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The Windsor & Eton Express Surname Index "J"

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Date of Issue Surname/Alias Occupation Town/Village County/Country
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10th March 1827Jackman, CharlesWinkfieldBerks
10th November 1827Jackman, Mr.PerformerAylesburyBucks
11th February 1837Jackman, Mr.Theatre Troup ManagerUxbridgeMiddlesex
15th September 1827Jackman, Mr.PerformerBedfordBedfordshire
30th September 1826Jackman, Mr.SalesmanAylesburyBucks
3rd November 1827Jackman, Mr.PerformerAylesburyBucks
1st October 1836JacksonWindsorBerks
21st July 1827Jackson, AnnFenny StratfordBucks
14th July 1827Jackson, CharlesWindsorBerks
17th March 1827Jackson, CharlesWindsorBerks
28th April 1827Jackson, CharlesWindsorBerks
7th July 1827Jackson, CharlesWindsorBerks
9th December 1837Jackson, G., Rev.Wesleyan MinisterWindsorBerks
19th May 1827Jackson, George, Esq.ReadingBerks
21st September 1827Jackson, HenryNewburyBerks
4th March 1837Jackson, JamesFaringdonBerks
21st July 1827Jackson, JohnFenny StratfordBucks
21st May 1842Jackson, John, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Jackson, JosephPloughmanWyrardisburyBucks
24th December 1836Jackson, LouisaWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Jackson, Messrs.KingstonSurrey
30th April 1842Jackson, MrClerk of the Crown in ChanceryReadingLondon
11th March 1837Jackson, Mr.Medical AttendantHigh WycombeBucks
23rd September 1837Jackson, Mr.
3rd September 1842Jackson, Mr.KingstonSurrey
2nd December 1837Jackson, Mrs.SloughBucks
20th October 1827Jackson, Randle, Mr.KingstonSurrey
28th April 1827Jackson, S., Mr.ShopkeeperAylesburyBucks
1st October 1836Jackson, ThomasLabourerWyrardisburyBucks
2nd July 1842Jackson, WilliamWindsorBerks
18th June 1842Jacobs, JamesHanworthMiddlesex
30th December 1837Jacobs, Mr.JewellerWindsorBerks
8th March 1834Jacobs, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th April 1842JamesScholarEtonBucks
30th July 1842JamesScholarEtonBucks
9th July 1842JamesScholarEtonBucks
28th July 1827James, AnnHughendenBucks
14th April 1827James, EdwardWatchmakerFarnhamSurrey
21st July 1827James, EliasFenny StratfordBucks
20th May 1837James, HenryEtonBucks
3rd May 1834James, J.A., Rev.BirminghamWarwickshire
28th July 1827James, JamesHughenden ?Bucks
6th August 1842James, JamesBlacksmithWindsorBerks
20th October 1827James, JohnLangfordBerks
28th April 1827James, JohnWasingBerks
4th March 1837James, JohnSunningwellBerks
17th March 1827James, John KightlyBucks
18th June 1842James, John, Mr.Watch-makerEghamSurrey
13th January 1827James, MaryLittle MissendenBucks
12th February 1842James, Mr.HarrowMiddlesex
26th March 1842James, Mr.Barrister ?Great MarlowBucks
10th December 1842James, Mrs.BeaconsfieldBucks
6th August 1842James, Sarah ElizaWindsorBerks
12th March 1842James, WilliamEtonBucks
21st June 1834James, WilliamStoke HundredBucks
19th August 1837Jaques, John, Mr.High WycombeBucks
7th January 1837Jaques, WilliamSpeenhamlandBerks
21st September 1827Jardine, MrIslingtonLondon
16th April 1842JarmanWindsorBerks
12th March 1842Jarman, Mr.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Jarman, Mr.WindsorBerks
27th January 1827Jarman, Mr.VocalistWindsor Berks
2nd April 1842Jarman, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Jarman, Mr.WindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Jarman, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Jarman, William, Mr.Lay VicarWindsorBerks
14th January 1837Jarvis, JamesLoughtonBucks
21st September 1827Jarvis, LeonardEast IlsleyBerks
22nd June 1839Jarvis, Robert, Mr.BakerHillingdonMiddlesex
23rd September 1837Jay, P., Mr.Musician ?WindsorBerks
12th February 1842Jaycock, DanielShoemakerAylesburyBucks
12th February 1842Jaycock, JaneAylesburyBucks
8th October 1842Jaynes, Benjamin, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th June 1827Jeeves, ThomasLeighton BuzzardBedfordshire
21st September 1827Jefferey, ThomasWendoverBucks
1st October 1836JefferiesWindsorBerks
29th January 1842Jefferies, CatherineWindsorBerks
23rd September 1837Jefferys, Mr
9th April 1842Jeffrey, CatherineWindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Jeffreys, J., Rev.WindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Jeffreys, Mrs.WindsorBerks
5th February 1842Jeffries alias Williams, CatherineWindsorBerks
4th March 1837Jeffs, RileyReadingBerks
8th April 1837Jekyll, MrOverseerChertseySurrey
23rd April 1842Jenkins, JohnWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Jenkins, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th January 1836Jenkins, R, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Jenkins, Rich.New WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Jenkins, Robt., esq.WokinghamBerks
14th July 1827Jenkins, ThomasWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Jenkins, William, esq.WokinghamBerks
13th January 1827Jenks, D., Rev.AylesburyBucks
10th June 1837Jenks, Elizabeth Mrs.WindsorBerks
11th March 1837Jenks, Elizabeth, Mrs.
