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Bowles Family

Due to the extensive documentation supplied by Connie Riley with her Bowles material I have had to split the family into a number of pages. This was necessary in order to keep the gedcom files small enough to download in a reasonable amount of time.

    Valentine Bowles is the first of the family to be listed. Jane, Joseph and John Baptist Bowles, the next pages in order, are Valentine's 2nd great grandchildren and children of John Bowles and Monica Daft. John Baptist's children are listed separately because his children have many notes, references, and large families whose descendants also are well documented.

Valentine Bowles

Children of John Bowles Jane Bowles John Baptist Bowles Joseph Bowles

Children of John Baptist Bowles
Walter Bowles

James Bowles

Clara Bowles

Leo Bowles

Catherine Bowles

Cecelia Bowles

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