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Some Selected Reports from The Windsor and Eton Express

5th March 1836

On Saturday last the town of Maidenhead was taken by surprise at the appearance of a handbill, without any signature or apparent authority, but evidently emanating from the Tories, calling a public meeting at the Bear Inn for that evening, to consider the propriety of nominating fit and proper persons as Auditors and Assessors. Upon enquiring respecting the parties who had called the meeting , it was ascertained that a meeting of the rejected had been held at the house of a certain Tory gentleman, at which the public meeting was decided on, but it was determined not to call it until it was too late for the Liberals to meet and thwart them.

At seven o'clock on Saturday evening the public meeting took place. It was very thinly attended, but the business was opened by R.Lovegrove,sen., Esq., who had been called to the Chair, in a very able speech.

Mr.Thomas Bigg briefly , but tritely, moved that the meeting do proceed to nominate fit and the parties who had called the meeting , it was ascertained that a meeting of the rejected Mr.W.Ward seconded the resolution , which was carried unanimously.

Mr.T.Bigg then proposed that James Poulton be nominated as an Assessor, and Mr.Henry Harris as an Auditor, and that an active canvas be commenced to ensure the return of those gentlemen.

Mr.John Green Bishop, Surgeon, seconded the resolution, and it was carried unanimously.

Mr.W.Ward proposed Mr.James Swallow as an Assessor - a gentleman who, he said, was fully capable of performing the duties ably and impartially.

Mr.W.Tagg felt the greatest pleasure in seconding the nomination. The motion was agreed to.

Mr.James Swallow, after pronouncing a high eulogium on the fitness of Mr.James Fuller, proposed that gentleman as an Auditor, which, being seconded by Mr.Richmond was also carried.

Mr.J.G.Bishop proposed Richard Harrison, gentleman, as a fir and proper person to be an Auditor.

Mr.John Russell, in an able speech, seconded the resolution , and expatiated on the talents, ability, and integrity of character of his friend Mr.Harrison, and hoped he would be elected, as he was an independent man, and a gentleman, whose return he, Mr.R., would exert all his influence to secure.

The resolution was carried.

Mr.James Swallow proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, for his very able and impartial conduct in the Chair.

Mr.Wm.Browne Baker, in one of the most brilliant speeches ever delivered here, seconded the resolution, which was carried una voce.

The Chairman having returned thanks, the meeting separated.

The parties who got up the above meeting, immediately commenced an active canvas to ensure the return of their nominees; and on Tuesday, when the election took place, the result was as follows:- Auditors, Mr.R.Harrison and Mr.H.Harris;- Assessors, Mr.James Poulton and Mr.J.Swallow.

The election appears to have caused as much agitation and bustle among the Maidenhead Tories, as that of Members for the County. For the last two or three weeks they have held private meetings, circulated squibs, and in fact, they appeared determined to carry the election in spite of every thing. The Liberals, however , looked on these exertions quite unconcerned - they nominated no person for either of the offices, nor did they think it worth their while at all to interfere in the election. Although the Tories put forward all their energy and strength, they were not able to register the votes of more than 63 Burgesses out of 196. So much for the boasted ascendancy of Toryism in Maidenhead !