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Date of Issue Surname/Alias Occupation Town/Village County/Country
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25th November 1837Macclean, Mr.ShopkeeperGreat MarlowBucks
27th August 1842Macdonald, Lieut-Colonel.WoolwichSurrey
25th March 1837MacGillicuddy, JohnGreat MarlowBucks
28th May 1842Machlan, CaptainWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Macintosh, Wm.GamekeeperFawleyBerks
15th September 1827Macnamara, M.BuckinghamBucks
9th September 1826Macnamara, M.BuckinghamBucks
17th September 1842Maddeford, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
2nd July 1842Maddeford, MrsStainesMiddlesex
8th March 1834Maddock, Robert, Mr.CarpenterGreat MarlowBucks
30th July 1842Maddocks, Robert, Mr.ChurchwardenGreat MarlowBucks
2nd July 1842Madkins, JamesSteeple ClaydonBucks
19th May 1827Maggs, John, MrReadingBerks
2nd July 1842Magnay, JamesBledlowBucks
2nd July 1842Magnay, WilliamBledlowBucks
30th July 1842MagniacScholarEtonBucks
11th June 1842MagniaeEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
1st October 1836MaherWindsorBerks
16th September 1837Maher, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th September 1837Maher, Mr.Englefield Green ?Berks
12th November 1842Maish, ThomasPolicemanHortonBucks
21st September 1827Maitland, E.F, esq.CookhamBerks
29th April 1837Maitland, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
3rd December 1842Maitland, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Majesty, (Queen Victoria)WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Major, HenryMaidenheadBerks
21st September 1827Makepeace, Chas., esq.WarfieldBerks
21st September 1827Makepeace, Wm., esq.WarfieldBerks
12th November 1836Malcolm, LadyWindsor ?Berks
11th June 1842Malcomb, LadyWindsorBerks
30th July 1842MaleySerjeantUxbridgeMiddlesex
4th March 1837Malins, RichardBracknellBerks
4th March 1837Malins, RichardWarfieldBerks
5th May 1827Mallett, Mr.WinkfieldBerks
20th May 1837MallisowWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Malony, MichaelWindsorBerks
7th May 1842Malony, MichaelBricklayerWindsorBerks
14th January 1837Maltby, MrSolicitor ?AylesburyBucks
1st July 1837Maltby, Mr.Solicitor ?EtonBucks
28th July 1827Maltby, Mr.HanslopeBucks
26th February 1842Malthouse, AlfredHounslowMiddlesex
9th September 1826Mander, RichardGamekeeperIverBucks
22nd October 1842Manders, ElizaWater StratfordBucks
11th August 1827ManganAylesburyBucks
31st December 1836Mangles, Martin, Esq.ChertseySurrey
31st December 1842Mangles, Mrs.WindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Mangles, Rev.Mr.ChertseySurrey
20th October 1827Manley, BerryWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Manley, BerryWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Manley, JamesWindsorBerks
14th October 1837Manley, JamesClewerBerks
28th April 1827Manley, JamesWindsorBerks
30th June 1827Manley, JamesWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Manley, Mr. C junWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Manley, Mr. C senWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Manly [?], JaneServantCookhamBerks
28th May 1842Manners, George, LordWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Manners, HenryIverBucks
5th February 1842Manners, HenryAmersham ?Bucks
9th April 1842Manners, HenryWindsorBerks
27th February 1836Mans [?], ThomasAbingdonBerks
10th November 1827Mansel, H.L., Rev.MagistrateAylesburyBucks
22nd October 1842Mansfield, WilliamChetwodeBucks
2nd June 1827Mansfield, William, Mr.BayntonOxfordshire
4th June 1842Mantell, George, MrRoyal College of SurgeonsFaringdonBerks
21st September 1827Mantill, GeorgePortBerks
9th September 1826March, JohnEtonBucks
22nd January 1842March, LordWindsorBerks
11th June 1842MarconEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
28th May 1842MarconWindsorBerks
9th July 1842MarconScholarEtonBucks
8th March 1834Margeston, WilliamEtonBucks
17th March 1827MarkhamAylesburyBucks
20th October 1827Markham, BenjaminWatchmanAylesburyBucks
20th October 1827Markham, David Frederick, Rev.Prebendary WindsorBerks
4th June 1842Markham, Rev.Dr.WindsorBerks
8th December 1827Markham, Rev.Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Markham, Shem BaxterMaidsmortonBucks
28th July 1827Marks, HenryWinslowBucks
27th October 1827Marks, JohnIverBucks
15th September 1827Marks, RQuaintonBucks
9th September 1826Marks, RichardQuaintonBucks
28th July 1827Marks, SamuelWinslowBucks
28th July 1827Marks, StephenWinslowBucks
5th May 1827Marks, Wm.PrivateWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Marlborough, Duke ofWinchendonBucks
9th September 1826Marlborough, Duke ofWinchendon, Waddesdon, Ham, and Westcott.Bucks
19th May 1827MarlinBooksellerAylesburyBucks
21st January 1837MarlinIverBucks
7th October 1837MarlinWindsorBerks
14th April 1827Marlin, JohnKingston-upon-thamesSurrey
30th September 1826Marlin, Joseph, Mr.OxfordOxfordshire
