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The Windsor & Eton Express Surname Index "C"

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Date of Issue Surname/Alias Occupation Town/Village County/Country
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29th October 1836C-------, Dowager Countess ofWindsorBerks
25th August 1827Cabling, Mr.PennBucks
2nd July 1842Cadd, Francis alias HowellPreston BissettBucks
2nd June 1827Caffall, Wm., Mr.RickmansworthHertfordshire
17th December 1836Cain, Mr.ColnbrookBucks
25th November 1837Calcot, Mr. HarryLittle MarlowBucks
21st September 1827Caldwell, A.J., esq.New WindsorBerks
10th March 1827Caldwell, JohnWantageBerks
24th February 1827Caldwell, Mr.BrentfordMiddlesex
26th February 1842Caldwin, WilliamHounslowMiddlesex
29th September 1827Caley, JohnWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Caley, MrWindsorBerks
4th November 1837Caley, Mr. JWindsorBerks
21st April 1827Caley, Mrs.MillinerWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Caley, Mrs.Milliner and Dress MakerWindsorBerks
30th July 1842Callagan, WilliamSoldierUxbridgeMiddlesex
12th November 1842Calloway, Jas.PolicemanUptonBucks
15th September 1827Calloway, JohnAstwoodBucks
9th September 1826Calloway, JohnAstwoodBucks
11th June 1842CalthorpeEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
19th February 1842Calverley, Thomas, Esq.EwellSussex
20th May 1837CalvertProphet ?Ireland
22nd January 1842Cambridge, Duke and DuchessWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Cambridge, Duke ofStainesMiddlesex
29th October 1842Cambridge, Duke ofWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Cambridge, Duke ofWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Cambridge, Princess Augusta ofWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Cambridge, Princess Mary ofWindsorBerks
1st January 1842Camden, SteadmanShoemakerMarlowBucks
14th May 1842Camoys, LordHenleyOxfordshire
2nd July 1842Camoys, LordHenleyOxfordshire
3rd September 1842Camoys, LordHenleyOxfordshire
21st May 1842CampbellEton ScholarEtonBucks
8th June 1839CampbellEton ScholarEtonBucks
19th March 1842Campbell, H.B., SirGreat MarlowBucks
11th February 1837Campbell, J. Sir.Attorney-General ?London ?
22nd January 1842Campbell, JohnWindsorBerks
18th November 1837Campbell, Wm, Rev.Banglow [?]India
9th September 1826Candee, John, Esq.BeaconsfieldBucks
16th July 1842Cane, Elizabeth B.WytonHuntingdon
15th September 1827Cane, IsaacLangleyBucks
19th April 1834Cane, IsaacFarmerColnbrookBucks
1st March 1834Cane, Mr.Farmer ?HeathrowMiddlesex
9th June 1827Cane, Mr.PyleBerks
21st September 1827Caniford, Rich.Aston UpthorpBerks
8th January 1842Cann, MrCollector Borough RateWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Canning, Rev., Mr.WindsorBerks
14th June 1834Canning, Rev.Mr.WindsorBerks
15th January 1842Canning, Rev.Mr.CanonWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Canning, ViscountEtonBucks
27th August 1842Canning, Viscount and Viscountess.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Canning, Wm., Rev.Canon in ResidenceWindsorBerks
8th July 1837CannonPinkney's GreenBerks
10th December 1842Cannon, CharlesChairmakerHigh WycombeBucks
3rd September 1842Cannon, H.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Cannon, HenryCordwainerEtonBucks
3rd September 1842Cannon, J.WindsorBerks
14th July 1827Cannon, JamesSunninghillBerks
7th July 1827Cannon, JamesSunninghillBerks
21st July 1827Caudell, WilliamWaltham St.LawrenceBerks
1st October 1842Cannon, Mr.CookhamBerks
3rd December 1842Cannon, Mr.EtonBucks
3rd September 1842Cannon, T.WindsorBerks
3rd December 1836Cannon, W, Mr.FarmerMaidenheadBerks
5th April 1834Cannon, W., Mr.MaidenheadBerks
21st September 1827Cannon, WilliamGamekeeperGreat and Little Bradley.Berks
6th August 1842Cannon, WilliamEton ?Bucks
7th January 1837Cannon, Wm.Hampstead MarshallBerks
2nd April 1842Cantalupe, ViscountWindsorBerks
4th March 1837Canter, HenryOld WindsorBerks
9th September 1826Cantrell, C.A.Old WindsorBerks
29th April 1837Cantrell, C.S., jun., Mr.Old WindsorBerks
8th April 1837Cantrell, Charles Seaward, Mr., jun.OverseersOld WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Cantrell, Mr.WindsorBerks
16th September 1837Cantrell, Mr.Old WindsorBerks
1st October 1842Cantrell, Mr.Bucks ?
4th February 1837Cantrell, Mr.TreasurerWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Cantrell, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Cantrell, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cantrell, Mr. William SWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Cantrell, Mr., sen.Old WindsorBerks
23rd April 1842Capel, Mr.Farningham
1st September 1827Capel, NoahLabourerAylesburyBucks
28th June 1834CapesWindsorBerks
2nd September 1837CapesWindsorBerks
24th May 1834Capes, T, Mr.Windsor ?Berks
14th July 1827CapronLeather DealerBishopsgate-streetLondon
9th June 1827Capron?????
12th February 1842Carden, Jemima
12th February 1842Carden, Rear Admiral
12th February 1842Cardigan, Earl ofBrightonSussex
21st September 1827Cardigan, Earl ofLittle WittenhamBerks
15th January 1842Carey, AndrewWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Carey, Eustace, Rev.London ?
6th August 1842Carey, Eustace, Rev.Baptist MinisterWindsorBerks
7th April 1827Carey, JohnBirminghamWarwickshire
15th October 1842Carington, LordHigh WycombeBucks
1st July 1837Carlisle, Earl ofWindsorBerks
8th June 1839CarlyonEton ScholarEtonBucks
19th March 1842CarpenterMagistrateStainesMiddlesex
26th August 1837CarpenterWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Carpenter, Capt.SunburyMiddlesex
1st January 1842Carpenter, CaptainStainesMiddlesex
23rd April 1842Carpenter, D.T., Esq.MagistrateStainesMiddlesex
4th June 1842Carpenter, D.T., Esq.MagistrateFelthamMiddlesex
29th October 1842Carpenter, James WilliamWindsorBerks
11th February 1837Carpenter, MrStanwellMiddlesex
18th February 1837Carpenter, MrMillerStanwellMiddlesex
10th December 1842Carpenter, Mr.WindsorBerks
16th April 1842Carpenter, W [?].T., Esq.MagistrateStainesMiddlesex
25th November 1837Carr, GeorgeGreat MarlowBucks
19th November 1842Carr, Joseph, Mr.High WycombeBucks
19th November 1842Carr, Mrs.High WycombeBucks
22nd October 1836Carr, ThomasLittle HorwoodBucks
15th September 1827Carr, W.ThomasMursleyBucks
22nd January 1842Carr, WillaimWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Carr, WilliamIverBucks
22nd October 1836Carr, WilliamWycombeBucks
14th January 1837Carrington, [Lord]Bucks
28th April 1827Carrington, C.E., SirBucks
14th July 1827Carrington, Edmund, SirBucks
27th October 1827Carrington, Edmund, SirBucks
20th October 1827Carrington, Edmund, Sir.Bucks
13th January 1827Carrington, G., Esq.AylesburyBucks
2nd July 1842Carrington, G., Esq.AylesburyBucks
2nd September 1826Carrington, G., Esq.High WycombeBucks
9th September 1826Carrington, G., Esq.Gt.MissendenBucks
9th September 1826Carrington, G., Esq.Great MissendenBucks
20th October 1827Carrington, G., Sir.Bucks
15th September 1827Carrington, Geo., Esq.Great MissendenBucks
15th September 1827Carrington, George, Esq.Great Missenden.Bucks
15th September 1827Carrington, J.H.E., Esq.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
15th September 1827Carrington, LordMoulsoeBucks
29th January 1842Carrington, LordHigh WycombeBucks
9th September 1826Carrington, LordMoulsoeBucks
22nd October 1836Carrington, Mr.Magistrate ?Bucks
26th February 1842Carrington, Mr.Reading ?Berks
28th October 1837Carrington, Mr.Solicitor ?Windsor ?Berks
5th March 1842Carrington, Mr.London
7th January 1837Carrington, Mr.Berks
9th July 1842Carrington, Mr.Solicitor ?WindsorBerks
17th March 1827Carrington, Robert, Right.Hon.LordBucks
2nd September 1826Carrington, W., Esq.High WycombeBucks
13th January 1827Carruthers, Mary, Mrs.WhitchurchBucks
11th June 1842CarterEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
22nd January 1842CarterGreat MarlowBucks
30th July 1842CarterScholarEtonBucks
13th May 1837Carter, CarolineWindsorBerks
20th May 1837Carter, CarolineWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Carter, Charles, EsqWindsorBerks
16th April 1842Carter, ElizaWindsorBerks
2nd September 1826Carter, J., Esq.High WycombeBucks
2nd September 1826Carter, J., Esq.High WycombeBucks
15th September 1827Carter, JamesFarnhamBucks
9th September 1826Carter, JamesFarnham RoyalBucks
14th October 1837Carter, JohnWindsorBerks
1st July 1837Carter, JohnWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Carter, JohnWindsorBerks
28th April 1827Carter, JohnWestbrookBerks
29th April 1837Carter, JohnWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Carter, JohnWindsorBerks
