North Wiltshire Musters

The Hundred of Hyghworth, Cryklade and Staple.

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John KyrtonArcher

Willyam Theche)Bills.
Henry Sparrowe)
Thomas Cocks)
Henry Markerley)

Walter Ardena horse, iiij harnes, with bowes & arrowes

Robte. Wyse)a harnes
Thomas Arden)
Willyam Theche)

Henry Sparrowe)harnes, bill, swerde and daggar
Thomas Cocks)
Edward Bonney)
John Kyrton)
Umfrey Rowland)

John Cowley)harnes, bill, swerde and daggar
Henry Makerley)
John Edys)
Richard Castelcombe)

Thomas Robyns)a bill
John Bryn)

Maryan Lewes, widowe,A bowe, & scheffe of arrowes

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