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The Windsor & Eton Express Surname Index "E"

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Date of Issue Surname/Alias Occupation Town/Village County/Country
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18th May 1839Eades, MrWindsorBerks
17th September 1842Eager, FrederickStokeBucks
18th June 1842Eager, FrederickPolicemanStokeBucks
8th October 1842Eagle, SamuelServantChertseySurrey
9th September 1826Eagleton, J., Gent.EasingtonBucks
15th September 1827Eagleton, JohnBrillBucks
9th September 1826Eagleton, JohnBrillBucks
27th February 1836Eales [?], Thos.FinehampsteadBerks
1st October 1842Eales, ThomasCarmanWindsor ?Berks
22nd October 1842Eales, Wm.BinfieldBerks
21st May 1842EarlEton ScholarEtonBucks
15th September 1827Earl, Francis, Esq.BraddenhamBucks
21st September 1827Earle, Geo.HungerfordBerks
21st September 1827Earle, T,H.A., esq.WokinghamBerks
16th July 1842Easby, JohnReadingBerks
15th January 1842Easeley, EdwardWindsorBerks
8th June 1839EastEton ScholarEtonBucks
31st December 1842East, Clayton Mr.& Mrs.WindsorBerks
31st December 1836East, East Clayton, Esq.Birches-greenBerks
1st October 1842East, East George Clayton, SirHurleyBerks
3rd September 1842East, East George Clayton, Sir.MarlowBucks
15th October 1842East, G.East Clayton, SirWindsorBerks
3rd September 1842East, Gilbert, Esq.MarlowBucks
22nd December 1827East, Gilbert, SirHenleyOxfordshire
22nd January 1842East, JamesIverBucks
22nd January 1842East, JamesGreat MarlowBucks
21st September 1827East, Sir Gilbert, bart.HurleyBerks
10th March 1827East, ThomasLawrence WalthamBerks
27th October 1827East, WilliamGamekeeperWycombeBucks
28th April 1827Eaststaffe, MrGovernorReadingBerks
18th May 1839Eastwood & Perrett, MessrsWindsorBerks
11th February 1837Easty, EllenBurnhamBucks
15th October 1842EclipseWindsorBerks
2nd September 1826Edelman, W., Rev.High WycombeBucks
25th June 1842EdenEtonBucks
9th July 1842Eden, HenryApprentice Chimney SweepWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Edey, RichardCottagerCox-greenBerks
8th October 1842Edgecumbe, Mount .WindsorBerks
20th October 1827Edgill, Mr.KingstonSurrey
22nd October 1842Edginton, RichardKingston BagpuizeBerks
15th September 1827Edgson, JamesStokeBucks
5th April 1834Edgson, JohnStokeBucks
11th March 1837Edmeads, Mr.AddlestoneSurrey
19th February 1842Edmond, James, Mr.High WycombeBucks
30th July 1842EdmondsScholarEtonBucks
16th April 1842Edmonds, C., Mr.FaringtonBerks
19th November 1842Edmonds, J., Mr.High WycombeBucks
15th September 1827Edmonds, W.Chepping WycombeBucks
16th April 1842Edmonds, W.A., Mr.FaringtonBerks
22nd October 1842Edmonds, Wm.Chepping WycombeBucks
29th September 1827Edmunds, Mr.BakerHigh WycombeBucks
26th February 1842Edney, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
5th February 1842Edson, Edward, Mr.FarmerWexhamBucks
19th March 1842Edward, Prince of Saxe WeimarSalthillBerks
22nd January 1842Edward, Prince on Saxe WeimarWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Edward, Prince, Saxe WeimarWindsorBerks
21st October 1837Edwards, CarolineMaidenheadBerks
8th October 1842Edwards, E.LalehamMiddlesex
23rd July 1842Edwards, JohnLabourerHillingdonMiddlesex
4th March 1837Edwards, JohnHungerfordBerks
8th March 1834Edwards, John
22nd October 1836Edwards, JosephWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Edwards, Mr.GardenerStainesMiddlesex
20th October 1827Edwards, RichardBucks
14th January 1837Edwards, SamuelBucks
10th March 1827Edwards, ThomasWokinghamBerks
20th August 1842Edwards, ThomasDenhamBucks
1st October 1842Edwards, Wm.LabourerHurley ?Berks
10th November 1827Edwin, Mr.PerformerAylesburyBucks
2nd July 1842Eeles, FrederickMaidenheadBerks
9th January 1836Eeles, RobertWindsorBerks
12th August 1837Eeles, Robert Mr.FootmanWindsorBerks
17th September 1842Eeles, ThomasDatchetBucks
