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Notes relating to Chapel en le Frith Marriage Transcript

1. p.4 of transcript reads .........Joan d. of Robert Bagshawe, late of Dale Head (return to transcript)

2. p.6 Robert Moulte of Whitehough "maried his wife the 13th daye" (return to transcript)

3. p.7 "Thomas Shuttleworth was maryed at Chappell le Frith the 9th day" (return to transcript)

4. p.8 Nicholas Bowdon .......and Mary, d. and coheiress of Thomas Barnby, esq. .....  30 Sep 1652 (placed in register after 26 May 1655) (return to transcript)

5. p.8 .......and Ellen Bore, p. Eyam born in Wind Wesson, co. Chester (return to transcript)

6. p.9 There are two marriages for Thomas Bowdon and Grace Bagshawe (return to transcript)

7. p.9 Full text reads `Mr Thomas Clayton of Cunliffe, in Little Harwood, p. Blackburn, co. Lancs., clerk, sometime minister of Chapel, & Mrs Elizabeth Bagshawe, d. of Mr. Thomas Bagshawe and of his wife, of Ridge Hall. (return to transcript)          

8. p.10 "The intention of their marriage was not published at our church, but they were licensed thereunto by the Bishop of the Diocese."   (return to transcript)

9. p.10 It is suggested that p. Cutlyonorton, co. Nottm. might be Norton Cuckney. (return to transcript)

10. p.11 `This entry is out of place and at the top of a page. The remainder of the page is filled with particulars of the issue of the marriage.` (return to transcript)

11. p.11 "By certificate from the parson of Stockport" (return to transcript)

12. pp.12/13 Two marriages entered for Rochard Tore/Torr and Mrs Helen Bagshawe (return to transcript)

13. p.15 "John Hall married Esther Swindel the 21st day at Taxall" (return to transcript)

14. p.16 `Interlined between two entries of burials on 4th and 10th Nov 1696 is the following note in a modern hand: "N.B. The entries from here are translated and entered in the next Register No. 2, as will appear by referring thereto." The entries in both Registers are copied below as they do not exactly tally.` (return to transcript)

15. p.18 "Nicholas Lomas, her father was married to Mary Bradbury, p. Prestbury, same day." I am not clear whether this means they were married at Presbury or that Mary Bradbury came from there. (return to transcript)

16. p.21 "and they were married by Mr. Tho. Ashcroft, minister of Mansfield Woodhouse, in our church." (return to transcript)

17. p.24 "at Hope" (return to transcript)

18. p.27 (with a certificate from Prestbury) (return to transcript)

19. p.27 (with a certificate from Hope) (return to transcript)

20. p.32 (by a certificate from Leicester) (return to transcript)

21. p.34 "Samuel Taylor and Marchington" (sic) (return to transcript)

22. p34 `dates not clear` (return to transcript)

23. p.38 "spinster and widow" (return to transcript p 18-Ashton) (transcript p 19-Shirt, Hall, Pott) (transcript p. 22-Swindells)

24. p.43  "with the consent of her father" (return to transcript)

25. p.47 "with the consent of her guardian (return to transcript)

26. p.54 slightly out of order in register (return to transcript)

27. p.54 "w. and bachelor" (return to transcript)

28. p.7 the marriage is between 16 Aug 1813 and 14 Sep 1813 so presumably the missing month is Sept (return to transcript)

29. p.71 both minors with consent of parents (return to transcript)

30. p.83 "with the consent of his father Samuel Smith" (return to transcript)

31. p.83 "with consent of Ellen Mellor, her mother" (return to transcript)

32. p.84 slightly out of order in register (return to transcript)

33. p.85 I have transcribed this as shown but wonder whether Bake should be short for Bakewell and that the spouse`s surname is Needham (return to transcript)

34. p.85 no month put in but dates before and after are March (return to transcript)