6th May 1837Carter, JohnWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Carter, MrHenleyOxfordshire
12th November 1836Carter, Mr.High WycombeBucks
12th November 1836Carter, Mr.CoronerEghamSurrey
16th September 1826Carter, Mr.Bucks
22nd January 1842Carter, Mr.SuperintendentWindsorBerks
13th May 1837Carter, Mrs.WindsorBerks
19th May 1827Carter, R., Esq.CoronerChertseySurrey
17th June 1837Carter, Rev. Mr.EtonBucks
24th May 1834Carter, Rev. ThomasMagistrateEtonBucks
19th November 1836Carter, Rev., Mr.WindsorBerks
24th March 1838Carter, Rev.Mr.MagistrateEtonBucks
20th October 1827Carter, SamuelWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Carter, StephenWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Carter, T, RevEtonBucks
14th January 1837Carter, T. Rev. Mr.MagistrateEtonBucks
23rd April 1842Carter, T., Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
26th November 1842Carter, T., Rev.EtonBucks
2nd December 1837Carter, T.,Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
13th January 1827Carter, ThomasIverBucks
20th October 1827Carter, ThomasHanslopeBucks
21st January 1837Carter, ThomasHillingdonMiddlesex
21st September 1827Carter, ThomasWokinghamBerks
26th November 1842Carter, Thomas, Mr.EtonBucks
10th December 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.EtonBucks
12th February 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
12th March 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.EtonBucks
12th November 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.EtonBucks
17th December 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.WindsorBerks
17th December 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.EtonBucks
19th February 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.EtonBucks
19th November 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.Commissioner for TaxesSloughBucks
23rd July 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
24th December 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
25th June 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.EtonBucks
29th October 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
30th April 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
5th February 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
6th February 1836Carter, Thomas, Rev.EtonBucks
9th April 1842Carter, Thomas, Rev.EtonBucks
26th March 1842Carter, Thomas., Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
8th January 1842Carter, Thos, RevMagistrateEtonBucks
17th September 1842Carter, Thos., RevMagistrateWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Carter, Thos., Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
28th May 1842Carter, Thos., Rev.EtonBucks
2nd April 1842Carter, Thos., Rev.EtonBucks
3rd December 1836Carter, Thos., Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
9th July 1842Carter, Thos., Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
24th September 1842Carter, TimothySerjeantUxbridgeMiddlesex
5th November 1836Carter, W, Esq.CoronerEghamSurrey
12th April 1834Carter, WilliamEtonBucks
23rd March 1834Cartland, G., Mr.EtonBucks
15th March 1834Cartland, Mr G. EsqEtonBucks
10th December 1842Cartland, Mr.WindsorBerks
16th July 1842Cartwright, JamesBucks
26th November 1842Case, JeremiahReadingBerks
5th March 1842CaseyWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Cassell, Mr.WindsorBerks
27th February 1836Casson, JohnSpeenhamlandBerks
9th April 1842Casson, Mr.Master Royal Horse Guards SchoolWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Castle, ElijahEast HendredBerks
16th September 1837Castle, JohnCarpenterManchesterLancashire
27th October 1827Castlediu [?], Wm.Newport PagnelBucks
20th October 1827Castles, Mr.BuckinghamBucks
15th September 1827Catching, WmLinsladeBucks
10th September 1842Catenoo, JohnSunbury CommonMiddlesex
23rd September 1837Catey, Mrs.EtonBucks
1st September 1827Cathcart, LordWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Cathrow, George, Esq.HoddesdenHerts
16th September 1837Catleugh, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd September 1837Catleugh, Mr.
27th February 1836Catlin, Robert alias HibbertWokinghamBerks
15th September 1827Causton, J.R., Esq.MursleyBucks
1st December 1827Causton, JosephMaker of WhitingTottenhoeBedfordshire
15th September 1827Causton, Rev. CharlesTurwestonBucks
9th September 1826Causton, Rev. CharlesTurwestonBucks
9th September 1826Causton, Rev. T.D.D.TurwestonBucks
15th September 1827Causton, Rev. Thos.TurwestonBucks
10th March 1827Cave, HenrySandhurstBerks
20th August 1842Cave, Mr.Butcher ?WindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Cave, Mr.ThatchamBerks
8th October 1842Cavendish, Capt.ChertseySurrey
1st July 1837Cavendish, ColonelWindsorBerks
19th August 1837Cavendish, Colonel.WindsorBerks
9th September 1826Cavendish, G., LordCheshamBucks
15th September 1827Cavendish, George, LordGreat CheshamBucks
24th March 1838Cavendish, Hon.Col.WindsorBerks
31st December 1836Cavendish, Hon.Col.WindsorBerks
10th November 1827Cawcutt, Mr.ConstableStony StratfordBucks
28th January 1837Cayley, CharlesWyrardisburyBerks
31st March 1827Cecil, JohnSalthillBerks
11th June 1842Cecil, LordEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
25th June 1842Cecil, LordScholarEtonBucks
30th July 1842Cecil, LordScholarEtonBucks
8th October 1842Cecil, LordEtonBucks
21st May 1842Cecil, mi.Eton ScholarEtonBucks
14th April 1827Cecil, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st April 1827Cecil, Mr.SalthillBerks
23rd July 1842Celeste, MadileActress ?WindsorBerks
16th April 1842Chadwick, ESecretary Poor Law Commissioners OfficeLondon
3rd December 1842Chadwick, E.SecretaryLondon
5th November 1842Chadwick, E.Secretary to Poor Law CommissionersLondon
16th April 1842Chadwick, Mr.Medical OfficerHayes ?Middlesex
28th May 1842Chadwick, Mr.HayesMiddlesex
5th March 1842Chadwick, Mr.Building ContractorWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Chadwick, Mr.HayesMiddlesex
21st September 1827Chalk, JohnThatchamBerks
9th September 1837Challis, MrEghamSurrey
16th September 1837Challis, Mr.ChertseySurrey
22nd October 1842ChallonerSloughBucks
23rd March 1834Challoner, Bisse, ColonelWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Challoner, Col.WindsorBerks
31st December 1842Challoner, Col.WindsorBerks
8th October 1842Challoner, Col.ChertseySurrey
5th May 1827ChamberDraytonMiddlesex
6th February 1836ChamberlainEtonBucks
26th March 1842Chamberlain, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Chamberlain, Mr.WindsorBerks
16th July 1842Chamberlin, EmmaAldermastonBerks
12th November 1836ChambersServantWarfieldBerks
11th February 1837Chambers, MrMagistrateGodalmingSurrey
2nd September 1837Chambers, W.F, Dr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1842Champ, ElizaServantWargraveBerks
27th May 1837Champ, JosephHorsekeeperEghamSurrey
15th March 1834Champagne, G., Rev.WindsorBerks
24th March 1827Champagne, G., Rev.WindsorBerks
31st March 1827Champagne, G., Rev.WindsorBerks
24th March 1838Champagne, Rev.Mr.WindsorBerks
18th March 1837Champange, G. Rev.WindsorBerks
9th September 1826Champess, E.FulmerBucks
21st September 1827Champion, W., jun.ReadingBerks
24th May 1834Champnes, Rev. T.WMagistrateEtonBucks
14th May 1842Champnes, Rev.Mr.FulmarBucks
16th April 1842Champnes, Rev.Mr.UptonBucks
1st October 1842Champnes, Rev.Mr.FulmarBucks
24th March 1838Champnes, Rev.Mr.MagistrateEtonBucks
15th September 1827Champness, EdwardFulmerBucks
9th September 1826Champress, Rev. I.FulmerBucks
1st October 1842Chancellor, Mr.Berks
19th May 1827Chandler, H.AylesburyBucks
22nd October 1842Chandler, JohnApprentice BlacksmithClewerBerks
19th March 1842Chandler, Mr.EghamSurrey
8th October 1842Chandler, R.PloughmanLalehamMiddlesex
23rd July 1842Chandless, Mr.London
15th September 1827Chandos, Duke ofPreston BissettBucks
13th January 1827Chandos, Marquis ofAylesburyBucks
15th September 1827Chandos, Marquis ofWotton UnderwoodBucks
16th September 1826Chandos, Marquis ofBucks
19th May 1827Chandos, Marquis ofHigh WycombeBucks
1st October 1836Chandos, Marquis ofSloughBucks
24th February 1827Chandos, Marquis ofNewport PagnellBucks
24th November 1827Chandos, Marquis ofWottonBucks
26th May 1827Chandos, Marquis ofHigh WycombeBucks
27th October 1827Chandos, Marquis ofBucks
28th April 1827Chandos, Marquis ofBucks
2nd September 1826Chandos, Marquis ofHigh WycombeBucks
9th July 1842Chandos, Marquis ofBucks
9th September 1826Chandos, the Most Noble Marquis ofWotton UnderwoodBucks
1st October 1836Channell, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th February 1842Chantry, Elizabeth, Esq.Gerrards CrossBucks
12th February 1842Chantry, John, Esq.Gerrards CrossBucks
22nd October 1842Chaplin, JohnClewerBerks
