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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser
Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal.

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Some Selected Reports from the Sussex Weekly Advertiser

Monday, June 12th, 1809


The Mail coaches on Monday formed a beautiful cavalcade from St.James's to the Post-office, as usual on the King's birth-day. They were 18 in number, among which the Portsmouth, the Dover, and the Chichester, were conspicuous for the fineness of the horses and beauty of the harness.
During the birth day cavalcade on Monday, a fine boy, the son of Mrs. Hartall, who is on a visit to Piccadilly from Bedfordshire, was run over by a chariot, which was clearing the procession in Albermarle-street, and killed. A servant maid, who was leading the child, was knocked down and run over, but without receiving any injury.

LEWES, JUNE 12, 1809.

The Judges, on Thursday last chose their respective circuits for the Summer Assizes. Lord Chief Justice Ellenborough, and Lord Chief Bacon, take the Home Circuit; and Mr. Justice Lawrence and Mr. Baron Graham the Western.


A Handsome Residence, with a good garden, shrubberies, plantations, an extensive law, and upwards of 100 acres of arable, pasture, and wood land, with common rights, a capital situation for a Sportsman. The neighbourhood and roads good, and within 60 miles of London.

Further particulars of Mr. Shugars, Solicitor, Portsmouth.

With immediate possession,
A COPYHOLD ESTATE, consisting of 27A. 3R. 10P. of Arable and Coppice Land, situate in the parish of Chailey, near Lewes, known by the name of Leigh Coppice, or Lye Wood.
For particulars, &c. apply to Mr. J. BULL, Hilly Place, Brighton.

Handsome Villa, Cottage, and about 50 Acres of Land, Modern Household Furniture, Wines, and other Effects.

On Tuesday the 20th of June, at twelve o'clock on the Premises.


A VERY substantial, well-built, freehold Residence, within a ring fence, situate on the skirts of the pleasant village of Horndean, commanding prospects of great beauty and extent, in a good neighbourhood, and a fine sporting country.


A Freehold brick and sashed Cottage, garden, with about five acres of meadow land, adjoining lot one; and at one o'clock the same day, the genuine and entire fashionable Furniture, on the Premises of Lot I, the property of Major Crawford, consisting of four post and other bedsteads, with callicos, dimity, and other furniture, prime goose feather beds, hair and flock mattresses, an suit of Drawing-room Furniture, Grecian sofa, fauteuil chairs, French window curtains of scarlet, and black velvet, sideboard, sarcophagus, an excellent set of tables, Brussels carpets, and other general articles of furniture. 110 dozen of choice old Wines, a new built gig, with curricle head and springs, two staunch pointers, two capital milch cows, and two beautiful heifers, &c. &c.
Printed particulars and catalogues may be had in due time, at the Fountain, Portsmouth, the Bear, Havant; Dolphin, Petersfield; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; Libraries Brighton and Worthing; on the Premises, and of
Mr. WELLER, Chichester.

On Monday the 26th of June, 1809, at the Fleece Inn, Chichester, precisely at seven o'clock in the evening.

A FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising, a brick and sashed house, a stable and woodhouse, thatched, and a plot of most excellent garden ground, of considerable extent.
The House measures 29 feet in front, and 24 feet in depth, and contains three rooms, wash-house, and cellar, on the ground floor, and four sleeping rooms.
The premises are situate at the top of Broyle Road, leading to the Barracks, and are admirably calculated for a Public House, or a Lodging House; is now in the occupation of Mrs. Wild, who will give immediate possession.
Further particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange and General Agency Offices, Chichester.

For the benefit of Creditors, on Monday, the 19th of June, 1809, at the Fleece Inn, between the hours of six and seven in the evening.

A Truly valuable and desirable LEASEHOLD Estate, comprising a recent well built brick and sashed Dwelling House, situate without the South Gate, Chichester, in the occupation of Mr. Robert Rassell, builder; comprising in the basement, excellent cellars, ground floor, an entrance hall, front and back parlours; second floor a dining room, and two bed chambers, and attic, two bed rooms, kitchen and wash house; together with a large work-shop detached, capable of containing eight benches; also, a saw house, shed and various other conveniences, and a capital Garden; the whole extent of the premises from front to back, 190 ft. front of the house, 27 ft. the yard and garden at the back, 54 feet. The above is held under the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral, quit rent is 1s. 4d. per annum.
The premises may be viewed by applying to the Auctioneers; and for further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. R. Dally, Solicitor, Chichester.
*** All persons having any claim or demand on Mr. Robert Rassell are desired to send an account of the same to Mr. Dally; and all persons who stand indebted to his Estate, are required to pay the amount immediately into the hands of Mr. Dally (who is fully authorised to receive the same) in order that it may be divided amongst his creditors.

At Sir Thomas Carr's Cob-Place, near Lewes.
TWENTY true-bred SOUTH DOWN TUPS, from one to two years old.
The Sheep are in their wool, and may be seen, by applying to the Shepherd, on the premises, who will communicate further particulars.

ONE Hundred OAK TREES, of dimensions fit for Plank, as they are now lying on Burgh Hill Farm, Chiddingly.
For particulars apply to Mr. Pitt, on the Farm.

At Garraway's Coffee House, London, on Wednesday, June 14th, at Twelve o'clock, in Two Lots:

A Valuable and very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of Six Pieces of rich grazing Land, containing 44 acres of Romney Marsh, in the Parishes of Brookland and Ivey Church, Kent, let to Mr. Wm. Hayward, who has notice to quit at Lady - Day next, when possession may be had. To be viewed by applying to the tenant.
Particulars may be had at the New Inn, Romney; Swan, at Hastings; Saracen's Head, Ashford; Bell, Maidstone; the Place of Sale; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster Row, London, where a plan may be seen.


On Wednesday the 28th day of June, between the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon, at the Admiral Vernon Inn, in Burwash, in the county of Sussex, unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, (of which if it happens) public notice will be given.
A Customary or Copyhold MESSUAGE, Barn, Oasthouse, Stable, and convenient Lodges, with a good garden and orchard, and several pieces or parcels of arable, meadow, and pasture land, hop ground, and woodland, containing by admeasurement, 70A 0R 3P, called by the name of Pugs-hole Farm, situate lying and being near Burwash Wheel, in the said county of Sussex, holden of the Manor of Robertsbridge, and now in the possession or occupation of Mr. William Buss, the proprietor, who will shew the premises.
For further particulars enquire of the said William Buss; or at the Office of Messrs. Philcox and Son, Solicitors, at Burwash, aforesaid.


