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The Windsor and Eton Express.
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Some Selected Reports from The Windsor and Eton Express

9th January 1836

Maidenhead, Jan. 8.
Further Particulars of the Fire at Bray

Two men were taken into custody on suspicion of setting fire to the outbuildings and ricks of Mr.Alloway, of Stroud Farm, on Saturday morning last, but they have been discharged, there being no evidence to implicate them. As soon as the fire was discovered as alarm was given at Maidenhead and assistance was rendered with most praiseworthy activity . To Mr.Bigg, of the Maidenhead Subscription Engine, and to Mr.Lovegrove and Mr.Woodhouse who took their engines, the greatest praise is due, and though last, not least, to the troop of Royal Horse Guards, who, under the command of Colonel Hill, drew their engine the whole distance from Windsor to the scene of devastation, and most meritoriously exerted themselves, may be attributed the final subduing of the fire without a greater loss than has been occasioned. The conduct of the troops was the subject of general eulogium. At one time there were three or four ricks on fire, and the scene then presented a truly awful appearance, and had it not been for the gallantry and intrepidity displayed by those who had volunteered their assistance, the whole must have been destroyed. The estimated loss is about 800, and the property was insured in the County fire office. The farm and buildings are the property of the Corporation of Reading. It is impossible to account what motive could have induced any feelings of resentment towards Mr.Alloway, whose name stands deservedly high with the labourer, as a good man and excellent master.

A daring highway robbery was committed between Marlow Bridge and Quarry Wood, on Tuesday evening last. Joseph Folly, of Cookham Dean, had been drinking at a club, whereof he was a member, in Great Marlow, with Wm.Meads and others.Folly and Meads, after leaving the club, drank together at another house, when Folly left to go home. In the second meadow from Marlow bridge he was overtaken, knocked down and badly beaten about the head, and robbed of his watch and money by a person he declares to be Meads. The latter was apprehended by the active exertions of the Marlow constable, Clark, taken before Charles Fishe Palmer, Esq., at Temple, and by him committed to Reading Gaol for trial, notwithstanding his declaration of innocence.