18th June 1842Marlin, MrCoronerWindsorBerks
12th August 1837Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
12th March 1842Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
14th October 1837Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
26th November 1842Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
30th September 1826Marlin, Mr.BagshotBerks
3rd December 1836Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
5th March 1836Marlin, Mr.AssessorWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Marlin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Marlin, Mr.Assessor for the BoroughWindsorBerks
9th July 1842Marlin, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th March 1842Marlin, T.W., Mr.AssessorsWindsorBerks
1st September 1827Marquetit, MasterWindsorBerks
11th June 1842MarriotEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
30th July 1842MarriottScholarEtonBucks
10th March 1827Marritt, ThomasBerks
10th September 1842Marrs [?], GeorgeWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Marryatt, T.W., Mr.SunburyMiddlesex
1st October 1842MarshPupilEtonBucks
15th March 1834Marsh, GeorgeHortonBucks
21st April 1827Marsh, Harry, Mr.ReadingBerks
16th September 1837Marsh, Mr.ChertseySurrey
17th September 1842Marsh, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
2nd July 1842Marsh, Mr.GardenerStainesMiddlesex
15th September 1827Marshall, C.Hedgerley DeanBucks
9th September 1826Marshall, C.Hedgerley DeanBucks
2nd September 1837Marshall, Chapman, Sir.WindsorBerks
17th September 1842Marshall, Charles, Mr.Stoke PogesBucks
10th September 1842Marshall, CharlotteWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Marshall, J.F, RevEtonBucks
22nd October 1842Marshall, JamesComptonBerks
1st October 1842Marshall, Mr.Berks
27th February 1836Marshall, RachaelBerks
21st April 1827Marshall, W.H.Vestry ClerkCheshamBucks
24th December 1842Marshall, WilliamDenhamBucks
2nd September 1826Marshall, Wm., Rev.IslingtonLondon
27th January 1827Marsham, LordOxfordshire
15th September 1827Marsham, Rec.CCaversfieldBucks
9th September 1826Marsham, Rec.CCaversfieldBucks
24th November 1827MartinChertseySurrey
8th October 1842Martin, A Montgomery, Esq.EtonBucks
12th November 1836Martin, George, Mr.Collector of Burnham DistrictBurnhamBucks
2nd April 1842Martin, JamesEtonBucks
10th December 1842Martin, JohnEtonBucks
6th February 1836Martin, JohnEtonBucks
22nd October 1842Martin, JosiahShalbourneBerks
11th June 1842Martin, MrCoronerWindsorBerks
17th September 1842Martin, Mr.Stoke PogesBucks
23rd September 1837Martin, Mr.Beer-shop keeperEtonBucks
25th March 1837Martin, Mr.Collector of Poor RatesBurnhamBucks
28th January 1837Martin, Mr.CoronerWindsorBerks
7th April 1827Martin, Mr.SolicitorLondon
13th May 1837Martin, Mr. GeorgeCollector Eton UnionEtonBucks
21st October 1837Martin, Mrs.Beer-shop keeperBurnhamBucks
16th April 1842Martin, RichardGreat MarlowBucks
26th November 1842Martin, RichardBucks
2nd July 1842Martin, RichardGreat MarlowBucks
21st September 1827Martin, Sir H.W., bart.LockingeBerks
20th October 1827Martin, ThomasBasildonBerks
2nd July 1842Martin, Thos.Newport PagnalBucks
14th January 1837Martin, WilliamBucks
20th October 1827Martin, WilliamWantageBerks
24th November 1827Martin, WilliamWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Martini, Frederick"Man Monkey"WindsorBerks
15th October 1842Martyn, Capt.WindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Martyn, CaptainWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Martyn, Rev.T.LudgershallBucks
10th March 1827Maryborough, LordBucks
17th March 1827Maryborough, LordBucks ?
1st September 1827Maryborough, LordWindsorBerks
21st May 1842Maryborough, LordLondon
22nd December 1827Maryborough, LordHenleyOxfordshire
5th April 1834Maryborough, LordFern HillBerks
9th June 1827Maryborough, LordWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Maryborough, Right Hon LordEtonBucks
20th August 1842MaskellWindsorBerks
1st July 1837Maskell [?], ElizabethWindsorBerks
5th March 1836Maskell, AnnEtonBucks
29th April 1837Maskell, ElizabethServantWindsorBerks
25th August 1827Maslin, CharlesWinkfieldBerks
21st September 1827Maslin, Chas.WinkfieldBerks
21st September 1827Maslin, Wm.WinkfieldBerks
1st September 1827MasonWindsorBerks
19th November 1842Mason, C.C.MadrasIndia
26th March 1842Mason, E., Mr.Coal SellerWindsorBerks
9th April 1842Mason, E., Mr.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Mason, EdmundEast BurnhamBucks
9th September 1826Mason, EdmundEast BurnhamBucks
31st March 1827Mason, Edmund BritwellBucks
1st October 1836Mason, Edmund, Mr.UptonBucks
6th August 1842Mason, Edw., Mr.UptonBucks
5th April 1834Mason, EdwardOverseer of the PoorNew WindsorBerks
30th September 1826Mason, Eliz., Mrs.Braughing
28th April 1827Mason, ElizabethAylesburyBucks
2nd April 1842Mason, F[?], Mr.WindsorBerks
26th November 1842Mason, George alias Thomas, JohnWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Mason, H.B.IverBucks