At the King's Arms Inn, in Billingshurst, Sussex, on Monday the 19th day of June, 1809, between the hours of four and five in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced.
TWO Closes of excellent freehold arable LAND, now in wheat, containing 20 acres, and 20 rods, little more or less, situate in the parish of Thakeham, in Sussex, and in the occupation of Mr. Luke Greenfield, of West Chiltington.

The timber, underwoods, and growing crop, to be taken by valuation.

The premises may be viewed on application to the occupiers; and particulars may be had of Messrs. Ellis and Hale, at Petworth, Sussex.


At his Great Room, in Pall Mall, London, on Thursday, the 22d of June, punctually at Two o'Clock, (By order of the Executors of DAVID PITCAIRN, M.D., &c. &c. &c. deceased;)
A Compact and most delightful FREEHOLD VILLA, with Offices, Stabling, Kitchen Garden, neat Pleasure Grounds shaded by Lime and Chesnut Trees of the finest growth, and washed by a rapid trout stream, the river Darent, which flows through the beautiful vale in which the premises are situated, here two miles distant from the town of Dartford, one mile from Darenth, and three miles and a half from Farningham. Also two meadows contiguous, and one detached, comprising in the whole about eight acres, be the same more or less. A considerable sum has been expended on the premises which are in the neatest order.
May be viewed. Printed particulars to be had on the spot, at the George, Dartford; of A. Goodeve, Esq. Solicitor, Holborn Court, Gray's Inn; at Garraway's Coffee-House, Cornhill; and of Mr. Christie, Pall Mall, London.

Freehold Estates of the late Rev. Edward Wilson, D.D. in Kent and Sussex.
By Mr. NEVE.
At the Woolpack, in Tenterden, on Tuesday the 11th day of July next, between the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon.


A MANSION HOUSE, several Cottages, barn, oasthouse, stable, lodges, and 145A. 0R. 16P. more or less, of arable, meadow, pasture, hop, and wood lands, generally known by the names of Blackwall Farm, and Broomfield, in Hinxbill Wye, and Willesborough, in Kent, demised to Messrs. Amoses and Barber, by a lease which expires at Michaelmas 1809, except the Woodland, about three acres in the hands of the proprietor.


A Messuage, Cottage, two barns, stable, lodge, and 72A. 2R. 38P. or thereabouts, of arable, meadow, and pasture land, generally known by the names of Point Parles Farm and Mabcroft, in Hastingleigh and Wye, in Kent, in the occupation of Richard Rolfe, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next.


A Farm House, two barns, oasthouse, stable, lodges, and 106A. 1R. 21P. of arable, meadow, pasture, hop and wood land, called Park Pale Farm, in the parish of Mountfield, in the county of Sussex, in the occupation of Robert Christmas, under a lease which expires at Michaelmas, 1821.


Four Pieces of Marsh Land, in Lydd, in the county of Kent, containing 46A. 0R. 20P. now in the occupation of Mr. John Sawyer, under a lease which expires at Michaelmas, 1811.


A Dwelling House, barn, stable, and seven pieces of Marsh Land, containing 38A. 6R. 36P. situate in Old Romney, in the county of Kent, in the occupation of John White, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next.


A Barn and several Pieces of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, containing 27A. 0R. 33P. situate in Rye, in Sussex (on part of which the foot barracks now stand) in the occupation of Mr. Proctor, under a lease which expires at Michaelmas 1817.


A Piece of Marsh Land, near Blackwell, in Wittersham, in Kent, containing 4A. 0R. 20P. in the occupation of Mr. George Morphett, jun. who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next, together with a Channel rent of 17s. 6d. per annum.


Three Pieces of meadow and pasture land, called Heronden, in Tenderden, Kent, containing 7A.1R.2P. in the occupation of Mr. John Mace, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next.


A capital Mansion House, with a garden, orchard, and pleasure ground, a barn, stable, lodges, granary, and other buildings, and eight pieces of meadow, pasture, and wood land, in Tenderden, Kent, containing 34A. 2R. 27P. The House, and 24A. 1R. 10P. of the land are in the occupation of Thomas Weston, Esq. under an agreement which expires at Michaelmas 1817. The other part of the land 14A. 1R. 17P. is in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Longley, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next.

N.B. The Land Taxes are redeemed.
The Tenents will shew Lots 1 and 2; and the Tenants or their Lookers in the Marsh the respective lots there; and Mr. Neve, those at Tenterden.

Further particulars of the Lots 1 and 2, may be had of Mr. Thomas Turner; and of the other lots, of the above Mr. Turner, and the Rev.Mr. R. Turner, of Hartfield, Sussex, the Devisees in trust, and of Mr. Neve.

Ouse Lower Navigation and Drainage.
Horse Towing Path Bridge, over Glynd Reach,
near Lewes.

PERSONS desirous of contracting with the Committee appointed to carry on the works upon the Ouse Lower Navigation and Drainage, for erecting of a good and substantial Horse Towing Path Bridge, over the mouth of Glynd Reach, for the purpose of completing the Towing Path, from Lewes to S... Ferry, are desired to deliver plans and estimates of the expence of erecting such Bridge, to me
Clerk to the Trustees of the said Navigation and Drainage.
Lewes, June 3, 1809.


THAT the Partnership lately subsisting between Messrs. Brook and Hall, Butchers, at East Bourn, in the County of Sussex, is dissolved by mutual consent, and that such business will in future be carried on by Mr. Robert Hall, on his separate account.
All persons indebted to the said copartners, are requested to pay their debts without delay to the said Robert Hall; and all persons having any demands on them, are requested immediately to deliver in the same to the said Robert Hall.
East Bourn, June 3, 1809.


NOTICE is hereby given that Thomas Duedney, of Bexhill, in the county of Sussex, Farmer, has assigned the whole of his Estate and Effects, to Messrs. William Landsell and James Thomas, of the same place, in trust, for the benefit of such of his Creditors who shall execute the Trust Deed, which is lying at the Office of Mr. Martin of Battle. Debts owing to the Estate are desired forthwith to be discharged.
May 31st, 1809.


ABOUT Twenty Plots of the adjoining Building Ground, part of them at the top of the field, now the only select spots for good Houses, will soon be Sold or Let by Auction. Further particulars in due time.- Proposals for treating by Private Contract, will be received by Mr. James Poune, Surveyor, and of Mr. Stephen Wood, Surveyor and Builder, of Brighton.

