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The Windsor & Eton Express Surname Index "B"

Surnames Index
Date of Issue Surname/Alias Occupation Town/Village County/Country
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11th June 1842BabingtonEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
21st May 1842BabingtonEton ScholarEtonBucks
23rd July 1842BabingtonScholarEtonBucks
25th June 1842BabingtonScholarEtonBucks
30th July 1842BabingtonScholarEtonBucks
9th July 1842BachelorScholarEtonBucks
30th July 1842BackScholarEtonBucks
14th July 1827Backhouse, Benjamin, Mr.Bookbinder & StationerWellsSomersetshire
10th December 1842BaconWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842BaconSpitalBerks
26th February 1842BaconClewerBerks
26th November 1842BaconWindsorBerks
19th May 1827Bacon, Anthony, Esq.ReadingBerks
12th February 1842Bacon, Mr.Berks
19th February 1842Bacon, Mr.EtonBucks
19th March 1842Bacon, Mr.WinkfieldBerks
10th December 1842Bacon, NathanielEtonBucks
21st September 1827Bacon, Thomas, esq.PadworthBerks
17th February 1827Badcock, Capt.Bucks
10th February 1827Badcock, Col.AylesburyBucks
17th February 1827Badcock, Col.Bucks
21st September 1827Badcock, JohnRadleyBerks
7th April 1827Badcock, MrHorse DealerBromptonMiddlesex
28th July 1827Badcock, Robert, Mr.BromptonLondon
9th September 1826Badcock, S.,CaptainDrayton BeauchampBucks
15th September 1827Badcock, W.S.,CaptainDrayton BeauchampBucks
3rd March 1827Badrick, Mr.BiertonBucks
15th September 1827Badrick, RobertBiertonBucks
9th September 1826Badrick, RobertBiertonBucks
16th September 1837Bageant, GeorgeOld WindsorBerks
24th December 1842Bagley, GeorgeLangleyBucks
27th August 1842Bagley, Mr.Farmer ?West DraytonMiddlesex
21st October 1837Bagnett, JohnWindsorBerks
21st October 1837Bagnett, JosephMarket GardenerWindsorBerks
8th June 1839Bagnett, JosephWindsorBerks
10th December 1842Bagot, Colonel.WindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Bagot, Edward, MajorWindsor ?Berks
22nd June 1839BagsterHillingdonMiddlesex
10th September 1842Baigent, Mr.Builder ?ChobhamSurrey
16th January 1836Bail, EdmundLittle MarlowBucks
8th April 1837BaileyWaggonerWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Bailey, [Mr.]WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bailey, HenryChiltonBucks
16th July 1842Bailey, J., Mr.TwickenhamMiddlesex
15th January 1842Bailey, J.T, Mr.EghamSurrey
15th September 1827Bailey, J.W., EsqShenleyBucks
17th September 1842Bailey, JohnDatchetBucks
9th January 1836Bailey, JohnWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Bailey, Lieut.WindsorBerks
11th June 1842Bailey, MrRelieving OfficerWindsorBerks
28th May 1842Bailey, MrRelieving OfficerWindsorBerks
30th April 1842Bailey, MrRelieving OfficerWindsorBerks
13th May 1837Bailey, Mr.Relieving OfficerWindsorBerks
16th September 1837Bailey, Mr.Old WindsorBerks
26th February 1842Bailey, Mr.Relieving OfficerWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Bailey, Mr.Relieving OfficerWindsorBerks
30th July 1842Bailey, Mr.Relieving Officer Windsor UnionWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Bailey, Mr.Relieving OfficerWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Bailey, Mr.Relieving OfficerWindsorBerks
7th July 1827Bailey, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bailey, Mr.JohnWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bailey, Mrs.WindsorBerks
24th November 1827Bailey, RichardAylesburyBucks
14th July 1827Bailey, ThomasWantageBerks
21st September 1827Bailey, ThomasChievelyBerks
21st September 1827Bailey, ThomasGamekeeperHintonBerks
22nd December 1827Bailey, ThomasCoachmanWindsorBerks
7th July 1827Bailey, ThomasWantageBerks
3rd February 1827Bailey, WilliamPainter & GlazierAylesburyBucks
15th September 1827Bailey, Wm.East BurnhamBucks
9th September 1826Bailey, Wm.East BurnhamBucks
30th July 1842BailleScholarEtonBucks
16th July 1842Baille, George , Mr.HanwellMiddlesex
11th June 1842Baillie, ma.Eton Scholar ?EtonBucks
21st July 1827Baily, S.M.CarrierWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Baines, J.J., Esq.Clifton RainesBucks
25th June 1842BakerWindsorBerks
13th August 1842Baker, C., Mr.WindsorBerks
27th August 1842Baker, C., Mr.WindsorBerks
30th July 1842Baker, Catherine, Mrs.WindsorBerks
30th April 1842Baker, CharlesDenhamBucks
6th August 1842Baker, Charles, Mr.ActorWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Baker, ElizaUxbridgeMiddlesex
2nd April 1842Baker, George PercivalWindsorBerks
30th July 1842Baker, George, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th February 1842Baker, Henry, Esq.BeaconsfieldBucks
8th October 1842Baker, J., Mr. Jun.WokingSurrey
5th April 1834Baker, JohnHardwaremanWindsorBerks
12th February 1842Baker, KittyBeaconsfieldBucks
18th May 1839Baker, MrWindsorBerks
12th November 1836Baker, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
31st December 1842Baker, Mr.WindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Baker, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th November 1836Baker, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
7th January 1837Baker, Mr.Carver & GilderWindsorBerks
8th April 1837Baker, Mr.SurveyorEsherMiddlesex
8th October 1842Baker, Mr.CobhamSurrey
9th September 1826Baker, Mr.BailiffAbingdonBerks
29th October 1842Baker, Perceval Geo.Reading ?Berks
22nd October 1842Baker, PriscillaWindsorBerks
20th August 1842Baker, Rachel, Mrs.WyrardisburyBucks
10th March 1827Baker, WilliamWhite WalthamBerks
21st September 1827Baker, William RobertWest IlsleyBerks
5th March 1836Baker, Wm Browne, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
15th September 1827Balding, Thos.HavershamBucks
9th September 1826Balding, Thos.HavershamBucks
21st October 1837Baldwin, BenjaminBurnhamBucks
18th May 1839Baldwin, MrWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Baldwin, Mr.ButcherWindsorBerks
8th June 1839BaldwynEton ScholarEtonBucks
21st May 1842BalfourEton ScholarEtonBucks
26th November 1842Balfour, C.L., Mrs.WindsorBerks
27th August 1842Balfour, J., Mr.Rechabite MissionaryLondon ?
27th August 1842Balfour, Mrs.Rechabite MissionaryLondon ?
8th June 1839BalguyEton ScholarEtonBucks
17th December 1836BallLock KeeperWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Ball, GeorgeLetcombe RegisBerks
7th July 1827Ball, GeorgeWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Ball, RobertDenhamBucks
15th September 1827Ball, RobertCheshamBucks
27th August 1842Ball, RobertLabourerHayesMiddlesex
9th September 1826Ball, RobertCheshamBucks
2nd July 1842Ball, Seymour PileChepping WycombeBucks
1st October 1836Ball, StephenPloughmanStoke PogesBucks
10th December 1842Ball, WilliamDenhamBucks
27th August 1842Ball, WilliamLabourerHayesMiddlesex
31st March 1827Ball, WilliamWexhamBucks
15th October 1842Ball, Wm.DenhamBucks
21st September 1827Ballachy, George, B RadleyBerks
7th January 1837Ballard, GeorgeThatchamBerks
17th December 1842Ballard, George, Esq.SloughBucks
1st October 1842Ballard, Mr.SloughBucks
25th June 1842Bambrick, JohnSerjeant-majorWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bambridge, Mr. G.WWindsorBerks
17th March 1827Bamford, JohnCarpenterEmbertonBucks
10th March 1827Banbury, IsraelYattendonBerks
26th November 1842Bang, Mr.WindsorBerks
25th August 1827Banham, JohnBrayBerks
18th June 1842Banister, J, Esq.WindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Banister, J.MagistrateWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Banister, J., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Banister, J., Esq.WindsorBerks
19th March 1842Banister, J., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Banister, J., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
26th November 1842Banister, JohnStoke PogesBucks
9th July 1842Banister, JohnWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Banister, John, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
16th April 1842Banister, John, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Banister, John, Esq.CommissionerWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Banister, John, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Banister, John, Esq.WindsorBerks
8th January 1842Banister, John, Esq.CouncillorWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Banister, John, Esq.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Banister, John, Esq.WindsorBerks
14th April 1827Banister, John, Mr., Jun.WindsorBerks
11th June 1842Banister, MrWindsorBerks
12th April 1834Banister, MrButcherWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Banister, MrWindsorBerks
28th April 1827Banister, MrWindsorBerks
4th August 1827Banister, MrWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Banister, Mr EWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Banister, Mr JohnWindsorBerks
10th November 1827Banister, Mr.ButcherReadingBerks
12th November 1836Banister, Mr.ButcherWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
14th May 1842Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th March 1827Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
24th March 1838Banister, Mr.ButcherWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
31st December 1842Banister, Mr.ReadingBerks
3rd March 1827Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th June 1842Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
7th July 1827Banister, Mr.WindsorBerks
31st December 1842Banister, Mr., jun.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Banister, Mr.JohnWindsorBerks
20th August 1842BanksWindsorBerks
9th June 1827Banks, Captain (RN)ReadingBerks
8th January 1842Banks, W.H, Mr.HairdresserWindsorBerks
1st October 1836Bannister, JohnLabourerLangley MarishBucks
26th February 1842Bannister, John, Esq.WindsorBerks
13th May 1837Bannon, JohnWoolwichLondon
25th June 1842Banstead, J.S., Esq.WindsorBerks
22nd October 1842BarberBatterseaLondon
9th January 1836Barber, JamesWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Barber, ThomasBerks
