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The Windsor & Eton Express Surname Index "I"

Surnames Index
Date of Issue Surname/Alias Occupation Town/Village County/Country
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28th July 1827IllingBucks
14th July 1827Ilott, WilliamLongworthBerks
7th July 1827Ilott, WilliamLongworthBerks
22nd October 1842Ilsley, JosephReadingBerks
20th February 1836Ingall, Mr.Deputy Ranger of the ParkWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Ingalton, MrWindsorBerks
17th February 1827Ingalton, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Ingalton, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Ingalton, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th January 1836Ingalton, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th November 1837Ingalton, WWindsorBerks
5th April 1834Ingalton, WilliamOverseer of the PoorNew WindsorBerks
1st April 1837Ingalton, Wm.GuardianWindsorBerks
24th March 1838Ingalton, Wm., Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Ingalton. Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Ingalton. Mr.WindsorBerks
4th June 1842Ingell, MrWindsorBerks
24th March 1827Inglis, CaptainWindsorBerks
24th March 1827Inglis, LieutWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Ingram, MrHead GardenerWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Ingram, Mr,WindsorBerks
10th September 1842Ingram, Mr.Head GardenerWindsorBerks
16th September 1837Ingram, Mr.WindsorBerks
16th September 1837Ingram, Mr.ChertseySurrey
18th May 1839Ingram, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd June 1839Ingram, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th December 1837Ingram, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th July 1842Ingram, Mr.TradesmanUxbridgeMiddlesex
4th August 1827Ingram, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th March 1842Ingram, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th October 1842Ingram, Mr.Head GardenerWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Ingram, Wm.WinslowBucks
24th September 1842Ingrams, Mr.GardenerWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Inker, ThomasPrivateWindsorBerks
25th February 1837InmanWindsorBerks
23rd December 1837Innes, Henry, Esq.LecturerStainesMiddlesex
6th May 1837Innes, Henry, Esq.LecturerStainesMiddlesex
16th December 1837Innes, James, Esq.UxbridgeMiddlesex
17th June 1837Innes, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
28th July 1827Inns, WmDairymanPreston BissettBucks
21st July 1827Inwood, E.Fenny StratfordBucks
18th August 1827Inwood, MrsCookWindsorBerks
25th August 1827Inwood, MrsWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Irby, Hon. W.DrakeHedsorBucks
9th September 1826Irby, Hon.W.D.HedsorBucks
19th November 1842Iremonger, H.G.MadrasIndia
21st September 1827Iremonger, Thos.BeenhamBerks
7th January 1837Ireson, JosephGroveBucks
14th April 1827Irish, CharlesFarnhamSurrey
5th March 1842Irish, JohnHounslowMiddlesex
16th April 1842Irons, MrsLandladyColnbrookBucks
18th March 1837Irvine, Madame deParis
19th March 1842Irving, John, Esq.AshfordMiddlesex
1st October 1842Irving, T.Boy DriverRemenhamBerks
7th April 1827Isaacs, MrLondon
14th January 1837Isham, ThomasStoke GoldingtonBucks
9th September 1826Isherwood, RichardOld WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Isherwood, Richard, Esq.HortonBucks
21st September 1827Isherwood, Richard, esq.Old WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Isherwood, Richard, esq.Old WindsorBerks
5th November 1842Isod, EdwardWindsorBerks
17th September 1842IvallHigh WycombeBucks
30th September 1826Ivason, CaptainLondon ?
15th September 1827Ive, Edward PeterLangleyBucks
29th January 1842Ive, WilliamLangleyBucks
1st October 1836Ive, William, Mr.LangleyBucks
16th July 1842Ives, C.J., Esq.ChertseySurrey
13th January 1827Ives, JohnIverBucks
25th August 1827Ives, JoshuaWest WycombeBucks
27th October 1827Ives, JoshuaWycombeBucks
10th September 1842Ives, Mr.GardenerKingstonSurrey
29th December 1827Ives, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
2nd June 1827Ives, Mr.Uxbridge ?Middlesex
25th August 1827Ives, StephenWest WycombeBucks
27th October 1827Ives, StephenWycombeBucks
15th September 1827Ives, ThomasGreat MissendenBucks
9th September 1826Ives, Thos.Great MissendenBucks
31st March 1827Ives, WilliamLangleyBucks
15th September 1827Ives, William, jun.Great MissendenBucks
15th March 1834Iveson, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
30th June 1827Iwany [?]Uxbridge ?Middlesex
16th July 1842Izod, EdwardWindsorBerks

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