11th August 1827ChapmanBell MakerLondon
29th September 1827Chapman, EdwardWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Chapman, G., Mr.SurgeonEtonBucks
1st September 1827Chapman, G., Mr.WindsorBerks
29th September 1827Chapman, G.W.WindsorBerks
25th June 1842Chapman, Geo., Mr.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Chapman, GeorgeRat CatchersWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Chapman, GeorgeNew WindsorBerks
23rd September 1826Chapman, GeorgeSilverstoneBucks
30th July 1842Chapman, GeorgeCowleyMiddlesex
18th June 1842Chapman, George, MrSurgeonWindsorBerks
16th April 1842Chapman, George, Mr.SurgeonWindsorBerks
18th March 1837Chapman, George, Mr.SurgeonWindsorBerks
20th August 1842Chapman, George, Mr.WindsorBerks
27th August 1842Chapman, George, Mr.SurgeonWindsorBerks
29th December 1827Chapman, George, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th July 1842Chapman, HenryCowleyMiddlesex
29th December 1827Chapman, J., SirStainesMiddlesex
24th December 1842Chapman, J., Sir.MagistrateWindsorBerks
31st December 1842Chapman, J., Sir.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Chapman, J., Sir.SurgeonWindsorBerks
17th December 1836Chapman, JamesLandlordUxbridgeMiddlesex
17th December 1836Chapman, JamesLandlordGerrard's CrossBucks
24th March 1838Chapman, James, Rev.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Chapman, JohnRat CatchersWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Chapman, JohnIverBucks
16th April 1842Chapman, John , SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Chapman, John alias Dibley, John alias Cudd, JohnEast GarstonBerks
18th February 1837Chapman, John, MrButcherEghamSurrey
12th February 1842Chapman, John, Rev.Cambridge
11th June 1842Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
12th March 1842Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
12th May 1827Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
12th November 1836Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
13th May 1837Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
18th June 1842Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
18th March 1837Chapman, John, SirSurgeonWindsorBerks
19th November 1836Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
1st December 1827Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
1st January 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
21st May 1842Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
22nd December 1827Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
24th December 1836Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
24th September 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
30th April 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
4th June 1842Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
7th May 1842Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
8th December 1827Chapman, John, SirWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Chapman, John, SirMagistrateWindsorBerks
1st September 1827Chapman, John, Sir.WindsorBerks
20th August 1842Chapman, John, Sir.MagistrateWindsorBerks
20th February 1836Chapman, John, Sir.MagistrateWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Chapman, John, Sir.MagistrateWindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Chapman, John, Sir.WindsorBerks
27th August 1842Chapman, John, Sir.MagistrateWindsorBerks
5th March 1836Chapman, John, Sir.MagistrateWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Chapman, John, Sir.MagistrateWindsorBerks
9th July 1842Chapman, John, Sir.WindsorBerks
16th July 1842Chapman, MaryWendoverBucks
15th January 1842Chapman, MrWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Chapman, Mr EWindsorBerks
31st May 1834Chapman, Mr G Esq.EtonBucks
12th November 1842Chapman, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
15th March 1834Chapman, Mr.SloughBucks
18th November 1837Chapman, Mr.SingerStainesMiddlesex
7th October 1837Chapman, Mr.AttorneyAylesburyBucks
15th October 1842Chapman, RebeccaIverBucks
5th November 1842Chapman, RichardMarlowBucks
20th October 1827Chapman, RobertWantageBerks
13th May 1837Chapman, Sir JohnMagistrateWindsorBerks
16th September 1837Chapman, Sir JohnWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Chapman, Sir JohnWindsorBerks
21st October 1837Chapman, Sir JohnMagistrateWindsorBerks
22nd June 1839Chapman, Sir JohnMagistrateWindsorBerks
24th May 1834Chapman, Sir JohnWindsorBerks
3rd June 1837Chapman, Sir JohnMagistrateWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Chapman, ThomasWestburyBucks
9th September 1826Chapman, Thos.WestburyBucks
17th September 1842Chapman, WilliamIverBucks
14th July 1827Chappel, Mr SchoolmasterFarnham RoyalBucks
31st March 1827Chappell, MarySloughBucks
8th April 1837Chappell, MrOverseerChertseySurrey
22nd October 1842Charlotte, Princess of WalesWindsorBerks
19th February 1842Charlsey, Mr.Auditor Eton UnionEtonBucks
19th April 1834Charlton, FrancisBucks
8th October 1842Charman, A., Mr.WisleySurrey
18th May 1839Charriott, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th August 1827Charsley, J.CoronerEtonBucks
12th May 1827Charsley, J., Esq.CoronerWeston TurvilleBucks
15th September 1827Charsley, J., Esq.CoronerChepping WycombeBucks
17th September 1842Charsley, J., Esq.SalthillBerks
24th February 1827Charsley, J., Esq.CoronerPrinces RisboroughBucks
25th August 1827Charsley, J., Esq.West WycombeBucks
30th April 1842Charsley, J., Esq.CoronerWindsorBerks
31st March 1827Charsley, J., Esq.ChinesBucks
3rd November 1827Charsley, J., Esq.CoronerBotleyBucks
12th April 1834Charsley, John EsqCoronerBucks
26th April 1834Charsley, John EsqCoronerStoke PogesBucks
10th December 1842Charsley, John, Esq.CoronerEtonBucks
16th September 1837Charsley, John, Esq.CoronerHigh WycombeBucks
19th November 1842Charsley, John, Esq.CoronerIverBucks
20th February 1836Charsley, John, Esq.CoronerDatchetBucks
5th November 1842Charsley, John, Esq.CoronerMarlowBucks
9th September 1826Charsley, John, Esq.BeaconsfieldBucks
10th September 1842Charsley, John., Esq.CoronerIverBucks
7th October 1837Charsley, MrCounty CoronerBeasconsfieldBucks
25th November 1837Charsley, Mr.EtonBucks
28th October 1837Charsley, Mr.CoronerBucks
31st December 1842Charsley, Mr.CoronerUptonBucks
21st September 1827Chase, HenryTilehurstBerks
18th May 1839Chater, MrWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Chater, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th February 1842Chater, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th May 1827Chatfield, AnneChambermaidWindsorBerks
4th March 1837Chatteris, Wm. EsqSandlefordBerks
15th October 1842Chatterton, F., Mr.HarpistChertseySurrey
2nd July 1842Chatwell, JohnLittlingstone DayrellBucks
28th April 1827Chawn [?], RobertStoke PogesBucks
18th May 1839Cheal, MrWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Cheal, Mr.
16th September 1826Chearsley, J., Esq.Bucks
15th September 1827Chearsley, Robert, Esq.BeaconsfieldBucks
9th September 1826Cheer, E., Mr.BailiffAbingdonBerks
21st September 1827Cheer, SamuelAbingdonBerks
12th April 1834Cheeseman, JohnEngineerWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Cheeseman, JohnGamekeeperPurleyBerks
30th April 1842Chelsea, ViscountReadingBerks
30th September 1826Cheni, MonsieurParisFrance
8th June 1839Cheriton, EdwardWindsorBerks
1st March 1834CherrilWorkmanWindsorBerks
11th June 1842CherryOxfordOxfordshire
21st September 1827Cherry, G.H.Kintbury AmesburyBerks
15th September 1827Cherry, Thos.MaidsmortonBucks
9th September 1826Chester, C., Esq.ChicherleyBucks
15th September 1827Chester, Charles, Esq.ChichleyBucks
15th September 1827Chester, Charles, Esq.ChicherleyBucks
9th September 1826Chester, Chas., Esq.GamekeeperChicherleyBucks
6th August 1842Chester, Mr.ActorWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Chesterfield, Earl ofWingBucks
9th September 1826Chesterfield, Earl ofWing & GroveBucks
22nd October 1842Chesterman, JamesDraycot ManorBerks
25th March 1837Chesterman, WilliamWindsorBerks
28th January 1837Chesterman, WilliamWindsorBerks
4th February 1837Chesterman, WilliamWindsorBerks
8th June 1839ChetwodeEton ScholarEtonBucks
9th September 1826Chetwode, John, SirChetwodeBucks
15th September 1827Chetwode, John, Sir, Bart.Chetwode.Bucks
1st October 1836Chevis, JohnLabourerUptonBucks
21st September 1827Cheyney, JosephAldworthBerks
9th September 1826Chibnall, J.Newport PagnellBucks
15th September 1827Chibnall, JohnNewport PagnellBucks
8th June 1839ChichesterEton ScholarEtonBucks
18th November 1837Chichester, Earl of
31st December 1842Chichester, Hon.Mrs.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Chichester, MajorWindsorBerks