2nd July 1842Barby [?], Thos.Littlingstone DayrellBucks
8th January 1842Barclay (Barklay ?), ThomasDrummerWindsorBerks
28th May 1842Barden, W, Mr.HayesMiddlesex
16th April 1842Barden, WmUxbridgeMiddlesex
21st October 1837Barfe, WilliamSoldierWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Barford, JohnStreatleyBerks
21st September 1827Barham, JohnGamekeeperWaltham St.LawrenceBerks
21st October 1837Barker, JamesCookhamBerks
3rd November 1827Barker, MrAylesburyBucks
28th July 1827Barker, Mr.Solicitor ?Bucks
8th April 1837Barker, R, Mr.Bucks
21st September 1827Barker, RichardHungerfordBerks
14th January 1837Barker, T.R.,Esq.HambledonBucks
15th January 1842Barklay (Barclay ?), ThomasDrummerWindsorBerks
24th May 1834Barksfield, RichardBucks
1st January 1842Barlett, JosephHounslowMiddlesex
9th July 1842Barlett, Mr.ReadingBerks
9th September 1826Barley, JohnGamekeeperWater StratfordBucks
22nd October 1842Barlow, JohnWest IlsleyBerks
4th November 1837Barlow, Mr.CouncillorsMaidenheadBerks
21st September 1827Barlow, WilliamGamekeeperWest IlsleyBerks
7th April 1827Barnard, Andrew, SirWindsorBerks
9th June 1827Barnard, Andrew, SirWindsorBerks
20th October 1827Barnard, BenjaminKingstonSurrey
4th March 1837Barnard, FerdinandoWantageBerks
21st September 1827Barnard, FrederickCharltonBerks
17th March 1827Barnard, JosephEddlesboroughBucks
5th November 1842Barnard, JosephMaidenheadBerks
20th October 1827Barnard, T.T., Esq.Bucks
10th February 1827BarnesCheshamBucks
24th March 1838BarnesTurncockWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Barnes, JamesWindsorBerks
19th April 1834Barnes, JamesTurncockWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Barnes, JamesWindsorBerks
30th June 1827Barnes, JamesWindsorBerks
16th April 1842Barnes, John alias Payne, JohnUxbridge ?Middlesex
3rd December 1836Barnes, JosephStainesMiddlesex
11th February 1837Barnes, Medley & CoBankerFaringdonBerks
11th February 1837Barnes, Medley & CoBankerWantageBerks
18th May 1839Barnes, MrWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Barnes, Mr.IverBucks
3rd September 1842Barnes, Mr.MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Barnes, SamuelGreat MarlowBucks
19th March 1842Barnes, SamuelGreat MarlowBucks
16th January 1836Barnes, ThomasWyrardisburyBucks
10th December 1842Barnes, WilliamUptonBucks
7th January 1837Barnes, WilliamBeedonBerks
27th October 1827Barnet, ThomasIverBucks
16th July 1842Barnett, Wm.MaidenheadBerks
22nd October 1842Barney, JamesHurleyBerks
21st September 1827Barnwell, Rev.J.DintonBucks
9th September 1826Barnwell, Rev.JohnDintonBucks
13th August 1842Barratt, John George, Mr.Excise OfficerWest DraytonMiddlesex
21st September 1827Barratt, Josh, jun.WythamBerks
21st September 1827Barratt, Josh.RemenhamBerks
22nd October 1842Barratt, Wm.Water StratfordBucks
29th October 1836Barrett, C.P, Mr.Clerk of the BoardEtonBerks
18th June 1842Barrett, JamesHortonBucks
23rd April 1842Barrett, JohnWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Barrett, JosephGamekeeperNorth Hinksey.Berks
1st April 1837Barrett, MaryWindsorBerks
25th March 1837Barrett, MaryWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Barrett, MichaelMaidenheadBerks
2nd April 1842Barrett, Mr., sen.EtonBucks
21st September 1827Barrett, RichardEastburyBerks
27th February 1836Barrett,Mr.CummerBerks
21st September 1827Barrington, Hon. Wm. KeppelShrivenhamBerks
21st October 1837Barrington, ViscountAbingdonBerks
17th November 1827Barron [?], Chas., Mr.EtonBucks
18th May 1839Barrs, MrWindsorBerks
3rd February 1827Barrs, SamuelWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Barry, WilliamGamekeeperShaw and SpeenhamlandBerks
22nd October 1842Bartholomew, FrancisWantageBerks
21st September 1827Bartholomew, Geo.ReadingBerks
9th September 1826Bartlett, E., Esq.BuckinghamBucks
15th September 1827Bartlett, P., Esq.BuckinghamBucks
4th August 1827Bartlett, P., Esq.BuckinghamBucks
9th September 1826Bartlett, P., Esq.BuckinghamBucks
19th May 1827Bartlett, RobertWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Bartlett, ThomasWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Bartlett, ThomasClewerBerks
21st September 1827Bartlett, WilliamReadingBerks
30th July 1842BartonScholarEtonBucks
13th January 1827Barton, AlfredShopmanWindsorBerks
5th April 1834Barton, C.Overseer of the PoorEtonBucks
21st September 1827Barton, ColonelBasildonBerks
19th March 1842Barton, FrederickGreat MarlowBucks
18th August 1827Barton, J.EtonBucks
17th February 1827Barton, J., Mr.WindsorBerks
31st March 1827Barton, JacobEtonBucks
10th September 1842Barton, JohnHillingdon ?Middlesex
5th November 1836Barton, JohnWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Barton, John, MrUpholstererWindsorBerks
28th July 1827Barton, JosephHigh WycombeBucks
19th November 1842Barton, MaryMadrasIndia
10th September 1842Barton, Mr.SolicitorWindsorBerks
11th March 1837Barton, Mr.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Barton, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st April 1837Barton, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th February 1836Barton, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th May 1837Barton, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Barton, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Barton, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th November 1836Barton, Mr.SolicitorWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Barton, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Barton, Mr.JohnWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Barton, R.G EsqWindsorBerks
14th October 1837Barton, R.G Mr.WindsorBerks
25th March 1837Barton, R.G, Mr.WindsorBerks
15th March 1834Barton, Richard G.Perpetual CommissionerWindsorBerks
29th September 1827Barton, Richard G.WindsorBerks
28th July 1827Barton, Richard, Mr.Paper MakerHigh WycombeBucks
19th March 1842Barton, WilliamGreat MarlowBucks
12th February 1842Basevi, George, Esq.MagistrateBrightonSussex
22nd January 1842Basquet, PeterIndian CaptainNew BrunswickCanada
4th August 1827Bass, ElizabethEtonBucks
19th November 1842Bassan, S.H., Mr.ChertseySurrey
15th January 1842Basset, CaptainWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Basset, ColonelWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Basset, ColonelWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Basset, ColonelGovernor Military KnightsWindsorBerks
26th March 1842Basset, Lieutenant ColonelWindsorBerks
31st March 1827Basset, MonsieurWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Bassett, LemulWindsorBerks
30th July 1842BastardScholarEtonBucks
1st October 1842Bastard, Mr.PupilEtonBucks
21st September 1827Bastin, JamesSandhurstBerks
30th January 1836BatcheldorWindsorBerks
16th September 1826Batcheldor, J.WindsorBerks
11th March 1837Batcheldor, Mr.WindsorBerks
11th February 1837Batcheldor, Mr.WindsorBerks
11th November 1837Batcheldor, Mr.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Batcheldor, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st December 1827Batcheldor, Mr.Assistant OverseerWindsorBerks
28th April 1827Batcheldor, Mr.WindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Batcheldor, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th November 1836Batcheldor, Mr.WindsorBerks
14th October 1837Batcheldor, Mr.ThomasWindsorBerks
17th May 1834Batcheldor, T., Mr.WindsorBerks
10th November 1827Batcheldor, Thomas, Mr.Clerk of ManorWindsorBerks
7th October 1837Batcheldor, Thomas, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Batcheldor, Thos, EsqWindsorBerks
28th July 1827Batchelor, JobLittle MissendenBucks
28th July 1827Batchelor, JohnFarmerLittle MissendenBucks
15th September 1827Batchelor, ThomasGamekeeperThorn FeeBucks
28th July 1827Batchelor, ThomasLittle MissendenBucks
18th May 1839Batchelor, Thomas, EsqWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Batchelor, Thos.Ashley GreenBucks
15th September 1827Batchelor, WilliamGamekeeperWitsonBucks
15th September 1827Batcock, Thos.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
9th September 1826Batcock[?], T.Chalfont St.GilesBucks
4th June 1842Bate [?], MrOverseerWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Bate, James, Mr.CarpenterWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bate,MrWindsorBerks
1st October 1836Bateman, JohnLabourerStokeBucks
15th September 1827Bates, EdwardCommissioners for TaxesLondon
9th September 1826Bates, EdwardSecretary Commissioners of TaxesLondon
9th January 1836Bates, JohnWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Bates, Mr.BuilderWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Bates, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st April 1837Bates, ThomasHeath & Reach ?Bucks
1st July 1837Bath, Marquis ofWindsorBerks
28th May 1842Bathhurst, F., SirWindsorBerks
31st December 1842Bathurst, Miss.WindsorBerks
31st December 1842Bathurst, Sir H, Bart.WindsorBerks
11th June 1842Bathynay, CountEton Scholar EtonBucks
26th November 1842Batt, Mr.SolicitorUxbridgeMiddlesex
18th May 1839Batt, Mr.RobertWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Batt, RobertWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Batt, Thomas[Brick] MoulderCowleyMiddlesex
15th September 1827Battams, JohnHardmeadBucks
9th September 1826Battams, JohnHardmeadBucks
10th June 1837Batte, Mr.HurstBerks
28th April 1827Batten, MatthewWest WoodhayBerks
27th January 1827Batten, Mr.ThameBerks
2nd July 1842Batten, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
9th January 1836Battershill, JohnWindsorBerks
19th March 1842BattingGreat MarlowBucks
3rd September 1842Batting, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
18th May 1839Battiscombe, MrsWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Battiscombe, Mrs.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Battiscombe, Robert, esq.New WindsorBerks
15th January 1842Battiscombe, Susannah, MrsWindsorBerks
24th September 1842BattyReadingBerks
9th September 1826Bauchier, J.,Col.BrayfieldBucks
