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            Monumental Inscriptions at St Thomas a Becket Church

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My thanks to David & Anne Bailey; Matt Boyson & Chris Blackshaw for many of the entries below.



Grave C553

ARMFIELD Humphry died 5 Nov 1850 aged 68

ARMFIELD Martha died 17 Dec 1862 aged 87 wife of Humphry

ARMFIELD Mary Ann died 11 Sep 1825 aged 19 daughter of Humphrey & Martha

ARMFIELD Hannah died 14 Jan 1830 aged 10 daughter of Humphrey & Martha 

ARMFIELD Humphrey 4 Feb 1830 aged 10 son of Humphrey & Martha


Grave D98

ARNFIELD John of Chapel died 8 Jun 1828 aged 51 (Badly sunk stone)

ARNFIELD Mary of Chapel died 10 Jul 1833 aged 45 wife of John

ARNFIELD Martha of Chapel died 1 Apr 1832 aged 20 daughter of John & Mary


Grave D170

ARNFIELD Mary Ann of High Lane, Marple died 23 Nov 1876 aged 57 wife of James, yeoman - (buried  in Bennet grave)




WHO DIED MAY 12th 1879



WHO DIED MARCH 27th 1889




WHO DIED MARCH 29th 1889









DEC 13th 1887 AGED 1 YEAR

Note: around the top of the grave were the words

















Note: Grave 1 and Grave 2 at St Thomas a Becket are to the left of the front gate of the church yard and are next to each other


Grave A26

BARBER Edward died 18 Nov 1788 aged 73

BARBER Mary died 3 Apr 1803 aged 71

BARBER William of Stoddard died 10 Dec 1819 buried 13 Dec 1819 aged 58 (Gaps on stone filled from burial reg.)

BARBER Ann died 3 May 1821 aged 61 Daughter of `above` (ie Edward & Mary?)


Grave B37

BARBER John Thomas of Chapel en le Frith died 31 Dec 1923 aged 47 husband of Elizabeth

BARBER Elizabeth of Chapel en le Frith died 16 Jan 1943 aged 72 wife of John Thomas

BARBER Frank of Chapel en le Frithin died in infancy son of John & Elizabeth

BARBER Hannah of Chapel en le Frith died 10 Oct 1962 aged 91twin of Mary 

BARBER Mary of Chapel en le Frith died 12 Jan 1964 aged 92 twin of Hannah


Grave B38

BARBER Edward of Bagshaw died 9 Aug 1909 aged 67 husband of Ann

BARBER Ann of Bagshaw died 27 Jan 1880 aged 33 wife of Edward

BARBER Eliza Ann of Bagshaw died 20 May 1875 aged 2 daughter of Edward & Ann

BARBER George of Bagshaw died 24 Dec 1879 aged 4 days? son of Edward & Ann

BARBER Emma of Bagshaw died 12 Feb 1908 aged 67 wife of above (ie Edward)


Grave C139

BARBER Hannah of The Wash died 25 Sep 1867 aged 62 wife of Thomas

BARBER Sarah Ann of The Wash died 20 Jun 1875 aged 38 their daughter

BARBER Thomas of The Wash died 26 Mar 1883 aged 78 `also the above`

BARBER Amy Emma died 22 Apr 1886 aged 5 daughter of John & Emma

BARBER Emma died 3 Jan 1904 aged 66 wife of John

BARBER John buried 3 May 1906 aged 73 (gaps on stone filled from burial reg.)


Grave C170

BARBER John died 20 Jan 1832 aged 71 husband of Sarah

BARBER Sarah died 7 May 1825 aged 61 wife of John

BARBER William died 22 Aug 1831 aged 1yr 10 months son of William & Dorothy   

BARBER Arthur died 16 Dec 1835 aged 1month `their son` (William & Dorothy`s?)

BARBER Mary born 25 Mar 1796 Died 19 Feb 1858 daughter of John & Sarah


Grave C171

BARBER William died 7 Dec 1865 aged 68 organist at the Parish Church, Chapel 1816-1865

BARBER Dorothy died 28 Feb 1879 aged 81 wife of William

BARBER Sarah Jane died 26 Apr 1912 aged 72


Grave C172

BARBER John of Burrfields died 30 Nov 1907 aged 81 husband of Ann

BARBER Ann of Burrfields died 14 Mar 1915 aged 84 wife of John

BARBER Sarah Jane of Burrfields died 7 Jul 1910 aged 55 their daughter

BARBER George Henry of Burrfields died 14 Jun 1938 aged 80


Grave D72

BARBER Sarah of Stockbridge, Yks died 13 Dec 1880 aged 56 wife of William

HOWE Robert of Manchester died 1 Feb 1882 aged 25 son of John & Ann

HOWE John died 17 Jul 1898 aged 71

HOWE Ellen died 8 Jun 1899 aged 75


Grave D160

BARBER Sarah of Bowden Head, Chapel born 19 Sep 1823 Died 16 Jun 1903 Wife of Charles for 36 years & Schoolmistress at Bowden Head 

