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Some Selected Reports from The Windsor and Eton Express

8th June 1839


On Monday Samuel Britton, the man who had been taken into custody with a quantity of indecent prints in his possession, was brought up for re-examination, and it appeared, that the police had not been able to discover that he had sold any, he was discharged with a severe reprimand. The prints were ordered to be detained.

John Williams and Edward Cheriton, two boys, were charged with attempting to pick pockets. They were however, discharged, no case being proven against them.

Joseph Seymour and Edward Payne, two other boys, were charged with a similar offence. Mr.Lovegrove the high constable deposed, to seeing them try persons pockets on the day of the review. They were remanded for a week.

James Oxford, John Partridge, and Henry Ling, were charged with attempting to pass base half crowns at the shop of Mr. Burtt, chemist, of Peascod-street, the former on Wednesday week, and the two latter on Friday, but in addition to the base money tendered in payment for some articles, no other bad money was found upon them, which is necessary to a conviction, the magistrates discharged them with a caution as to their future conduct.

Joseph Bagnett was charged with assaulting Anne Jennings, with whom he had cohabited, but it appearing that she had first struck him, the complaint was dismissed. It appeared, however, that he assaulted the complainant's mother and for that offence he was ordered to pay a fine of 20s. and 5s. 6d. Costs, or be imprisoned for three weeks.

On Thursday, John Turner was charged with assaulting Charles Groves, and giving him a black eye. It appearing that the defendant had received considerable provocation from the complainant, the magistrates inflicted only a fine of 5s for the assault, 1s for injury done to the complainant's clothes, and 11s costs, making a total of 17s.

James Southwood appeared to answer a charge of assaulting his wife and threatening to take her life. The parties appeared to live very unhappily together, and each appeared determined not to live any longer with each other, but the wife swore she went in fear of his violence. The defendant offered to allow her 4s a week and in addition, he was ordered to find sureties to keep the peace for six months, himself in 25, and two householders in 10 each.