For 12 years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next,

THE Manor and Farm, called FORBEYES, in the parish of Speldhurst, in the county of Kent, now in the occupation of John Bridgland, the tenant, within three miles of Tonbridge Wells, and consisting of a farm house, two barns, stables, and other suitable buildings; and about 115 acres of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land.

The land is in a good state of cultivation, and the taxes are on a moderate scale.

The tenders are to be delivered in writing, on or before the 14th of June inst. to Mr. Gwynne, of Lewes, of whom all necessary information may be previously procured on personal application.


At the Lamb Inn, East Bourne, on Tuesday the 18th of July, and following days, to commence each day at twelve o'clock precisely, (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given,)
ALL those desirable and valuable Freehold and Copyhold ESTATES, late the property of THOS. WILLARD, of Eastbourn, in the said county, Esq. deceased, consisting of
A capital MANSION HOUSE, pleasure grounds, gardens, fish ponds, &c. &c. several farm houses and cottages, together with one thousand acres of remarkably fine rich arable, meadow, pasture, and wood lands, with several extensive chalk cliffs, now in use, from whence chalk is taken, both by sea and land carriage, to a very large amount, and may be increased to almost any extent. Likewise several plots of ground, delightfully situated for building close to the sea shore, commanding land and sea views of the most extensive and beautiful description. The whole lying in the several parishes of Eastbourn, Willingdon, Westham, Pevensey, Hailsham, Hellingly, and Chiddingly in the said county of Sussex. All the property is now occupied by yearly tenants, except the Mansion house, of which immediate possession may be had.

N.B. Nearly two hundred acres of the above property are in the most desirable and valuable part of Pevensey Level.

Particulars of the respective lots will be ready the 24th instant, and may be had by applying to Thos. Lowten, Esq. of the Temple, London; Thomas Ryder, Esq. of Lincoln's-Inn; Mr. Yong, 131, Strand; Mr. Leathwaite, Newsman, Royal Exchange; Charles Willard, Esq. Seven Oaks, Jent; T. Beutham[?], Land Surveyor, Maidstone; Messrs. Lee, Printers, Lewes; Mr. Tebay, Ironmonger, Hastings; Mr. Merryon, Rye; Mr. H.R. Attree, Brighton; Mr. Mason, Chichester; and Mr. How, Post-master, Eastbourn.

At the George Inn, Henfield, in the county of Sussex, between five and seven o'clock in the afternoon, on Wednesday, the 14th day of June, 1809.

ALL that valuable Freehold Farm, containing fifty acres of rich land, little more or less, lying in the parish of Woodmancote, in the county of Sussex, known by the name of SWANES, with the messuage, barn, stable, and other buildings.

For further information apply to Mr. Pattendon, of Henfield aforesaid.


In two Lots, at the Royal Oak, Brookland, on Monday, the 19th June, 1809, between the hours of 2 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, unless in the mean time disposed of by Private Contract of which if it happens the earliest notice will be given:

THE following Pieces of Rich Freshmarsh Land, (in Walland Marsh) called Shoesmith Land, late part of the Estate of Mr. James Terry, of Brenzett.

One Field called the Great Field, containing by admeasurement 36A. 2R. 39P.

One Field of exceeding rich Marsh, called Further Field, containing by admeasurement 28A. 0R. 31P.

The Lands are freehold, and adjoin together, near Guldeford Lane, and are situate at Brookland, and were late in the possession of
Mr. Terry.
For particulars enquire of Mr. Terry, Westbrooke, Lydd; Mr. Terry, of Fairfield; or at the Office of Messrs. Woollett and Dawes, Rye.

At the Red Lion Inn, at Danehill, in the county of Sussex, on Wednesday the 28th of June, 1809, between the hours of four and six in the afternoon.

ALL that Freehold Messuage or Dwelling House, with the warehouse, stable, granary, and other buildings, and large productive garden, well planted with choice fruit trees, situate at Danehill aforesaid, late in the occupation of Amos Tailey [?]; the house consists of a shop, kitchen, parlour, brewhouse, good cellars, four bed chambers and attics. In these premises for many years past an extensive trade in the Linen Drapery and Grocery Lines has been carried on, and are well worth the attention of any person desirous of entering into those lines of business.

For particulars apply at the office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor, Cuckfield.

Valuable Freehold and Copyhold Estates with very
thriving Timber.
On Thursday the 29th of June, at five o'clock, at the
Spread Eagle, Midhurst,


A VERY valuable Freehold ESTATE, with a Farm House, barn, stables, granary, cart houses, &c. together with 133 statute acres of arable, coppice, and meadow land, situate at Durnford, near the town of Midhurst.


A valuable Freehold Coppice, full of young timber, called Gold Balls, containing 15 statute acres, 2 roods, and 11 poles, situate near lot 1.

Lot III.

A very desirable Estate, called Cranmore Farm, consisting of a house, barn, stables, and other outbuildings, together with 43 acres of arable, coppice, and meadow land, situate in the parish of Heyshott.

Part of the last mentioned estate is freehold, and part copyhold of inheritance, timber free.

A Leasehold Coppice of about an acre, with fine growing timber, situate at the parish of Cocking.

Possession of all the above estates will be given at Michaelmas next.

Printed particulars will be published in due time, and may be had at all the principle Inns in the neighbouring Market Towns; of ---- Winter, esq and Mr. Wardroper, solicitor, Midhurst; of Mr. Rhoades and
Mr. WELLER, Chichester.

Some time next Month.

A TRULY desirable and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Colworth, in the parish of Oving about three miles and half from Chichester, and the same distance from Bognor, comprising a Farm House, two barns, stables, cart and cow houses, calf pens, and other outbuildings, together with about 150 acre of rich arable and meadow land; also the T.thes of 75 acres, which are held by lease of lives, and now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Upton, whose lease will expire at Michaelmas 1810.
Printer particulars will be shortly issued, which may be had at the neighbouring market towns, and of
Mr. WELLER, Chichester.

At the Swan Inn, Chichester, some time next month,
the following Estates.


A TRULY desirable MEADOW, of about seven acres and a half, the soil rich, well calculated for Gardens, or Building Ground, lying close to the City of Chichester, in the occupation of Messrs. Cross and Whitebread.


A Leasehold House, and Green Grocer's Shop, adjoining the Canon Gate, in the South Street, Chichester, let to Mr. Thomas Monday, tenant at will.