BARBER Charles of Bowden Head, Chapel died 11 Oct 1916 aged 89 Husband of Sarah


Grave E23

BARBER Charles died 23 Nov 1960 aged 77 husband of Susan

BARBER Susan Varian (no dates given - so maybe she isn`t in the grave)


Grave No E40

BARBER Eveline Howard died 8 Nov 1960 aged 73 `Mother` (doesn`t say whose)

COLLINOSE Arthur John died 20 Jul 1985 aged 55 son in law of Eveline Howard BARBER


Grave F71

BARBER Ann of Chapel Milton died 7 Aug 1934 aged 53 wife of William

BARBER William of Chapel Milton died 11 Dec 1954 aged 76 husband of Ann

BARBER Sam of Aldershot died 26 Aug 1941 aged 23 son of Ann & William


Grave H34 

BARBER Arthur died 22 Apr 1964 aged 62 `Dear Husband and Father`

BARBER Doris Ann died 17 Aug 1975 aged 73 `and Mother`


 Mary daughter of John and Mary BRADDOCK died 10 February 1782 aged 2 years.

Mary wife of John BRADDOCK died 10 October 1789 aged 46 years.

Mariah daughter died 6 May 1790 aged 2 years.

Sarah daughter died 28 October 1798 aged 13 years.

And the above John BRADDOCK died 19 March 1817 aged 66 years.


William BRADDOCK son of Joseph and Mary of Haugh in Bugsworth died 5 June 1797aged 10 months

Also James WOOD died 9 August 1802 aged 48 years.

Also Ann Wood his wife daughter of John BRADDOCK of Bugsworth died 19 Jan 1819 aged 63 years.


Mary BRADDOCK wife of Joseph died 21 April 1828 aged 74 years.

Joseph BRADDOCK of Haugh died 9 April 1824 aged 70 years.


John BRADDOCK died 29 October 1845 aged 64 years.

Sarah BRADDOCK died 6 December 1845 aged 94 years.


Thomas BRADDOCK of Manchester late of Malcroft in this parish died 13 January 1928 aged 67 years.

Also Jane his wife died 19 December 1909 aged 48 years.

Annie and Thomas Darwent their children died in infancy

And Norman Thomas their grandson died 17 January 1912 aged 15 months.


Grave B6

FORD Mary Ann died 1 May 1898 aged 68

FORD Daniel died 7 Aug 1906 aged 76

FORD George Taylor died 24 Mar 1937 aged 77


Grave B61

FORD Isaac died 1 Apr 1886 aged 50 husband of Alice

FORD Alice died 21 Sep 1873 aged 39 wife of Isaac

FORD John died 29 Apr 1875 aged 16 son of Isaac & Alice


Grave B281

FORD William 1863 - 1945

FORD Sarah Ann 1859 - 1943

FORD Fanny 1886 - 1934 daughter of William & Sarah Ann

FORD Harry 1891 - 1917 son of William & Sarah Ann

FORD Annie 1895 - 1908 daughter of William & Sarah Ann

FORD Jennie died in infancy


Grave C76

FORD Esther died 21 May 1911 aged 80 wife of George

FORD George born 28 Dec 1833 died 6 Apr 1920 widower of Esther

FORD Arthur died 14 Dec 1943 aged 71 son of George & Esther

FORD Ellen died 20 Feb 1967 aged 93 widow of Arthur


Grave C77

FORD Agnes died 12 May 1949 aged 68 wife of Herbert

FORD Herbert died 6 Aug 1927 aged 52 husband of Agnes


Grave C84

FORD Mary Ann of Park Road died 1 Jun 1900 aged 53 wife of John

FORD Ann died 16 Jul 1927 aged 72 wife of John

FORD John died 23 Jun 1928 aged 78


Grave C93

FORD Hannah died 10 Feb 1848 aged 59

FORD Edward died 1 Oct 1849 aged 61


Grave C100

FORD Thomas died 13 Jun 1802 aged 30

FORD Benjamin died 15 Mar 1823 aged 3 son of Thomas & Nanny


Grave C111

FORD Robert died 27 Sep 1846 aged 60 husband of Ann

FORD Ann died 16 Feb 1864 aged 82 widow of Robert

FORD Martha died 22 Dec 1845 aged 17


Grave C112

FORD John died 26 Sep 1839 aged 24 son of Robert & Ann

FORD Robert died 15 Dec 1839 aged 26 son of Robert & Ann

FORD Benjamin died 1 Feb 1840 aged 12


Grave C112 (I must have misnumbered this grave - could it be D112?)

