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Peter Drury and Jane


Peter Drury wrote his Will and died in 1770. In the Will he named only his son Michael as Executor and sole legatee.We are certain he had at least two other sons and, given the mores of the times, probably had more. Most of the Drurys had large families both for economic reasons (providing labor on the farms), and religious since they were for the most part Roman Catholic and were urged by the Church to have many children to propagate the faith.

We find at least four males and two females who could be children of John Drury (d. by 1724). These were Robert (mentioned in John's inventory and accts); Peter; John (who married Susanna Hayden in 1734); Thomas mentioned (Admin accts 30:94) as married by 15 May 1751 to Mary administratrix of James Duff, and also as a debtor to the estate of John Edwards in 1743; Tecla (married by 1735 to Enoch Joy); and Jane who Tecla refers to as her sister.

Unfortunately there were a number of Drury families in the decades between 1700 and the American Revolution in 1775 whose records, for whatever reasons, failed to survive. This has made it extremely difficult to assign individuals to the correct parents. To compound the difficulty there is confusion about the names of Peter's  wife or wives.

The lease for "Drury's Venture" in 1741 is one of the few solid reference documents we have. In it we are able to determine that Peter Drury is the son of John Drury who lived on part of  "Howard's Mount" and that the John Drury who married Susanna Hayden is his brother. The lease also lets us know that William Drury is the son of John and Susanna while Nicholas and Ignatius are confirmed as additional sons of Peter and his wife Jane_______.

Unfortunately we have no maiden name for Jane or any sort of marriage date. I have seen speculation that they were married by 1725 but that is merely a guess. To confuse the issue still more, Mary Donnelly, whose assertions are admittedly suspect unless backed up with solid citations, tells us that his wife was Ann Bailey the daughter of John Bailey and Ann Morgan. If this was the case then when did this marriage take place? I have been able to find no hint of it.

The other children of this generation that we find sprinkled through the records could be children of Peter and Jane, of John and Susanna, of Thomas (married almost certainly for at least the second time by 1751), or possibly of the Robert cited in the inventory of John Drury (d. 1724) for whom we also have an undocumented marriage in 1725 to a Mary ________.

Therefore I pose the following questions:

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