28th January 1837Baverstock, James Hinton, Esq. FSAWindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Baverstock, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th November 1837Baverstock, Mr.WindsorBerks
7th January 1837Baverstock, Mr.WindsorBerks
28th April 1827Baverstock, TimothyBerks
19th April 1834BavinStainesMiddlesex
19th March 1842Bavin, Jas.StainesMiddlesex
23rd September 1826Bawd, SamuelSilverstoneBucks
12th November 1842Bawlow, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
13th January 1827Baxter, JohnLittle MissendenBucks
30th April 1842Bayle[?]EghamSurrey
1st October 1842Baylis, Mr.Maidenhead ?Berks
21st September 1827Bayne, MrSurgeonBanburyOxfordshire
15th September 1827Baynes, Rev. A.AdstockBucks
9th September 1826Baynes, Rev. A.AdstockBucks
28th May 1842Beal, ColonelWindsorBerks
9th December 1837Beal, W., Rev.Wesleyan MinisterLondon
16th September 1837Beale, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd June 1839Beale, Mr.FrogmoreBerks
18th May 1839Beale,MrWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Bean, MarthaWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Beasant, RichardWolvertonBucks
27th October 1827Beasant, RichardBucks
15th April 1837Beasley, Dr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
18th February 1837Beasley, Dr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
22nd January 1842Beasley, Dr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
29th April 1837Beasley, Dr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
29th January 1842Beasley, Dr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
22nd October 1842Beasley, JasBlewburyBerks
23rd April 1842Beasley, ThomasServantSloughBucks
1st April 1837Beattie, Messrs.BakerWindsorBerks
25th March 1837Beattie, Messrs.BakerWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Beattie, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Beauchamp, G.P., esq.ReechhillBerks
22nd January 1842Beauchamp, JamesEton ?Bucks
15th October 1842Beauchamp, Mr.Landlord ?ThorpeSurrey
26th November 1836Beauchamp, Mr.Slough ?Bucks
21st July 1827Beaver, WmWindsorBerks
14th April 1827Beavor, JServantGreat MarlowBucks
10th February 1827Bebbs, Mr.East India Company DirectorLondon
17th February 1827Bebbs, Mr.London
25th November 1837Beck, Mr. JonathanGreat MarlowBucks
22nd October 1842Beckett, FrancisWendoverBucks
17th March 1827Beckett, JamesGamekeeperBucks
1st October 1842Beckford, JamesLabourerLawrence WalthamBerks
1st October 1842Beckford, JosephThatcherHurley ?Berks
10th June 1837Beckford, Mrs.Warren-rowOxfordshire
22nd October 1842Beckingham [Possibly Deckingham], GriffinSullhampstead AbbottsBerks
10th March 1827Beckingham, Richard JohnBlewburyBerks
2nd July 1842Becks, E., Mr.IsleworthMiddlesex
11th November 1837Bedborough, Alderman Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Bedborough, J.T., Mr.WindsorBerks
29th September 1827Bedborough, JamesWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Bedborough, James Thomas, MrWindsorBerks
24th March 1838Bedborough, James Thomas, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th April 1834Bedborough, James, Mr.ChurchwardenNew WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Bedborough, James.Thos., Esq.WindsorBerks
5th November 1836Bedborough, John, Mr.WindsorBerks
31st December 1842Bedborough, MrBuilderWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Bedborough, MrWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bedborough, Mr JohnWindsorBerks
11th February 1837Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th December 1842Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th November 1837Bedborough, Mr.ChurchwardensWindsorBerks
1st April 1837Bedborough, Mr.ChurchwardenWindsorBerks
1st January 1842Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th May 1837Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
25th November 1837Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
26th August 1837Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
26th February 1842Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
28th January 1837Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th December 1837Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
31st March 1827Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
3rd December 1836Bedborough, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
4th February 1837Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th March 1842Bedborough, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th July 1837Bedborough, Mr. WindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Bedborough, Mr. AldermanWindsorBerks
5th March 1836Bedborough, Mr. AldermanWindsorBerks
12th April 1834Bedborough, Mr. James ThomasWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bedborough, Mr. Thomas JamesWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Bedborough, Mr., sen.WindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Bedborough, Mr., sen.Clewer-fieldsBerks
1st April 1837Bedborough, T. Mr.GuardianWindsorBerks
12th March 1842Bedborough, T.C., Mrs.UxbridgeMiddlesex
25th March 1837Bedborough, Thomas James., Mr.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Bedborough, Thomas, Mr.BuilderWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Bedborough,J.T, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bedborough,Mr James ThomasWindsorBerks
20th February 1836Bedborough,Mr, Alderman.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Bedborough,Mr, Alderman.WindsorBerks
12th November 1842Bedborough,Mr.WindsorBerks
24th November 1827BedfordLongfordBerks
4th June 1842Bedford, Duke ofAscotBerks
4th March 1837Bedford, HenryWantageBerks
28th July 1827Beech, CharlesServantLondon
24th December 1842Beecham, JohnCarmanBucks
19th November 1836Beecham, Rev.J.MaidenheadBerks
27th February 1836Beecher, Capt.EghamSurrey
21st September 1827Beechey, Wm, jun.GrampoundBerks
4th June 1842Beenham, MrOverseerWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Beenham, Mr ThomasWindsorBerks
11th November 1837Beenham, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th March 1842Beenham, Mr.WindsorBerks
19th March 1842Beenham, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st April 1837Beenham, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Beenham, Thomas, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Beesley, CharlesCharneyBerks
21st September 1827Beesley, JohnCharneyBerks
28th May 1842Beesley, LauraWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Beesley, WilliamWantageBerks
9th September 1826Beesley, Wm., Gent.ShabbingtonBucks
20th October 1827Beezley, JohnEasthampsteadBerks
9th September 1837Begbie, Mr.ThorpeBerks
3rd December 1836Begrez, SignorWalton on ThamesSurrey
5th March 1842Behnes, Mr.SculptorItaly
24th February 1827Belcher, W.D., Esq.MayorAbingdonBerks
9th September 1826Belcher, William Doe, Esq.MayorAbingdonBerks
8th June 1839BelfourEton ScholarEtonBucks
1st October 1842Belgrave, LordPupilEtonBucks
23rd July 1842Belgrave, LordScholarEtonBucks
8th October 1842Belgrave, LordEtonBucks
9th July 1842Belgrave, LordScholarEtonBucks
11th June 1842Belgrave, ViscountEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
30th July 1842Belgrave, ViscountScholarEtonBucks
17th June 1837Bell, George Mr.ChertseySurrey
23rd July 1842Bell, JohnLabourerRuislipMiddlesex
5th November 1842Bell, Mr.TaplowBucks
8th October 1842Bell, Mr.BrewerMaidenheadBerks
8th January 1842Bellair, MrActorWindsorBerks
16th September 1826Bellamy, Mr.Bucks
12th August 1837Bellowes, Mr.SurgeonMaidenheadBerks
21st September 1827Benbow, CharlesMaidenheadBerks
22nd July 1837Benbow, J., MrMaidenheadBerks
21st September 1827Benbow, John, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
21st September 1827Benbow, JosephMaidenheadBerks
21st September 1827Benbow, Josh., jun.HurleyBerks
1st October 1842Benbow, Mr.CookhamBerks
18th May 1839Benbow, MrsWindsorBerks
1st September 1827Benford, ElizaServantWindsorBerks
1st October 1836Benham, JamesLabourerStoke PogesBucks
12th November 1842Benjamin, Brodie, Sir.London
15th September 1827Bennell, JohnRadnageBucks
9th September 1826Bennell, JohnRadnageBucks
14th June 1834Bennet, Mr.Owner of BrickfieldYiewslyMiddlesex
12th November 1842BennettMaidenheadBerks
24th September 1842BennettClewer GreenBerks
7th April 1827BennettShopman ?WindsorBerks
16th July 1842Bennett, EmmaWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Bennett, EmmaLangley MarishBucks
1st January 1842Bennett, George, Mr.Staines ?Middlesex
21st May 1842Bennett, George, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
9th September 1826Bennett, H.G., Hon.ChiltonBucks
15th October 1842Bennett, H.L., Rev.ThorpeSurrey
22nd December 1827Bennett, J., Esq.UffingtonBerks
5th March 1842Bennett, James, Mr.GardenerWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bennett, Jas., junWallingfordBerks
21st September 1827Bennett, JohnComptonBerks
9th September 1826Bennett, M.Bradwell AbbeyBucks
29th January 1842Bennett, MaryPauperEtonBucks
10th February 1827Bennett, Mr.LandlordAylesburyBucks
5th November 1836Bennett, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
15th September 1827Bennett, Rev.W.L.Water StratfordBucks
9th September 1826Bennett, Rev.W.L.Water StratfordBucks
1st October 1836Bennett, RobertLangley MarishBucks
2nd July 1842Bennett, RobtCumnerBerks
20th October 1827Bennett, ThomasWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bennett, ThomasChadleworthBerks
8th October 1842Bennett, Thos., Mr.ChertseySurrey
15th September 1827Bennett, W.Bradwell AbbeyBucks
14th January 1837Bennett, WilliamWindsorBerks
31st December 1836Bennett, WilliamWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Bennett, WilliamHampstead MarshallBerks
21st September 1827Bennett, William, esq.Great FaringdonBerks
8th October 1842Bennett, William, Mr.CobhamSurrey
9th September 1826Bennett, William, Mr.CookhamBerks
21st September 1827Bennett, Wm., esq.WestbrookBerks
7th October 1837Bent, John, MajorEton ?Bucks ?