A leasehold House, comprising an extensive Baker's Shop and Premises, situate in the West Street, Chichester, let on lease to Mr. Redman.


An extensive leasehold House, and Turner's Shop, in the West Street, Chichester, in the occupation of Mr. Robert Briant, tenant at will.

A leasehold Estate, comprising two new built Houses adjoining Lot 4.

Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester.

Freehold Farm, Pagham, Sussex.
By Messrs. WHITE and SON.
On Wednesday the 14th of June, at the Fleece Inn,
Chichester, at five o'clock, precisely.

A Compact and desirable Freehold ESTATE called Willowhale Farm, comprising a good Farm House, barn with two floors, stables, two cart houses, a granary over one of them, enclosed garden, orchard, and 114 customary acres of rich arable, pasture, and coppice land, in a high state of cultivation, situate in the parish of Pagham, now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Bridger, under a term which expires at Michaelmas next, the land is very good, and has been let at the same rent during 30 years last past; the distance from Chichester, is about five miles, and from Bognor, about a mile and a half.
The estate may be viewed by applying to the tenant, and particulars may be had at Garraway's, London; Fountain, Portsmouth; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; Half Moon, Petworth; Hotel, Worthing; Library, Bognor; and Messrs. White and Son, Chichester; or of J.L. White, Arundel Square.


At Garraway's Coffee-House, Change Alley, Cornhill,
on Tuesday, the 4th July, at 12 o'clock.

A Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called the Grange, consisting of an excellent Family House with one hundred and twenty six acres of rich meadow, arable, and wood land, in high cultivation, in a ring fence, the late residence and property of the Rev. Johnson Towers deceased, situate in a fine sporting country, near the Foxhounds, 22 miles from Brighton, 20 from Lewes and Tunbridge Wells, 4 from East Grinsted, 19 from Godstone, and 30 miles from London. The House stands on an eminance commanding extensive and beautiful prospects, the principal rooms having south aspects, with suitable attached and detached offices, paddock in front, coach-house, stabling, pleasure grounds, and shrubbery walks, kitchen gardens, lofty south wall, and numerous fruit trees, an orchard; farm and fatting yards, barns and agricultural outbuildings, with unlimited right of common.
Also, a compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of two cottages and gardens, with 4 acres of meadow, and 2 acres of hop land.
To be viewed with tickets 10 days previous to the sale, and particulars then had at the Dorset Arms, East Grinstead; Libraries, Worthing and Brighton; Star, Lewes; King's Head, Horsham; George, Crawley; White-Hart, Godstone; of the Printers of the Sussex Advertiser; the Brighton Herald; Hampshire Chronicle; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Hoggart and Phillips, 62 Broad-street, near the Royal Exchange, London.


At the Chequers' Inn, Lamberhurst, Sussex, on Wednesday, the 28th of June, 1809, between the hours of five and nine o'clock in the evening, unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which immediate notice will be given:
THAT compact and desirable Freehold, with a FARM HOUSE, barn, oast-house, and stable; together with nine acres (more or less) of enclosed meadow, hop, arable, and pasture land, with a right of turning stock on that good and extensive Common, called Hook Green, which is equal to several acres more of the enclosed land. Situate, lying, and being close adjoining Hook Green, in the parish of Lamberhurst, Sussex, and only half a mile from Earl Camden's, Bayham-Abbey; six miles from Tunbridge Wells; and good roads to all towns and villages in the neighbourhood.
Possession may be had on Michaelmas day next, and the timber, timber like, and effects, to be taken at a valuation, with a reserve of two ash trees, to remain standing during the life of the vendor, who is between 40 and 50 years of age.
N.B. Thomas Burr, of Hook Green, will shew the premises, of whom further particulars may be known, and of the Auctioneers, Lamberhurst.


I HEREBY give Notice, that I have received a Requisition to call a Meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of this County; and also a Counter Requisition (both hereunto published); and that after duly considering the subject, I feel it my duty to decline calling the Meeting.
Landport, June 10, 1809.

To the High Sheriff of the County of Sussex.

Being deeply affected by the extreme importance of the transactions which have recently passed in the Commons House of Parliament, involving, as they appear to us to do, the essential interests of the Country, we think it highly proper and necessary that the public opinion should be unequivocally expressed with regard to them : We therefore respectfully request that you will call a Meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the County of Sussex, for the above-mentioned purpose, and especially to consider of a Vote of Thanks to Mr. WARDLE, along with the other Members of the House of Commons who supported him, for the manly intrepidity and perseverance displayed by him, in instituting and prosecuting his charges against the conduct of the Ex-Commander in Chief.
We are, Sir, your most obedient servants,

T. Read KempJames Biftin
Wm. A. RightonS. Wooldridge
Ed. Jer. CurteisJames Ticehurst
John SmithJohn Fairhall [?]
Matthew WalkerT.A. Mauntell [?]
John ArckollJohn Elliott
Samuel GwynneHenry Gearing
H. Blackman, jun.Thomas Fuller
David SandsJ. Ellman, Cliff
William CookHenry Browne
William GraceSamuel Flint
William EldridgeJohn Wood
Joseph MercerCharles Blackman
George SlatterWilliam Murrell
Nicholas SlatterWilliam Hodson
Thomas GorringJohn Wood
J. GladwishJohn Godlee
Stephen BlundellJames Browne
W. Badcock, sen.James Flint
Wm. CruttendenJohn Spilsbury
Thomas ParksJohn Holman
Richard SinnockCharles Hobden
John FoordJohn Whapham
William SlatterThomas Winter
Thomas KennardJohn Kennard

To the High Sheriff of the County of Sussex.
WE the undersigned, being informed that a Requisition for the Meeting of Freeholders, and also of the Inhabitants of the County, has been a considerable time circulated for signature, and that the avowed purpose of the meeting is "to express the public opinion with regard to transactions which have recently passed in the Commons House of Parliament," beg leave to represent to you that it appears to us, such a meeting of the county, called to agitate questions which have already been fully discussed and decided upon by the Representatives of the People at large, is not only unnecessary, but improper, and may be attended with the worst consequences; that the tendency of it evidently will be to inflame and misled the minds of the people, and eventually disorganize the state, at a period when the utmost unanimity is required to preserve our existence as a nation, and to maintain the glorious situation in which Great Britain now stands, the only supporter and assertor of the liberties of mankind.
We therefore do request that you will decline calling such a meeting.