FORD Samuel died 23 May 1906 husband of Harriet

FORD Harriet died 21 Nov 1856 aged 56 wife of Samuel

FORD Sarah died 24 Jan 1888 aged 58 wife of Samuel

FORD Harriet died 11 Aug 1859 aged 11months daughter of Samuel & Sarah

FORD Joseph died 10 Oct 1865 aged 17months son of Samuel & Sarah


Grave C113

FORD Sarah Elizabeth died 8 Jan 1863 aged 30 Robert & Ann

FORD Samuel died 27 Dec 1866 aged 47 `brother of above`

FORD Ann died 15 Apr 1870 aged 47 `sister of above`

SPEARITT Mary died 9 Feb 1871 aged 50 `sister`


Grave C157

FORD Sarah died 11 Dec 1870 aged 30 wife of Edward

FORD George died 18 Mar 1870 aged 10months son of Edward & Sarah

FORD Dorothy died 30 Apr 1884 aged 41 wife of Edward


Grave C173

FORD Dorothy Helena died 5 Feb 1955 aged 88 wife of Herbert

BUTLER Martha Emily died 3 Mar 1925 aged 59 wife of Frank


Grave C232

FORD William of Bowden Head died 1 Mar 1856 aged 25 son of William & Ann

FORD Edward of Bowden Head died 11 Sep 1867 aged 29 son of William & Ann

FORD Ann of Bowden Head died 14 May 1878 aged 76 wife of William

FORD William of Bowden Head died 21 Dec 1887 aged 85


Grave D38

FORD Edward died 20 May 1858 aged 2yrs 9months son of Joseph & Martha


Grave D39

FORD Joseph of Bugsworth died 24 May 1822 aged 24 son of Joseph & Helen

FORD Ann of Mosley Hall died 8 Apr 1840 aged 3 daughter of John & Ann

FORD Edward of Mosley Hall died 25 Jun 1855 aged 25 son of John & Ann

FORD Joseph died 14 Dec 1860 aged 35 son of John & Ann husband of Martha

FORD Martha died 15 Aug 188(3)? aged 55 widow of Joseph


Grave D40

FORD Joseph of Bugsworth aged 26 Feb 1822 aged 63 husband of Ellen

FORD Ellen of Bugsworth died 27 May 1834 aged 73 widow of Joseph

FORD John of Mosley Hall died 21 Jul 1858 aged 72 son of Joseph & Ellen

FORD Ann of Mosley Hall died 13 Feb 1878 aged 78 widow of John


Grave D49

FORD Sally; Molly and James who died in infancy children of James & Ann

FORD John died 4 Feb 1785 aged 22 son of James & Ann

FORD Ann died 14 Jan 1814 aged 78 wife of James

FORD James died 6 Feb 1817 aged 75 widower of Ann


Grave D89

FORD Charles died 22 Feb 1866 aged 61 husband of Sarah

FORD Sarah died 8 Jan 1866 aged 57 wife of Charles


Grave D158 (There must be an error in this entry)

FORD Benjamin died 9 Apr 1825 aged 82 husband of Ellen

FORD Ellen died 26 Oct 1919 Chapel P Churchwidow of BenjaminD158Chapel MI Transc

FORD Sam Lomas born 12 Jul 1877 died 11 May 1881 (this could read son Lomas Ford)


Grave F23

FORD Arthur Kenneth died 20 Apr 1950 aged 45


Grave F49

FORD Walter Hadfield born 24 Jan 1915 died 17 Aug 1981

FORD Frank Edmund died 2 May 1963 aged 80

FORD Ann died 2 May 1963 aged 80


Grave F214

FORD Annie died 9 Apr 1949 wife of Ernest

FORD Ernest died 20 Mar 1955 widower of Annie


Grave F262

FORD Edwin died 6 Sep 1931 aged 65 husband of Elizabeth

FORD Elizabeth died 29 Oct 1937 aged 73 widow of Edwin

FORD Francis Edwin died 27 Apr 1917 aged 21 killed on active service in France

FORD John William died 26 Mar 1952 aged 59


Grave G15

FORD Charles born 20 Oct 1910 died 21 Sep 1972


Grave A24 - Left stone (see also LOWE grave C368)

 GREEN John & Elizabeth 1749

GREEN Mary died 3 Apr 1770 aged 9months

GREEN William died 23 Jun 1805 aged 11months son of William & Ann

GREEN Hannah died 31 Dec 1839 aged 66 second wife of William

GREEN William died 31 Jul 1818 aged 80 `the above`, surgeon

Grave A24 - Right stone

GREEN James died Jan 1759 aged 2 years 10months

GREAVES Ann 5 Feb 1802 aged 43 (see also next grave)