9th September 1826Mason, H.B.IverBucks
27th February 1836Mason, J, Mr.EghamSurrey
16th January 1836Mason, JobBurnhamBucks
13th October 1827Mason, JohnWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Mason, JohnDrayton ParslowBucks
31st March 1827Mason, JohnCippenhamBucks
10th June 1837Mason, John Mr.CippenhamBerks
27th January 1827Mason, Joseph, Mr.Professor of DancingWindsor ?Berks
18th May 1839Mason, Messrs. J & EWindsorBerks
4th June 1842Mason, MrWindsorBerks
17th June 1837Mason, Mr.CippenhamBerks
1st October 1836Mason, Mr.Salt-hillBerks
1st October 1836Mason, Mr.SloughBucks
1st September 1827Mason, Mr.WindsorBerks
27th February 1836Mason, Mr.MillerSalthillBerks
27th January 1827Mason, Mr.Professor of DancingWindsor ?Berks
28th May 1842Mason, Mr.HayesMiddlesex
9th January 1836Mason, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Mason, R.P, Mr.StokeBucks
15th September 1827Mason, R.P.FarnhamBucks
9th September 1826Mason, R.P.Farnham RoyalBucks
30th September 1826Mason, Samuel, Mr.WalkenburyHerts
22nd December 1827Mason, T, Mr.Leicester SqLondon
15th September 1827Mason, WilliamFarnhamBucks
31st March 1827Mason, WilliamCippenhamBucks
8th March 1834Mason, WilliamCippenham BurnhamBucks
9th September 1826Mason, Wm.Farnham RoyalBucks
14th May 1842MasseyWindsorBerks
7th May 1842Massey, CharlesWindsorBerks
10th December 1836Massey, Wm.WindsorBerks
13th January 1827Massey, Wm.WooburnBucks
28th April 1827Massey, Wm.AylesburyBucks
19th March 1842Matheson, Rev.Dr.WindsorBerks
4th March 1837Mathews, ThomasHurleyBerks
21st September 1827Matthews, JethroGamekeeperCowarth.Berks
13th October 1827Matthews, JohnGamekeeperAshendonBucks
21st September 1827Matthews, JohnIngleshamBerks
21st September 1827Matthews, John, jun.ComptonBerks
1st October 1842Matthews, Mr.Maidenhead ?Berks
29th September 1827Matthews, Mr.BuckinghamBucks
11th March 1837Matthews, RichardChertseySurrey
21st September 1827Matthews, ThomasBeenhamBerks
21st September 1827Matthews, WalterHungerfordBerks
13th January 1827Matthews, WilliamLittle MissendenBucks
13th October 1827Matthews, WmGamekeeperAshendonBucks
15th September 1827Maul, WilliamMarsworthBucks
17th September 1842Maule, Messrs.BristolGloucestershire
1st October 1836Maule, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Mawdit, Mr.ConfectionerWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Mawditt, Mr.ConfectionerWindsorBerks
21st September 1827May, Chas.WokinghamBerks
4th March 1837May, DavidBerks
24th March 1838May, EdwardCarpenterEtonBucks
21st September 1827May, JamesReadingBerks
21st September 1827May, James, esq.ReadingBerks
22nd October 1842May, James, Esq.CoronerClewerBerks
24th December 1842May, James, Esq.CoronerWindsorBerks
27th February 1836May, James, Esq.CoronerClewerBerks
2nd April 1842May, Jas., Esq.CoronerWindsorBerks
11th February 1837May, Mr.High WycombeBucks
12th August 1837May, Mr.CoronerClewerBerks
21st July 1827May, Mr.LandlordUxbridgeMiddlesex
24th September 1842May, Mr.CoronerOld WindsorBerks
31st December 1836May, Mr.CoronerBirches-greenBerks
3rd December 1836May, Mr.CoronerMaidenheadBerks
15th April 1837May, Rev.Mr.ChertseySurrey
21st September 1827May, RichardBalkingBerks
21st September 1827May, Wm, esq.BurghfieldBerks
21st September 1827May, Wm.ReadingBerks
22nd June 1839MaydonUxbridgeMiddlesex
17th March 1827Maydon, GeorgeWinslowBucks
27th August 1842Maydon, ThomasHillingdonMiddlesex
21st September 1827Mayhard, Wm.NewburyBerks
22nd January 1842Maynard, CaptainWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Maynard, JaneWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Maynard, JaneWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Maynard, Jas., esq.WokinghamBerks
21st September 1827Maynard, JosephWargraveBerks
21st September 1827Maynard, Joseph, esq.WokinghamBerks
12th February 1842Maynard, Mr.Police SuperintendantBrightonSussex
1st October 1842Maynard, Mr.WargraveBerks
30th September 1826Maynard, Mr.London ?
29th December 1827Mayne, JamesServantWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Maynell, Capt., R.N.WindsorBerks
12th May 1827Mayner, WilliamWindsorBerks
13th August 1842Mayo, Mr.SolicitorUxbridgeMiddlesex
9th January 1836Mayor, WilliamWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Mayors, DanielBuckleburyBerks
12th August 1837Mayoss, MissSingerWindsorBerks
19th February 1842Mayoss, MissWindsorBerks
26th August 1837Mayoss, MissWindsorBerks
9th September 1837Mayoss, Miss.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839McArthur, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th February 1836McArthur, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1842McCallion, JamesPensionerEtonBucks
12th November 1842McCallum, Jas.PolicemanEtonBucks
6th August 1842McCann, JamesEtonBucks
2nd July 1842McCanna, LawrencePrivateWindsorBerks
5th November 1836McCellen, Mr.EghamSurrey
3rd November 1827McCullan [McMullan ?]AylesburyBucks
16th September 1837McCulloch, Mr.