20th February 1836Child, Dr.WindsorBerks
27th February 1836Child, JosephLambournBerks
14th May 1842Child, MrHenleyOxfordshire
19th November 1842Child, Mr.GrocerChertseySurrey
15th September 1827Child, Wm.BeaconsfieldBucks
9th September 1826Child, Wm.BeaconsfieldBucks
19th March 1842Childers, J.W.Great MarlowBucks
9th June 1827Childers, Rev.Mr.ReadingBerks
7th January 1837Chillingworth, JohnShillingfordBerks
14th January 1837Chilton, JamesWooburnBucks
28th April 1827Chilton, MilesWindsorBerks
14th January 1837Chilton, ThomasBucks
14th June 1834Chilton, Wm, Mr.RickmansworthHertfordshire
1st October 1836Chip, MaryServantLangleyBucks
22nd March 1834ChippsServantFulmarBucks
15th September 1827Chipps, R.Chalfont St.PeterBucks
9th September 1826Chipps, R.Chalfont St.PeterBucks
15th September 1827Chipps, RichardGamekeeperBrudenellsBucks
9th September 1826Chipps, RichardGamekeeperBrudenellsBucks
21st May 1842Chisholm, Mr.GrocerWindsorBerks
14th October 1837Chiswell, MarkWindsorBerks
5th May 1827Chitty, James, Mr.ChobhamSurrey
19th November 1842Chorlton, CharlotteIverBucks
19th November 1842Chorlton, LucyIverBucks
21st September 1827Chowles, Wm.LambournBerks
9th September 1826Chown, T.Bledlow RidgeBucks
15th September 1827Chown, ThomasBledlow RidgeBucks
21st September 1827Christie, JamesNew WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Christmas, W., jun.HundridgeBucks
9th September 1826Christmas, W., jun.HundridgeBucks
5th April 1834Christopher, EdwardWindsorBerks
14th January 1837Chuck, JohnWindsorBerks
5th March 1836Chuck, JohnPolicemanWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Chuck, JohnWindsorBerks
14th January 1837Church, CharlesFulmarBucks
29th October 1836Church, CharlesIverBucks
19th November 1842Church, HenryIverBucks
18th May 1839Church, J , EsqWindsorBerks
9th July 1842Church, J., Mr.WindsorBerks
20th October 1827Church, JamesWindsorBerks
27th October 1827Church, JamesIverBucks
29th September 1827Church, JamesWindsorBerks
4th August 1827Church, JamesWindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Church, James, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Church, Mr.WindsorBerks
13th January 1827Church, Wm., alias Mooring, EdwardAylesburyBucks
5th November 1836Churchill, H.B., Esq.WindsorBerks
14th October 1837Churchill, Henry BlencoweBarristerWindsorBerks
4th March 1837Chuter, MrBuilderHayesMiddlesex
25th June 1842Cinnamon, FrancisPrivateWindsorBerks
19th February 1842Cittadini, SignorStainesMiddlesex
28th May 1842ClackMarlowBucks
21st September 1827Clack, JohnNewburyBerks
19th May 1827Clack, MissDress RetailerWindsorBerks
27th January 1827Clack, MissDress MakerWindsor Berks
12th November 1836Clack, Mr.SurgeonBerks
25th November 1837Clack, Mr.SurgeonEtonBucks
28th April 1827Clacy, JohnFinchampsteadBerks
15th September 1827Clare, JosephStony StratfordBucks
20th October 1827Clare, JosephStony StratfordBucks
3rd March 1827Clarence, Duke and Duchess ofWindsorBerks
13th January 1827Clarence, Duke ofWindsorBerks
1st September 1827Clarence, Duke ofWindsorBerks
23rd June 1827Clarence, Duke ofWindsorBerks
25th August 1827Clarence, Duke ofWindsorBerks
8th December 1827Clarence, Duke ofWindsorBerks
16th July 1842ClarkPolicemanWindsorBerks
28th May 1842ClarkPolicemanWindsorBerks
9th January 1836ClarkConstableGreat MarlowBucks
21st May 1842Clark, C.PolicemanWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Clark, CharlesPolicemanWindsorBerks
29th January 1842Clark, E., Mr.Landlord ?UxbridgeMiddlesex
27th August 1842Clark, EdwardEtonBucks
17th December 1836Clark, J., Mr.LandlordMaidenheadBerks
8th October 1842Clark, J.C., Rev.ChertseySurrey
15th September 1827Clark, JamesChetwodeBucks
28th April 1827Clark, JohnWindsorBerks
19th February 1842Clark, John, Mr.High WycombeBucks
5th May 1827Clark, JonathanPrivate and ShoemakerWindsorBerks
12th November 1836Clark, Joseph, Esq.MayorMaidenheadBerks
1st October 1842Clark, Joseph, Esq.Maidenhead ?Berks
19th March 1842Clark, JosiahGreat MarlowBucks
16th September 1826Clark, MissMaidenheadBerks
21st July 1827Clark, MrLandlordWindsorBerks
10th November 1827Clark, Mr.WindsorBerks
14th January 1837Clark, Mr.BroughtonBucks
30th June 1827Clark, Mr.WindsorBerks
10th September 1842Clark, RichardClewerBerks
13th August 1842Clark, T.T., Esq.MagistrateUxbridgeMiddlesex
7th May 1842Clark, T.T., Esq.MagistrateUxbridgeMiddlesex
30th January 1836Clark, William, Mr.WindsorBerks
16th July 1842Clark, Wm,MaidenheadBerks
10th September 1842Clark, Wm.ClewerBerks
15th September 1827Clark, Wm.Barton HartshornBucks
11th June 1842ClarkePolicemanWindsorBerks
15th January 1842ClarkePolicemanWindsorBerks
1st October 1836ClarkeWindsorBerks
20th August 1842ClarkePolicemanWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842ClarkePolicemanWindsorBerks
24th December 1842ClarkePolicemanWindsorBerks
25th June 1842ClarkeEtonBucks
25th November 1837ClarkeDomestic Servant ?EtonBucks
26th November 1842ClarkePolicemanWindsorBerks
5th March 1842ClarkeWindsorBerks
5th November 1842ClarkePolicemanWindsorBerks
9th June 1827ClarkeCoach ProprietorsMarlow ?Bucks
2nd April 1842Clarke, AnneGreat MarlowBucks
30th April 1842Clarke, C.J., Esq.EghamSurrey
16th July 1842Clarke, C.J., Mr.EghamSurrey
20th May 1837Clarke, CharlesPolicemanWindsorBerks
24th December 1842Clarke, CharlesPolicemanWindsorBerks
31st December 1842Clarke, CharlesPolicemanWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Clarke, Christopher John, Esq.EghamSurrey
15th September 1827Clarke, E.H.Newport PagnellBucks
22nd October 1842Clarke, FrancisOld WindsorBerks
9th September 1826Clarke, G.O.SimpsonBucks
2nd April 1842Clarke, GeorgeOmulbus ConductorLondon
3rd September 1842Clarke, GeorgeCottagerWindsor ?Berks
9th September 1826Clarke, H.E.Newport PagnellBucks
23rd September 1837Clarke, H.J., Mr
23rd September 1837Clarke, J.,Mr.
15th September 1827Clarke, JacobChetwodeBucks
26th April 1834Clarke, JamesLabourerBucks
25th March 1837Clarke, James ThomasConstableWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Clarke, James. T.WindsorBerks
10th November 1827Clarke, JohnBucks
13th January 1827Clarke, JohnLittle BrickhillBucks
14th January 1837Clarke, JohnWavendenBucks
21st September 1827Clarke, JohnComptonBerks
26th February 1842Clarke, JohnWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Clarke, JohnChepping WycombeBucks
20th October 1827Clarke, JosephAylesburyBucks
7th April 1827Clarke, JosephAylesburyBucks
21st September 1827Clarke, Josh, esq.MaidenheadBerks
11th August 1827Clarke, MrEtonBucks
15th January 1842Clarke, MrWindsorBerks
4th June 1842Clarke, MrWindsorBerks
9th April 1842Clarke, MrWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Clarke, Mr EdwardWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Clarke, Mr ThomasWindsorBerks
28th January 1837Clarke, Mr,WindsorBerks
4th February 1837Clarke, Mr,WindsorBerks
11th June 1842Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th November 1842Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th March 1837Clarke, Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
1st October 1836Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th February 1836Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
28th October 1837Clarke, Mr.ButcherEtonBucks
29th January 1842Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th March 1836Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th July 1837Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th January 1836Clarke, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Clarke, Mrs.Great MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Clarke, O.G.SimpsonBucks
16th July 1842Clarke, RichardBinfieldBerks
16th September 1837Clarke, RichardClewerBerks
15th October 1842Clarke, S., Esq.Solicitor ?Iver ?Bucks
16th September 1837Clarke, SarahHigh WycombeBucks
17th December 1842Clarke, T., Mrs.IckenhamMiddlesex
24th March 1838Clarke, T.T., Esq.MagistrateUxbridgeMiddlesex
6th August 1842Clarke, T.T., Esq.MagistrateUxbridgeMiddlesex
22nd June 1839Clarke, T.T.,Esq.UxbridgeMiddlesex
15th January 1842Clarke, ThomasPolicemanWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Clarke, Thomas TwesdaleHarefield PlaceMiddlesex
6th August 1842Clarke, Thomas, Mr.WindsorBerks
25th March 1837Clarke, Thomas., Mr.WindsorBerks
1st April 1837Clarke, Thos.GuardianWindsorBerks
4th June 1842Clarke, Thos.WindsorBerks
5th November 1836Clarke, W.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Clarke, W.N.ArdingtonBerks
21st July 1827Clarke, W.N., Esq.WantageBerks
10th March 1827Clarke, WilliamLawrence WalthamBerks
15th September 1827Clarke, William, Esq.PennBucks
22nd October 1836Clarke, Wm alias DraycottWindsorBerks
25th March 1837Clarke, Wm, Mr.London ?