GREEN Ann died 26 Jul 1813 aged 42 wife of William

GREEN Thomas died 20 Sep 1813 aged 13 weeks son of William & Ann

GREEN Ann died 14 Jan 1874 aged 71 daughter of William Green, surgeon


Grave A27

GREEN John died 6 Jul 1791 aged 77, surgeon

GREEN Ann died 7 Nov 1798 aged 71 wife of John

GREAVES Mary Ann died 22 Jun 1839 aged 52 daughter of Rev Alex. & Ann Greaves


Grave A135

GREEN Mary of Townend died 16 Dec 1860 wife of Thomas

GREEN Thomas of Townend died 27 Mar 1886 aged 71


Grave B40

GREEN Ann died 25 Feb 1875 aged 59 wife of Thomas

GREEN Hannah Maria died 2 Dec 1858 in her second year

GREEN Thomas died 15 Mar 1883 aged 67 `the above`


Grave B44 (BOOTH of Tideswell grave)

GREEN Charles died 4 Jun 1939 aged 78 

GREEN Hannah Jane died 20 Feb 1947 aged 84


Grave B141 (in BEARD grave)

GREEN Emmie died 12 Mar 1892 aged 27 wife of Charles daughter of John & Ann BEARD


Grave C285

GREEN Thomas born 29 Jun 1858 died 18 Dec 1943

GREEN Mary born 17 Jul 1856 died 21 Jan 1951 wife of Thomas

GREEN Violetta born 22 May 1883 died 9 Jul 1887 their daughter


Grave C520

GREEN John of Bridgeholme Green died 6 May 1894 aged 76

GREEN Elizabeth of Bridgeholme Green died 14 Jan 1875 aged 67 wife of John

GREEN Sarah Elizabeth of Bridgeholme Green died 4 Dec 1865 aged 15 their daughter

GREEN John Samuel of Bridgeholme Green died 9 Mar 1945 aged 71 son of Samuel Green

GREEN Hannah Elizabeth of Bridgeholme Green died 12 Jan 1946 aged 71 `his wife`


Grave C521

GREEN Samuel of Bridgeholme Green died 23 Mar 1920 aged 72

GREEN Martha of Bridgeholme Green died 2 Feb 1900 aged 51 wife of Samuel

GREEN Herbert of Bridgeholme Green died 8 Apr 1963 aged 80

GREEN Elizabeth of Bridgeholme Green died 5 May 1960 aged 76 wife of Herbert


Grave D112

GREEN Samuel of Chapel died 13 Jan 1887


Grave D202

GREEN Robert of Chapel died 4 May 1927 aged 73

GREEN Eliza of Chapel died 21 Mar 1935 aged 77 wife of Robert


Grave D203

GREEN James of this town died 20 Dec 1852 aged 72 (badly eroded stone-aged 73 from register)

GREEN Mary of this town died 5 Jul 1843 aged 65 `his wife`

GREEN Sarah of this town died 5 Oct 1823 aged 16months `their dau`

BENNETT Mary died 26 Feb 1842 aged 31 wife of Thomas & daughter of Mary & ... Lowe


Grave D210

GREEN Mary of Glossop died 19 Dec 1849 aged 22 wife of William & daughter of J & E BLACKWELL

GREEN Sarah Ann died 25 Apr 1849 aged 1

GREEN William of Glossop died 24 Dec 1906 aged 80 `the above`

GREEN Alice of Glossop died 20 May 1918 aged 84 wife of William

GREEN Mary of Glossop died 27 Jul 1920 aged 62 daughter of William & Alice


Grave D215

GREEN Ellen of Chapel died 30 Mar 1843 aged 25 wife of Thomas


Grave D216(see also WILSON D230)

SHAW Hannah of Compstall/Chapel died 6 Apr 1872 aged 67 wife of Samuel & daughter of James & Mary GREEN

SHAW Ellen of Compstall died 14 May 1850 aged 27 daughter of the above


Grave E41

GREEN Teresa died 1 Dec 1942 aged 77

GREEN Robert died 28 Jul 1956 aged 94

GREEN Alice Hannah died 28 Apr 1988 aged 91 daughter of the above


Grave H13

GREEN Harold died 17 Dec 1962 aged 59

GREEN Mary Hannah died 5 Apr 1969 aged 66 wife of Harold


Grave K13

GREEN Kathleen Agnes Mary died 24 Aug 1986 aged 84 wife of Canon WH Green vicar of this parish 1927-1956

GREEN William Harold MA buried at Ilkeston died 16 Mar 1967 aged 75 Vicar of Chapel 1927-1956


Grave D230

HALL William of the Canal Office, Bugsworth born 25 Oct 1826 died 20 Oct 1879 husband of Barbara

HALL Barbara of the Canal Office, Bugsworth died 19 Apr 1898 aged 74 wife of William

HALL Ruth Elizabeth 27 Jul 1911 aged 60 daughter of William & Barbara 

WILSON Mary born 19 Jul 1843 died 29 Apr 1915 daughter of William & Barbara HALL wife of John A Wilson