22nd June 1839McCulloch, Mr.BeaconsfieldBucks
15th January 1842McDermott, LieutWindsorBerks
8th October 1842McDouall, ColonelWindsorBerks
3rd September 1842McDowall, Col.WindsorBerks
11th June 1842McDowall, ElizaWindsorBerks
2nd December 1837McGrigor, Roderick, Mr.IverBucks
5th May 1827McGuire, PatrickPrivateWindsorBerks
15th September 1827McIntoshGamekeeperFawley.Berks
21st September 1827McKeller, ColonelReadingBerks
22nd December 1827McLean, ColonelWindsorBerks
15th January 1842McLeod, JohnWindsorBerks
8th January 1842McLeod, JohnWindsorBerks
7th October 1837McMahon, Mr.ViolinistWindsorBerks
24th November 1827McMullan [?] [McCullan]EtonBucks
3rd November 1827McMullan [?] [McCullan]AylesburyBucks
4th August 1827McMullenEtonBucks
10th September 1842McNamara, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
18th May 1839McNevin, Mrs.WindsorBerks
22nd January 1842McNinney, JohnSailorWindsorBerks
5th May 1827McQueen, T.Potter, Esq.St.JamesLondon
9th September 1826Meacham, ThomasCalvertonBucks
2nd July 1842Meacher, Edward AugustusIvinghoeBucks
29th September 1827MeadWest WycombeBucks
15th September 1827Mead, G.JohnHogstoneBucks
2nd July 1842Mead, JohnSoulburyBucks
9th September 1826Mead, JohnHogstonBucks
28th April 1827Mead, John alias Bitmead [?], JohnHungerfordBerks
2nd July 1842Mead, JosephBucks
22nd October 1842Mead, LydiaCheshamBucks
25th November 1837Mead, WilliamGreat MarlowBucks
9th January 1836Meads, WmGreat MarlowBucks
27th February 1836Meads, Wm.BishamBerks
31st March 1827Mealy, R., Rev.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Mealy, Rev.Mr.WindsorBerks
4th November 1837MearsLaundressWindsorBerks
19th February 1842Mecovino, MissStainesMiddlesex
21st September 1827Medley, Chas.PortBerks
15th April 1837Medley, Messrs.WindsorBerks
29th April 1837Medley, Messrs.BankersUxbridgeMiddlesex
15th April 1837Medley, MrBankerUxbridgeMiddlesex
4th February 1837Medley, Mr.BankerWindsorBerks
18th February 1837Medley, O, Mr.BankerAylesburyBucks
18th February 1837Medley, W, Mr.BankerLondon
11th February 1837Medley, Wm, Mr.BankerWindsorBerks
11th February 1837Medley, Wm, Mr.BankerUxbridgeMiddlesex
28th January 1837Medley's [Bank]BankerWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Meekins, HannahColham-greenMiddlesex
1st October 1842Meekins, JohnLabourerColham-greenMiddlesex
6th August 1842Meekins, John, Mr.LandlordUxbridgeMiddlesex
27th August 1842Melbourne, LordUxbridgeMiddlesex
22nd January 1842Melbourne, ViscountWindsorBerks
30th June 1827Mellett, S., Mr.SadlerEghamSurrey
19th November 1842Mellish, JohnWyrardisburyBucks
2nd July 1842Mellor, JohnIvinghoeBucks
8th January 1842Melville, MrsActressWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Melville, Rev.E.Gt MissendenBucks
28th July 1827Mendy, WilliamChepping WycombeBucks
7th April 1827Mendy, WilliamLabourerHigh WycombeBucks
11th June 1842Mensdorf, CountWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Mepham, HenryServantChertseySurrey
30th July 1842Mercer, Messrs.UxbridgeMiddlesex
29th October 1842Mercer, Mr.FarmerIver ?Bucks
9th September 1826Mercer, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Mercers, Messrs.MillersUxbridgeMiddlesex
18th May 1839Mercier, Mr.WindsorBerks
7th January 1837Merewether, Mr. Sergt.WindsorBerks
30th April 1842Merewether, Mr.SergeantReadingBerks
19th March 1842Merewether, SergeantBarristerGreat MarlowBucks
26th March 1842Merewether, SergeantGreat MarlowBucks
1st October 1842Merlet, MFrench Master ?London
8th October 1842Merrick, JPloughmanLalehamMiddlesex
8th September 1827Merrick, JamesWindsorBerks
9th January 1836Merrick, JamesWindsorBerks
14th June 1834Merrick, Mr.EtonBucks
8th October 1842Merrick, T.A.PloughmanLalehamMiddlesex
14th April 1827Merryman, Mr.ChurchwardenWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Merryman, Mrs.WindsorBerks
17th May 1834Messrs. Ramsbottom and CoDraymenWindsorBerks
28th June 1834Messrs. Ramsbottom and CoEtonBucks
24th May 1834Messrs.Ramsbottom, and Co.,DraymenWindsorBerks
21st April 1827Meyer, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st April 1827Meyer, WilliamWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Meynell, Captain, R.N.WindsorBerks
27th August 1842Meynell, Henry, Captain R.N.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Meyrick, E EsqWindsorBerks
9th April 1842Meyrick, E., Esq.WindsorBerks
23rd September 1837Meyrick, Edward Esq.WindsorBerks
21st October 1837Meyrick, Mr.Market GardenerWindsorBerks
26th May 1827Micklem alias PadburyWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Micklem, HenryHurleyBerks
21st September 1827Micklem, JohnHurleyBerks
19th November 1842Micklem, R., Esq.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Micklem, RobertBrayBerks
26th November 1842Middleton, HenryEtonBucks
24th December 1842Middleton, ThomasIverBucks
30th July 1842MidgeleyScholarEtonBucks
11th June 1842Midjelly [?]Eton Scholar ?EtonBucks
8th December 1827Miguel, DonWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Milburn, KittyDrayton ParslowBucks
27th February 1836Mildenhall, Wm.LambournBerks
