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The Windsor and Eton Express.
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Some Selected Reports from The Windsor and Eton Express

3rd June 1837

On Monday morning early, Roach, the policeman, stopped a man named Thomas Twinch, with a quantity of cabbage plants in his possession, which, he suspected were stolen, and on inquiry it appeared that they had been taken from the garden of William Brett, of Oxford Road, Clewer. Roach subsequently took him before E.Foster, Esq., a county magistrate, by whom he was committed for trial at the sessions.

High Wycombe, June 2.
Death of an Eccentric

Died, at Primrose Cottage, High Wycombe, on the 24th ult., Mr.John Guy, aged 64 years. His remains were interred in a brick grave at Hughendon church-yard, on Tuesday last. On a marble tablet on his coffin is the following inscription: -

"Here , without nail or shroud doth lie,
Uncover'd by a pall - John Guy."

On his grave-stone are the following lines:-

"To the Memory of John Guy, late of Icomb, in the county of Gloucester,
Born May 17, 1773 - Died May 24, 1837.
"In coffin made without a nail,
Without a shroud his limbs to hide;
For what can pomp or shew avail,
Or velvet pall to swell the pride;
Here lies John Guy beneath this sod,
Who lov'd his friends and fear'd his God."

Mr.Guy was possessed of considerable property, and was a worthy and honest, though rather an eccentric man. His grave and coffin were both made about a year ago, under his own directions, and the inscriptions on the tablet and grave-stone are his own composition, and were engraved more than a month since, about which time he gave orders for everything necessary for his funeral, and purchased gloves, hatbands, &c., as he wished not to be taken to the grave in a hearse; a change of carriers was requisite, and he had therefore desired that one set might be sent to a public-house, about half way on the road, where they were to have beer &c., and to wait the arrival of his corpse, when those who had brought him from Wycombe were to receive a similar refreshment. He had also wrapped up in separate papers the sum of five shillings for each carrier. An immense number of people were assembled to view the procession as it passed through Wycombe, and also to witness the burial at Hughendon.

The superintendent registrar of this Union has appointed Mr.John Harman to a register of marriages.

No1 - High Wycombe DistrictMr.Michael Evan Brown
No2 - West Wycombe DistrictMr.John Veary
No3 - Great Marlow DistrictMr.Henry Salman
No4 - Wendover DistrictMr.William Croxford
No5 - Princes Risborough DistrictMr.Richard Turner