SHAW Barbara died 6 Mar 1947 aged 82 daughter of Peter & Elizabeth SHAW





  DIED MARCH 15th 1780 AGE 3 







FEBy 3rd 1860 Aged 74 YEARS

Note: Grave 1 and Grave 2 at St Thomas a Becket are to the left of the front gate of the church yard and are next to each other






THE 22ND 1802 AGED  26 YEARS





84 YEARS  



Note: Grave 1 and Grave 2 at St Thomas a Becket are to the left of the front gate of the church yard and are next to each other


In Loving Memory of Agnes beloved wife of John Peter LOMAS of Bradshaw Hall who died December, 24th. 1905 also Joseph Simpson LOMAS, their son, who died June 2nd. 1894 aged 9 months.  Also of Agnes wife of Samuel HADFIELD and daughter of the above who died September 28th. 1920 aged 23 years.  John Peter LOMAS who died January 3rd. 1942 aged 80 years also Kezia LOMAS their daughter who died December 22nd. 1968 aged 78 years.  Also Ann LOMAS who died April 23rd. 1978 aged 89 years.


In Loving Memory of Joseph LOMAS of Wythen Lache, Combs who died February 1st. 1923 aged ** years.  Also Mary LOMAS wife of Joseph LOMAS of Wythen Lache, Combs who died September ** 1902 aged ** years.  (There follows further unreadable inscription but it may be verse, stone badly flaked.)


In Loving Memory of John LOMAS of Horwich End who died August 9th. 1904 aged 36 years.  Also Sarah Elizabeth widow of the above and daughter of Elisha and Sarah SWANN who died December, 13th.  1909 aged 40 years.   (after a gap of about 1’ there is the following)

Elisha SWANN who died September, 15th. 1870 aged 33 years also Sarah Widow of above who died August. 11th. 1920 in her 80th year.  “Her end was peace”  Children of Elisha and Sarah SWANN  John Hy. Died February 14th. 1864.  James died November 14th. 1865 Elisha died November 30th. 1867.


In Memory of  Peter LOMAS of this town who died October 26th. 1898 aged 74.  Harriett his wife who died April 16th. 1897 aged 70 years.  Also John Peter their son who died October 24th. 1886 aged 33 years. 


In Memory of Nicholas LOMAS who died June 17th. 189* in his 81st. year also Ellen his widow died August 15th. 1903 aged 83 years. (stone badly flaked)


In Loving Memory of Martha beloved wife of James LOMAS Bag House, Combs departed this life August. 20th. 1906 aged 66 years.  Also James LOMAS husband of above departed this life July 15th. 1926. aged 55 years.  “ He giveth his beloved sleep”  (stone is flat on floor)


Here lieth the body of Nicholas son of Isaac and Ann LOMAS of Thorney Lee who died March 15th. 1780 aged 3 years.  Also Nicholas LOMAS who departed this life September 16th. 1845 aged 64 years and Elizabeth his wife  who departed this life February 3rd. 1860 aged 74 years.


In Loving Memory of Mary beloved wife of John LOMAS of Chapel died January 5th. 1894 in her 30th. Year.    (verse – not recorded)  Also the above John LOMAS died January 23rd. 1889 aged 42 years.  Also Joe son of above named John and Mary LOMAS died December 23rd.  1910 aged 21 years  ( verse – not recorded)


In Loving Memory of  Isaac LOMAS of Whaley Bridge parish Clerk at Taxal Church 36 years.  Died May 27th. 1885 aged 80.  Also Ann beloved wife of the above died July 21st. 1883 aged 62.  Also Sarah Ann LOMAS of New House, Whaley Bridge died September 16th. 1909 aged 61 years. 


(the following three graves are together )

William LOMAS of this Town died January 5th. 1887 aged 47 years also Ann wife of above born August 12th. 1846 died April 27th.  1916.  “Rest in the Lord”


Florence Mary daughter of George Hy. And Martha H LOMAS died October 20th. 1903 aged 3 months.  Also above George Hy. Lomas died September 27th. 1918 aged 49 years.  Also the above Martha LOMAS died  May 24th. 1955 aged 83 years   “At rest”


George LOMAS of Bradshaw Hall who died September 6th. 1886 aged 74 years  also Sarah his widow who died May 19th. 1893 in her 83rd. year.  Also their children Jacob died August 12th. 1859 aged 17 years.  Martha died November 25th. 1865 16 years.  Richard died January 19th. 1866 22 years. “Thy will be done”


 In Loving Memory of Julia Ann the beloved wife of George LOMAS of Bradshaw Hall who departed this life September 26th. 1925 in her 75th. Year     “Peace perfect peace”     Also the above George LOMAS who departed this life January 14th. 1933 in his 86th. Year  “Reunited”


(following two stones are together)

