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Town of Fishkill
Dutchess County, New York
Updated 4/13/01

Fishkill Trinity Church

Facts and Figures from JW Poucher's "Old Gravestones of Dutchess County", 1924.  See Dutchess County Cemetery Internments for Poucher's exact comments.

Beers = found on 1867 Beers Atlas
Terraserve = found on topographical map on web
Cemetery Hamlet Earliest
# Comments
Dutch Reformed Fishkill 1737 1738 487 Historical cemetery at the still very active church.  Serves as the entrance to the downtown stores of the village.  Church organized 1718, built 1731.  Served as hospital, prison and NY state assembly during Rev. War. 
Rt 9 and Rt 52(main street)  845-896-9836
Trinity Episcopalian Fishkill 1770 1777 157 Very pretty and active church on opposite intersection of current Rt 9 and Rt 52.  Original  Post Road went by front of church and would then have curved toward the Dutch Reformed church.   Many tombstones still standing around the church, but I can imagine some of the graves may have been disrupted with the building of Rt 9 (which is behind the church) and the commercial businesses.   For example, a coworker tells of a crypt that was recently unearthed in the building of the parking lot of the Taco Bell.    Terraserver

From Poucher, "Trinity Church was organized in 1766 conjointly with Christ Church, Poughkeepsie, as a mission of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, London. The church building erected 1767-68 is still standing and in use. It was occupied as a military hospital during the War of the Revolution."

Rombout Prebs. Brinkerhoff 1760 1760 389 On north side of Rt 52, by the A&P, just west of intersection with Rt 82.   There is an area of no graves / recent graves where I can imagine the church stood.  There is also a modern monument to Gen. Lafayette that recovered from an illness in the adjacent Brinkerhoff house (private). 

From Poucher, "On this site the Rombout Presbyterian church was erected in 1747. The building stood until 1866 when it was burned. It was used as a military hospital during the War of the Revolution. After the fire of 1866 the congregation did not rebuild. Occasional services were held for a time but now the church is extinct."

Reformed (Dutch) Fishkill Landing
1814 1816 343 Not yet personally visited.  West of  9D (Park Ave), south of Main Street.
From Poucher, "The Reformed (Dutch) Church at Fishkill Landing  is an offshoot from the Reformed Church at Fishkill Village. A church building was erected in 1813 and the yard surrounding it used for interments from that time."
Matteawan Methodist Matteawan 
1819 1819 428 Visited 2000.  Older and maintained cemetery at Verplank and N. Walnut.
From Poucher, 1916, " In the city of Beacon, about two blocks north of the main street and two blocks east of the church building.  Good Condition.   In 1819 Methodists of the town of Fishkill began to hold services in a school house between Matteawan and Fishkill Landing on the old road, and a burial ground was opened. In 1824 a new road was laid out on which the congregation (known as the Matteawan Methodist Church) acquired a site and erected a building. This building was abandoned in 1860 for religious purposes, became known as Swift Hall and in 1890 burned down. In 1860 the congregation divided, one part building a church at the landing, the other in Matteawan. Recently a fund has been given for the perpetual care of this cemetery."
State Hospital / Prison
Beacon Not visited and a Beacon Co-worker did not even know existed. 
According to TERRASERVER, a cemetery is located at the west end of Van Ness Road, at the North-East corner of the prison.  Van Ness is the first road south of 84. 
St. Luke's Epis. Matteawan
1831 1831 707 Not yet personally visited.  South of Beacon on Rt 9D (Wolcott Ave & Phillips?)  In good shape and still in use.

From Poucher, 1914, "Well cared for.  St. Anna's Church (Protestant Episcopal) of Matteawan, organized in 1833, erected a building in the center of the village, west of the N. D. & C. railroad station, and also opened a small cemetery in the valley east of the railroad. The Presbyterian Church of Matteawan (also organized in 1833) soon after opened a burial ground adjoining St. Anna's. In 1868 twelve acres of land, immediately south and west of these two cemeteries, were given to St. Anna's. The church in the village was then
razed, the present church built on the new site and the name of the parish changed to St. Luke's. The division fence has been taken down between St. Luke's property and the Presbyterian lot and the whole forms an exceptionally beautiful spot, the care of which is proportionally shared in by the two churches."    1909 Postcard,   Older Stereoview  LOC,  Terraserver

Fishill Rural Cem Fishkill 1795 1797 175 Rt 9 just north of village.  Removals from other cemeteries from 1866-1900.  Very large and active cemetery  845-896-6227.   Terraserver

From Poucher, "At Fishkill Village, on the west side of the Post Road a short distance north of the Reformed Dutch Church.  Well cared for.  The following list of 175 names is taken from the records of the Fishkill Rural Cemetery, Register of Interments, No.1, and includes the entries on the register which record the removals to the Fishkill Rural Cemetery from elsewhere of bodies between 1866 and 1908."

Negro  Fishkill 1832 1834 9 On Ceder Hill Rd (Osborne Hill Road), just north of village.  (adjacent to back of Fishkill Rural Cemetery?).   Visited Winter 2000.  I recall more than 9 graves.   The stone walls were in place and it looked as if someone had been taking care of it.   A worker at the Fishkill Rural Cemetery confirmed that this plot is not part of the Rural Cemetery, and that it is referred to as the Slave grounds.  She did not know who is maintaining it.   She told a story of a recent African-American visitor who remembers her dad getting permission to dig a grave for a child that died in the (1930's?).   The Pok Journal ran an article in the past few years of a SUNY New Paltz Professor researching the site.

From Poucher, 1914, "CLASSIFICATION: Community ground. Cedar Hill, north of Fishkill Village.  Uncared for.  A Negro burial ground. It contains a number of unmarked recent graves."

Hebrew Fishkill Recent.  On Osborne Hill Rd just north of the above Negro Cemetery.  The same worker at the Fishkill Rural Cemetery referred to it as the Hebrew Cemetery, and being administered by a Synagogue in Beacon.   Terraserver
Wiltsie/Neuling Tioranda
1797 1823 8 Visited April 2001.  Intersection of Tioranda Ave and (Sargent or South Ave).  Very overgrown.  Field stones set vertically.  Someone has recently placed a number of small wooden crosses in area.
Tioranda  -  Name of the current Craig House across the Fishkill Creek..
Knevel property  on 1867 map.  Perhaps the graves associated with the Madam Brett Historical site in Beacon?  Tironda Road.
Poucher, 1908, "Family ground.  At Tioronda.  Abandoned; stones broken and inscriptions illegible.  Probably an old ground and one from which many stones have disappeared. It may have belonged to the Wiltsies or Newlins. "
Schryver 1835? 1846 2 Schryver Farm -  Not yet found
Poucher, 1915, "Family ground.   On the old Schryver farm, now owned by Jacob Bech.   On a hillside in an open field."
St. Joachim Beacon Washington Av  831-2715   Terraserver
Older cemetery:  Grove and Puyster St
Newer Cemetery;  At Washington and Liberty, visable from road
Fairview Cemetery Beacon  Modern Cemetery, At Washington and Liberty,  not visable from road.
Fishkill Baptist Matteawan
Fishkill Village   The records of the Fishkill Baptist Church show that the  meeting for incorporation was held in the old school house in   Matteawan (now Beacon) New York on October 26, 1853 under the name of the First Baptist Church of Matteawan.    Rev. Daniel Webster Sherwood was the pastor. A Building  Committee was formed and on June 26, 1854, contracts  were signed and a building was erected. The church,  however, was reorganized in 1856 and re-named the Pilgrim Baptist Church.

See Dutchess County Tourism page for map and description of historical buildings and locations in this area.

John B. Dux