25th June 1842MilesScholarEtonBucks
9th July 1842MilesScholarEtonBucks
20th October 1827Miles, BenjaminSalt HillBerks
17th March 1827Miles, MartinStoke HammondBucks
27th February 1836Miles, MaryHungerfordBerks
4th March 1837Miles, MaryBerks
30th June 1827Miles, Mr.AylesburyBucks
12th April 1834Miles, WilliamWindsorBerks
19th November 1842Millar, GMadrasIndia
19th November 1842Millar, J., Capt.CaptainMadrasIndia
19th November 1842Millar, MariaMadrasIndia
28th January 1837MillardChimney-sweepWindsorBerks
4th February 1837MillardSweepWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Millard & Parrish, Messrs.WindsorBerks
14th July 1827Millard, IsaacNewburyBerks
7th July 1827Millard, IsaacNewburyBerks
11th June 1842Millard, MrMercer and hosierWindsorBerks
18th June 1842Millard, MrSilk-mercerWindsorBerks
13th August 1842Millard, Mr.WindsorBerks
25th June 1842Millard, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Millard, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th March 1842Millard, Mr.AssessorsWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Millard, Mr.WindsorBerks
7th January 1837Millard, WilliamClewerBerks
9th January 1836Millard, William HenryShopkeeperWindsorBerks
27th January 1827Millbourn, Martha, Mrs.EghamSurrey
11th June 1842MillerOxfordOxfordshire
15th October 1842MillerWindsorBerks
21st July 1827Miller, EdwardSutton WickBerks
13th January 1827Miller, JamesWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Miller, JamesCheshamBucks
12th November 1836Miller, Mr.High WycombeBucks
24th March 1838Miller, Mr.ChertseySurrey
5th March 1836Miller, Mr.AuditorWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Miller, Mr. JohnWindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Miller, Mrs.MarlowBucks
22nd October 1836Miller, ThomasSoldierWindsorBerks
27th February 1836Miller, Thomas, Mr.ChertseySurrey
25th March 1837MillerdWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Millerd, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Millett, W.P.ChaddleworthBerks
7th January 1837Millett, William PocockChaddleworthBerks
7th October 1837Milligan, CorporalCorporalWindsorBerks
22nd October 1836Millis, Mr.Coachman
23rd March 1834Millman, ColonelWindsorBerks
11th June 1842MillsEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
21st September 1827Mills, AlfredNewburyBerks
16th July 1842Mills, Chas., Esq.Little HillingdonMiddlesex
12th November 1842Mills, Geo., Mr.MayorSunburyMiddlesex
12th April 1834Mills, GeorgeWaggonerBucks
2nd April 1842Mills, HenryEghamSurrey
11th June 1842Mills, Henry, Mr.ChurchwardenEghamSurrey
28th July 1827Mills, JohnHanslopeBucks
10th September 1842Mills, Mr and Mrs.Landlord and LandladySunbury CommonMiddlesex
15th January 1842Mills, Mr.EghamSurrey
1st October 1842Mills, Mr.CookhamBerks
23rd July 1842Mills, Mr.MagistrateUxbridgeMiddlesex
26th November 1842Mills, Mr.CarpenterEtonBucks
30th April 1842Mills, Mr.ReadingBerks
4th November 1837Mills, Mr.CouncillorsMaidenheadBerks
21st September 1827Mills, Rev.Wm.ShillingfordBerks
25th June 1842Mills, SarahWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Mills, SarahWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Mills, ThomasWindsorBerks
22nd December 1827Mills, Thomas, jun.Old WindsorBerks
9th September 1826Mills, Thos.Old WindsorBerks
9th September 1826Mills, Thos., jun.Old WindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Mills, WilliamWindsorBerks
28th July 1827Mills, WmHughendenBucks
22nd July 1837Milman, ColonelWindsorBerks
15th March 1834Milman, H.H., Rev.EtonBucks
2nd July 1842Milner, GeorgeEast HagbourneBerks
21st September 1827Milsum, ThomasGamekeeperWest ChallowBerks
28th July 1827Milton, MatthewCoach ProprietorWindsorBerks
22nd December 1827Milton, Mr.Coach ProprietorWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Minell, AnthonyPolicemanWexhamBucks
9th January 1836Minell, Wm.WindsorBerks
29th January 1842Mines, James, Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Mines, JohnUptonBucks
18th May 1839Mines, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Minney, JeffreyOlneyBucks
18th May 1839Minton, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Minton, Mr.WindsorBerks
29th January 1842Minton, Mr.ButcherWindsorBerks
29th October 1842Minton, Mr.SonningBerks
2nd April 1842Minton, Mr.ButcherWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Minton, Mr.ButcherWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Miritland [??], E.P., esq.RemenhamBerks
28th May 1842Mitcham, FrederickStaines ?Middlesex
25th June 1842MitchellMarlowBucks
29th January 1842MitchellLangleyBucks
5th May 1827Mitchell, EdwardHarpenden
23rd July 1842Mitchell, HenryStokeBucks
3rd December 1842Mitchell, HiltonIverBucks
27th August 1842Mitchell, MissWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Mitchell, MissActressWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Mitchell, Miss.WindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Mitchell, Miss.WindsorBerks
12th March 1842Mitchell, Mr.EtonBucks
17th September 1842Mitchell, Mr.Piltdown???