In Loving Remembrance of John LOMAS of Combs who died March 28th. 1867 aged 45 years also of Martha his widow who died  August 26th. 1897 in her 70th. Year.  Also of Joseph LOMAS their son of Chamber Farm Peak Forest died May 23rd. 1920 aged ** years.  Also of Harriet widow of the above Joseph LOMAS who died ** 12th. 1826 aged ** years.  Also Ethel M***** beloved daughter of Albert and Helen LOMAS died July 29th.  1902 aged 20 weeks.  Also Mary Elizabeth daughter of the above Joseph LOMAS who died August 5th. 1925 aged 50 years.       (stone flaking in centre)


In Loving Remembrance of Joel son of Joseph and Harriett LOMAS of Chamber Farm. Peak Forest.  Died May 21st. 1894  aged 10 years.  George Henry their son died May 23rd. 1894 aged 15 years.  Also Albert LOMAS of Chamber Farm. Peak Forest died 28th. December, 1949 aged 79 years.  Also Helen wife of above died 1st. March, 1952 aged 87 years.  Also Joseph Nicholas LOMAS their son died 29th. October 1974 aged 80 years.  Amy LOMAS died January 5th. 1993 aged 67 years    “My life a flower the time it hath to last”


Here lieth the body of Sarah the wife of Isaac LOMAS who departed this life January **th. 1801 aged 77 years.  Also the body of the above  Isaac LOMAS who departed this life March 19th. 1801 aged 72 years.


In Affectionate Memory of Joshua LOMAS  of Peak Forest born December 6th. 1806 died November 26th. 1886.  “The Lord knoweth the days of the upright and their inheritance will be forever. Psalms 37: 18th verse.  Also Hannah his widow who departed this life  February 11th. 1907 aged 90.  “Her end was peace”


In Memory of Martha LOMAS daughter of John and Ann LOMAS of Manchester formerly of this town who departed this life March 26th. 1881 aged 66 years also the above named John LOMAS who died January 20th. 1881 aged 66 years.  Also the above named John LOMAS who died  June 12th. 1883 aged 69 years.  “I heard a voice from Heaven say unto me blessed are the dead which die in the lord.”


In Memory of Ellen daughter of John and Mary LOMAS of Dig latch who died February 13th. 1824 aged 4 days.  Also Mary their daughter February 21st. 1840 aged 2 years 9 months.  Also Elizabeth their daughter who died September 2nd. 1855 aged 19 years.  Also John their son who died October 26th. 1855 aged 24 years.  Also the said Mary wife of the above named John LOMAS who died February 22nd. 1858 aged 57 years.  Also of John LOMAS of Diglatch who died December 13th. 1877 aged 80 years.  Also Olivia BRAMWELL their daughter who died October 5th. 1910 aged 77 years


George LOMAS who died April 11th. 1904 in his 78th. Year.  Also Sarah wife of George LOMAS of Diglatch who died February 2nd.1891 aged 66 years.  Also George Harry LOMAS son of the above who died April 13th. 1951 in his 87th year.


In Loving Memory of Martha wife of Peter LOMAS of Blackbrook, Chapel died December 26th. 1912 aged 68 years.  Also Sarah Anne their daughter who died January 13th. 1865 aged 10 months.  Also of the above Peter LOMAS who died December 6th. 1916 aged 72.  Also John Thomas LOMAS son of John and Sarah of Roeside who died January 17th. 1922 aged 24  “At rest”   Also John LOMAS the beloved husband of Sarah H LOMAS of Midland House died July 12th. 1934 aged 64 years.  Also the above Sarah Holmes LOMAS who died August 30th. 1955 aged 84 years.


Here interred the remains of Jacob LOMAS who departed this life ** 7th. 1854 aged 63. **** wife of Jacob LOMAS departed this life May 7th. 1828 aged 37.  Died in faith what more could words express ***th our words or make our sorrows less.  Also James their son who departed this life March 1st. **29


In Memory of William LOMAS son of Jacob and Nelly LOMAS of Diglatch who died January 28th. 1881 in his 77th. Year.  Also Ellen LOMAS their daughter who died September 2nd. 1882 in her 77th. Year.  Agnes daughter of George Henry and Elizabeth LOMAS who died May 5th. 1905 aged 4 years.


In Remembrance of Nelley wife of Jacob LOMAS, Diglatch who departed this life  December 10th. 1812 aged 44 years.  “A loving wife, tender mother dear, a faithful friendly neighbour lieth here.  Adieu my husband and children dear.  I am not dead I’m sleeping here.  My debts I paid my grave you see prepare yourselves to follow me.”  Also Joseph LOMAS son of Jacob and Nelley LOMAS who died February ** 1811 aged 14 months.  Also Betty LOMAS their daughter who died October 20th. 1816 aged 21.  Also James LOMAS their son who died September 17th. 1832 aged 24.  Also the above named Jacob LOMAS who died April 16th. 1850 aged 76


Here lieth the body of Robert the son of Isaac and Ann LOMAS of Thorney Lee who died March 22nd. 1802 aged 26 years also Isaac  their son who died may 20th. 1802 aged 28 years.  Also the afore said Isaac LOMAS who died February 6th. 1829 aged 84 years and Ann his wife who died March 3rd. 1834 aged 85 years.