ChichesterJohn CurtisCharles Dendney
EgremontWm. ShoosmithThomas Noakes
SheffieldRichard KnightWilliam Harison
John BridgerP.G. CroftsWalter Mason
AshburnhamRichard HartJames Newman
St. AsaphThomas BeardH. Barton
SelseyT.R. HookerS. Goldsmith
HampdenRichard HurlyWilliam Lambe
George ShiffnerJohn V. Tourle [?]Thomas Tutt
J.W. CommerellWilliam StanfordJoseph Fuller
Cecil BisshoppJ. HardwickStephen Holland
Richard HollistJohn HamsharJohn Barton
Robert BlakeJohn Bull, jun.John Langford
T. ChambersThomas TurnerIsaac Clapson
Henry WillardRichard AttreeRichard Plumer
G.H. CavendishWilliam YoungGeorge Carey
John Austen (of Kirdford)Richard EllmanPhilip Turner
G. Courthope, jun.William RidgeInigo Thomas
Thomas D'OylyThomas EvansThomas Broome
George CourthopeThomas WilliamsJohn Yelding
Thomas BakerCharles HarisonJohn Denman
W.T. Roe, jun.John H. WillardWilliam Elphick
John TrevorJohn GorringThomas Cosham
J.W. LewisThomas Allwork [?]Nicholas Willard
Francis FreelingJ. SimmonsL. Harison
A.E. FullerJ. BrookerRd. Holmwood
Charles E. PigouE. ShoosmithWilliam Delves
Edward BarkerJames CookWilliam Dunk
William Battine [?]John AshbyWilliam Trivett
Francis NewberyJohn HaineRobert Hawes [?]
John NewberyWilliam TownerJohn Fox
John DennettWilliam WasherS. Wilmshurst
W.J. CampionJohn WoodRichard Green
John Austen, (of Horstedkeynes)John BorrerJ.B. Hayley
John LeachG.M. BethuneJ. Buss
C.C. PorterT. Hodson (Strea.)Thomas Fuller
H. PlimleyM. ManningtonJohn Thomson
William CampionWilliam CaneRobert Overy
F.R. RaynesT. CruttendenRobert Pattenden
W. CourthopeW. GabbitasSamuel Baker
J. Ellman (Glynd)Charles SaxbyWilliam Baker
John HoperW. SaxbyJeremiah Ellis
J.M. CrippsWilliam NewW. Christmas
G.E. GrahamRichard SharpeThomas Nailard
James IngramWilliam FullerJames Haffenden [?]
R.A. TurnerJoseph FullerEdmund Hilder
Josias SmithR.T. StreatfieldEdward Hilder
Edward VerrallJ.S. ClarkeDavid Dunk
John ChatfieldM. Dorien Magens [?]J.A. Dalrymple
A.W. HodsonEdward CranstonJohn Fry
Thomas SaxbyStileman Bostock [?]John Kerby
Thomas RogersJohn WoodwardR.O. Stone
Joseph MolineuxJohn ThompsonNicholas Stone
Richard ChristmasRobert BinghamJames Tompsett
George BodleG. WoodwardThomas Tooth
George GranthamCaleb PearceWilliam Gilbert
Henry FreemanDavid LangtonJohn Paine
John CrippsW. KenwardSamuel Playsted
Francis CellS. LidbetterAbergavenny
F. MerrimanWilliam VerrallG.H. Nevill
J. Delap [?]John HarmerJohn Fagg
I. [?] LuptonJoseph SoperEdward Hussey
Henry PooleThomas MerricksW.A. Morland
Edward RaynesJ. Fuller, UckfieldHenry Playsted
T. Partington [?]H. WestSamuel Wickens
Nathaniel KempT.H. HarbenRichard Crawley
John VernonJames VigorRobert Fry
James BrownThomas CurrJohn Humphery
Thomas HillJohn BeanThomas Delves
George VerrallJ. Worger [?]Joseph Delves
Joseph MorrisHenry ClimpsonT. Panawell
Trayton PaineW. BrookerJohn Killick
Simon GroverWm. WoodhamsRobert Fry
W. RichardsonJohn BodleJames Brown
George WilmottThomas BodleD.S. Cameron
W. AlexanderSamuel ReedRichard Jones
Henry VerrallJoseph SeymourThomas Paige
James HutchinsCharles GilbertThomas Huntly
Obadiah ElliotThomas LidbetterIsaac Tompsett
Henry [?] BerryWilliam KingJohn Hutchins
Richard CrundenHenry C. Roods [?]William Baker
Thomas BerryJohn AdeJohn Springett [?]
James BerryB. BlackmanWilliam Noakes
Edward EglesThomas HerbertStephen White
John TompsettWilliam PitcherBenjamin Buss
John StandenAlbinus DeanJoseph Cole
G. JarvisWilliam SymondsThomas Sargant
John AustinCaleb BurrowsThos. Celobrook [?]
Stephen StandenRichard SmithRobert Upperton
John UsherwoodW. Clegrinn [?]John Upton, jun.
Benjamin LeneJohn FosterJames Row
W. RichardsonW. WalkerWilliam Upton
William StandenJesi EvansWilliam Steut [?]
Benjamin FieldMichael CaveRichard Martyn
Wm. AshburnhamJames DeadmanMatt. Halliday
T.P. LambJohn DeadmanWilliam Tyler
Nathaniel ProcterRichard PuttickRobert Palmer [?]
John MyersJohn PuttickEdward Tooth
William WatsonW. HaylorHenry Garland
G.A. LambM. Water..amE.T. Petar
Thomas ProctorThomas BlairWilliam Hale
W.P. LambRichard ComberWinterton
Henry EatonThomas PelhamW. Bridger
G. MuglestonWilliam CorbertFran. Whitcombe
W. ShadwellWilliam LashmarJames Canner
John ThorpeEdward LashmarJohn Colebrook
Thomas RussellH. WestJames Greenfield
John ReedJohn Butler, jun.William King
Christopher HoadThos. GreenwoodPeter Lutman
John HarmanJohn BoyceHenry Upton
Thomas FullerWilliam RatcliffT. Green
William Arkcoll [?]Joseph TilstoneJ. Napper