21st September 1827Clarke, Wm.ComptonBerks
9th September 1826Clarke, Wm.Barton HartshornBucks
9th September 1826Clarke, Wm., Esq.PennBucks
14th January 1837Clarkson, Mr.Berks
21st September 1827Clarkson, WilliamGamekeeperBarton CourtBerks
2nd December 1837Clay, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
16th July 1842ClaytonMarlowBucks
24th September 1842ClaytonClewer GreenBerks
5th May 1827ClaytonUxbridgeMiddlesex
16th September 1826Clayton, Col.Bucks
9th September 1826Clayton, ColonelGreat MarlowBucks
9th September 1826Clayton, E.G., Esq.Great Marlow parishBucks
15th September 1827Clayton, East, Esq.Great MarlowBucks
16th September 1826Clayton, East, Esq.Bucks
22nd January 1842Clayton, East, Sir.WindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Clayton, H., Esq.MarlowBucks
22nd January 1842Clayton, John Lloyd, Esq. R.N.Great MarlowBucks
26th May 1827Clayton, Lieut Col.MarlowBucks
14th January 1837Clayton, R., Lieut.Col.Sir.Great MarlowBucks
12th November 1842Clayton, R.R., Esq.EtonBucks
19th November 1842Clayton, R.R., Esq.Commissioner for TaxesSloughBucks
9th September 1826Clayton, R.W., Esq.Marlow TownBucks
9th September 1826Clayton, Sir W., Bart.Great Marlow parishBucks
15th September 1827Clayton, Sir Wm., Bart.Great MarlowBucks
15th July 1837Clayton, W.DraytonMiddlesex
3rd September 1842Clayton, W., Esq.MarlowBucks
21st September 1827Clayton, W., SirWidmereBucks
5th May 1827Clayton, W., SirBucks
10th June 1837Clayton, W., Sir.MarlowBucks
21st September 1827Clayton, W.R., Esq.Gt MarlowBucks
11th February 1837Clayton, W.R., SirGreat MarlowBucks
14th May 1842Clayton, W.R., SirHenleyOxfordshire
1st April 1837Clayton, W.R., SirGreat MarlowBucks
5th November 1842Clayton, W.R., SirMarlowBucks
10th December 1842Clayton, W.R., Sir.MarlowBucks
12th March 1842Clayton, W.R., Sir.MarlowBucks
19th March 1842Clayton, W.R., Sir.Great MarlowBucks
1st January 1842Clayton, W.R., Sir.MarlowBucks
20th August 1842Clayton, WeaverWindsorBerks
25th August 1827Clayton, WilliamLord of ManorGreat MarlowBucks
28th May 1842Clayton, William Robert, Sir.MarlowBucks
3rd September 1842Clayton, William Robert., Colonel Sir.MarlowBucks
23rd July 1842Clayton, William, Mr.FarmerHillingdonMiddlesex
12th May 1827Clayton, William, SirHigh WycombeBucks
14th April 1827Clayton, William, SirGreat MarlowBucks
19th May 1827Clayton, William, SirHigh WycombeBucks
9th September 1826Clayton, William, Sir.Great MarlowBucks
28th January 1837Clayton, Wm. Robt, SirGreat MarlowBucks
13th January 1827Clayton, Wm., SirAylesburyBucks
26th May 1827Clayton, Wm., SirHigh WycombeBucks
27th October 1827Clayton, Wm., SirWycombeBucks
2nd June 1827Clayton, Wm., SirHigh WycombeBucks
15th September 1827Clayton, Wm., Sir, Bart.HarleyfordBucks
16th September 1826Clayton, Wm., Sir.Bucks
2nd July 1842Clayton,W., SirHenleyOxfordshire
28th June 1834Cleave, J.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Cleave, John, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th April 1834Cleave, Mr ThomasWindsorBerks
20th May 1837Cleave, Mr.WindsorBerks
28th October 1837Cleave, Mr.Boot and shoemakerWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Cleave, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cleave, Mr. JohnWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cleave, Mr. ThomasWindsorBerks
13th August 1842Cleave, Thos., Mr.WindsorBerks
29th September 1827Clegg, IsaacWindsorBerks
18th August 1827Clegg, Mr.WindsorBerks
24th March 1838Clements, AnnUxbridgeMiddlesex
22nd October 1842Clements, Benj.ClewerBerks
26th November 1842Clements, BenjaminReadingBerks
8th October 1842Clements, BenjaminReading ?Berks
18th June 1842Clements, JamesWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Clements, JohnBerks
23rd September 1826Clements, MaryHounslowMiddlesex
23rd September 1826Clements, SarahHounslowMiddlesex
28th April 1827Clements, WilliamBerks
28th April 1827Clewley, MrAylesburyBucks
5th November 1842ClewseWindsorBerks
29th December 1827Clifdon, GeorgeWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Clifford, Wm.WooburnBucks
9th September 1826Clifford, Wm.WooburnBucks
23rd September 1826Climer, Mr.BrokerWindsorBerks
23rd December 1837Clinton, LordWindsorBerks
19th February 1842Clinton, Mr.Stage ManagerWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Clinton, Mr.Theatre ManagerWindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Clinton, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Clinton, Mr.ActorWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Clinton, Mr.ActorWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Clisby, JamesChalfont St GilesBucks
2nd July 1842Clisby, Thos.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
11th June 1842CliveEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
30th July 1842CliveScholarEtonBucks
7th January 1837Clive, Mr.Berks
18th May 1839Clode & Sons, MessrsWindsorBerks
2nd June 1827Clode, JWine and Spirit Merchant,WindsorBerks
11th June 1842Clode, J, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
18th June 1842Clode, J, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Clode, J, Esq.JusticeWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Clode, J, Mr jun.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Clode, J, Mr., jun.WindsorBerks
13th January 1827Clode, J., Esq.JusticeWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Clode, J., Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
28th April 1827Clode, J., Esq.JusticeWindsorBerks
30th July 1842Clode, J., Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
17th February 1827Clode, J., Mr.WindsorBerks
18th August 1827Clode, J., Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Clode, J., Mr.Spital ?Berks
29th September 1827Clode, JohnJusticeWindsorBerks
10th December 1842Clode, John, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
12th March 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
13th August 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
16th April 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Clode, John, Esq.CommissionerWindsorBerks
17th September 1842Clode, John, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
19th March 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
1st January 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
20th August 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
21st May 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
23rd April 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
24th September 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
26th February 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
26th March 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
28th May 1842Clode, John, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
29th October 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWinkfieldBerks
2nd April 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
30th April 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
4th June 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
7th May 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
9th April 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
9th July 1842Clode, John, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
13th August 1842Clode, John, Esq. JunChurchwardenWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Clode, John, jun, Mr.CouncillorWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Clode, John, jun.WindsorBerks
14th July 1827Clode, John, MrWindsorBerks
20th February 1836Clode, John, MrWindsorBerks
30th June 1827Clode, John, MrWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Clode, John, Mr.ChurchwardenWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Clode, John, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Clode, John, Mr.MayorWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Clode, John, Mr.WindsorBerks
26th November 1842Clode, John, Mr., Esq.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Clode, John, Mr., jun.WindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Clode, John, Mr., jun.ChurchwardenWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Clode, John. Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Clode, John. Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
18th March 1837Clode, MrLandlordWindsorBerks
11th November 1837Clode, Mr.Wine MerchantWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Clode, Mr.EghamSurrey
1st October 1836Clode, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Clode, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Clode, Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
20th February 1836Clode, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Clode, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Clode, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Clode, Mr.Wine-MerchantWindsorBerks
8th April 1837Clode, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th July 1837Clode, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th July 1837Clode, Mr.Wine MerchantWindsorBerks
9th January 1836Clode, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Clode, Mr. JohnWindsorBerks
4th November 1837Clode, Mr. JohnWine-merchantWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Clode, Mr. RichardWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Clode, Mr. WilliamWindsorBerks
21st April 1827Clode, R.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Clode, R., Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Clode, RichardNew WindsorBerks
7th April 1827Clode, Richard, Mr.WindsorBerks
10th December 1836Clode, W,Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
3rd February 1827Clode, W.LandlordWindsorBerks
17th September 1842Clode, W., Esq.EghamSurrey
2nd July 1842Clode, W., Esq.StainesMiddlesex
17th February 1827Clode, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Clode, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Clode, William, Esq.EghamSurrey
11th June 1842Clode, William, Mr.ChurchwardenEghamSurrey
12th March 1842Clode, William, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th January 1836Clode, Wm, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th July 1842Clode, Wm.WindsorBerks
4th August 1827Clode, Wm. Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1842ClosePupilEtonBucks
19th April 1834Clowes, [Charles Esq ?]MagistrateBucks
1st October 1842Clowes, C., EsqEtonBucks
10th December 1842Clowes, C., Esq.EtonBucks
12th February 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Clowes, C., Esq.EtonBucks
14th May 1842Clowes, C., Esq.EtonBucks
15th October 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
17th September 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
19th February 1842Clowes, C., Esq.EtonBucks
1st January 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
20th August 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
22nd January 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
24th December 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
26th March 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
26th November 1842Clowes, C., Esq.EtonBucks
30th April 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
5th February 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
6th August 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
9th July 1842Clowes, C., Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
23rd July 1842Clowes, Charles EdwardWindsorBerks
24th May 1834Clowes, Charles EsqMagistrateEtonBucks
17th June 1837Clowes, Charles Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
8th January 1842Clowes, Chas, Esq.MagistrateEtonBucks
24th March 1838Clowes, Mr.EtonBucks
29th October 1842Clowes, Mr.EtonBucks
15th September 1827Clutterbuck, JohnWotton UnderwoodBucks
9th September 1826Clutterbuck, JohnGamekeeperWotton and Long Crendon.Bucks
18th May 1839Clymer, MrWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Clymer, MrCollector Borough RateWindsorBerks
10th November 1827Clymer.M.BrokerWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Coates, Rev.Mr.High WycombeBucks
28th May 1842Cobb, RobertNorwichNorfolk
1st December 1827Cobbett, JohnCollector of Poor RateWindsorBerks
27th January 1827Cobbett, MasterVocalistWindsor Berks
2nd July 1842Cobbett, MessrsNurserymenHorsellMiddlesex
18th May 1839Cobbett, Mr JWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cobbett, Mr RWindsorBerks
20th May 1837Cobbett, Mr.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Cobden, JohnStoweBucks
15th September 1827Cobden, JohnGamekeeperStoweBucks
9th September 1826Cobden, JohnStoweBucks
9th September 1826Cobden, JohnGamekeeperStoweBucks
18th May 1839Cobden, Mr. RWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Cobham, A.M.ShinfieldBerks
15th January 1842Cochrane, CaptainWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Cochrane, CatherineWoolwichLondon
7th May 1842Cochrane, ColonelLondon
8th October 1842Cochrane, Robert, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th March 1837Cock, AnthonyCholseyBerks
4th March 1837Cock, JohnBerks
4th March 1837Cock, SydneyCholseyBerks
16th July 1842Cock, ThomasCholseyBerks
16th April 1842Cock, WmUxbridgeMiddlesex
22nd January 1842Cockburn, G., SirGreenwich
19th March 1842Cockburn, Mr.BarristerGreat MarlowBucks
2nd April 1842Cockburn, Mr.BarristerGreat MarlowBucks
30th April 1842Cockburn, Mr.ReadingBerks
3rd September 1842Cocken, Mr.Toll collector, Windsor BridgeWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Cockhill, JohnWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cockill, MrWindsorBerks
12th August 1837Cocking, Mr.VauxhallMiddlesex
21st September 1827Cocks, JohnReadingBerks
9th January 1836Cocum, JohnWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cocum, John, EsqWindsorBerks
17th February 1827Cocum, John, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th October 1842Cocum, MrMaster of the HorseWindsorBerks
8th June 1839Cocum, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Codgell, WilliamCheshamBucks
11th June 1842CodringtonEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
23rd July 1842CodringtonScholarEtonBucks
30th July 1842CodringtonScholarEtonBucks
9th September 1826Coffin, I.C.P., Esq.FulmerBucks
15th September 1827Coffin, J.C.P., Esq.FulmerBucks
5th March 1842Coffin, JamesCookWindsorBerks
19th March 1842Coggins, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
11th June 1842CokerOxfordOxfordshire
9th July 1842Coker, JamesBeer-shop KeeperGerrards-crossBucks
22nd December 1827Coker, WilliamWatchmanWindsorBerks
4th August 1827Coker, WilliamWatchmanWindsorBerks
20th October 1827Coker, WmWatchmanWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Colborn, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
11th March 1837Colbourne, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
12th November 1836Cold-morningWindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Cole Long, Wm.ClerkWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Cole, Ann, MissAylesburyBucks
12th February 1842Cole, Captain R.N.StainesMiddlesex
10th March 1827Cole, GeorgeAylesburyBucks
22nd June 1839Cole, JohnSheep DealerUpper HallifordMiddlesex
5th November 1842Cole, W., Esq.Clerk to the GuardiansWindsorBerks
24th March 1838Cole, Wm.EtonBucks
22nd October 1842Coleman, BenjaminHurleyBerks
12th February 1842Coleman, Edward, Mr.Leominster
16th January 1836Coleman, RobertBurnhamBucks
15th September 1827Coleman, ThosGamekeeperGroveBucks
9th September 1826Coleman, Thos.GamekeeperSmewens, Linslade, and Chemscott.Bucks
30th April 1842Coleridge, E., Rev.EtonBucks
23rd September 1837Coleridge, Mr.