1st September 1827Egelstone, James, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th October 1827Egelstone, Mr.Chamberlain of CorporationWindsorBerks
24th November 1827Egerton, Hon.Mrs.St.James ChurchLondon
9th September 1826Eggleton, DChalfont St.GilesBucks
15th September 1827Eggleton, DavidChalfont St.GilesBucks
15th September 1827Eggleton, H.D.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
9th September 1826Eggleton, H.D.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
20th October 1827Eggleton, William, Mr.West MoulsoeBucks
12th April 1834Eglestone, J EsqWindsorBerks
11th August 1827Egypt, Pasha ofEgypt
18th August 1827Egypt, Pasha ofEgypt
27th October 1827Egypt, Pasha ofEgypt
19th April 1834Eiden, JohnSoldierWindsorBerks
16th September 1826Eillson, Geo., Esq.Bucks
5th November 1836EisartWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Elcock, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
16th September 1837Elder, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Eldridge, MrWindsorBerks
4th February 1837Elhius, HenryEton Bucks
15th September 1827Elkins, JohnGamekeeperIverBucks
19th November 1842Elkins, JohnGamekeeperIverBucks
29th October 1842Elkins, JohnGamekeeperIverBucks
23rd July 1842EllarPrivateWindsorBerks
18th August 1827Ellborough, Mr.BakerLondon
5th March 1842Elley, John, SirWindsorBerks
1st July 1837Elley, John, Sir.,M.P.WindsorBerks
17th June 1837Ellice, AnneWindsorBerks
21st May 1842ElliotEton ScholarEtonBucks
18th May 1839Elliot, Mr. WilliamWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Elliott, AbrahamGreat FaringdonBerks
7th July 1827Elliott, AbrahamGreat FaringdonBerks
9th September 1826Elliott, J.Chesham BoisBucks
15th September 1827Elliott, JohnChesham BoisBucks
25th June 1842Elliott, JohnSweepWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Elliott, JosephWingBucks
26th February 1842Elliott, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th October 1842Elliott, StephenLabourerChertseySurrey
30th September 1826Elliott, Thomas, Mr.DairymanAston AbbottsBucks
30th July 1842Elliott,W., Rev.CambridgeCambridgeshire
6th February 1836EllisSalthillBerks
16th September 1837Ellis, Ann alias GrovesWindsorBerks
1st July 1837Ellis, Ann alias GrovesWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Ellis, EmlySimpsonBucks
18th May 1839Ellis, Mr (See King, Mrs)WindsorBerks
18th March 1837Ellis, Mr.BrentfordMiddlesex
21st September 1827Ellis, Wm.MortimerBerks
9th September 1826Ellison, George, Esq.Great MarlowBucks
13th August 1842Ellson, Mr.WindsorBerks
19th March 1842Ellson, Mr.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Ellwood, GeorgeStokeBucks
5th November 1836Elmore, MrLondon
17th December 1836Elmore, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th February 1842Elms, Mr.Police SuperintendantBrightonSussex
22nd January 1842Elmsley, Alexander, Mr.IverBucks
29th October 1836Elphinstone, LordWindsorBerks
11th February 1837Elpinstone, MissActressUxbridgeMiddlesex
14th May 1842Elsee, MrHenleyOxfordshire
10th June 1837Elsee, Mr.Peppard
18th November 1837ElstoneSingerStainesMiddlesex
9th April 1842Elstone, MrsWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Elstone, WilliamCookhamBerks
3rd May 1834Elton, Mr CooperButcherDenhamBucks
19th March 1842Elvey, Dr.WindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Elvey, Dr.WindsorBerks
29th January 1842Elvey, Dr.WindsorBerks
5th March 1842Elvey, Dr.WindsorBerks
24th December 1836Elvey, Mr.OrganistWindsorBerks
7th October 1837Elvey, Mr.WindsorBerks
27th February 1836Emblin, ThomasArdingtonBerks
5th November 1842Emden, Mr.London
15th September 1827Emlyn, HenryEtonBucks
31st March 1827Emlyn, HenryEtonBucks
9th September 1826Emlyn, HenryEtonBucks
1st October 1842Emmert, Wm.LabourerBishamBerks
23rd April 1842Emmett, George Thomas alias Williams, EdwardServantStainesMiddlesex
29th December 1827Emmett, JamesServantWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Emmington, JohnHarmondsworthMiddlesex