Wm. BlackmanJohn HillJohn King
George KingT. HollinghamEdward Napper
John ScottW. BroadHenry F. Napper
Charles LambJohn HogsfleshGeorge King
William GillWilliam CrumbGeorge Chandler
G. RobinsonWilliam FennallJohn Elliot
Solomon Bevill [?]William BlakerRichard Elliot
John PungJohn GatesGeorge Barrett
James LockM. BreadheadJohn L. Napper
George WestH. ThomasJohn Butcher
G. StricklandThos. WickhamW. Woolldridge
Edward TyhurstWilliam AlleverG. Woolldridge
William SmithT. Greenwood, sen.John Evershed
William AmooreEdward TillstonW. Woolldridge, junior
John Longley.lad. YoungPark Elliott
James DuttonW. HolcombeJohn Baxter
Stephen TT. MorleyJohn Hemming
J. MicklethwaitHen. HanningtonRobert Strudwick
R. RideoutThomas AlleverJames Street
J. Tilden SampsonJohn MooresRichard Puttock
T. BartonMichael DurrantRichard Launder
W.G. HarveyJames BeachRichard Smith
John RussellJohn FordEdward Tredcroft
Charles HardingeBaruch [?] BlakerSamuel Andrew
John WattsJames BelbeyJohn Jupp
Richard WattsJohn SmithWm. Redman
James AdesNathaniel BlakerCharles Barnard
S. KennettJames PenfoldWilliam Boxall
Thos. RobinsonThomas BushbyJohn Ede
Thomas PetersJ.N. JordanJames Stoveld
John HilderWm. MargessonWilliam Child
Richard SwaineT. WhitterT. Hudson
William CoxJohn CroftsJohn Turner
James HilderWm. KinlesideThomas Reeves
Charles VerrallJohn HolmwoodJohn Salter
J. BourneWilliam AmooreT. Comber
Tilden SmithHarry BakerJosiah Garten
John ElliotWm. GratwickeJohn Summersett
Thomas HilderCharles MarkwickJohn King
William NewberyGeorge CortisJohn Ide
R.P. SatterleyWilliam NyeFrancis Neale
T.J. BreedsH. SmartJohn Neale
John KnightJohn TompkinsJohn Challen
Wm. WoodroffeRichard AmooreRobert Palmer
T. ManningtonWilliam OlliverRichard Cobby
John ManningtonC. MillerJames Heath, jun.
Thomas AdesCharles WebberEdward Michell
Chris. ThorpeMoses ToghillWilliam Dennett
William BishopJ.B. CarpenterWilliam Botting
Samuel SatterleyB. MiddletonGalloway
Stephen BrookJohn NewlandN. Tredcroft
Arthur BrookJohn BlagdenWm. Jameson
James FuggleW. JohnsonG. Brook
William DukeThomas TrewThomas Bedford
William RussellJohn MurrayD. Stedman
William ThorpeSamuel CobbyW. Sheppard
William DukeChas. PilkingtonHor. Ellis
Charles LawrenceJohn LeggJohn Turner
John MynnJohn MooreP. Humphreys
B. Blackman, jun.Chas. NewlandT.N. Vinall
John WhitemanJas. Piggott, sen.George Champion
Fran. Woadhams [?]Joseph TriggessCharles Champion
J.T. FullerHenry FranklandH. Howes
Richard TurnerT.F. DavisonJohn Michell
William CamfieldJohn CranfordThomas Lintott
WhitworthH. ComperE. Dubbins
Sackville BaleJacob PopeS. Chapman
J. CluttonWilliam TiremanW. Rickwood
Thomas ElgarThomas TrewJohn Plumer
Wm. CheesmanWilliam Waland [?]D. Champion
William ScraseJohn WhiteWilliam Clark
William AttreeE.W. BrineJohn Rawlison
John AttreeBenjamin Caffin [?]S. Buckoll [?]
Charles GoringJames Caffin [?]Thomas Lee
William TateWilliam PeacheyCharles Oakes
George WellsSamuel PeatThomas Cragg
Charles BridgerHenry OakshottJames Bayley
Thomas GreenThomas HughesEdmund King
John PenfoldJames HughesW. Robinson
N. RobertsHenry Horn [?]G. Waller
P. WoodThomas RandallG. Shephard
Nathaniel HallJames ThomasJohn Martin
Edward UppertonE. MartinJohn Lintott
John ChatfieldGiles CribbJ. Asbridge
James TurnerJames SayersHenry Wood
James StubbsCharles PeatJ. Rideout
Richard PenfoldSamuel CombesThomas Coppard
Philip PeckhamRobert MasonJohn Becket
James MichellW. BurburyThomas Becket
William WyattJas. RichardsonJ.H. Borrer
George NewlandRichard HookeyWilliam Clutton
John WoodJohn WardhamRichard Emery
William StanfordJames ChampHugh Penfold
Richard GatesJohn DavisJohn Boniface
H. BridgerWilliam BrownThomas Olliver
William GorringeWilliam AndrewsJohn Penfold
T. Poole HooperJames LaneJohn Agate
James Newnum [?]Thomas WestHoperafts & Hemingway
Hugh FullerThomas NewlynJohn Hooper
H. PartingtonRobert SmartLuke Upperton
John RiceGeorge LovegroveJoseph Upperton
George TateCharles BurcherRichard Talmy
J. Edwards, jun.W. StephensThomas Chatfield
John MonkhouseHenry WellsThomas Bowler
John InnottWilliam WillsThomas Fuller
John WitherstonGeorge DeuhamHarry Newland
J. Clayton CowelJ. MarshEdward Barker
J. Robert HawkinsThomas CobdenGeorge Henty
Edward BridgerThomas RhoadesThomas Henty
T. EdwardsCharles DunsterJames Hopkins
Harry InnottCharles BiddulphJohn Watts
John ButlerWilliam MitfordMichael Morrah
George F. RobertsJohn L. Ellis
George Daintrey