20th May 1837Bent, MajorChurchwardenStoke PogesBucks
29th April 1837Bent, MajorChairman Eton UnionSalthillBerks
12th November 1842Bent, Major.WindsorBerks
4th June 1842Bentiack, G., LordAscotBerks
12th February 1842Bentinck, Charles, Captain.BrightonSussex
23rd July 1842BentleyPrivateWindsorBerks
5th November 1842Benton, JohnTaplowBucks
10th June 1837Benwell [?], Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
21st September 1827Benwell, Joseph, esq.ReadingBerks
14th May 1842Benwell, MrHenleyOxfordshire
2nd July 1842Benwell, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
3rd September 1842Benwell, P., Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
3rd December 1836Beresford, Hon.Mr.HarlingtonMiddlesex
21st September 1827Beresford, M., esq.New WindsorBerks
10th June 1837Berkeley, CaptainWindsorBerks
22nd December 1827Berkeley, Countess ofWindsorBerks
22nd June 1839Berkeley, Grantley, Mr.HillingdonMiddlesex
2nd December 1837Berkleys, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
11th June 1842Bernal, CaptainHigh WycombeBucks
29th January 1842Bernal, Mr.High WycombeBucks
13th January 1827Bernard, T.T., Esq.AylesburyBucks
14th January 1837BerridgeWindsorBerks
17th December 1842BerridgeCommissionerWindsorBerks
21st April 1827BerridgeWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Berridge, Edward.C., Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Berridge, MessrsWindsorBerks
30th April 1842Berridge, MessrsIronmongersWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Berridge, Messrs & Son.IronmongerWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Berridge, MrWindsorBerks
7th April 1827Berridge, MrWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Berridge, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th February 1827Berridge, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th May 1834Berridge, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Berridge, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th February 1836Berridge, Mr.WindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Berridge, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Berridge, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Berridge, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th July 1842Berridge, W.WindsorBerks
13th August 1842Berridge, W., Mr.WindsorBerks
5th November 1842Berridge, W.Mr.WindsorBerks
5th November 1842Berridge, W.W.,Mr jun.WindsorBerks
29th September 1827Berridge, WilliamWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Berry, JohnHurstBerks
23rd July 1842Berry, ThomasCarterNortholtMiddlesex
19th March 1842Berryman, Mr.EghamSurrey
8th October 1842Berryman, WilliamLabourerChertseySurrey
9th September 1826Besant, RichardWolvertonBucks
19th November 1836Best [?], George, Esq.AddlestoneSurrey
28th July 1827Best [?], Mr.Solicitor ?Bucks
21st September 1827Best, A.H., esq.BishamBerks
10th December 1836Best, Geo., Esq.MagistrateChertseySurrey
22nd October 1836Best, GeorgeWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Best, HeadChievelyBerks
11th February 1837Best, MrSurrey
13th January 1827Best, Mr.Solicitor ?AylesburyBucks
28th April 1827Best, Mr.Bucks
18th May 1839Best, Mr. WilliamWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Best, Rev.J.W.ChievelyBerks
22nd October 1836Beston, ThomasLondon
13th January 1827Bethel, Mr.Solicitor ?AylesburyBucks
8th October 1842Bethell, G., Rev.EtonBucks
16th June 1827Bethell, George, Rev.Vicar of BurnhamEtonBucks
30th June 1827Bethell, George, Rev.WindsorBerks
31st March 1827Bethell, George, Rev.BurnhamBucks
17th February 1827Bethune, MajorWindsorBerks
1st October 1836Bett, JamesWindsorBerks
14th May 1842Betten, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
22nd October 1842Bettle, Thomas SelbyBucks
28th April 1827Betts, JohnBerks
15th September 1827Beynon, JohnBuckinghamBucks
14th October 1837Bianchi, GidaueWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bickham, C.C., esq.ReadingBerks
18th May 1839Bickle, MrWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Biddle, J.Wycombe BoroughBucks
15th September 1827Biddle, JosephWycombeBucks
12th November 1842Bidwell, Wm.PolicemanDatchetBucks
11th June 1842Biederman, W.H., Rev.EghamSurrey
12th February 1842Biederman, William Henry, Rev.EghamSurrey
2nd April 1842Biedermann, Henry.W., Rev.VicarEghamSurrey
16th September 1837Bigber, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th September 1826Bigg, JohnGamekeeperCoran ?Bucks
15th September 1827Bigg, John GamekeeperCoranBucks
12th November 1836Bigg, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
4th November 1837Bigg, Mr.CouncillorsMaidenheadBerks
5th November 1836Bigg, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
9th January 1836Bigg, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
5th March 1836Bigg, Thomas, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
15th September 1827Biggs, BenjaminCublingtonBucks
9th September 1826Biggs, BenjaminCublingtonBucks
15th September 1827Biggs, EdwardAston AbbottsBucks
9th September 1826Biggs, EdwardAston AbbottsBucks
22nd October 1836Biggs, Edward, Mr.Bucks
14th January 1837Biggs, Mr.Bucks
15th March 1834Biggs, ThomasWyrardisburyBucks
9th June 1827Biggs, ThomasAylesburyBucks
12th November 1842Biggs, Thos.PolicemanIverBucks
28th July 1827Bignell, ThomasHanslopeBucks
11th February 1837Bignold, ThomasGodalmingSurrey
11th June 1842BillEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
30th July 1842BillScholarEtonBucks
23rd July 1842Billing, John, Mr.CheapsideLondon
18th May 1839Billing, MrWindsorBerks
24th March 1827Billing, ThomasIslipOxfordshire
29th September 1827Billinge, Thomas, Mr.TwyfordBerks
5th April 1834Billings, WilliamWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Binfield, JosephWokinghamBerks
8th April 1837Binney, Rev. Mr.London
18th May 1839Binsfield,Mr. J.LWindsorBerks
1st April 1837Bipney [? Binney ?], T, Rev.WindsorBerks
2nd December 1837BirchUxbridgeMiddlesex
30th April 1842Birch, EdwardEtonBucks
2nd April 1842Birch, MissEghamSurrey
1st October 1842Birch, Mr.LangleyBucks
27th August 1842Birch, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Birch, MrsWindsorBerks
14th January 1837BirdMaidenheadBerks
15th September 1827Bird, George, EsqBoveneyBucks
18th February 1837Bird, MrLecturerEtonBucks
10th March 1827Bird, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th March 1827Bird, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st March 1834Bird, Mr.LecturerEtonBucks
24th March 1827Bird, Mr.WindsorBerks
24th March 1827Bird, Mr.EvertonBedfordshire
7th April 1827Bird, Mr.WindsorBerks
7th October 1837BirkheadWindsorBerks
5th March 1836Birkhead, MrAssessorWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Birkhead, R.H EsqWindsorBerks
29th September 1827Birnie, R., SirActonMiddlesex
8th December 1827Birnie, Richard, SirLondon
17th December 1842Birt, W.R., Mr.LecturerLondon
3rd February 1827BishopLondon
5th February 1842BishopBurnhamBucks
7th April 1827BishopPolice OfficerLondon
3rd December 1836Bishop, H., Mr.Walton on ThamesSurrey
21st September 1827Bishop, JohnSunninghillBerks
5th March 1836Bishop, John Green, Mr.SurgeonMaidenheadBerks
12th November 1836Bishop, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
1st October 1842Bishop, Mr.CookhamBerks
5th November 1836Bishop, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
22nd December 1827Bishop, MrsEghamSurrey
3rd December 1836Bishop, Mrs.Walton on ThamesSurrey
12th May 1827Bishop, ThomasVestry ClerkWeston TurvilleBucks
22nd October 1842Bishop, ThomasLondon
7th January 1837Bishop[?], WilliamWoolstoneBerks
2nd December 1837Bitch, JohnUxbridgeMiddlesex
13th January 1827Bithrey, EdwardLavendonBucks
31st December 1842BitmeadOld WindsorBerks
28th April 1827Bitmead [?], John alias Mead, JohnHungerfordBerks
8th March 1834Bitmead, Mrs.WindsorBerks
20th May 1837Black JackWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Blackall, RichardWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Blackett, LadyThorpeSurrey
27th May 1837Blackett, LadyEghamSurrey
21st October 1837Blackman, JamesChobhamSurrey
24th December 1842Blacknell, RichardWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Blackstone, Mr. M.P.WallingfordBerks
27th January 1827Blackstones, Mrs.Oxfordshire
9th April 1842Blackwell, B., Mr.OverseerChertseySurrey
6th August 1842Blackwell, JohnHillingdonMiddlesex
17th December 1842Blackwell, Mr.ChertseySurrey
14th July 1827Bladon, MaryFaringdonBerks
7th July 1827Bladon, MaryFaringdonBerks
21st September 1827Blagrave, John, esq.TilehurstBerks
27th February 1836Blagrave, John, Esq.Berks
2nd April 1842Blagrove, Mr.EghamSurrey
7th October 1837Blagrove, Mr.ViolinistWindsorBerks
17th February 1827Blair, CaptainWindsorBerks
10th December 1836Blake, EdwardChertseySurrey
23rd September 1826Blake, Ezekiel, Mr.Bucks ?
9th September 1826Blake, F.StokeBucks
15th September 1827Blake, FrancisWexhamBucks
22nd October 1842Blake, Geo.ThatchamBerks
15th September 1827Blake, JamesGamekeeperTurweston.Bucks
9th September 1826Blake, JamesGamekeeperTurweston.Bucks
2nd July 1842Blake, MichaelPrivateWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Blake, R.R., Right Hon.EtonBucks
22nd October 1842Blake, Thos.ThatchamBerks
15th September 1827Blake, Thos., jun.WorminghallBucks
9th September 1826Blake, Thos., jun.WorminghallBucks
8th October 1842Blake, W., Mr.ChertseySurrey
15th September 1827Blake, Wm.GamekeeperBrillBucks
9th September 1826Blake, Wm.GamekeeperBrillBucks
5th May 1827Blake.DraytonMiddlesex
11th June 1842BlanchardEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
30th July 1842BlanchardScholarEtonBucks
1st October 1836BlandWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Blandy, Adam, esq.Kingston BagpuizeBerks
26th November 1842Blandy, ElizaWindsorBerks
26th November 1842Blandy, JohnWindsorBerks
16th April 1842Blandy, John, Esq.FaringtonBerks
15th September 1827Blandy, Mr.Proprietor Berks ChronicleBerks
19th February 1842Blandy, Mr.High WycombeBucks
23rd July 1842Blane, Capt.CaptainWindsorBerks
3rd February 1827Blick, Mr.Brill ?Bucks
15th September 1827Blick, SamuelDuntonBucks
9th September 1826Blick, SamuelDunton[?]Bucks
10th March 1827Bligh, Mr.AylesburyBucks
17th March 1827Bligh, Mr.Bucks
17th March 1827Bligh, Mr.Bucks
20th October 1827Bligh, Mr.SolicitorBucks
27th October 1827Bligh, Mr.SolicitorBucks
15th September 1827Bligh, R., Esq.Gt.KimbleBucks
6th February 1836Blincoe, FrancisWindsorBerks
26th May 1827Blincoe, J.W.LangleyBucks
12th November 1842Blincoe, JohnPolicemanFulmerBucks
26th November 1836Blincoe, Mr.Slough ?Bucks
9th September 1826Blinko, John, jun.WooburnBucks
15th September 1827Blinko, John.WooburnBucks
29th September 1827Bliss, ThomasShinfieldBerks
19th November 1842Blogden, W.MadrasIndia
15th April 1837Bloom, Mr.EtonBucks
20th February 1836Bloom, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd April 1837Bloom, Mr.EtonBucks
5th March 1836Bloom, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th April 1837Bloom, Mr.EtonBucks
9th July 1842Bloomfield [Miss ?]West DraytonMiddlesex
22nd January 1842Bloomfield, Lieut.General LordWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bloomfield, MrWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Bloomfield, ThomasWindsorBerks
31st December 1842Blore, E., Esq.ArchitectWindsorBerks
9th April 1842Blore, Edward, Esq.ArchitectWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Blore, Mr.ArchitectWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Blount, Edmund, Esq.ShabbingtonBucks
19th May 1827Blount, George, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
19th May 1827Blount, Samuel, Mr.DruggistUxbridgeMiddlesex
25th March 1837Blower, WilliamColham-greenMiddlesex
27th February 1836Bloxham, Mr.EghamSurrey
14th January 1837BluntWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Blunt, MrWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Blunt, MrCouncillorWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
19th February 1842Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st September 1827Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th February 1836Blunt, Mr.MagistrateWindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
28th April 1827Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
29th April 1837Blunt, Mr.MagistrateWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th August 1827Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th June 1842Blunt, Mr.SaddlerWindsorBerks
5th March 1836Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th August 1842Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
6th February 1836Blunt, Mr.TreasurerWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th July 1837Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
9th January 1836Blunt, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th April 1834Blunt, R Esq MayorMayorWindsorBerks
5th April 1834Blunt, R Esq MayorMayorWindsorBerks
14th June 1834Blunt, R Esq.Mayor / CoronerWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Blunt, R, EsqWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Blunt, R, Esq.CommissionerWindsorBerks
30th January 1836Blunt, R, Esq.CommissionerWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Blunt, R.WindsorBerks
9th July 1842Blunt, R.WindsorBerks
14th May 1842Blunt, R., Esq.WindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Blunt, R., Esq.WindsorBerks
26th March 1842Blunt, R., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Blunt, R., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
30th July 1842Blunt, R., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Blunt, R., Esq.WindsorBerks
5th November 1842Blunt, R., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
8th October 1842Blunt, R., Esq.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Blunt, R., MayorSaddlerWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Blunt, R., Mr.AuditorWindsorBerks
25th June 1842Blunt, R.Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
29th September 1827Blunt, RobertWindsorBerks
13th August 1842Blunt, Robert, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
17th September 1842Blunt, Robert, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Blunt, Robert, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Blunt, Robert, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
24th March 1838Blunt, Robert, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
28th May 1842Blunt, Robert, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Blunt, Robert, Esq.WindsorBerks
30th April 1842Blunt, Robert, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
4th June 1842Blunt, Robert, Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
28th June 1834Blunt, Robt.MayorWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Blunt, Robt., Esq.MagistrateWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Blythe, SamuelBiertonBucks
25th March 1837Boddy, BetsyRuislipMiddlesex
13th January 1827Boddy, Mrs.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bode, MrWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bodman, James, esqNewburyBerks
11th August 1827Bodsworth, ThomasButcherLittle BrickhillBucks
18th May 1839Bohn, MrWindsorBerks
1st October 1842BoileauPupilEtonBucks
28th October 1837Bolland, BaronLondon ?