25th November 1837Jenks, Mrs.WindsorBerks
11th November 1837Jenks, Mrs. ElizabethWindsorBerks
20th May 1837Jenks, Mrs. Elizabeth
1st September 1827Jenner, AldermanWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Jenner, George, MrWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Jenner, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Jenner, Mr.WindsorBerks
24th May 1834Jenner, Mr.Clerk of the CourseAscotBerks
26th February 1842Jenner, Mr.WindsorBerks
31st December 1842Jenner, Mr.BuilderWindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Jenner, Mr.Clewer-fieldsBerks
3rd November 1827Jenner, Mr.MayorWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Jenner, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th February 1836Jenner, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Jenner, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Jenner, Mr.BuilderWindsorBerks
9th June 1827Jenner, Mr.Clerk of CourseAscotBerks
10th November 1827Jenner, ThomasMayorWindsorBerks
29th September 1827Jenner, ThomasWindsorBerks
20th October 1827Jenner, Thomas, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
22nd December 1827Jenner, Thomas, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
6th October 1827Jenner, Thomas, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
21st April 1827Jenner, Thomas, Mr.ChurchwardenWindsorBerks
8th September 1827Jenner, Thomas, Mr.MayorWindsorBerks
8th June 1839Jenning, MessrsEtonBucks
11th November 1837Jenning, William Esq.WindsorBerks
5th March 1836JenningsWindsorBerks
8th June 1839Jennings, AnneWindsorBerks
31st March 1827Jennings, EdwardUpton CourtBucks
9th September 1826Jennings, EdwardDatchetBucks
9th September 1826Jennings, EdwardTeptonBucks
8th January 1842Jennings, J, Mr.CouncillorWindsorBerks
9th April 1842Jennings, J. [?], Mr.WindsorBerks
14th April 1827Jennings, James, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Jennings, James, Mr.UptonBucks
20th February 1836Jennings, James, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Jennings, Jas, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th July 1837Jennings, MessrsBrewersWindsorBerks
13th May 1837Jennings, Messrs.Berks ?
14th July 1827Jennings, Messrs.WindsorBerks
24th December 1842Jennings, Messrs.BrewersWindsorBerks
26th March 1842Jennings, Messrs.BrewerWindsorBerks
29th December 1827Jennings, Messrs.WindsorBerks
31st December 1842Jennings, Messrs.UptonBucks
3rd December 1836Jennings, Messrs.BrewersWindsorBerks
7th July 1827Jennings, Messrs.BrewersWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Jennings, Mr.SloughBucks
23rd July 1842Jennings, Mr.SloughBucks
6th February 1836Jennings, Mr.UptonBucks
9th January 1836Jennings, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th November 1837Jennings, Mr. WWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Jennings, Mrs.EghamSurrey
18th May 1839Jennings, Mrs. RichardWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Jennings, Mrs. ThomasWindsorBerks
14th April 1827Jennings, R., Mr.WindsorBerks
4th March 1837Jennings, RobertTillehurstBerks
11th August 1827Jennings, Thomas, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Jennings, Thos.Chepping WycombeBucks
1st October 1842Jennings, W and JWindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Jennings, W Esq.WindsorBerks
11th June 1842Jennings, W, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th January 1842Jennings, W, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th December 1842Jennings, W.CommissionerWindsorBerks
20th February 1836Jennings, W.WindsorBerks
9th July 1842Jennings, W.WindsorBerks
19th February 1842Jennings, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
26th August 1837Jennings, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
8th July 1837Jennings, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Jennings, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
14th January 1837Jennings, WilliamStony StratfordBucks