22nd June 1839Coleridge, Rev. EEtonBucks
19th November 1836Coleridge, Rev., Mr.WindsorBerks
13th May 1837Coleridge, Rev.Mr.WindsorBerks
18th March 1837Coleridge, Rev.Mr.Master Eton CollegeEtonBucks
1st October 1842Coleridge, Rev.Mr.EtonBucks
9th April 1842Coleridge, Rev.Mr.EtonBucks
15th September 1827Coles, JamesChalfont St.PeterBucks
15th September 1827Coles, JesseTravellerChepping WycombeBucks
6th October 1827Coles, Mr.AdstockBucks
17th December 1836Coles, Wm.WindsorBerks
4th March 1837Colfman [?], William, Mr.AssessorHigh WycombeBucks
20th August 1842Coling, JamesLandlordWexhamBucks
24th September 1842Collard, Joseph, Mr.Railway SuperintendentPaddingtonMiddlesex
5th November 1842Collard, Mr.Eton ?Bucks
8th April 1837Collard, Sarah, Mrs.Walton-upon-ThamesSurrey
21st September 1827Collett, LeonardGamekeeperGreat FaringdonBerks
9th September 1826Collett, S.H.Weston TurvilleBucks
9th September 1826Collett, S.W.St.Leonard'sBucks
15th September 1827Collett, W.S.St.Leonard'sBucks
15th September 1827Collett, W.S., Esq.Weston TurvilleBucks
26th November 1842ColleyWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Colley, WilliamNortholtMiddlesex
19th March 1842CollierWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Collier, Francis.A., Captain Sir.WoolwichSurrey
14th May 1842Collier, JosephWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Collier, JosephWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Collier, JosephShoemakerWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Collier, Miss.WoolwichSurrey
16th April 1842Collier, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Collier, ThomasAston ClintonBucks
27th January 1827Collier, William, Mr.Labourer in trust [?]WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Collingwood, I.N.AbingdonBerks
28th April 1827Collingwood, John VindenRadleyBerks
29th January 1842Collingwood, Mr.ChertseySurrey
16th March 1827CollinsAylesburyBucks
21st September 1827Collins, B., esq.EasthampsteadBerks
22nd October 1836Collins, FrancisWindsorBerks
13th January 1827Collins, JohnLittle BrickhillBucks
2nd July 1842Collins, JohnBurnhamBucks
9th April 1842Collins, JohnBucks
12th March 1842Collins, Mary AnnServantMaidenheadBerks
14th May 1842Collins, MrHenleyOxfordshire
8th April 1837Collins, MrOverseerChertseySurrey
1st December 1827Collins, Mr.BricklayerAylesburyBucks
2nd July 1842Collins, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
3rd September 1842Collins, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
8th September 1827Collins, Mr.BricklayerAylesburyBucks
10th June 1837Collins, S, Mr.Henley ?Oxfordshire ?
21st July 1827Collins, ThomasMasonAylesburyBucks
9th June 1827Collins, ThomasAylesburyBucks
28th July 1827CollisonBucks
28th April 1827Collison, RobertAylesburyBucks
8th October 1842Collyer, CharlesServantChertseySurrey
10th September 1842Collyer, Mr.ChobhamSurrey
26th March 1842Collyer, Mr.GuardianChobhamSurrey
8th October 1842Collyer, R., Esq.ChobhamSurrey
8th October 1842Collyer, WilliamPlough DriverFox-hillSurrey
19th November 1842Colnett, AnneMadrasIndia
19th November 1842Colnett, J.R, Major.MajorMadrasIndia
19th November 1842Colnett, SarahMadrasIndia
21st September 1827Colston, C.F., esq.Great and Little Bradley.Berks
4th June 1842Combes, MrAscotBerks
17th June 1837Combs, SamuelWindsorBerks
26th May 1827CompigneSolicitorsReadingBerks
21st September 1827Compton, Henry, esq.NewburyBerks
26th February 1842Compton, Mr.HolyportBerks
26th February 1842Compton, R., Esq.JurorReading ?Berks
21st September 1827Compton, Rich.,esq.NewburyBerks
8th June 1839ConantEton ScholarEtonBucks
24th September 1842Condon, JohnLabourerSloughBucks
15th September 1827Congreve, F.J.Stony StratfordBucks
9th September 1826Congreve, J.F.Stony StratfordBucks
8th September 1827Congreve, MrMortimerBerks
21st September 1827Congreve, William, esq.UftonBerks
21st September 1827Congreve, Wm, esq.AldermastonBerks
21st September 1827Connop, Rev.IBradfieldBerks
12th March 1842Conroy, John, SirKensingtonBerks
12th March 1842Conroy, VictoriaKensingtonBerks
9th June 1827Conyngham, Marquis ofWindsorBerks
16th April 1842CookPolice ConstableUxbridge ?Middlesex
25th June 1842CookMarlowBucks
6th August 1842CookAssessors of Income TaxWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Cook, GeorgeGreat MarlowBucks
31st December 1836Cook, HTailor and DraperWindsorBerks
17th March 1827Cook, H.TailorWindsorBerks
5th May 1827Cook, H., Mr.WindsorBerks
31st March 1827Cook, HenryEtonBucks
5th March 1842Cook, HenryAssessorHigh WycombeBucks
24th March 1838Cook, Henry, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Cook, JamesGamekeeperSunningwellBerks
14th January 1837Cook, JohnLittle MissendenBucks
9th September 1826Cook, John, Esq.HortonBucks
20th February 1836Cook, Mr, Alderman.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Cook, Mr, Alderman.WindsorBerks
10th September 1842Cook, money takerWindsorBerks
11th March 1837Cook, Mr.WindsorBerks
11th February 1837Cook, Mr.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Cook, Mr.TailorWindsorBerks
20th August 1842Cook, Mr.WindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Cook, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Cook, Mr.PostmasterWindsorBerks
8th September 1827Cook, Mr.TailorWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cook, Mr. HWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cook, Mr. ThomasWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Cook, NathanielLeckhampsteadBerks
9th September 1826Cook, TWingroveBucks
30th July 1842Cook, ThomasPolice-constableHayesMiddlesex
14th July 1827Cook, WilliamLetcombe RegisBerks
7th July 1827Cook, WilliamWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Cook, Wm.IvinghoeBucks
27th January 1827Cooke, A., Sir.Oxfordshire
28th July 1827Cooke, Edward, Mr.ShopkeeperSunninghillBerks
21st September 1827Cooke, JohnGamekeeperUftonBerks
20th October 1827Cooke, Mr.High ConstableWindsorBerks
26th May 1827Cooke, S.East Oakley
26th April 1834Cooke, T.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Cooke, ThomasWingroveBucks
21st September 1827Cooke, ThomasTilehurstBerks
26th November 1842Cooke, Wm.UxbridgeMiddlesex
19th February 1842Cooker, Anna Maria Dewham
19th February 1842Cooker, C.Burrell, Rev.