4th March 1837Bolland, Baron, Mr.Berks
21st September 1827Bolley, J.B., esq.ReadingBerks
14th May 1842Bolton, CharlotteWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Bolton, Charlotte, Mrs.WindsorBerks
27th February 1836Bolton, JamesHurleyBerks
27th February 1836Bolton, JohnHurleyBerks
14th May 1842Bolton, MrsWindsorBerks
26th November 1836Boncey, Mr.Slough ?Bucks
2nd July 1842Bond, Jas.GlageBerks
14th July 1827Bond, SusanSunninghillBerks
7th July 1827Bond, SusanSunninghillBerks
20th August 1842Bone, JohnIverBucks
23rd September 1826Bone, Mr.WeedonBucks
2nd July 1842Bong, GeorgeGreat MissendenBucks
28th July 1827Bonham, EdwardButcherNashBucks
10th February 1827Bonham, Mr.ButcherNashBucks
31st December 1842Bonneli, Beal Mrs.Old WindsorBerks
1st January 1842Bonnell, Beal, Mrs.Old WindsorBerks
17th September 1842Bonnell, Harvey, MissOld WindsorBerks
24th September 1842Bonnell, Harvey, MissOld WindsorBerks
31st December 1842Bonner, Mr.Marine Store DealerWindsorBerks
15th April 1837Bonney, F., Esq.LecturerBrentfordMiddlesex
23rd September 1837Bonney, Mr.BrentfordMiddlesex
13th August 1842Bonsell, Mary AnneWindsorBerks
31st March 1827Bonsey, WilliamSloughBucks
12th February 1842Bonsey, William, Esq.SloughBucks
15th September 1827Books, JamesGreat MarlowBucks
31st December 1836Boom, Mr.GrocerChertseySurrey
15th October 1842Booth, Felix, Sir.WindsorBerks
30th April 1842Booth, Felix, Sir., Bart.
15th September 1827Booth, MissPerformerBedfordBedfordshire
15th September 1827Booth, Mrs.ActressWindsorBerks
8th September 1827Booth, Mrs.ActressWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Booth, ThomasBerks
2nd April 1842Borwn, James, Mr.ChurchwardenWindsorBerks
10th March 1827Boseley, RobertWythamBerks
24th December 1842Bosher, DanielDraymanIverBucks
31st December 1842Bosher, DanielEtonBucks
10th November 1827Boston, LadyWindsorBerks
16th September 1826Boston, LordBucks
9th September 1826Boston, Right.Hon.LordGreat MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Boston, Rt.Hon.LordHedsorBucks
27th October 1827Boswell, JohnWeston UnderwoodBucks
15th September 1827Boswell, T.A., Esq.AstwoodBucks
17th September 1842Botham, GeorgeStokeBucks
30th April 1842Botham, George, Mr.FarmerStokeBucks
2nd July 1842Botham, JohnWexhamBucks
1st October 1836Botham, Mr.WindsorBerks
27th February 1836Botham, Mr.SalthillBerks
6th February 1836Botham, Mr.SalthillBerks
7th October 1837Botham, Mr.LandlordSalt-hillBerks
8th April 1837Botham, Mr.GardenerEtonBucks
31st March 1827Botham, ThomasSalthillBerks
1st October 1836Botham, Thos, Mr.Stoke PogesBucks
15th September 1827Botham, W.FarnhamBucks
9th September 1826Botham, Wm.Farnham RoyalBucks
21st July 1827Bott, JohnWindsorBerks
21st July 1827Bott, Joseph, Esq.WindsorBerks
10th December 1842Bott, ThomasEtonBucks
12th November 1842Bott, ThomasPolicemanEtonBucks
1st October 1842Bott, ThomasPensionerEtonBucks
2nd April 1842Botten, JamesIverBucks
23rd September 1826Botterill, FrederickSilverstoneBucks
21st October 1837Boucherett, Mrs.WillinghamLincolnshire.
15th September 1827Bouchier, Col.JamesBinfieldBucks
8th July 1837Bouchier, M., Rev.Bray WickBerks
21st September 1827Boulger, Wm.BradfieldBerks
29th October 1842BoultConstableWinkfieldBerks
9th April 1842BoultTaplowBucks
24th December 1842Boult, JamesLangleyBucks
21st September 1827Boult, ThomasWarfieldBerks
21st September 1827Boult, ZachariahBrayBerks
31st March 1827Boultbee, Rev.Mr.StokeBucks
5th November 1842Boulton, CharlesWheelwrightWindsorBerks
27th February 1836Boulton, Joseph alias Kelley alias KeeleyBerks
22nd October 1842Bourchier, Mrs.BraywickBerks
22nd October 1842Bourchier, Rev., Mr.BraywickBerks
8th June 1839BourneEton ScholarEtonBucks
2nd December 1837Bourne, Mr.Old BrentfordMiddlesex
28th July 1827Bourne, Sturges, Mr.WindsorBerks
16th April 1842Bourne, T.J., Mr.London ?
30th April 1842Bourne, T.J., Mr.London
13th May 1837Boutel, ThomasWoolwichLondon
12th February 1842Bouverie, ColonelWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Bouverie, ColonelWindsorBerks
9th April 1842Bouverie, ColonelWindsorBerks
12th November 1836Bovingdon, E, Esq, Jun, (Mayor)MayorWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bovingdon, Edward, EsqWindsorBerks
1st July 1837Bovingdon, Edward, Esq.MayorWindsorBerks
29th September 1827Bovingdon, Edward, jun.WindsorBerks
9th April 1842Bovingdon, Edward, Mr.WindsorBerks
26th August 1837Bovingdon, MissWindsorBerks
16th September 1837Bovingdon, Mr.ChertseySurrey
19th February 1842Bovingdon, Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1836Bovingdon, Mr. AldermanWindsorBerks
20th February 1836Bovingdon, Mr., Alderman.MagistrateWindsorBerks
23rd January 1836Bovingdon, Mr., Alderman.WindsorBerks
11th November 1837Bovington, E jun EsqWindsorBerks
19th November 1836Bovington, Edw, Esq. (Mayor)MayorWindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Bovington, Edward jun EsqWindsorBerks
17th December 1836Bovington, Edward, Esq. (Mayor)MayorWindsorBerks
24th December 1836Bovington, Edward, Esq. (Mayor)WindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Bovington, JamesWoburnBucks
10th June 1837Bowater, ColonelWindsorBerks
29th October 1836Bowater, ColonelWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Bowater, E, SirWindsorBerks
15th October 1842Bowater, Edward, SirWindsorBerks
24th March 1838Bowden, T., Esq.AmershamBucks
9th July 1842Bowdler [Mrs.]MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Bowens, Rev.T.Stoke HammondBucks
29th December 1827Bowerman, HenryPorterWindsorBerks
17th September 1842Bowers, Mr.GardenerStainesMiddlesex
1st October 1842Bowers, Mr.LalehamMiddlesex
22nd December 1827Bowland, Mr.WindsorBerks
10th March 1827Bowler, BensonYattendonBerks
15th October 1842Bowler, WilliamLangley MarishBucks
12th March 1842BowlesMarlowBucks
1st October 1842BowlesPupilEtonBucks
5th May 1827BowlesDraytonMiddlesex
25th March 1837Bowles, ThomasLandlordGreat MarlowBucks
20th May 1837Bowling, Messrs.HammersmithMiddlesex
13th January 1827Bowman, HenryPorterWindsorBerks
4th August 1827Bowring, GeorgeWindsorBerks
30th June 1827Bowyer, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th January 1842Bowyer, Mr.CurateWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Bowyer, Rev., Mr.WindsorBerks
25th June 1842Bowyer, Rev.Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1842Bowyer, Wm.LabourerBrayBerks
15th September 1827Box, PhilipRatclive cum ChackmoreBucks
9th April 1842Box, W., Mr.ClothierBeaconsfieldBucks
9th December 1837Box, W., Rev.MissionaryLondon ?
2nd July 1842Box, Wm.BeaconsfieldBucks
21st September 1827Boxall, RobertGamekeeperSulham.Berks
21st September 1827Boxhall, F.G.BinfieldBerks
25th August 1827Boyce, JohnWinkfieldBerks
29th October 1842Boyce, WilliamWinkfieldBerks
20th October 1827Bozley, Mrs.Berks
26th February 1842Brace, Edward, Esq.JurorReading ?Berks
21st October 1837Brackenbury, Mr.CoachmanWindsorBerks
6th August 1842BrackleyBlacksmithTringHertfordshire
17th March 1827Brackley, JosephBucks
21st September 1827Brackston, IsaacGamekeeperWoolhamptonBerks
14th June 1834Bradbupy, AmbroseHayesMiddlesex
8th September 1827BradesWindsorBerks
23rd December 1837Bradfield, E., Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
24th February 1827Bradfield, Richard, Mr.AbingdonBerks
30th June 1827Bradford, MrMercerWindsorBerks
30th January 1836Bradford, Mr.
