Habitual Drunkards Licensing Act 1902
MPD Notices to Licensed Persons 1903-1912

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PDF for A selection of individuals from London (many with photographs) taken from Metropolitan Police District (MPD) Notices to Licensed Persons(scroll down for list)

The Material was kindly provided by Mike Vince (Police History Society) - below are examples of notices issued to Public Houses in London between 1903 and 1912. While they commenced at a relatively late date (criminal photographs and drawings were being published in the Police Gazette from the early 1880's which I am scanning for LastChancetoRead) and not unique, as the National Archive has copies of the Licences - these are nonetheless very rare and I hope you find something of interest

Whos Who

No 1. Matilda Jane Murray known as Jane Murray (1903)
No 2. Ellen Sullivan aliases McCarthy and Carter; and No 3. Catherine Westoby aliases Burns and Hill (1903)
No 4. Mary Kelly; and No 5. Mary Ann Noad (1903)
No 6. Clara Circus; and No 7. James Dwyer; and No 8. Joyce Ellen Rose known as Ellen and Nellie Rose
No 9. Eleanor Ward aliases Helena Ward, Davis, and Godfrey; and No 10. Robert Hatch; and No 11. William Donovan alias Donovan Ross (1903)
No 12. Nellie Dudley; and No 13. Margaret Dale; and No 14. Florence Hobbs (1903)
No 15. James Grant aliaes Robertson and McDougall; and No 16. John White; and No 17. Norah Reed, aliases Dunn and Lawrence (1903)
No 18. Annie Brown; and No 19. Elizabeth Davis; and No 20. Grace Heath, alias Elizabeth Heaps (1903)
No 21. Isaac Daniels (1903)
No 22. Michael Kenny alias Grady; and No 23. George Whelpley alias George Whatley alias James Green (1903)
No 24. William O'Shaughnessy alias William Shaughnessy and John Walsh; and No 25. John Gurr (1903)
No 26. George Raycroft; and No 27. John Moody alias John Foster (1903)
No 28. Henry Dunderdale, aliases Robert Dunderdale and Henry and Robert Dale; and No 29. James Hargraves alias The Shah (1903)
No 30. Lillian Swan; and No 31. Carolone Schweisoff (1903)
No 32. Mary Ann Tillbrook; and No 33. Kate Watson (1903)
No 34. Mary Mary McNulty alias McDonald; and No 35. Catherine Cuthbertson (1903)
No 36. Eliza Balsom; and No 37. Ellen Crane (1903)
No 38. Kate Rahan; and No 39. Kate Lilley (1903)
No 40. Norah Lucas; and No 41. Richard Pottinger; and No 42. Arthur Collins alias Patrick (1903)
No 43. Mary Ann Hoad aliases Holmes and Hood; and No. 44 Alice Williamson alias William; and No 45. Frances Gray (1903)
No 104. Rose Stapleton alias Cattermole (1903)
No 105. Catherine Fitzgerald; and No 106. Jessie Dean alias Annie Coleman (1903)
No 107. Mary Ann Fitzgerald; and No 108. Annie Watson (1903)
No 109. Rebecca May; and No 110. Johanna Cook (1903)
No 189. William Bagley (1903)
No 190. John Johnson; and No 191. John Murphy (1903)
No 192. Thomas Sullivan; and No 193. Nellie Hooper (1903)
No 194. Georgina Fordham; and No 195. Kate Wilson (1903)
No 213. Daniel McCarthy (1903)
No 214. George Kluth alias Jones; and No 215. Thomas Gray alias "Colonel Gray" (1903)
No 216. Maud Roberts; and No 217. Caroline Johnson (1903)
No 218. Miriam Bottemley, aliaes Hitchcock and Jones; and No 219. Mary Lakeman (1903)
No 237a. Ellen Maria Barraclough
No 305. Matthew Broughton (1903)
No 306. William Lee ; and No 307. George Lloyd, alias Edward, John or William Lloyd (1903)
No 308. Emily Steele aliaes Edith Arnold, Burr, and Hart; and No 309. Ellen Lowe aliases Daley, Davis, and Long
No.2119a Daisy Sinclair alias Sidall
No 2153. Norah Hepburn, aliaes Darren, Dunn, and Sullivan (1911)
No 2154. Caroline Ware and No 2155. Mary McKay (1911)
No 2156. Sarah Berger aliaes Coles and Newberger and No. 2157. Teresa Mary Baker (1911)
No 2194. Howard Jones (1911)
No 2195. William Carson and No 2196. Dora Mary Brightmore (1911)
No 2197. Dorothy Mackay alias Daisy Wood; and No 2198. Susan Ashington, alias Ash, Ashenden and Read (1911)
No 2199. Mary Ann Belcher aliases Carr , Clark, and Randall
No 2212. Mabel Janniels, aliases Janiello and Janielio
No 2213. Caroline Plant and No. 2214. Mary Hill alias Hassett
No 2215. Minnie Hindle aliases Aysh and Endell; and No 2216.Elizabeth Ada Wilson (1911)
No 2217. Annie Smith (1911)
No 2255. Thomas Francis Keeley (1911)
No 2256. James Fordham and No 2257. Bessie Raeburn, aliases Digby, Harris, James, Johnson, and McNaughton (1911)
No 2258. Mary Thomas; and No 2259. Doris or Violet Granville alias Violet Sherrington (1911)
No 2260. Margaret Mitchell
No 2267. Michael Kenny alias Grady (1911)
No 2268. Alice Wilkinson alias Edmunds and; No. 2269 Mary Ann Darling (1911)
No 2270. Maud Roberts alias Harriet Smith and; No 2271. Mary Ann Dawes (1911)
No 2272. Lily Smith alias Matilda Twoats (1911)
No 2357. Thomas Watson, aliaes Swanson and Webb (1911)
No 2358. Antony Plantade; and No 2359. Charles Needham (1912)
No 2360. Nellie Glynn alias Gwyne; and No 2361. Alice Wilson (1912)
No 2362. Ellen McDermott alias Hardcastle
No 2404. Francis Victor Hodge (1912)
No 2405. Louisa Goldsmith; and No 2406. Catherine or Maud Harris (1912)
No 2407. Mary White aliases Mary Ann Martin and Thompson; and No 2408. Susannah Dawkins (1912)
No 2409. Louisa Preston alias Nash (1912)
No 2416. Frederick Walsh (1912)
No 2417. Marie or Ethel Wood; and No 2418. Susan Patching
No 2419. Eliza Cuss alias Kuss; and No 2420. Phoebe Baker (1912)
No 2421. Emma Miles; and No 2422. Evelyn Ladbrook (1912)

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