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The Windsor and Eton Express.
Bucks Chronicle and Reading Journal

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Some Selected Reports from The Windsor and Eton Express

10th June 1837

On Sunday last the Rev. J. Stoughton preached a sermon at William Street Chapel, in aid of the fund for the relief of the distressed inhabitants of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, after which the sum of 20 11s, was collected.

On Wednesday the Grenadier Guards, stationed at Windsor , were reviewed in the Home Park, by Colonel Bowater, in the presence of two Princes Hohenlohe, who appeared highly gratified at the manner in which the battalion executed their various movements. Amongst the company on the ground were also the Duke of Buccleuch and Sir Charles Thornton.

Yesterday, the rule which had been obtained by Mrs. Elizabeth Jenks, calling upon the Churchwardens of New Windsor parish to make a rate to pay the principal and interest of the debt of 3,000 due to that Lady was made absolute.

During the night of Thursday last some persons most wantonly mutilated and injured the statue of Henry the Sixth, which stands in the school yard of Eton College, by breaking off and carrying away the sceptre belonging to it. A reward of 25 is offered for the apprehension of the guilty parties.

Burglary - At an early hour on Thursday morning the house of Mr. John Mason, of Cippenham, was forcibly entered by some person or persons, and several articles stolen. A reward of fifty guineas has been offered on conviction of the thieves.

Windsor Police - Wanton Outrage
- On Monday the sitting magistrates were informed by Mr.Gilman the Superintendent of police of a daring outrage that was committed during the preceding night by a party of persons in the garb of gentlemen. The particulars as entered in the Superintendent's book were as follows - About one o'clock eighteen gentlemen were seen to come up Peascod-street, and were followed by Dobson, one of the police to Sheet-street, where they attempted to break the knocker off Mr. Wethered's door, but were prevented by Dobson, who immediately went and informed the Superintendent of the conduct of the party. The Superintendent with Dobson, and policemen Nos. 4, 6, 9 and 10, then followed them about for an hour and a half; at length one (who was said to be Sir Frederick Stanmere), was taken into custody , for wilfully damaging a mans hat, on receiving five shillings from the offender, withdrew the charge. The party then left the borough, and went into Eton, after which it was discovered that knockers from two houses in Sheet-street, and from two others in Thames-street. It was stated that a Captain Berkeley was one of the party above named.
The Magistrates expressed their regret that the gentleman who had been given into custody had been allowed to escape. They gave strict injunctions to the police to be on the alert, as from the well known character of a set of certain aristocratic revellers, they apprehended some attempt might be made to disturb the public peace.