7th April 1827Bradford, R., Mr.OverseerWindsorBerks
6th October 1827Bradford, Rev.Mr.MagistrateAylesburyBucks
29th September 1827Bradford, RichardOverseerWindsorBerks
26th November 1842Bradford, ThomasHortonBucks
13th January 1827Bradford, W., Rev.AylesburyBucks
16th September 1826Bradford, W.M., Rev.Bucks
2nd September 1826Bradford, W.M., Rev.High WycombeBucks
2nd September 1826Bradford, W.M., Rev.High WycombeBucks
4th February 1837Bradford, W.M., Rev.BeaconsfieldBucks
21st September 1827Bradford, W.M.K.BeaconsfieldBucks
9th September 1826Bradford, Wm.BeaconsfieldBucks
9th September 1826Bradford, Wm.M., Rev.Great MarlowBucks
4th August 1827Bradley, JohnHaggle CarterStokeBucks
1st October 1842Bradley, ThomasPloughboy (driver)CookhamBerks
3rd September 1842Brads, J.WindsorBerks
3rd September 1842Brads, R.WindsorBerks
1st April 1837BradshawGreat MarlowBucks
30th April 1842Bradshaw, Cavandish, Mrs
16th July 1842Bradshaw, JeremiahParish ClerkWytonHuntingdon
14th January 1837Bradshaw, ThomasWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Bradshaw, ThomasWindsorBerks
1st October 1836BraggWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bragg, Mr JohnWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Bragg, Mr.SloughBucks
17th September 1842Bragg, Mr.SloughBucks
2nd July 1842Bragg, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
3rd September 1842Bragg, Mr.SloughBucks
9th September 1837Bragg, Mr.WindsorBerks
18th May 1839Bragg, Mr. W.RWindsorBerks
23rd September 1837Bragg, William, Mr.
20th October 1827Bragg, Wm.WindsorBerks
23rd September 1826Braggins, Geo.SilverstoneBucks
8th June 1839BrahdrethEton ScholarEtonBucks
2nd July 1842Brakspeare, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
1st July 1837Brambridge, CharlesWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Brand, MrWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Brand, Thos.Berks
17th December 1836Brandram, Andrew, Rev.FarnhamSurrey
12th February 1842Brant, JamesWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Bray, Mr.Beer shop ownerSloughBucks
5th February 1842Bray, ThomasSloughBucks
9th April 1842Bray, ThomasWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Bray, WilliamGamekeeperGreat KimbleBucks
9th September 1826Bray, Wm.GamekeeperGreat & Little KimbleBucks
21st September 1827Braybrook, Right Hon. LordWaltham St.LawrenceBerks
21st September 1827Braybrooke, LordWaltham St.LawrenceBerks
28th May 1842Braybrooke, LordWindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Braybrooke, LordMaidenhead ?Berks
15th September 1827Breach, CharlesEtonBucks
30th July 1842Brecknell, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
14th July 1827Breech, FrancisBerks
21st September 1827Breedon, J.S, esq.PangbournBerks
19th May 1827Breedon, J.S., Esq.ReadingBerks
20th October 1827Breedon, J.S., Esq.Berks
21st September 1827Breedon, J.S., esq.HaggbournBerks
21st September 1827Breedon, Wm., esq.HaggbournBerks
28th April 1827Brent [?], WilliamWoolhamptonBerks
3rd June 1837Brett, WilliamClewerBerks
22nd January 1842Brew, CaptainUxbridgeMiddlesex
24th September 1842Brew, CaptainCaptainUxbridgeMiddlesex
24th September 1842Brew, Charles, Mr.LieutenantLondon
15th October 1842Brew, William, Capt.UxbridgeMiddlesex
24th September 1842Brew, William, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
1st July 1837Brewin, JamesPrivateWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Briant, JamesBucks
6th August 1842Briant, MargaretEton ?Bucks
27th August 1842Brice, JohnWindsorBerks
19th May 1827Brice, John, Mr.Stoke GoldingtonBucks
17th February 1827Brickley, Mrs.WindsorBerks
5th November 1836Bricknell, ThomasClewerBerks
15th September 1827Brickwell, C.,Esq.LeckhampsteadBucks
9th September 1826Brickwell, C.,Esq.LeckhampsteadBucks
28th July 1827Brickwell, JamesConstableLittle MissendenBucks
15th September 1827Brickwell, JohnLeckhampsteadBucks
9th September 1826Brickwell, JohnLeckhampsteadBucks
2nd April 1842Brickwell, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
2nd April 1842Brickwell, Sarah AnnUxbridgeMiddlesex
8th June 1839BridgeEton ScholarEtonBucks
19th November 1842Bridge, E.MadrasIndia
14th June 1834Bridge, Mr.Goldsmith ?Ludgate-hillLondon
17th September 1842Bridgeman, JohnBucks
23rd March 1834Bridger, ColonelWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bridger, EdwardRadleyBerks
31st March 1827Bridges, Henry, Mr.EwellSurrey
16th September 1837Bridges, Mr.WindsorBerks
15th September 1827Bridgewater, Earl ofWitsonBucks
6th August 1842Brient, JosephLongfordMiddlesex
22nd October 1842Briers, GeorgeFaringdonBerks
29th March 1834Brigenshaw, MrTaplowBucks
16th July 1842Brigenshaw, T.,Mr.BurnhamBucks
1st October 1836Brigenshaw, W.D, Mr.TaplowBucks
15th September 1827Briggenshaw, W.D.TaplowBucks
9th September 1826Briggenshaw, W.D.TaplowBucks
16th July 1842Briggs, Edward, Esq.HayesMiddlesex
8th October 1842Briggs, John, Rev.EtonBucks
28th May 1842Briggs, Mr.HayesMiddlesex
9th September 1826Briggs, Rev.I.ThornboroughBucks
15th September 1827Briggs, Rev.J.ThornboroughBucks
28th April 1827Brightwell, WilliamFinchampsteadBerks
21st September 1827Briginshaw, JohnBrayBerks
20th October 1827Brincklett, SamuelWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Brind [?], RobertGamekeeperEast SheffordBerks
8th October 1842Brind, JamesPlough DriverCobhamSurrey
24th May 1834BrineLower form boyEtonBucks
26th February 1842Brine, James, MajorWindsorBerks
4th August 1827BrinklettWindsorBerks
21st May 1842Brion, JamesWindsorBerks
21st May 1842Brion, MarthaWindsorBerks
10th December 1836Briscoe, J.I,Esq.MagistrateChertseySurrey
19th November 1836Briscoe, John IvattAddlestoneSurrey
8th October 1842Briscoe, John Ivatt, Esq.Fox-hillSurrey
20th October 1827Briscoe, Mr.KingstonSurrey
2nd December 1837Briscoe, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
22nd October 1842Brister, James alias FieldWokinghamBerks
20th May 1837Bristol JackWindsorBerks
3rd September 1842BristowWindsorBerks
1st October 1842Bristow, Jos.LabourerLawrence WalthamBerks
10th September 1842Bristow, Mr.KingstonSurrey
22nd January 1842Bristow, PhoebeIverBucks
22nd January 1842Bristow, Robert, Mr.IverBucks
5th April 1834Bristow, William HenryWindsorBerks
13th January 1827Britnell, JohnAylesburyBucks
22nd October 1842Brittain, JohnLavendonBucks
19th November 1842Britten, Mr.
29th October 1842Britten, Thomas, Mr.Middlesex
15th October 1842Britten, Thos.London
9th December 1837Britton, MrsHigh WycombeBucks
8th June 1839Britton, SamuelWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Broad, WilliamGamekeeperLong Wittenham.Berks
16th September 1826Broadhurst, Mr.Bucks
2nd September 1826Broadhurst, Mr.MarlowBucks
12th November 1842Broadway, Jas.PolicemanLangley MarishBucks
14th January 1837Broadway, T.,Mr.Great MarlowBucks
21st September 1827Brocas, Bernard, esq.WokefieldBerks
9th July 1842BrocklebankScholarEtonBucks
6th August 1842Bromberg, Rev.Dr.London ?
30th April 1842Bromsden, WilliamSloughBucks
21st May 1842BrookEton ScholarEtonBucks
16th July 1842Brook, DanielCotton-weaverAylesburyBucks
30th July 1842BrookeScholarEtonBucks
23rd December 1837Brooke, Mr.WindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Brooker, JamesEast HendredBerks
11th June 1842BrooksEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
14th June 1834BrooksBrickmaker ?YiewslyMiddlesex
9th September 1826Brooks, JamesMarlow TownBucks
30th July 1842Brooks, James Bird, Mr.Great MarlowBucks
11th February 1837Brooks, James, Mr.SurveyorGreat MarlowBucks
2nd July 1842Brooks, JesseBledlowBucks
12th May 1827Brooks, JosephBucks
15th September 1827Brooks, JosephLittle WoolstonBucks
16th July 1842Brooks, WilliamEast IlsleyBerks
11th November 1837Brough, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th May 1837Brough, Mr.WindsorBerks
27th May 1837Brough, Mr.WindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Brough, Mr.WindsorBerks
5th March 1836Brough, Mr.WindsorBerks
30th July 1842BroughtonScholarEtonBucks
16th July 1842BrownPolicemanWindsorBerks
16th September 1837BrownSloughBucks
18th August 1827BrownActor ?WindsorBerks
20th August 1842BrownPolicemanWindsorBerks
21st April 1827BrownWindsorBerks
24th February 1827BrownWindsorBerks
25th June 1842BrownPolicemanWindsorBerks
26th March 1842BrownPolicemanWindsorBerks
26th March 1842BrownGeneral DealerColnbrookBucks
27th August 1842BrownWindsorBerks
27th January 1827BrownWindsor Berks
4th June 1842BrownAscotBerks
7th January 1837BrownBarge-masterEghamSurrey
8th September 1827BrownWindsorBerks
14th April 1827Brown, B., Mr.WindsorBerks
1st October 1842Brown, BenjaminPloughmanWhite WalthamBerks
29th October 1836Brown, C, Mr.Registrar Egham DistrictEghamSurrey
21st September 1827Brown, CaptainReadingBerks
14th May 1842Brown, CharlesPolicemanWindsorBerks
5th March 1842Brown, CharlesPolicemanWindsorBerks
7th May 1842Brown, CharlesWindsorBerks
6th August 1842Brown, Charles CowellPolicemanWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Brown, Chas.Police SergeantWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Brown, ChristopherMaidenheadBerks
14th January 1837Brown, DennisAmershamBucks
15th September 1827Brown, EdmundChippenhamBucks
9th September 1826Brown, EdwardChippenhamBucks
16th July 1842Brown, GeoCoachmanWindsorBerks
14th January 1837Brown, GeorgeBeaconsfieldBucks
1st January 1842Brown, HenryLittle MarlowBucks
28th July 1827Brown, HenrySharnbrookBedfordshire
2nd July 1842Brown, HenryBucks
8th October 1842Brown, HenryWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Brown, Henry EsqWindsorBerks
14th June 1834Brown, Henry Esq.SurgeonWindsorBerks
26th November 1836Brown, J., Mr.Slough ?Bucks
5th March 1842Brown, J., Mr.AssessorsWindsorBerks
5th November 1836Brown, J.BBooksellerWindsorBerks
26th April 1834Brown, J.B.Overseers of New Windsor ParishWindsorBerks
29th September 1827Brown, J.B.WindsorBerks
25th March 1837Brown, J.B., Mr.Surveyor of HighwaysNew WindsorBerks
1st October 1842Brown, JamesStainesMiddlesex
22nd October 1842Brown, JamesSandhurstBerks
17th February 1827Brown, James, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th March 1827Brown, JohnChepping WycombeBucks
20th October 1827Brown, JohnWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Brown, JohnComptonBerks
22nd October 1842Brown, JohnPrinces RisboroughBucks
15th September 1827Brown, JosephOlneyBucks
22nd October 1836Brown, JosephWooburnBucks
23rd September 1837Brown, MessrsSloughBucks
10th May 1834Brown, Messrs.SloughBucks
1st October 1836Brown, Messrs.SloughBucks
22nd June 1839Brown, Messrs.SloughBucks
27th May 1837Brown, Messrs.SloughBerks
31st March 1827Brown, Messrs.SloughBucks
9th September 1837Brown, Messrs.SloughBerks
3rd June 1837Brown, Michael Evan, Mr.Register of Births & DeathsHigh WycombeBucks
18th June 1842Brown, MrIronmongerWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Brown, Mr JosephWindsorBerks
12th March 1842Brown, Mr.EtonBucks
13th October 1827Brown, Mr.Linen DraperWindsorBerks
17th February 1827Brown, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th September 1842Brown, Mr.SurveyorEtonBucks
17th September 1842Brown, Mr.SloughBucks
1st October 1842Brown, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
29th December 1827Brown, Mr.GrocerWindsorBerks
2nd December 1837Brown, Mr.WhitesmithWindsorBerks
3rd December 1842Brown, Mr.ClewerBerks
3rd September 1842Brown, Mr.SloughBucks
3rd September 1842Brown, Mr.Forest HillBerks ?