11th August 1827Jennings, William, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Jennings, William, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th November 1842Jennings, Wm.WindsorBerks
24th March 1838Jennings, Wm., Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Jennings,W., Mr.WindsorBerks
10th March 1827Jeremy, DavidMaidensgroveOxfordshire
17th December 1842JeromeChief ConstableEtonBucks
26th November 1842JeromeEtonBucks
5th November 1842JeromeChief ConstableEtonBucks
12th November 1842Jerome , JamesChief ConstableEtonBucks
1st October 1842Jerome, JamesCoal DealerEtonBucks
1st October 1842Jerome, Mr.EtonBucks
28th June 1834Jerram, Chas, Rev.ChobhamSurrey
23rd July 1842Jerram, James, Rev.ChertseySurrey
10th September 1842Jerram, Jas., Rev.ChobhamSurrey
26th March 1842Jerram, Rev.ChobhamSurrey
15th January 1842Jerro, MrWindsorBerks
20th August 1842Jersey, Earl ofWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Jersey, Earl ofMiddlesex
27th August 1842Jersey, Earl ofWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Jervis, MissesWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Jervis, Mr.ReadingBerks
9th September 1826Jervoise, J.P., Esq.ShalstoneBucks
17th June 1837Jesse, J.H Mr.Former ScholarEtonBucks
4th June 1842Jesse, MrWindsorBerks
1st July 1837Jesse, Mr.EtonBucks
30th April 1842Jesse, Mr.WindsorBerks
14th May 1842Jeston, MrHenleyOxfordshire
10th June 1837Jeston, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
3rd September 1842Jeston, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
1st October 1842Jetter, M., Rev.German Master ?EtonBucks
24th December 1836Jewers, Mr.EngraverWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Jewett, DavidWindsorBerks
18th June 1842Jewett, DavidWindsorBerks
20th October 1827Jewins, JamesEasthampsteadBerks
12th February 1842Jilks, Mr.Berks
9th September 1826Jocelyn, Hon.J.FulmerBucks
13th August 1842Jocelyn, ViscountWindsorBerks
16th September 1837Jodrell, ColonelWindsorBerks
8th March 1834John Mills alias WitherstonWyrardisburyBucks
12th February 1842JohnsonSchool CaptainEtonBucks
14th April 1827JohnsonFarmerAylesburyBucks
15th September 1827JohnsonPerformerBedfordBedfordshire
20th October 1827JohnsonBucks
2nd April 1842JohnsonWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Johnson WindsorBerks
10th December 1842Johnson, AnneColnbrookBucks
14th July 1827Johnson, CharlesAscot HeathBerks
7th July 1827Johnson, CharlesAscot HeathBerks
21st September 1827Johnson, Chas.F., esq.WargraveBerks
21st September 1827Johnson, CuthbertKintbury EatonBerks
7th January 1837Johnson, EdwardThatchamBerks
14th July 1827Johnson, GeorgeBurghfieldBerks
25th March 1837Johnson, GeorgeGreat MarlowBucks
25th November 1837Johnson, GeorgeLittle MarlowBucks
7th July 1827Johnson, GeorgeBurghfieldBerks
8th October 1842Johnson, J., Mr.ChertseySurrey
27th February 1836Johnson, J., Rev.FarnhamSurrey
31st December 1836Johnson, JamesFarnhamSurrey
2nd July 1842Johnson, Jas.MaidenheadBerks
22nd October 1842Johnson, JohnLittle MarlowBucks
16th July 1842Johnson, Jos.WokinghamBerks
4th June 1842Johnson, JosephWindsorBerks
7th October 1837Johnson, JosephEtonBucks
9th September 1826Johnson, JosephGamekeeperShalstoneBucks
18th June 1842Johnson, Mary AnneWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Johnson, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Johnson, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th July 1842Johnson, Mr.FishermanMarlowBucks
28th May 1842Johnson, QuartermasterWindsorBerks
7th May 1842Johnson, Sarah, MrsHillingdonMiddlesex
21st May 1842Johnson, T., Mr.DraperUxbridgeMiddlesex
14th July 1827Johnson, ThomasWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Johnson, ThomasWokinghamBerks
5th March 1836Johnson, ThomasPolicemanWindsorBerks
7th July 1827Johnson, ThomasWokinghamBerks
27th October 1827Johnson, Thomas alias Goodchild, RichardColnbrookBucks
10th June 1837Johnson, WilliamHenley ?Oxfordshire ?