19th February 1842Cookes, Thomas, Rev.Barbourn & BentleyWorcestershire
19th February 1842Cookes, W., Rev.DoverKent
26th August 1837Cookesley, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th October 1842Cookesley, Mr.MagistrateEtonBucks
17th June 1837Cookesley, Rev. Mr.EtonBucks
19th November 1836Cookesley, Rev., Mr.WindsorBerks
28th May 1842Cookesley, W.G, Rev.EtonBucks
17th September 1842Cookesley, W.G., RevMagistrateWindsorBerks
23rd April 1842Cookesley, W.G., RevMagistrateEtonBucks
24th September 1842Cookesley, W.G., RevEtonBucks
30th April 1842Cookesley, W.G., RevMagistrateEtonBucks
10th December 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
12th November 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.WindsorBerks
14th May 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
15th October 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
17th December 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
18th June 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
19th November 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
1st October 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
23rd July 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
24th December 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.MagistrateEtonBucks
25th June 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
5th November 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
9th April 1842Cookesley, W.G., Rev.EtonBucks
15th September 1827Cooling, G.Lower WinchendonBucks
9th September 1826Cooling, G.Lower WinchendonBucks
15th September 1827Cooling, JohnGamekeeperChearsleyBucks
16th June 1827Cooling, Mr.FarmerLower WinchendonBucks
18th August 1827Cooling, Mr.Lower WinchendonBucks
29th October 1842Coombe, Mr.HamptonMiddlesex
29th October 1842Coombe, Robert, Mr.Windsor ?Berks
26th August 1837CoomberWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Coombes, RobertCoach-makerWindsorBerks
1st September 1827Coombs, HenryIron MongerWindsorBerks
1st September 1827Coombs, MaryIron MongerWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Coombs, MrWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Coombs, MrsWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Coombs, R, Mr.HamptonMiddlesex
1st July 1837Coombs, SamuelWindsorBerks
11th June 1842CooperEton Scholar EtonBucks
1st October 1836CooperWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cooper & Son, MessrsWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Cooper, AlfredSoldierWindsorBerks
5th April 1834Cooper, BenjaminWindsorBerks
14th October 1837Cooper, CharlesBarristerWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Cooper, Charles, Esq.WindsorBerks
14th April 1827Cooper, G., Mr.WindsorBerks
9th July 1842Cooper, Geo.WindsorBerks
29th December 1827Cooper, GeorgeWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Cooper, George, Mr,WindsorBerks
16th July 1842Cooper, George, Mr.New BrentfordMiddlesex
21st September 1827Cooper, HenryMaidenheadBerks
29th January 1842Cooper, J., Mr.SurgeonChertseySurrey
21st September 1827Cooper, JohnMaidenheadBerks
22nd October 1842Cooper, JohnNewport PagnelBucks
3rd December 1836Cooper, JohnLabourerWindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Cooper, JohnCottagerWindsor ?Berks
10th March 1827Cooper, MariaCrookhamBerks
18th May 1839Cooper, MissWindsorBerks
23rd September 1837Cooper, Mr
14th June 1834Cooper, Mr.Painter &c.WindsorBerks
16th September 1837Cooper, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Cooper, Mr.London
26th November 1836Cooper, Mr.Slough ?Bucks
2nd April 1842Cooper, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
30th June 1827Cooper, Mr.WindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Cooper, Mr.BrayBerks
4th August 1827Cooper, Mr.Plumber and GlazierWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Cooper, Mr.Foreman [Brick field]CowleyMiddlesex
9th September 1837Cooper, Mr.BrayBerks
18th May 1839Cooper, Mr. JohnWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Cooper, OwenEton ?Bucks
3rd September 1842Cooper, P.B., Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
8th January 1842Cooper, Rev.Mr.VicarOld WindsorBerks
20th August 1842Cooper, RobertLandlordWexhamBucks
10th September 1842Cooper, ThomasWindsorBerks
31st March 1827Cooper, ThomasDatchetBucks
3rd September 1842Cooper, W., Esq.MarlowBucks
10th June 1837Cooper, W.B., MrBadgemoreOxfordshire
22nd October 1842Cooper, Wm.BuscotBerks
21st September 1827Cooper, Wm., esq.CookhamBerks
2nd April 1842CootesSloughBucks
9th April 1842CootesWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Cootes, RobertFencing Master, Undertaker, Pedestrian, etc.WindsorBerks
28th January 1837CopasClewerBerks
8th October 1842Copas, CharlesWindsorBerks
16th September 1837Copas, JohnWindsorBerks
25th March 1837Copas, JohnConstableWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Copas, Mr.WindsorBerks
25th March 1837Copas, WilliamWindsorBerks
29th April 1837Cope, John, Sir.Hampshire
7th January 1837Cope, JoshuaChelseyBerks
22nd October 1836Cope, Mr.HackneyLondon
14th January 1837CopelandEtonBucks
12th November 1842Copeland, JohnDenhamBucks
29th October 1842Copelin, JohnGrocer ? , Dog Trainer ?EalingMiddlesex
21st September 1827Copell, Arthur, esq.SunninghillBerks
18th May 1839Copestake, MrsWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Copestake, Wm.GamekeeperPennBucks
9th September 1826Copestakes, Wm.GamekeeperPennBucks
15th September 1827Copleston, Rev. J.G.KingseyBucks
5th March 1836Coplestone, Rev., Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Coppock, Mr.London
18th May 1839Coram, MrWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Corbis, Thomas, jun.Great MarlowBucks
16th July 1842CorbyBrickmakerMarlowBucks
18th May 1839Corden, MrWindsorBerks
29th September 1827CorderoyServantShinfieldBerks
22nd October 1842Corderoy, JamesBucks
3rd December 1836Corderoy, JohnNavigatorMaidenheadBerks
22nd October 1842Cordery, WmBarkhamBerks
12th November 1842Cordroy, Wm.PolicemanLangley MarishBucks
23rd September 1837Cormack, Mr.
21st May 1842Cosier, H.G., Mr.StationerUxbridgeMiddlesex
21st October 1837Cosier, H.G., Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
28th October 1837Cosier, H.G., Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
21st May 1842Cosier, WatsonUxbridgeMiddlesex
21st May 1842Cossley, Elizabeth, MrsFulmarBucks
14th May 1842Costar, MrHenleyOxfordshire
7th January 1837Coster, AnnShillingfordBerks
18th May 1839Costlett, Mr.WindsorBerks
29th December 1827Cott, Matthew or Cutt, MatthewWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Cotterell, JohnWarfieldBerks
14th April 1827Cotterell, Mary AnnWindsorBerks
28th April 1827Cotterell, Mary AnneWindsorBerks
25th August 1827Cotterell, SamuelWinkfieldBerks
1st October 1836Cotterill, GeorgeShepherdSloughBucks
27th January 1827Cotterill, Mrs.Oxfordshire
21st September 1827Cottle, ThomasCholseyBerks
16th July 1842Cotton, Charles, Rev.ChertseySurrey
12th November 1842Coulton, Jas.PolicemanDenhamBucks
21st September 1827Coulton, Thos.LeckhampsteadBerks
27th August 1842Couper, G., Col.Sir.WindsorBerks
4th June 1842Couper, George, SirWindsorBerks
7th May 1842Couper, George, SirWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Couper, George, Sir.WindsorBerks
7th January 1837Court, MajorBerks
30th July 1842CourtenayScholarEtonBucks
27th October 1827Courtenay, MissEnglish Opera HouseWindsorBerks
11th June 1842CourteneyEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
9th July 1842CourtnayScholarEtonBucks
14th January 1837Courtney, HenryWooburnBucks
2nd July 1842Cousens, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
17th September 1842Cousens, W., Mr.StainesMiddlesex
2nd September 1826Coutts, Mrs.HaltonBucks
15th September 1827Coventry, J.D., Esq.HambledonBucks
21st September 1827Coventry, J.H.West HendredBerks
21st September 1827Coventry, JohnGamekeeperEast Compton and LangleyBerks
9th April 1842Coventry, MarthaWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Coventry, MrWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Coventry, Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Coventry, Mrs.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Coventry, RichardWindsorBerks
29th January 1842Coventry, Richard, Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Coventry, Wm.Berks
8th October 1842Cowan, Dr.President Reading Mechanics InstitutionReadingBerks
10th September 1842Coward, JamesClewerBerks
1st April 1837Cowderoy, MrChertseySurrey
27th February 1836Cowdery, JamesWantageBerks
12th March 1842Cowe, James, Rev.VicarSunbury ?Middlesex
28th April 1827Cowley, EdwardAylesburyBucks
19th March 1842Cowper, F., Hon.Great MarlowBucks
19th November 1842Cox
4th March 1837CoxBerks
5th April 1834CoxWindsorBerks
23rd April 1842Cox, CarolineServantWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Cox, CatherineWindsorBerks
4th June 1842Cox, FredWindsorBerks
20th October 1827Cox, HarrietServantAylesburyBucks
8th September 1827Cox, HarryStaymakerBuckinghamBucks
31st December 1836Cox, Henry alias CraperOxfordOxfordfordshire
7th January 1837Cox, JamesChelseyBerks
21st September 1827Cox, JohnBradfieldBerks
22nd October 1842Cox, JohnChepping WycombeBucks
24th May 1834Cox, MaryBucks
5th March 1842Cox, Mary AnneWorcesterWorcestershire
18th May 1839Cox, Mr GWindsorBerks
17th September 1842Cox, Mr.GardenerLalehamMiddlesex
8th September 1827Cox, Mr.AylesburyBucks
4th August 1827Cox, Mrs.IslipOxfordshire
16th July 1842Cox, Owen alias Fox, JohnSandhurstBerks
29th January 1842Cox, R.H., Esq.UxbridgeMiddlesex
1st April 1837Cox, Rev.Mr.Chaplian Aylesbury GaolAylesburyBucks
16th July 1842Cox, Richard Henry, Esq.Hillingdon HouseMiddlesex
15th October 1842Cox, ThomasDenhamBucks
15th September 1827Cox, ThomasAylesburyBucks
22nd October 1842Cox, ThomasFormer Park KeeperOld WindsorBerks
29th October 1842Cox, ThomasShepherd (?)IverBucks
8th October 1842Cox, ThomasWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Cox, ThomasAylesburyBucks
5th March 1842Cox, Thomas, Esq.WorcesterWorcestershire
28th April 1827Cox, ThosPreston BissettBucks
28th April 1827Cox, WilliamPreston BissettBucks
10th December 1842Coxdell, ThomasDenhamBucks
9th September 1826Coxwell, T,T., Rev.Marlow TownBucks
9th September 1826Cozens, J., jun.Little MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Cozens, JohnLittle MarlowBucks
22nd October 1842Cozens, WilliamEast HendredBerks
21st September 1827Cozens, Wm.East HendredBerks
22nd October 1842Crabb, SamuelCarpenter ?Sullhampstead AbbottsBerks
1st October 1842CrabterPupilEtonBucks
14th July 1827Crabtree, R., Esq.WokinghamBerks
7th July 1827Crabtree, R., Esq.WokinghamBerks
8th December 1827Crace, Mr.WindsorBerks
26th March 1842Cradock, T., CaptainWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Cradock, Thos., Capt.WindsorBerks
24th March 1838Craig, Edward, Rev.StainesMiddlesex
8th April 1837Craig, Rev.Mr.StainesMiddlesex
20th October 1827Crake, JohnCheshamBucks
21st September 1827Cramphora, John, esq.NewburyBerks
19th March 1842CramptonStainesMiddlesex
31st December 1836Craper, Henry alias CoxOxfordOxfordfordshire
23rd July 1842Crashay, Mrs.ChertseySurrey
1st October 1842CrasterPupilEtonBucks
30th July 1842CrasterScholarEtonBucks
11th June 1842CrastorEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
21st September 1827Craven, Earl ofHampstead MarshallBerks
2nd July 1842Craven, Earl ofBerks
29th December 1827Craven, Fulmer, MajorReadingBerks
21st October 1837Craven, JohnSoldierWindsorBerks
10th December 1842Craven, LordEtonBucks
1st October 1836Crawford, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th April 1842Creasy, E.J., Esq.CambridgeCambridgeshire
30th April 1842Creck, MargaretSloughBucks
9th September 1826CreedHemel HempstedHertfordshire
21st September 1827Creed, MrBucks ?