4th August 1827Brown, Mr.WindsorBerks
4th August 1827Brown, Mr.GardenerStoweBucks
7th April 1827Brown, Mr.SolicitorLondon
8th January 1842Brown, Mr.PrinterWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Brown, Mr. HenryWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Brown, Mr. J.BWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Brown, Mr. WilliamWindsorBerks
17th December 1842Brown, Mr., Rev.StainesMiddlesex
18th May 1839Brown, MrsWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Brown, NelsonButcher ?HenleyOxfordshire
26th May 1827Brown, PatrickWindsorBerks
22nd October 1836Brown, PeterSoldierWindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Brown, PeterGreat MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Brown, Rev.A.LoughtonBucks
29th March 1834Brown, Richard
12th February 1842Brown, RobertBeer-shop KeeperWindsorBerks
16th July 1842Brown, RobertWindsorBerks
9th July 1842Brown, RobertWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Brown, T.Newport PagnellBucks
10th September 1842Brown, T., Mr.NurserymanSloughBucks
26th November 1836Brown, T., Mr.Slough ?Bucks
29th October 1842Brown, T., Mr.SonningBerks
15th September 1827Brown, T.G., Esq.AylesburyBucks
27th October 1827Brown, ThomasConstableTaplowBucks
9th April 1842Brown, ThomasHawkerWindsorBerks
26th April 1834Brown, WOverseers of New Windsor ParishWindsorBerks
27th February 1836Brown, WilliamArdingtonBerks
30th July 1842Brown, WilliamLabourerUxbridgeMiddlesex
6th August 1842Brown, WilliamUxbridgeMiddlesex
1st September 1827Brown, William, jun. Esq.HarlingtonMiddlesex
21st September 1827Brown, Wm.AshburyBerks
2nd July 1842Brown, Wm.Great MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Brown, Wm., sen.Steeple ClaydonBucks
9th September 1826Brown, Wm., sen.Steeple ClaydonBucks
16th September 1837Brown. Mr.
19th November 1842Brown. Mr.Commissioner for TaxesEton ?Bucks
20th October 1827Browne, Col.Bucks
21st September 1827Browne, Col.Bucks
28th April 1827Browne, Col.Bucks
7th April 1827Browne, Col.AylesburyBucks
9th April 1842Browne, T., Esq.WindsorBerks
13th January 1827Browne. ColAylesburyBucks
9th June 1827Brownie, W.W.Rick Cloth SellerUxbridgeMiddlesex
11th June 1842BrowningEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
30th July 1842BrowningScholarEtonBucks
31st December 1842Brownrigg, Mr & MrsWindsorBerks
11th June 1842Bruce, Harvey, SirWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Bruce, James, Esq.PennBucks
23rd July 1842Bruce, K., SirVice ChancellorLondon
15th January 1842Bruce, MajorWindsorBerks
24th June 1837Bruin, James PrivatePrivateWindsorBerks
3rd June 1837Brumridge, Chas Mr.FarmerThorpeSurrey
1st October 1836Brumsden, BenjaminLabourerUptonBucks
21st October 1837Brunell, Mr.EngineerLondon ?
16th September 1837Brunton, Mr.ChertseySurrey
21st September 1827Brunton, RHampstead MarshallBerks
27th February 1836Bryan, Mr.EghamSurrey
15th January 1842Bryant, John, MrWindsorBerks
8th January 1842Bryant, John, MrCollector Borough RateWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Bryant, ThomasReadingBerks
21st July 1827Bryant, ThomasNewburyBerks
11th June 1842Bryant, WilliamLabourerWindsorBerks
15th September 1827Bryant, WilliamReadingBerks
21st July 1827Bryant, WilliamNewburyBerks
28th April 1827BryningHaircutterWindsorBerks
29th December 1827BryningHair CutterWindsorBerks
24th May 1834Bryning, MrShooting GalleryWindsorBerks
13th January 1827Buby, ThomasStonemasonWindsorBerks
22nd January 1842Buccleuch, Duke and DuchessWindsorBerks
10th June 1837Buccleuch, Duke ofWindsorBerks
27th August 1842Buccleuch, Duke ofRichmondSurrey
21st September 1827Buckeridge, FrancisSonningBerks
9th September 1826Buckingham & Chandos, K.G, His Grace the Duke ofStoweBucks
16th September 1826Buckingham, Duchess ofBucks
12th February 1842Buckingham, Duke ofAnkerwyckeBerks
13th January 1827Buckingham, Duke ofWotton UnderwoodBucks
17th March 1827Buckingham, Duke ofBucks
17th March 1827Buckingham, Duke ofBucks
21st July 1827Buckingham, Duke ofAylesburyBucks
28th April 1827Buckingham, Duke ofBucks
2nd June 1827Buckingham, Duke ofBucks
4th August 1827Buckingham, Duke ofStoweBucks
5th March 1842Buckingham, Duke ofEtonBucks
9th July 1842Buckingham, Duke ofBucks
9th April 1842Buckingham, W.PainterChertseySurrey
27th August 1842Buckingham, WilliamGreat MarlowBucks
15th September 1827Buckinghamshire, Earl ofGreat HampdenBucks
15th September 1827Buckinghamshire, Earl ofGreat HampdenBucks
9th September 1826Buckinghamshire, Earl ofGreat HampdenBucks
17th December 1842BucklandSunburyMiddlesex
1st October 1836Buckland, CharlesLabourerLangleyBucks
28th January 1837Buckland, F, Mr.WyrardisburyBerks
10th December 1836Buckland, GeorgeChertseySurrey
17th September 1842Buckland, J., Rev.LalehamMiddlesex
10th December 1836Buckland, JamesChertseySurrey
17th December 1842Buckland, JohnHitchamBucks
22nd October 1842Buckland, JohnHitchamBucks
23rd July 1842Buckland, JohnHitchamBucks
1st October 1836Buckland, Mr.WyrardisburyBucks
1st October 1836Buckland, Mr.WyrardisburyBucks
22nd October 1842Buckland, Mr.BlacksmithSalthillBerks
23rd July 1842Buckland, Rev.Mr.ChertseySurrey
15th September 1827Buckland, ThomasGamekeeperBurnhamBucks
9th September 1826Buckland, ThomasGamekeeperAllards, Huntercombe, and Burnham.Bucks
15th September 1827Buckland, WilliamGamekeeperTaplowBucks
9th September 1826Buckland, WilliamGamekeeperTaplowBucks
27th August 1842Buckley, Colonel.WindsorBerks
7th April 1827Buckley, DanielSurrey
29th January 1842Buckley, JamesWindsorBerks
7th April 1827Buckley, Mary AnnSurrey
22nd October 1842Buckley, Master.Circus PerformerWindsorBerks
22nd October 1842Buckley, Mr.Circus PerformerWindsorBerks
21st April 1827Buckmaster, JamesWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Buckmaster, MrWindsorBerks
21st April 1827Buckmaster, SamuelWindsorBerks
30th September 1826Buckner, AdmiralBerks
30th September 1826Buckner, MrsBerks
1st April 1837Buckridge, Wm.Great MarlowBucks
14th January 1837BuddWaggoner ?WooburnBucks
4th March 1837Budd, Eliza alias WyattBuckleburyBerks
6th October 1827Budd, Thos., Mr.BuckinghamBucks
25th August 1827Budd, W.P., Mr.West WycombeBucks
19th February 1842Budgen, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
1st October 1842Buffet, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
12th November 1836Buffett, Mr.Serjeant at MaceMaidenheadBerks
3rd December 1836Buffett, Mr.MaidenheadBerks
8th March 1834BuggyWendover ?Bucks
16th July 1842Bulkeley, CaptainWindsorBerks
16th September 1837Bulkeley, CaptainSpitalBerks
1st October 1842Bulkeley, CaptainMaidenhead ?Berks
21st October 1837Bulkeley, CaptainWindsorBerks
23rd July 1842Bulkeley, CaptainMaidenheadBerks
26th August 1837Bulkeley, CaptainWindsorBerks
26th November 1842Bulkeley, CaptainHortonBucks
9th April 1842Bulkeley, CaptainWindsorBerks
9th September 1837Bulkeley, CaptainWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bulkeley, Captain C.New WindsorBerks
24th December 1842Bulkeley, George Thomas, Esq.ColnbrookBucks
19th March 1842Bulkeley, J.J., Esq.Berks
1st October 1842Bulkeley, J.J., Esq.Maidenhead ?Berks
22nd January 1842Bulkeley, J.J., Esq.High SheriffWindsorBerks
5th February 1842Bulkeley, Mr.HortonBucks
23rd March 1834Bulkely, George T., CaptainWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Bull, CharlesNewburyBerks
7th July 1827Bull, CharlesNewburyBerks
15th September 1827Bull, JamesHanslopeBucks
9th September 1826Bull, JamesHanslopeBucks
3rd November 1827Bull, Mr.HolbornLondon
9th September 1826Bull, Rev.I.AylesburyBucks
15th September 1827Bull, Rev.IsraelAylesburyBucks
2nd July 1842Bull, RichardPadburyBucks
17th March 1827Bull, ThomasBucks
15th September 1827Bull, Wm.HanslopeBucks
9th September 1826Bull, Wm.HanslopeBucks
23rd September 1826Bull, Wm., Mr.AylesburyBucks
3rd November 1827Bullen, Mr & Mrs.PerformerAylesburyBucks
25th June 1842Bullen, Mrs.ColnbrookBucks
8th June 1839BullerEton ScholarEtonBucks
19th March 1842Buller, J.Y., Sir.Great MarlowBucks
7th April 1827Bullet, MrFarmerHanslopeBucks
9th September 1826Bullock, A., Mrs.Caversfield & BaintonOxfordshire
15th September 1827Bullock, AnnCaversfieldBucks
26th February 1842Bullock, Francis.V., Esq.JurorReading ?Berks