7th January 1837Johnson, WilliamMaidenheadBerks
27th August 1842Johnston, ThomasUxbridgeMiddlesex
26th February 1842Jolley, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
5th May 1827Jolliffe, Col.Yorkshire
17th December 1842JollyAylesburyBucks
2nd April 1842Jolly, Mr.EghamSurrey
23rd July 1842Jonathan, Brother ?Actor ?WindsorBerks
10th February 1827Jone, Mr.WindsorBerks
10th February 1827JonesMarlowBucks
17th December 1842JonesMaidenheadBerks
29th January 1842Jones, alias ??DraperKingstonSurrey
22nd October 1842Jones, BenjaminChipping LambourneBerks
22nd January 1842Jones, Chadwick, Esq.BarristerHayesMiddlesex
27th February 1836Jones, CharlesWaltham St LawrenceBerks
15th September 1827Jones, DanielGamekeeperTurvilleBucks
11th February 1837Jones, DavidGreat MarlowBucks
21st October 1837Jones, DavidWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Jones, Edw., esq.WinkfieldBerks
8th January 1842Jones, Erser, Mr.ActorWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Jones, Geo.Great MarlowBucks
2nd July 1842Jones, Geo. Robt.AmershamBucks
5th November 1842Jones, George alias CroxonWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Jones, H.B., Esq.MayorKingstonSurrey
17th March 1827Jones, JobChepping WycombeBucks
12th April 1834Jones, JohnWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Jones, Mary, Miss.NewburyBerks
14th October 1837Jones, Mr.OverseerClewerBerks
17th March 1827Jones, Mr.LinsladeBucks
18th May 1839Jones, Mr.WindsorBerks
26th May 1827Jones, Mr.Berks
1st July 1837Jones, PriceWindsorBerks
3rd June 1837Jones, PryceWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Jones, RebeccaHayesMiddlesex
3rd December 1836Jones, Rev.High WycombeBucks
5th November 1842Jones, Rev. Dr.Vicar of BedfontBedfontSurrey
10th December 1842Jones, Rev.Dr.StainesMiddlesex
11th November 1837Jones, Rev.Dr.BedfontMiddlesex
12th November 1836Jones, Rev.Dr.StainesMiddlesex
17th June 1837Jones, Rev.Dr.BedfontMiddlesex
5th November 1836Jones, Rev.Dr.StainesMiddlesex
7th May 1842Jones, Rev.Dr.StainesMiddlesex
8th June 1839Jones, Rev.Dr.BedfontMiddlesex
15th September 1827Jones, Rev.W.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
9th September 1826Jones, Rev.W.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
17th March 1827Jones, RichardWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Jones, T., Esq.Great MissendenBucks
2nd September 1826Jones, T., Rev.High WycombeBucks
21st September 1827Jones, ThomasNew WindsorBerks
25th June 1842Jones, Thomas alias Sailor TomIverBucks
15th September 1827Jones, Thomas, Esq.Great MissendenBucks
8th April 1837Jones, Thomas, Mr.OverseersClewerBerks
21st September 1827Jones, Thos.New WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Jones, Thos.Little CoxwellBerks
18th May 1839Jones, W. EsqWindsorBerks
12th February 1842Jones, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
19th February 1842Jones, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Jones, WilliamWexhamBucks
27th February 1836Jones, WilliamHungerfordBerks
7th January 1837Jones, William alias Forty[?]WoolstoneBerks
20th October 1827Jones, William, Rev.ChalfontBucks
15th September 1827Jones, Wm, Rev.Chalfont St.PeterBucks
4th June 1842Jones, Wm.StainesMiddlesex
9th September 1826Jones, Wm., Rev.Chalfont St PeterBucks
17th June 1837Jones,W. Mr.WindsorBerks
11th February 1837Jonto WindsorBerks
21st January 1837Jonto WindsorBerks
5th November 1842JordanHorse DealerThameBerks
10th December 1842Jordan, Mr.Horse dealerThameBerks
19th November 1842Jordan, Mr.Marlow ?Bucks
7th January 1837Jordan, RobertLongeotBerks
22nd October 1842Joseph, PipkinDrayton ParslowBucks
1st October 1836Joy, AnnServantLangleyBucks
12th February 1842JoynesScholarEtonBucks
30th April 1842Joynes, Mr., ma., K.S.ScholarEtonBucks
30th April 1842Joynes, Rev.Dr.RectorGravesendKent
15th September 1827Joynson, T.West WycombeBucks
9th January 1836Judd, JamesWindsorBerks
21st July 1827Judd, JohnBishamBerks
18th May 1839Judd, Mr.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Judge, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Judge, Mr.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Judge, Rd.GamekeeperWingBucks
9th September 1826Judge, RichGamekeeperWing & GroveBucks
28th May 1842Judson, DemetriusWindsorBerks
28th May 1842Judson, HannahWindsorBerks
3rd December 1836Judson, Rev.High WycombeBucks
24th June 1837Jupp, Messrs.BrentfordMiddlesex
5th April 1834Jurynum, Mr.WhitchurchHampshire
22nd January 1842JusterGreat MarlowBucks
8th March 1834Juster, JohnJourneyman Carpenter ?Great MarlowBucks

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