AT a Meeting of the Owners and Occupiers of Land on the South Downs, held by Advertisement at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Tuesday, the 23d if May, 1809, for the purpose of taking into consideration the altering Lewes Sheep Fair, from the 2d of October to the 21st of September;


That owing to the great change of circumstances with regard to the Sale of South Down Sheep since the Fair HERETOFORE HELD ON THE 2d of OCTOBER was first established, it is expedient to fix an earlier day for holding the same, more suitable to the convenience of the Buyers as well as the Sellers.


That from various representations and letters produced from many respectable Sheep Buyers in distant Counties, it is clearly proved, that the 2d of October is too late fro them to purchase Ewes, so as to get them home, and sufficiently recovered from their journey, to take the Ram at the time they wish.


That other Sheep Fairs in adjoining Counties being held on the 2d of October, prevent several purchasers from attending Lewes Fair, and that the 21st of September appears to this Meeting to be a proper and convenient day for holding the said Fair.


Charles GilbertCharles Saxby
Thomas Henry HarbenHenry Petley
Thomas KempJohn Hitchens
J.M. CrippsSamuel Tyrrell
Joseph RichardsJohn Scrase
Edward ScraseJohn Ellman
William ScraseHenry Martin
John HilderWilliam Faulconer
James HodsonE. Cooper
John HodsonCharles Harison
Richard SaxbyJohn King
John DenmanJoseph Als
Thomas MorrisJohn Ellis
Thomas DaviesWilliam Hardwick
William DaviesJohn Stephens
John TaylorWilliam Knight
Michael MartenNathaniel Blaker
Thomas ForncombeWilliam Bodle
Richard Knight

WE, the undersigned, were not at the Meeting, but fully approve of the Resolutions:-

SheffieldWilliam Ridge
Moses FilderThomas Barnard
John RasonJames Skinner
Edward AugerWilliam Woodhams
Walter RasonJoseph Fuller
Cleeve and Thos. HooperJohn Bean [?]
William StuutWilliam Stace
Thomas CarrWilliam Child
John BodySamuel Stace
John BarnettJohn Ade, Alfriston
Samuel LidbetterRich. Ade, Berwick
John CurtisThos. Ade, Milton
J. Farncombe, BishopstoneWilliam Packham
James BrookJohn Worger
John LeachThomas Woodhams
Joseph BiggsJohn Marten
William HarisonJoseph Marten
Thomas NoakesJohn Ade, Firle
Richard KingThomas Marchant
J. and H. PagdenWm.M. Gladman
Thomas Morris

LEWES Cliffe Fair, for the Sale of Sheep, will be held on the SECOND of OCTOBER, as heretofore, witness our hands :

William StanfordJ. Ford
William GorringeG. Bushby
John HamsharJoseph Ridge
James IngramS. Carver
John Bull, jun.John Stapely
John BoysThomas Fuller
Thomas RogersSamuel Flint
Nathaniel HallEdward Pinnex
Richard HartWilliam Cufield
F. GellS. Bine
William CluttonWilliam Goddard
R. TesterCharles Marchant
Samuel SnashallThomas Rogers, jun.
H. HallJ. Marchant, Perching
J. GuyThomas Roswell
Miles BerryRichard Hobden
Thomas ScraseHenry Farley
Thomas ComberEdward Evitt
William HodsonJ. Jeffery
Thomas BeardThomas Poole
John JennerJohn Osborne
John WoodThomas Lloyd
Isaac SayersB. Smithers
J. NewlandWilliam Moon
James FlintRichard Turner
---- MitchellJames Wood
T. MoonM. Jeffery
J.V. TourleRobert Hendly
J. ParsonsThomas Bloomfield
Thomas LidbetterJ. Trill
George HaslerThomas Ellis
William TribeRichard Stapely
William CaneRobert Wood
William TurnerWilliam Taylor
John CoppardThomas Hodson
John MarchantJames Wenham
William JennerJohn Botting
Richard VerrallJames Stubbs
Thomas GeereJames Pilfold
Stephen CroskeyJoseph Dancey
Robert GallopWilliam Jennings
George ElphickArthur Dudeny
John GrinstedJohn Wood
William HillRobert Holmes
Robert ChatfieldT. Lidbetter
James LeeWilliam Bennet
William DabbsThomas Burdon
William AlexanderJoseph Thompsett
George WellerW.R. Tourle
James KentJoseph Potter
Henry BottingJohn Whiteman
A. Wm. HodsonWilliam Marshall
John BroadJ. Vallance
E. TesterWilliam Murrell [?]
H. NewlandE. Greenfield
R. ChristmasR.L. Dyer
William TannerJ. Paine
George BlakerHenry Lindup
George HentyThomas Staker
Thomas HentyJ. Borrer, Portslade
T. CutlerWilliam Carter
F. UppertonGeorge Olliver
William GallopJ. Oliver
E. WatermanJames Penfold
B. Staker---- Penfold
T. HolmesThomas Turner
F. Winton---- Upperton
William GravelyT. Groome
William GoodyerJ. Botten
William SturtP. Vallance
J. GlazebrookC. Penfold
J. HolmwoodMichael Agate
James TurnerH. Sturt
Richard DumbrillJ. Holmwood, jun.
Wm. Wyatt, jun.H. Borten [?]

NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees acting under and by virtue of an act passed in this present Session of Parliament, intituled, "An Act for building a Chapel of Ease, in the Town of Worthing, in the County of Sussex," will be ready at their next meeting, to be held at the Nelson Inn, in Worthing aforesaid, on Monday the 24st day of June instant, at six o'clock in the evening, to receive plans and elevations from any person or persons willing to contract or estimate for the building a Chapel in the said Town, the dimensions of the outside walls of which will extend in depth 80 feet, and in width 60 feet.
Notice is also given, That the said Trustees will be ready at their next Meeting to receive Tenders from any person or persons willing to treat for the sale of a piece of ground in Worthing aforesaid, containing in width 80 feet and in depth 130 feet, for the scite of the said Chapel.
By order of the Trustees,


THE Partnership lately existing between the undersigned, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons who stand indebted to the said Partnership, are requested to pay the same, on or before the 1st of July next; and those who have claims, forthwith to send them in, that they may be discharged.
E. and T.B. avail themselves of the dissolution of their partnership, and thank their friends and the public, for that kind and liberal support they have ever received, and trust that the same will be continued to E. Blaker, in whose name the business in future will be carried on.
Brighton, May 26, 1809.


Respectfully inform their friends and the Public that they have opened their Vaults, in Ship Street, in the above concern, where they have laid in an ample Stock of prime Old Port Wines, both in Pipe and Bottle, choice Maderias, Sherries, and other Foreign White Wines, with Foreign Spirits of the best quality, and British Compounds.
T.B. and Co. flatter themselves from the great care and attention bestowed in selecting their Stock, it will meet the distinguished approbation of a generous and discerning Public, which it shall be their sole aim to merit.
Brighton, June 2, 1809.

To his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales,
North-street, Brighton.

BEGS leave to return his most grateful thanks to the Visitants, Inhabitants, and Public in general, for the favours conferred on him for many years at the above shop, and also during the time he carried on the same business in St.James's-street, which later concern he has now parted with; and at the same time begs leave to assure them, that every article in the Sadlery and Harness-making line, made of the best materials, and on reasonable terms, may be had on the shortest notice, at his shop, opposite the New Inn, North-street.


