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Welcome to Duane's Genealogy Pages.

The purpose of these pages is to list my family lineages for the following surnames: Backstrom/Bäckström, Beaman/Beeman, Cooley, Humphreys and Walters.

My Backstrom/Bäckström Lineage

My Backstrom/Bäckström Heritage

Including: Gren, Pettersson, Andersdotter, Nilsson, Larsdotter, Svensson.

My Beaman/Beeman Lineage

My Beaman/Beeman Heritage

Including: Dunn, Platter, Lamond, Hamilton, Loar, Eckhart, Wittmeyer,
Turnbull, Noble, Poling, Bell, Jennes, Auldcorn.

My Cooley Lineage

My Cooley Heritage

Including: O'Brien, Dougherty, Fordyce, Hyatt, Lewis, Gott.

My Humphreys Lineage

My Humphreys Heritage

Including: Price, Shanaberger, Davies, Pemberton, Lloyd.

My Walters Lineage

My Walters Heritage

Including: Wilson, Carr, Swaney, Batto, Fordyce, Hyatt.

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Info on Kathryn Cooley Miller's Cooley-Walters genealogy book

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