3rd February 1827Bullock, ThomasButcherWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Bullock, ThomasFawleyBerks
21st September 1827Bulpit, Robt.NewburyBerks
1st October 1836Bumby, JamesStokeBucks
23rd September 1826Bumps alias Walker, JamesBiggleswadeBedfordshire
26th February 1842Bunbury, H.B., Esq.High SheriffSunninghillBerks
25th June 1842Bunbury, H.M., Esq.High Sheriff of BerksAbingdonBerks
19th March 1842Bunbury, Henry Mill, Esq.Berks
16th July 1842BunceWheelwright & RatcatcherSandhurstBerks
25th August 1827Bunce, CharlesWaggonerPennBucks
17th September 1842Bunce, JohnWindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bunce, JohnGamekeeperPangbournBerks
1st October 1836Bunce, JosephPloughmanTaplowBucks
21st September 1827Bunny, Edw.B., esq.NewburyBerks
12th February 1842Bunsen, ChevalierWindsorBerks
27th October 1827Bunting, James, Mr.QuaintonBucks
9th September 1826Bunyan, Geo.GamekeeperMoulsoeBucks
15th September 1827Bunyan, GeorgeGamekeeperMoulsoeBucks
22nd October 1842Burbridge, ElizabethLavendonBucks
21st September 1827Burdett, F., Sir, bart.East Garston and Eastbury.Berks
21st September 1827Burdon [?], DanielAbingdonBerks
17th February 1827Burford, Mr.WindsorBerks
21st July 1827Burford, Mr.CarrierWindsorBerks
10th September 1842Burge alias PoyetChobhamSurrey
11th March 1837Burge, Mr.WindsorBerks
17th February 1827Burge, Mr.WindsorBerks
26th November 1836Burge, Mr.Slough ?Bucks
9th January 1836Burge, Mr.WindsorBerks
24th May 1834Burge, MrsWindsorBerks
30th September 1826Burge, W.H.WindsorBerks
2nd April 1842Burge, William Henry, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th April 1834BurgessLabourerWycombeBucks
5th March 1836BurgessTurnpike Gate KeeperWindsorBerks
21st July 1827Burgess, DavidMarchamBerks
2nd July 1842Burgess, GeorgeStoke PogesBucks
21st July 1827Burgess, MarkMarchamBerks
14th May 1842Burgess, Mr.StokeBucks
10th June 1837Burgess, Rich.FawleyBerks
22nd October 1842Burgess, Robt.Berks
21st October 1837Burgess, W., Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
28th October 1837Burgess, W.J, Mr.UxbridgeMiddlesex
11th June 1842Burghley, LordEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
8th October 1842Burghley, LordEtonBucks
22nd October 1842Burgiss, Geo.Stoke PogesBucks
2nd July 1842Burgiss, GeorgeEtonBucks
31st March 1827Burgiss, GeorgeEtonBucks
19th November 1842Burgiss, Mr.Clerk of the MarketUxbridgeMiddlesex
15th September 1827Burk, Edmund, Esq.PennBucks
23rd September 1826Burke, ColonelWindsorBerks
9th September 1826Burke, E.F., Esq.PennBucks
30th July 1842BurleighScholarEtonBucks
21st May 1842Burleigh, LordEton ScholarEtonBucks
15th September 1827Burley, JohnGamekeeperWater-StratfordBucks
10th September 1842Burley, Mr.GardenerCobhamSurrey
20th May 1837Burn, Mr.Solicitor
18th May 1839Burness, MrWindsorBerks
24th May 1834Burnet, MrHenleyOxfordshire
13th May 1837Burnett, G., Rev.London
11th August 1827Burnett, MessrsVauxhallMiddlesex
17th December 1836BurnhamFarmerAston AbbotsBucks
1st October 1842Burnham, JamesThatcherBerks
14th April 1827Burnham, MrCoronerBucks
18th May 1839Burnham, MrWindsorBerks
21st July 1827Burnham, MrAylesburyBucks
24th November 1827Burnham, Mr,CoronerAylesburyBucks
16th June 1827Burnham, Mr.CoronerAylesburyBucks
4th August 1827Burnham, Mr.CoronerStokeBucks
10th February 1827BurrHestonMiddlesex
10th March 1827BurrHestonMiddlesex
3rd March 1827BurrHestonMiddlesex
3rd February 1827Burr, WilliamHestonMiddlesex
28th June 1834BurrettWindsorBerks
3rd December 1836BurrettEtonBucks
22nd October 1842Burrett, Benj.BrayBerks
6th February 1836Burrett, CharlesWindsorBerks
31st March 1827Burrett, JamesEtonBucks
2nd September 1826Burrough, Joseph Wilkinson, Esq.High WycombeBucks
14th April 1827Burrows, SamuelLambethSurrey
14th April 1827Burrows, WilliamLambethSurrey
12th February 1842Burt, CaptainPaddingtonMiddlesex
12th November 1842Burten, MartinPolicemanWexhamBucks
11th June 1842BurtonEton Scholar EtonBucks
11th June 1842BurtonEton Scholar ?EtonBucks
16th April 1842BurtonPolice ConstableUxbridge ?Middlesex
23rd April 1842BurtonPolice SerjeantStainesMiddlesex
23rd July 1842BurtonScholarEtonBucks
25th June 1842BurtonScholarEtonBucks
30th July 1842BurtonScholarEtonBucks
10th December 1842Burton, Augustus PlunkettScholarEtonBucks
16th July 1842Burton, B., Mr.EghamSurrey
5th May 1827Burton, MrEghamSurrey
15th September 1827Burton, Mr.ActorWindsorBerks
20th August 1842Burton, Mr.WindsorBerks
20th October 1827Burton, RobertAshwellBucks
19th March 1842Burton, SerjeantPolicemanStainesMiddlesex
1st January 1842Burton, SerjeantStainesMiddlesex
4th June 1842Burton, SerjeantPolicemanStainesMiddlesex
9th July 1842Burtt, F., Mr.WindsorBerks
29th September 1827Burtt, FrancisWindsorBerks
15th January 1842Burtt, MrWindsorBerks
12th November 1842Burtt, Mr.WindsorBerks
8th June 1839Burtt, Mr.ChemistWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Burtt, Mr. CharlesWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Burtt, Mr.JamesWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Burtt. MessrsWindsorBerks
14th July 1827Burtt[?], Mr.WindsorBerks
21st September 1827Bury, HenryGamekeeperSandfordBerks
22nd October 1842Bush, Thos.East ChallowBerks
28th July 1827Butcher, GeorgeMaids MoretonBucks
5th March 1842Butcher, JamesReading ?Berks
28th July 1827Butcher, JohnMaids MoretonBucks
27th October 1827Butcher, John, Mr.Maids MoretonBucks
9th January 1836Butcher, Mr JohnGrocerWindsorBerks
28th July 1827Butcher, Wm.ScottMaids MoretonBucks
10th March 1827ButlerBucks
17th March 1827ButlerBucks
23rd April 1842ButlerPolicemanStainesMiddlesex
5th May 1827ButlerUxbridgeMiddlesex
15th January 1842Butler, Charles, MrLandlordWarfieldBerks
15th October 1842Butler, EdwardPrivateWindsorBerks
21st May 1842Butler, EdwardWindsorBerks
7th January 1837Butler, George, Esq.WoolstoneBerks
1st October 1842Butler, IsaacLabourerCookhamBerks
3rd September 1842Butler, J.WindsorBerks
21st May 1842Butler, JamesIreland
21st September 1827Butler, JamesGamekeeperTidmarshBerks
8th October 1842Butler, JamesPloughboyGreat GroveSurrey
21st September 1827Butler, JohnBeenhamBerks
21st September 1827Butler, JohnInkpenBerks
2nd July 1842Butler, MarkHungerfordBerks
14th July 1827Butler, MichaelWindsorBerks
19th May 1827Butler, MichaelWindsorBerks
19th November 1842Butler, MosesWyrardisburyBucks
26th February 1842Butler, Mr.WraysburyMiddlesex
5th March 1842Butler, W.T.AuditorHigh WycombeBucks
1st January 1842Butler, Wm.High WycombeBucks
22nd October 1842Butler, Wm.UptonBerks
4th March 1837Butler, Wm.Thos, MrAuditorHigh WycombeBucks
15th September 1827Butt, RobertGamekeeperLittle Hampden.Bucks
9th September 1826Butt, RobertGamekeeperLittle HampdenBucks
9th July 1842Butter [?], JosephIver HeathBucks
2nd July 1842Button, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
21st September 1827Bye, RobertGamekeeperBradfieldBerks
2nd July 1842Byfield, Thos.BradwellBucks
9th September 1826Bygrave, Lay.E, Esq.IpstoneBucks
28th June 1834BylesWindsorBerks
26th August 1837Byles, C.WindsorBerks
7th May 1842Byles, C., Mr.EtonBucks
3rd September 1842Byles, H.N., Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
12th November 1842Byles, JohnPolicemanEtonBucks
1st October 1842Byles, JohnCooperEtonBucks
16th July 1842Byles, MrSolicitor ?Bucks
11th November 1837Byles, Mr.WindsorBerks
12th March 1842Byles, Mr.EtonBucks
13th August 1842Byles, Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
17th June 1837Byles, Mr.ConstableEtonBucks
25th February 1837Byles, Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
2nd July 1842Byles, Mr.HenleyOxfordshire
6th August 1842Byles, Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
18th May 1839Byles,MrWindsorBerks
23rd April 1842Byles. Mr.LandlordWindsorBerks
11th February 1837Byng, Bateman, Mr.LecturerStainesMiddlesex
2nd December 1837Byng, G., Esq.Father of House of CommonsStainesMiddlesex
12th November 1836Byng, George, Esq. M.P.StainesMiddlesex
16th December 1837Byng, George, Mr.StainesMiddlesex
1st April 1837Byng, Mr.DoverKent
30th December 1837Byng, Mr.LecturerWindsorBerks
16th December 1837Byng, Mr. W.BStainesMiddlesex
15th October 1842Byron, LordLord In WaitingWindsorBerks

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