14th May 1842Emony, EdwardWindsorBerks
25th March 1837Engall, John, Mr.SuperintendentWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Engall, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th August 1827Engall, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th May 1834England, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Englesfield, MissesWindsorBerks
4th August 1827Ensworth, T., Esq.BotleyOxfordshire
16th April 1842Ensworth, Thomas, Esq.FaringtonBerks
9th April 1842Enticknap, Mr.ChertseySurrey
16th September 1837Epps, Dr.WindsorBerks
18th November 1837Epps, Dr.WindsorBerks
20th May 1837Epps, Dr.LecturerWindsorBerks
27th May 1837Epps, Dr.WindsorBerks
28th October 1837Epps, Dr.LecturerWindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Epps, Dr.WindsorBerks
16th December 1837Epps, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd December 1837Epps, Mr.LecturerWindsorBerks
9th July 1842Erans, HenryChimney-sweepMarlowBucks
30th July 1842ErnestScholarEtonBucks
1st October 1836Ernest, Prince of PhillipsthalWindsorBerks
11th June 1842ErnstEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
27th February 1836Erroll, Earl ofMaster of the HoundsSalthillBerks
16th July 1842Erskine, Mr.JusticeAbingdonBerks
19th November 1836Escott, R.K., Esq.AddlestoneSurrey
8th October 1842Escott, R.K., Esq.Ongar HillSurrey
8th June 1839EspinasseEton ScholarEtonBucks
15th September 1827Essex, ThomasHughendenBucks
9th September 1826Essex, ThomasHughendenBucks
19th March 1842Esterhazy, Nicholas, PrinceSalthillBerks
8th December 1827Esterhazy, PrinceWindsorBerks
11th June 1842EtthelstanEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
21st September 1827Eustace, JohnAshburyBerks
16th July 1842EvamyEtonBucks
22nd October 1836EvansConstableLittle HorwoodBucks
24th March 1838EvansHigh WycombeBucks
16th July 1842Evans, CharlesWokinghamBerks
13th October 1827Evans, ElizabethHoughton RegisBedfordshire
3rd March 1827Evans, G., Rev.ReadingBerks
28th July 1827Evans, George, Mr.Hitchendum
1st July 1837Evans, JamesWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Evans, JohnApprenticeWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Evans, JohnSouth MoretonBerks
17th September 1842Evans, Mr.GardenerStainesMiddlesex
19th November 1836Evans, Mr.Drawing MasterEtonBucks
2nd July 1842Evans, Mr.GardenerStainesMiddlesex
20th May 1837Evans, Rev.Stoke PogesBucks
15th September 1827Evans, Rev.T.C.EtonBucks
21st September 1827Evans, Rev.WmPuseyBerks
23rd September 1826Evans, ThomasWindsorBerks
28th July 1827Evans, Thos.HeadboroughHanslopeBucks
17th March 1827Evans, WmEmbertonBucks
15th September 1827Evans, Wm.EtonBucks
21st October 1837Evenden, JamesGreat MarlowBucks
2nd April 1842Everard, ElizaWindsorBerks
30th July 1842Everett, H., Esq.MinisterAmerica
18th February 1837Everett, Mr.BeaconsfieldBucks
29th April 1837Everett, Mr.BeaconsfieldBucks
9th September 1826Everett, T.BeaconsfieldBucks
15th September 1827Everett, Thos.BeaconsfieldBucks
26th February 1842Eversley, JaneClewerBerks
30th June 1827Eves, MrsFruitererStainesMiddlesex
9th June 1827Evett, ThomasAylesburyBucks
15th January 1842Ewar, CharlesMarine Store DealerWindsorBerks
9th July 1842Ewer, HenryIver HeathBucks
5th March 1842EwersMarine Store DealerWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Ewers, CharlesWindsorBerks
31st December 1842Ewers, Mr.Marine Store DealerWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Ewers, RachaelWindsorBerks
28th October 1837Ewing, Mrs.WaxworksWindsorBerks
21st July 1827Exall, SamuelEast WoodhayHampshire
4th June 1842Exeter, LordAscotBerks
22nd January 1842Exeter, Maquis ofGreenwich
30th April 1842EyreEghamSurrey
2nd July 1842Eyres, JobGreat MissendenBucks
21st September 1827Eyston, C., esq.East HendredBerks
21st September 1827Eyston, Charles, esq.CatmoreBerks
7th January 1837Eyston, Mr.Berks

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