4th November 1837Mitchell, Mr.WindsorBerks
7th October 1837Mitchell, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th October 1842Mitchell, Mr.OrganistEtonBucks
10th June 1837Mitchell, RichardSonningBerks
16th July 1842Mitchell, ThomasStoke PogesBucks
1st October 1842Mitchell, ThomasStoke PogesBucks
14th April 1827Mitchelson, AlexanderKingston-upon-thamesSurrey
23rd July 1842Mitchener, HenryWindsorBerks
11th November 1837Mitchiner, MrAuditorUxbridgeMiddlesex
21st September 1827Mitford[?], G., esq.ShinfieldBerks
21st May 1842Moffatt, Rev.Mr.MissionaryHigh WycombeBucks
14th January 1837Mold, EdwardLuggershallBucks
11th June 1842MolePolicemanWindsorBerks
16th July 1842MolePolicemanWindsorBerks
20th May 1837MolePolicemanWindsorBerks
28th January 1837MoleConstableWindsorBerks
31st December 1836MolePolicemanWindsorBerks
6th August 1842MolePolicemanWindsorBerks
12th April 1834Mole, JohnWatchmanWindsorBerks
20th October 1827Mole, JohnWindsorBerks
25th March 1837Mole, JohnConstableWindsorBerks
5th March 1836Moles, JohnPolicemanWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842MonaghanPolice SerjeantHillingdonMiddlesex
6th August 1842MonaghanPolice-serjeantHillingdonMiddlesex
30th July 1842MonckScholarEtonBucks
9th June 1827Monck, J.B., Esq.ReadingBerks
21st April 1827Monck, Mr.ReadingBerks
11th June 1842Moncrief, ColonelWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Money, AnneWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Money, JamesWindsorBerks
13th January 1827Money, JamesWindsorBerks
28th October 1837Money, JohnUxbridgeMiddlesex
22nd October 1842Money, Joseph, Mr.ClewerBerks
25th June 1842Money, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
29th April 1837Monk
2nd July 1842Monk, AnnWatchfieldBerks
22nd October 1842Monk, Jos.BiertonBucks
24th November 1827Monk, SophiaServantAylesburyBucks
2nd July 1842Monk, Wm.WatchfieldBerks
20th October 1827Monro, Mr.SolicitorBucks
28th July 1827Monro, Mr.Solicitor ?Bucks
28th May 1842Monroe, Mr.HayesMiddlesex
21st September 1827Montagu, Spence DudleySandlefordBerks
29th December 1827Montague, Capt.ReadingBerks
15th September 1827Montague, LordStokeBucks
15th September 1827Montague, LordDatchetBucks
17th September 1842Montague, LordBucks
27th October 1827Montague, LordDraytonBucks
9th September 1826Montague, LordStokeBucks
9th September 1826Montague, LordDittonBucks
26th November 1842Montague, Lord.DatchetBucks
21st September 1827Montague, Wm.MaidenheadBerks
2nd July 1842Montague, Wm.TaplowBucks
8th October 1842Montgomery, Alfred, Esq.SecretaryLondon
1st July 1837Montrose, Charles the 10th DukeWindsorBerks
16th September 1826MoodyWindsorBerks
23rd September 1837MoodyCoach Proprietor ?Windsor ?Berks ?
29th December 1827MoodyWindsorBerks
2nd June 1827MoodyCoach ProprietorWindsorBerks
8th June 1839MoodyEton ScholarEtonBucks
1st October 1836Moody, John, Mr.
