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Philip Drury and Ann Newton

Philip Drury and his wife "Ann" Newton (also variously listed as Bibianna and Emerentia) were married in 1770 and had their first child, Bernard, the following year. By 1795 when Philip wrote his Will,  he stated that he had 9 children though only Bernard and his youngest, John, (under 5 years old at the time) were mentioned. From church and census records we have accounted for all but three. One was born in the early 1770's and the other two in the 1780's. No record of Philip's birth has been positively identified nor, in consequence, have his parents. Ann's father was Clement Newton but her mother is unknown.

There has been speculation that the older boy (born in the 1770's) was named either Ignatius or Zachariah but nothing positive has been developed. The Ignatius in question is speculated to be the Ignatius who married Mary Goldsborough but other sources have suggested that this Ignatius' father was named Bernard (not Bernard son of Philip).

The other suggestion, again without any basis, is that this son was Zachariah Drury who moved to Kentucky in 1797 and married Jane Molohon. If this Zachariah Drury was a son of Philip and a brother of Bernard, then it would provide additional reason for Bernard to move to Kentucky during the War of 1812 as he did.

The following questions need research in regard to this family:


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