HAS the satisfaction of announcing to his Friends and a generous Public, the safe arrival of his cargo of Wines, Cyder, Porter, &c. which are now deposited in his Stores at this place, and independent of this arrival, he had a large stock of fine Old Port, and other Wines, that cannot be exceeded, either for quantity or age. The very flattering encouragement J. Slee has experienced both from the Inhabitants and Visitors of this place, and of its vicinity, has, and will at all times induce him to adopt every means to secure him a continuation of their favors, by keeping a large assortment of the choicest Wines, that they may be meliorated by age, by which he hopes his friends will be prevented the trouble of bringing their Wines from London. John Slee also begs to remind his friends, he is the Importer of all the Foreign, and Maker of all the British Spirits, he sells, both here, and at his Distillery in London, that they may depend on having genuine articles, and at all times on such terms, that no other House, either here, or elsewhere, shall rival him.
Brighton, May 31, 1809.


YOUNG Gentlemen are genteely boarded and educated by Messrs. Thornton and Son, in English, Latin, Greek, French, Writing, Arithmetic, Merchants Accounts, and the Mathematics. - The Terms for those who learn Latin and Greek, are Thirty Guineas per annum; for those who desire only English and Accompts, Twenty-five.

ENTRANCE - For Latin, &c. Two Guineas; for English, &c, One Guinea.

Those who direct their attention to the Classics, will be under the care of John Thornton, A.B. considered as Parlour Boarders, and entitled to Tea Morning and Evening.

GEOGRAPHY and the use of the Globes,4.7s.}

The Vacations are at Midsummer and Christmas, a month each; and residence during either of them is, for English Scholars, Two Guineas; for Latin ones, Three. The ensuing one will commence on the 20th of June next.


W. BILLINGHURST respectfully informs his friends, and the public, that the very extensive and commodious premises, built for him in the Upper-Street, Pulborough, will be ready for the reception of pupils, after the ensuing Midsummer vacation.
He avails himself of this opportunity to return his sincere and grateful thanks to those of his friends, who have so liberally and confidentially come forward in his support on this occasion, and to those who invited him to settle amongst them, and who have already entrusted him with the care of their children.
The Academy is a very dry and airy situation, near the church.
Pulborough, May 16, 1809.


BEGS leave to thank his friends and the public, for the many favours they have conferred upon him, since his establishment in business on School hill; and respectfully informs them, that for their greater convenience, he has taken the extensive shop, warehouse, and premises, formerly occupied by Mr. George Philcox, in the Cliff, where the CABINET MAKING BUSINESS, in all its branches, will be in future carried on, and where all orders in the cabinet Line will be thankfully received, and neatly and expeditiously executed by skilful workmen.
The Upholstery, &c. will be carried on as heretobefore, at his shop on School-hill.

No. 1, St.James's Street, Brighton,

BEGS leave most respectfully to inform them that he has just received a fresh supply of that most excellent Medicine, SPILSBURY's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, from the Dispensary, 15, Soho Square, London. Its inestimable quality needs no encomium, but this one case, from so many thousands, is inserted merely for the satisfaction of the public.
James Skelton, aged 26, of Walton on the Hill, Epsom, Surrey, was seven years afflicted with seven or eight holes in his right leg, and between 90 and 100 pieces of bone came away during that period. The discharge and weakness increasing, he was unable to move without assistance, taking off his leg was proposed to save his life. He then confidently applied to Spilsbury's Patent Antiscorbic Drops, in a year and a half, by them along, he was restored to health, and it is now three years since he has followed his labourious occupations. He will satisfy any enquiries, personally, or by letter post paid.
The genuine Medicine has the words "By the King's Patent," expressed on the bottle, bill of direction, and outside wrappers, and the King's duty is printed in black ink.
Sold at the Dispensary, 15, Soho Square, London, in small bottles of 5s. 6d. double bottles 10s. and large 11s. 2s. Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, 8s. Sold also by Phillipson, Brighton; Cook and Son, Rye; Phillipson, Chichester; and by one or more Agents in every respectable town.


The Creditors of the Estate of Benjamin Bennett, late of Hailsham, in the county of Sussex, brewer, dealer and chapman, against whom a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth, are particularly requested to meet at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the 17th day of June instant, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, and to bring with them a particular account of their respective debts; as it is proposed at this meeting to take into consideration the propriety of superseding the present Commission, and making an assignment of his estate and effects to Trustees for the general benefit of his creditors; and any of the said Creditors not being able to attend, are requested without fail, by the 16th instant to transmit their respective accounts to Mr. Colbatch, Prince's-place, Brighton, the Solicitor under this commission.


Lewes, June 6th, 1809.


ALL persons having any just and legal claims and demands on the personal estate of ROBERT BOUND BROOKE, late Ensign in his Majesty's 11th Royal Veteran Battalion, Gent, deceased, are desired to send in their accounts (post paid) either to Mr. Thomas Herbert, or Mr. James Moffatt Brooke, both of Maldon, in the county of Essex; or to Mr. Thatcher, Attorney at Law, Hastings, within one week from the date hereof. And all persons indebted to the said estate are requested forthwith to pay their respective debts to the said Mr. Thomas Herbert, Mr. James Moffatt, or Mr. Thatcher, they being jointly authorized to receive the same.


JAMES WHITE respectfully informs those who may wish a supply of BUDD's PATRONISED BALLS, and CLOUT's best Game BALLS, at the usual prices, that he has just received a supply of the same. N.B. Orders sent to any part of the county.
22, North Street, Brighton.


THE objections to Buff Dresses, from their liability to stains, and the difficulty of removing them are now entirely obviated by the use of HUDSON's CHEMICAL BLEACHING LIQUID, which removes stains of red port wine, tea, coffee, fruit, mildew, and every vegetable matter from buff dresses, table linen, leather, cottons, muslins and lace, without injuring the buff colour, or the texture of the cloth.
Prepared and sold by Hudson and Company, her Majesty's Chymists, 27, Haymarket, London; sold also by Pugh & Davey and W. Lee, Lewes; Gregory, Phillipson, and Gilburd, Brighton; Norton, Hastings; Wheeler, Battle; Mann, Horsham; Pratt, and Phillipson, Chichester; Susan, Seaford; Coleman, Rye; Johnson, Petworth; Saulez, Farnham; Chambers, Tenterden; and the principal Perfumers and Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom, in bottles at 5s. 3s. and 2s. each.