14th May 1842Moody, Mr.Englefield GreenBerks
29th January 1842Moody, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th February 1842Moody, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Moody, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Moody, Mrs.WindsorBerks
24th November 1827Moody, WilliamWindsorBerks
1st October 1836Moody, Wm., Mr.WindsorBerks
9th July 1842MoolleyScholarEtonBucks
10th September 1842Moon, Mr.KingstonSurrey
14th January 1837Mooney, EdwardAylesburyBucks
23rd April 1842Mooney, JohnFormer SoldierWindsorBerks
11th February 1837Moor, JamesGodalmingSurrey
1st July 1837Moore, A, Esq.TreasurerWindsorBerks
23rd September 1837Moore, E, Hon., and Rev.CanonWindsorBerks
16th April 1842Moore, HenryMaidenheadBerks
2nd September 1837Moore, JaneMistress of School of IndustryUxbridgeMiddlesex
14th January 1837Moore, JohnAmershamBucks
21st May 1842Moore, Margret, MrsUxbridgeMiddlesex
20th February 1836Moore, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Moore, Mr. HWindsorBerks
22nd October 1836Moore, PhilipHigh WycombeBucks
27th February 1836Moore, RichardArdingtonBerks
11th August 1827Moore, T.A., Mr.WindsorBerks
12th November 1842Moore, Thomas Arthur, Esq.TreasurerWindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Moore, Thomas, Mr.Borough TreasurerWindsorBerks
20th February 1836Moore, Thos. AWindsorBerks
31st December 1842Moore, W, Mr.WindsorBerks
13th May 1837Moore, W.J., Rev.WindsorBerks
15th March 1834Moore, W.J., Rev.WindsorBerks
1st July 1837Moore, W.J., Rev.CurateWindsorBerks
31st May 1834Moore, W.J., Rev.WindsorBerks
27th February 1836Moore, WilliamArdingtonBerks
13th January 1827Mooring, Edward alias Church, Wm.AylesburyBucks
21st September 1827Morant, G., esq.CookhamBerks
19th March 1842Mordaunt, J., SirGreat MarlowBucks
27th January 1827Moreland, S.B., SirOxfordshire
2nd December 1837Moreton, BenjaminBucks
24th March 1838Moreton, H., Mr.High WycombeBucks
16th September 1837Moreton, JohnCottagersWindsorBerks
29th December 1827Moreton, Mr., jur.WindsorBerks
21st October 1837MorganComedianChertseySurrey
9th September 1826Morgan, A., Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
15th September 1827Morgan, Alfred., Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
9th September 1826Morgan, E., Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
15th September 1827Morgan, Edward, Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
9th September 1826Morgan, F., Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
15th September 1827Morgan, Frederick, Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
17th February 1827Morgan, G., Esq.High SheriffAylesburyBucks
15th September 1827Morgan, Geo., Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
9th September 1826Morgan, Geo., Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
9th September 1826Morgan, H., Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
15th September 1827Morgan, Henry.J., Esq.BiddlesdenBucks
30th July 1842Morgan, JamesWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Morgan, JohnWinslowBucks
12th March 1842Morgan, Mrs.WindsorBerks
19th March 1842Morgan, Mrs.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Morgan, RobertGamekeeperTickford Priory.Bucks
9th September 1826Morgan, RobertGamekeeperTickford PrioryBucks
1st July 1837Morgan, WilliamChimney SweepWindsorBerks
20th May 1837Morgan, WilliamWindsorBerks
3rd December 1836Mori, Mr.Walton on ThamesSurrey
23rd September 1826MorlandBricklayerGodlamingSurrey
17th March 1827Morland, B., Esq.Berks ?
21st September 1827Morland, Benjamin, esq.SandfordBerks
20th October 1827Morland, S.B., SirBucks
9th September 1826Morland, S.B., Sir.Great & Little KimbleBucks
21st September 1827Morland, Wm., senWest IlsleyBerks
15th September 1827Morland,.Scrope Bernard Morland, Sir Bart.Great KimbleBucks
12th February 1842Morley, Mr.Berks
5th February 1842Morley, Mr.BurnhamBucks
21st April 1827Morley, Rev.AylesburyBucks
8th October 1842Mornington, Right Hon. Earl ofEtonBucks
14th May 1842Morpeth, ViscountEtonBucks
21st September 1827Morrell, MarkWallingfordBerks
18th May 1839Morrell, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th September 1826Morrice, G.Newport PagnellBucks
1st April 1837MorrisWindsorBerks
25th June 1842MorrisWindsorBerks
25th March 1837MorrisWindsorBerks
5th May 1827MorrisDraytonMiddlesex
26th February 1842Morris, Eliza alias BatonWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Morris, GeorgeStony StratfordBucks
12th February 1842Morris, J., MrsHigh WycombeBucks
9th September 1826Morris, J., Vice.Adm. Sir.Great MarlowBucks
22nd January 1842Morris, James, Admiral SirGreat MarlowBucks
19th November 1842Morris, JohnTeddingtonMiddlesex
1st October 1842Morris, JohnBucks
23rd July 1842Morris, JohnSloughBucks
26th November 1842Morris, JohnTeddingtonMiddlesex
13th October 1827Morris, John, Mr.Upper WinchendonBucks
18th June 1842Morris, MaryWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Morris, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Morris, Rev.Thos.WokinghamBerks
12th February 1842Morris, T., Esq.KensingtonBerks
22nd October 1842Morris, Wm.Little MarlowBucks
29th April 1837Morrison, Rev.Dr.StainesMiddlesex
30th July 1842Morrison, Sarah MariaWindsorBerks
30th July 1842Morrison, Wm.WindsorBerks
13th May 1837Morten, Henry, Mr.BuilderUxbridgeMiddlesex
3rd September 1842MortimerLondon
30th September 1826Mortimer, Mr.WingBucks
15th September 1827Mortimer, WilliamWingBucks
14th January 1837Morton, JamesWindsorBerks
