have another new email address, I will change it on this page, but it will not change on my other pages until I update the entire bunch. The genealogy web pages will not move.

These are our family lines I am researching:

BulletAllen Family
BulletBearden Family
BulletBramlett Family
BulletBriscoe Family
BulletBusey Family
BulletFloyd Family
BulletGreenhaw Family *** Updated 1/22/2001 - New information!! ***
BulletHaynes Family
BulletHead Family
BulletIngram Family
BulletJones Family
BulletMcMeans Family
BulletMcNeely Family
BulletMeacham Family
BulletPitts Family
BulletRubicam Family
BulletShelton Family
BulletSmith Family *** Updated 3/26/2002 ***
BulletVarnell Family
BulletWhisenant Family
BulletWilson/Farris Family

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