27th January 1827Creed, Mrs.Aston ClintonBucks
27th January 1827Creed, ThomasAuctioneerCheshamBucks
23rd April 1842Creek, MargaretSloughBucks
26th November 1836Creffield, Mr.Slough ?Bucks
22nd October 1842Cresswell, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
5th March 1842Cresswell, Mr. JusticeLondon
26th February 1842Cresswell, Mr.JusticeReadingBerks
15th September 1827Crew, Lieut.Col.WycombeBucks
14th January 1837Crewe, ArthurBucks
9th September 1826Crewe, F., Esq.Wycombe Boro'Bucks
13th May 1837CrippsSunninghillBerks
24th September 1842Cripps , JohnWindsorBerks
26th March 1842Cripps, ElizaWindsorBerks
23rd April 1842Cripps, JamesStainesMiddlesex
30th January 1836Cripps, Joseph, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cripps, MrWindsorBerks
28th May 1842Cripps, WilliamBucklandBerks
2nd July 1842Cripps, Wm.BucklandBerks
10th June 1837Crisp, C., MissActressWindsorBerks
10th June 1837Crisp, MissActressWindsorBerks
14th June 1834Crisp, MissWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Critch, Wm.BledlowBucks
21st July 1827Critcher, JamesShinfieldBerks
16th July 1842Crocker, G., Mr.BurnhamBucks
21st September 1827Crocker, John, jun.Kintbury AmesburyBerks
2nd December 1837Crockett, RichardWatchmanUxbridgeMiddlesex
17th December 1842CroftWindsorBerks
19th May 1827CroftLincoln's Inn FieldsLondon
26th November 1842CroftWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Croft, JamesGreat MissendenBucks
21st September 1827Croft, JamesGreenhamBerks
21st September 1827Croft, James, Esq.GreenhamBerks
18th May 1839Croix, W de St, EsqWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Croker, GeorgeBurnhamBucks
27th February 1836Crommelin, Mr.EghamSurrey
28th June 1834CrookWindsorBerks
24th December 1836Crook, H, Mr.Steward , Windsor and Eton Junior Cricket ClubWindsorBerks
20th October 1827Crook, HenryBuilderHigh WycombeBucks
4th March 1837Crook, Henry, MrAssessorHigh WycombeBucks
26th November 1836Crook, R., Mr.Slough ?Bucks
31st March 1827Crook, RobertEtonBucks
24th December 1836Crook, Robert, Mr.Secretary , Windsor and Eton Junior Cricket ClubWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Crosby, RobertLeckhampsteadBerks
21st September 1827Cross, GeorgeWinkfieldBerks
25th August 1827Cross, GeorgeWinkfieldBerks
27th October 1827Cross, GeorgeSteeple ClaydonBucks
25th August 1827Cross, JohnWinkfieldBerks
25th August 1827Cross, John jun.WinkfieldBerks
10th February 1827Cross, MrConstableAylesburyBucks
27th October 1827Cross, Mr.OlneyBucks
28th July 1827Cross, Mr.ConstableAylesburyBucks
8th March 1834Cross, WilliamFarmerTwyfordMiddlesex
26th February 1842Crosswell, WilliamMiddlesex
22nd October 1836CroswellerBrightonSussex
5th May 1827CrouchSingerLondon
26th November 1842Crouch, F.N., Mr.ChertseySurrey
10th June 1837Crouch, MrHenleyOxfordshire
14th May 1842Crouch, MrHenleyOxfordshire
2nd July 1842Crouch, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
2nd September 1826Crouch, Mr.BeaconsfieldBucks
3rd September 1842Crouch, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
31st March 1827Crouch, WilliamHedgerleyBucks
9th July 1842Crouch, William, sen.Haggle cart manMarlowBucks
15th September 1827Crouch, WmHedgerley DeanBucks
9th September 1826Crouch, WmHedgerley DeanBucks
30th September 1826Crouch, Wm., Mr.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
16th April 1842Crowdy, James, Esq.FaringtonBerks
14th January 1837Crowdy, R.W.,Esq.Under SheriffBerks
21st September 1827Crowdy, Rich. W.PortBerks
3rd June 1837Croxford, William, Mr.Register of Births & DeathsWendoverBucks
20th August 1842Croxon, GeorgeWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Croxon, George alias JonesWindsorBerks
29th October 1842Crutchely, P.H., Esq.Berks
17th February 1827Crutchley, G., Esq.SunninghillBerks
21st September 1827Crutchley, G.H., esq.SunninghillBerks
22nd January 1842Crutchley, G.H., Esq.WindsorBerks
24th March 1838Crutchley, G.H., Esq.WindsorBerks
15th October 1842Crutchley, MissWindsorBerks
31st December 1842Crutchley, Miss.WindsorBerks
13th May 1837Crutchley, Mr.SunninghillBerks
4th March 1837Crutchley, Mr.SunninghillBerks
11th June 1842Crutchley, Mrs.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Cubbage, W.Princes RisboroBucks
9th September 1826Cubbage, W.Princes RisboroBucks
10th March 1827Cudd, John, alias Chapman, John alias Dibley, John East GarstonBerks
2nd July 1842Cue, Geo.BasildonBerks
10th September 1842Culling, MaryWindsorBerks
10th February 1827CulverhouseAylesburyBucks
14th June 1834Cumberland, Duke ofUxbridgeMiddlesex
2nd June 1827Cumberland, Duke ofSt JamesLondon
2nd July 1842Cumberland, JamesLavendonBucks
27th January 1827Cumming, J., Esq., F.S.A.Board of Commissioners of India.Berks
26th March 1842Cumming, J.J., CaptainWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Cummings, CaptainWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Cundee, J., Esq.BeaconsfieldBucks
16th September 1826Cundee, James, Esq.Bucks
14th January 1837Cundee, John, Esq.BeaconsfieldBucks
16th September 1826Cundee, John, Esq.Bucks
25th March 1837Cuningham, Mr.GrocerLondon ?
20th May 1837Curier, JohnWindsorBerks
21st May 1842CurrieEton ScholarEtonBucks
26th February 1842Currie [?], Edmund, Esq.JurorReading ?Berks
15th September 1827Currie, MurrayWaddesdonBucks
9th September 1826Currie, MurrayWaddesdonBucks
21st September 1827Currie, R.A.Letcombe RegisBerks
8th June 1839CurryEton ScholarEtonBucks
14th June 1834Curties, HenryApprentice PainterWindsorBerks
20th October 1827CurtisWyrardisburyBucks
9th January 1836CurtisWindsorBerks
26th February 1842Curtis, C.B.Gunpowder ManufacturerHounslowMiddlesex
1st October 1836Curtis, GeorgeBoy DriverUptonBucks
2nd April 1842Curtis, GeorgeGreat MarlowBucks
1st July 1837Curtis, JamesWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Curtis, JohnHogshawBucks
13th May 1837Curtis, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
5th March 1842Curtis, Mr.HounslowMiddlesex
9th September 1826Curtis, Thos.HughendenBucks
16th July 1842Curtis, WilliamNewport PagnalBucks
21st September 1827Curtis, WilliamQuaintonBucks
21st September 1827Curtis, WilliamWargraveBerks
10th March 1827Curwood, Mr.ReadingBerks
5th May 1827Curwood, Mr.ReadingBerks
16th July 1842Cusden, MaryWarfieldBerks
16th July 1842Cusden, Rich.WarfieldBerks
16th July 1842Cusden, SarahWarfieldBerks
3rd December 1836Cuthbert, Hon.Mr.Walton on ThamesSurrey
16th July 1842Cutler, B.,Mr.BurnhamBucks
22nd October 1842Cutler, HenryWingBucks
14th April 1827Cutler, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Cutler, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th November 1836Cutler, Mr.Commissioner Thames NavigationWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Cutler, Richard, Mr.Lane End.Bucks
31st March 1827Cutler, William Henry EtonBucks
10th September 1842Cutt, Amelia, MissWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Cutt, JamesWindsorBerks
29th December 1827Cutt, Matthew or Cott, MatthewWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Cutt, MrsWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Cutt, MrsWindsorBerks
28th May 1842Cuzon, LordWindsorBerks

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