3rd February 1827Morton, JamesPork ButcherWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Morton, James, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th February 1842Morton, LordWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Morton, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Morton, Mr.ButcherWindsorBerks
31st December 1836Morton, Mr.BooksellerWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Morton, Mr. JamesWindsorBerks
13th January 1827Morton, RichardPorterWindsorBerks
20th October 1827Morton, RichardWindsorBerks
31st May 1834Morton, Samuel jun.Occassional WaiterWindsorBerks
25th June 1842MoseleyScholarEtonBucks
11th June 1842MoselyEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
18th May 1839Moses, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st October 1837MossWatchman ?WindsorBerks
10th March 1827Moss, BenjaminWantageBerks
14th January 1837Moss, ElizabethFulmarBucks
1st January 1842Moss, John, Mr.EngineerMarlowBucks
30th July 1842Moss, John, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
3rd September 1842Moss, Mr and Mrs.WindsorBerks
14th January 1837Moss, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
22nd April 1837Moss, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
25th November 1837Moss, Mr.Guardian of the PoorGreat MarlowBucks
27th February 1836Moss, Mr.Surgeon ?ClewerBerks
3rd March 1827Moss, Mr.Machine MakerHenley-on-ThamesOxfordshire
5th February 1842Moss, Mr.SurgeonWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Moss, ThomasBlewburyBerks
14th January 1837Moss, ThomasFulmarBucks
29th October 1836Moss, ThomasIverBucks
18th May 1839Moss, W EsqWindsorBerks
10th December 1842Moss, WilliamWindsorBerks
14th January 1837Moss, WilliamFulmarBucks
23rd July 1842Moss, WilliamHitchamBucks
29th October 1836Moss, WilliamIverBucks
22nd October 1842Moss, WmHitchamBucks
17th December 1842Moss, Wm.HitchamBucks
24th February 1827Mossington, MosesGreat MarlowBucks
17th November 1827Mostyn, Thomas, SirAylesburyBucks
24th March 1827Mostyn, Thos., Mr.Bucks
30th April 1842Moulden[?]EghamSurrey
18th November 1837Moule, Rev. Mr.High WycombeBucks
10th June 1837Moulton, Mr.ActorWindsorBerks
12th August 1837Moulton, Mr.Comic SingerWindsorBerks
26th August 1837Moulton, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th September 1837Moulton, Mr.WindsorBerks
11th June 1842MountEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
30th July 1842MountScholarEtonBucks
9th July 1842MountScholarEtonBucks
21st September 1827Mount, EdwardsEddingtonBerks
7th January 1837Mount, Mr.Berks
2nd July 1842Mount, W., Esq.AbingdonBerks
21st September 1827Mount, William, esq.OareBerks
21st September 1827Mount, Wm., esq.WasingBerks
28th April 1827Mount, Wm., Esq.WasingBerks
11th March 1837MountainEtonBucks
1st October 1836MountjoyWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Mountjoy, Mr.EalingMiddlesex
17th September 1842Mountjoy, Mr.EalingMiddlesex
23rd September 1837Mountjoy, Mr.
8th April 1837Mouren, John Thos.Langley MarishBucks
16th January 1836Moxon, JohnHigh WycombeBucks
1st October 1842Mr.Peto, sen.CookhamBerks
20th February 1836Mr.WilliamsWindsorBerks
26th February 1842Mulford, MarthaBedfontMiddlesex
14th July 1827Mulford, MaryNewburyBerks
7th July 1827Mulford, MaryNewburyBerks
10th September 1842Mulford, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th August 1842Mulford, Mr.WindsorBerks
27th August 1842Mulford, Mr.Stage-managerWindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Mulford, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th August 1837Mulford, MrsActressWindsorBerks
10th December 1842Mulholland, MaryServantEtonBucks
10th September 1842Mumford, Mr.ChobhamSurrey
19th March 1842MundayBeer Shop KeeperKnowle-greenMiddlesex
2nd July 1842Munday, John alias WinternIvinghoeBucks
21st September 1827Mundy, Jas.H.UffingtonBerks
21st September 1827Mundy, Steph., jun.KenningtonBerks
16th April 1842Munro, Jos.ChasUxbridgeMiddlesex
24th March 1838Muross, ThomasHorse BreakerEtonBucks
29th January 1842Murphy, WilliamWindsorBerks
13th August 1842Murray, C.A., Hon.WindsorBerks
15th October 1842Murray, C.A., Hon.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Murray, C.A., Hon.WindsorBerks
22nd June 1839Murray, C.J.UxbridgeMiddlesex
21st September 1827Murray, C.S., Esq.HambledonBucks
2nd December 1837Murray, Charles JamesUxbridgeMiddlesex
23rd July 1842Murray, Charles Scott, Esq.MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Murray, Chas.Scott, Esq.HambledonBucks
3rd November 1827Murray, Dr.MapledurhamBerks
27th May 1837Murray, G.H., Esq.ChertseySurrey
8th October 1842Murray, Hon Mr.WindsorBerks
27th August 1842Murray, Hon. Miss.WindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Murray, Hon.Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Murray, JamesUxbridgeMiddlesex
26th November 1842Murray, Mr.Auctioneer & Wine MerchantUxbridgeBucks
10th June 1837Murray, Mrs.HenleyOxfordshire
19th November 1842Murray, Scott, Esq.HambledonBucks
12th February 1842Murrell, Mr.Berks
19th March 1842Murrell, Mr.Berks ?
22nd December 1827Musgrave, George.M., Rev.Windsor ?Berks
18th March 1837Musgrave, Rev. Mr.Canon in ResidenceWindsorBerks
11th June 1842MyersEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
30th July 1842MyersScholarEtonBucks
16th April 1842Myers, J.D., Mr.FaringtonBerks
16th April 1842Myers, L., Mr.FaringtonBerks
21st September 1827Myers, LancelotGamekeeperLangford.Berks
20th October 1827Myers, ThomasLangfordBerks
21st September 1827Myers, Thomas Langford.Berks
21st September 1827Myers, Thos.LangfordBerks

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