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Town of Pawling
Dutchess County, New York
Updated 4/13 /2001

Watts / Slocum Ground

Facts and Figures from JW Poucher's "Old Gravestones of Dutchess County", 1924.  See Dutchess County Cemetery Internments for Poucher's exact comments.

Beers = found on 1867 Beers Atlas
Terraserve = found on topographical map on web
Cemetery Hamlet Earliest
# Comments
Quaker Hill Cemetery Quaker Hill 1794 1794 159 Found,  On East side of Quaker Hill Rd (CR66), at intersection with Meeting House Rd.   The Quaker Meeting house is just east of this location on Meeting House Rd.   At the Meeting house site is a maker for the Revolutionary solders buried here.  In 1916, " Community ground.  On Quaker Hill. Cared for. Known as Quaker Hill Cemetery, Inc."  Meeting House Postcard
Akin Family Groun Mizzen Top 1805 1814 26 In 1914,  "Near Mizzen Top, by the road. Known as the Akin ground. Restored in order in late years by Mr. Martin Leach, who has also provided a fund for permanent care."
Toffey Ground Mizzeen Top 1814 1821 21 In 1916, "About half a mile from Mizzentop, in a field a quarter of a mile from the road. CONDITION: Good."   Mizzentop Postcard
Allen Family Ground Quaker Hill 1840 1848 7 In 1914,  "Near Quaker Hill.  Overgrown and deserted." 
Brownell Ground
St John's Cemetery
West Pawling 1801 1821 532 Found.  I imagine that Brownell Ground is the same as the current large  St. John's Cemetery visible from the Pawling RR Station.  In 1914,  " At West Pawling, near the railroad station.  Thickly overgrown but used within recent years." 
Watt / Slocum Pawling 1786 1806 16 Found,  At intersection of Rt 22 and Main St.  In 1914,  "South of the village of Pawling, near the golf links. Overgrown; surrounded by a stone wall. 
Howes Family 1810 1812 15 Buys, "This cemetery is less than ½ mile from Putnam County on the west side of Route 22 in a small clump of trees about 250 ft. west of the road."
Abott Holmes 1863 1872 2 Buys, "On Route 292 at Holmes [Town of Pawling], very near the Putnam County border, is a dwelling and property used as a Methodist parsonage. This plot is about 200 ft. from the road near a stone wall on the north side of the parsonage." Hulda and Seth Abbott. The Holmes Methodist church is on Holmes road, about 100 yds. from where Holmes Rd. meets Rt. 292.  Holmes Postcard 1922
Turner Holmes 1870 1875 2 Not yet found,  This is South Rd in Holmes, not South road in Pawling.
Buys, "Take the Holmes Rd. east of Route 52 to South Road [hamlet of Holmes,  Proceed on this road in a northerly direction for about .45 of a
mile. On the left what resembles a driveway is the now-abandoned "Valley Road." Go west on this road for about a mile and down several hills until you cross the remains of small wooden bridge across a brook. About 70 ft. past the brook is a break in the stone wall on the left side of the road. Enter the break and proceed about 100 ft. farther to the west and about 150 ft. south of the road."
Turner / Spencer Holmes 1850 1854 9 Not yest found,  This is South Rd in Holmes, not South Rd in Pawling.
Buys, "This cemetery is located on South Road [hamlet of Holmes, Town of Pawling]. Proceed .5 mile from the Holmes Road on South Road. This cemetery is just past a curve on the right hand side."
Campbell Ground Hurd's Corners 1817 1834 20 In 1914, "CONDITION: Overgrown; enclosed by a stone wall. "
Cushing Ground Hurds' Corners 1794 1825 6+ " On Green farm, near Hurd's Corners," 
Bowdy Akindale 1812 1817 5 "Near "Akindale," Pawling, N.Y., on property which probably belonged to Moses Bowdy. Many stones have been removed.  These stones are all very tall, which
 is probably the reason they were not carried away."
Kirby 1831 3 " West of the front door of the Gideon Kirby home (owned, by Mrs.  Kenneth Howgate.)
Dodge 1807 1816 31  "On what was the Dodge Farm, near Pawling."
Haynes 1809 1812 76 In 1914, "A mile N of the village of Pawling, on the Dykeman Farm.  Condition:   In fair order.   12 stones removed from here to the Pawling Rural Cemetery are included in this list."
Pierce 1794 1806 18 In 1916, "West of Pawling, on the Dykeman farm.  CONDITION: Abandoned.  Known locally as the Pierce ground. 
Sherman 1888 1 In 1914, "Two miles north of Hurd's Corners. CONDITION: In an open field.  This is a large granite monument, standing alone.  Benjamin and Deborah Sherman 1805 
Erected by descendants 1888. "
Taber Family 1783 1783 17 In 1924, "Two miles and a half north of Quaker Hill, on the farm of William Taber." 
Catholic Church
Baptist Church
Methodist Church

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