In Loving Memory of James William LOMAS died 18th. July 1980 aged 74 also Martha LOMAS died 21st. August 1997 aged 89 years.


In Affectionate Memory of Samuel LOMAS born March 18th. 1819 died February 2nd. 1890.  “The gift of God is eternal life” Also Mary wife of Samuel LOMAS the Park, Chapel born March 26th. 1823 died December 3rd. 1887.  “A loving wife a mother kind beloved by those she left behind.”


(The following 4 graves are together)

In Memory of Daniel LOMAS son of Thomas and Mary LOMAS of Shire Oaks who departed this life February 16th. 1828 aged 13.  Also Richard LOMAS son of William and Dorothy LOMAS of Shire Oaks who departed this life May 7th. 1854 aged 15 years.


Mary LOMAS wife of Thomas LOMAS of Shire Oaks who departed this life December 22nd. 1839 aged 63 years.  Also the said Thomas LOMAS who departed this life October 14th. 1843 aged 77 years.


In Affectionate Memory of Thomas LOMAS of Fernlee Sutton late of Shire Oaks who died December 16th. 1890 aged 64 years.  Also of Hannah Harriett his wife who died May 2nd. 1899 aged 74 years.  Also Lois their daughter who died February 16th. 1940 aged 70 years.  Also Harriet their daughter who died April 18th. 1943 aged 71 years.  Also Sarah their daughter who died September 7th. 1946 aged 81 years.


In Memory of Sally LOMAS the wife of William LOMAS of Shire Oaks, who departed this life September 22nd. 1832 aged 28 years.  Also Dorothy LOMAS wife of aforesaid William LOMAS who departed this life May 14th.1858 aged 58 years.  William LOMAS the above named born March 31st. 1803 died March 22nd. 1883.


In Memory of Mary LOMAS wife of George LOMAS of Higher Weston Nr. Bugsworth this life departed April 18th. 1862 aged 64 years.  Also of the above named George LOMAS who died in Bugsworth on 20th. Day of October 1870 aged 72 years.


In midst of life we are in death remembrance of Joseph LOMAS of  Sandiwayhead.  Died November 27th. 1880 94 years.  Also Hannah his widow died December 19th. 1906 aged 65 years.  Also William son of the above who died November 29th.1921 aged 57.


In Loving Memory of Walter John LOMAS passed away January 8th. 1925 aged 71 years  Also Mary his beloved wife passed away April 7th. 1899 aged 45 years both of Wilkin Hill.  “Peace perfect peace”  Also Mary Louisa LOMAS daughter of the above passed away June 18th. 1967 aged 84 years.


In Loving Memory of Minnie beloved wife of Herbert LOMAS died December 11th. 1950 aged 70 years.  Also Herbert husband of above died March 7th. 1955 aged 81 years. 


Grave D106

LOMAS Elizabeth of Corn Hays died 14 Apr 1861 aged 41

WILSON Hannah of Corn Hays died 2 Nov 1865 aged 64

LOMAS Sarah of Hazel Grove died 9 May 1887 aged 67 late of Slack Hall


Grave A75

LOWE John died 3 Aug 1841 aged 36

LOWE John died 1 Mar 1837 aged 4 months son of John & Mary

LOWE James died 7 Mar 1835 aged 2 months son of John & Mary

LOWE Mary died 24 Sep 1839 aged 7 months daughter of John & Mary

LOWE William died 18 Jul 1841 aged 10 months son of John & Mary


Grave A76 Box tomb

LOWE Mary of Light Birch died 15 Oct 1809 aged 39 wife of John

LOWE Sarah of Light Birch died 9 Apr 1810 aged 6 months `their dau`

LOWE Martha of Light Birch died 8 Jun 1813 aged 16 `their dau`


Grave B179 (includeds 2 JOULES & a GODDARD)

LOWE Sally Ellen of Snape Haye, Mellor died 8 Oct 1868 aged 29 wife of James

LOWE James Arthur of Snape Haye, Mellor died 16 May 1859 aged 7 months `their son` 


Small stone betweeen B258 & 9

LOWE J of Altwhistle


Grave C233

LOWE Joseph of Hollinwood, Bugsworth died 17 Jul 1920 aged 84

LOWE Mary of Hollinwood, Bugsworth died 19 Feb 1903 aged 71 wife of  Joseph

LOWE Sarah Hannah of Hollinwood, Bugsworth died 5 Jul 1939 aged 63 `their daughter`

FOX Mary Margaret died 13 Feb 1952 aged 81 `sister of the above`


Grave C234 `Grave two breadths` - transcript

LOWE Peter of Hollinwood, Bugsworth died 6 Jan 1863 aged 59 (transcript states could be 1865) 

LOWE Hannah of Hollinwood, Bugsworth died 12 Oct 1874 aged 66 

LOWE Ann of Hollinwood, Bugsworth died 20 Jul 1840 aged 11months

LOWE Hannah died 20 Sep 1910 aged 61 

LOWE John died 12 Oct 1916 aged 75

LOWE Samuel died 27 Jan 1925 aged 81


Grave C283

LOWE John of Church Brow died 9 Sep 1898 aged 80

LOWE Eliza of Church Brow died 4 Nov 1902 aged 75 widow of John

LOWE Joseph of Church Brow died 15 Apr 1868 in infancy


Grave C284 (broken stone - incl a 5 year old who died in 1847)

LOWE Sarah died 6 Feb .... aged 66

LOWE Ann died 24 Nov 1826 aged 4days daughter of the above named Joseph and Sarah

LOWE Joseph died 6 Feb 1829 aged 21weeks  `their son`

LOWE Ellen died 14 Feb 1881 aged 64 `their daughter`


Grave C286 - `Multi breadth plot`-transcript

LOWE Constance Jane of Haltwhistle, Northumberland born 17 Jul 1859 died 28 Feb 1930 second daughter of the late Canon Joseph of Haltwhistle

LOWE Robert Barker of Haltwhistle, Northumberland died 1 Jan 1881 in his 18th year eldest son of the Rev. Joseph MA vicar of Haltwhistle

LOWE Eliza of Haltwhistle, Northumberland died 14 Jan 1897 aged 70 wife of Joseph Lowe

LOWE Joseph of Haltwhistle, Northumberland died 22 Aug 1920 aged 90 `To the Memory Hon. Canon of Newcastle; 44 years the vicar of Haltwhistle & 13 years vicar of Bolton

LOWE Margaret of Chapel en le Frith died 9 Aug 1823 aged 49 wife of James

LOWE James of Chapel en le Frith died 2 Jun 1856 aged 82

LOWE Mary died 31 (sic) Apr 1800 aged 15months daughter of Margaret & James

LOWE Mary of Hollin Knowle died 22 Dec 1870 aged 67 wife of Joseph

LOWE Joseph of Hollin Knowle died 4 Dec 1883 aged 82 `the above named`


Grave C292

LOWE Peter of Chapel died 6 May 1852 aged 62

LOWE Nancy of Chapel died 6 Mar 1837 aged 40 wife of Peter

LOWE Mary of Chapel died 15 Apr 1886 aged 64 `their daughter`

CASTLE Mary `their dau` (no further inscription)


Grave C323

LOWE Elizabeth of this town died 22 Jun 1850 aged 54 wife of Peter, painter & daughter of Peter BRAMWELL, sexton


Grave C368

LOWE Ann of Stubbins, Bugsworth died 7 May 1828 in her 20th year daughter of John & Anna

LOWE Martha of Stubbins, Bugsworth died 6 Jun 1828 in her 14th year daughter of John & Anna

LOWE George of Stubbins, Bugsworth died 17 Jan 1829 in his 8th year son of John & Anna

GREEN Hannah of Stubbins, Bugsworth died 20 Apr 1836 aged 30 daughter of John & Anna wife of Thomas Green

LOWE John of Stubbins, Bugsworth died 20 Jan 1856 aged 77 `above named`

LOWE Anna of Stubbins, Bugsworth died 12 Nov 1875 in her 96th year wife of John


Grave D57

LOWE Abraham of Moortop, Bugsworth (rest of stone destroyed according to transcript)

LOWE Hannah of Moortop, Bugsworth (rest of stone destroyed according to transcript)


Memorial N5 & N7

LOWE Joseph; Eliza & Robert Two dedicated windows in the church


Transcribed from churchyard

TURNER John Renolds died 14 Jul 1832 aged 15 weeks son of James & Anna

TURNER James died 29 May 1833 aged 2 years 2months 3days son of James & Anna

TURNER Mary died 29 May 1835 aged 1 year 6weeks 2days daughter of James & Anna

TURNER Hannah died 20 Jan 1838 aged 1 year 11months 1week 2days daughter of James & Anna

TURNER James died 26 Dec 1841 aged 47 husband of Anna

TURNER Anna died 16 Dec 1879 in her 83rd year widow of James


Grave A93 (see also D230 HALL)

WALTON William of Chapel en le Frith died 6 Mar 1857 aged 81 husband of Mary

WALTON Mary of Chapel en le Frith died 14 Oct 1854 aged 73 wife of William

WILSON Elizabeth died 10 Jun 1877 aged 75 their daughter

WILLIAMSON Mary Ann died 14 Mar 1897 aged 81 their daughter


Grave G36

WILSON John died 17 Jan 1974 aged 62 husband (of Edith?)

WILSON Edith died Jan 1988 aged 87


Grave J48

WILSON Derek Louis died 19 Dec 1983 aged 61