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We're glad you're here. My intention for this site is to go backward as far as possible in every line, then bring forward the descendants of those ancestors into the present in order to locate as many living relatives as possible.

It has been a while since my last update and my site has changed a little bit.  An incident with my last laptop left me without a backup file and my information may be missing updates that relatives have provided to me, so if you see information that is incorrect or out of date please email me and I will correct it as soon as I can.

If you would like to share details of your particular line with me to add to this site, I'd love to post them for you.  Should you later find something you'd like to add, revise, or delete (names, dates, places, photos, etc.), let me know, and I'll be glad to update it as I find time.  

A special thanks to all of you who have provided information to help this tree grow! I appreciate the kindness and generosity you have shown, without you, my work here would be a lot more difficult.

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Last Update - April 12, 2016

Personal information on persons still living 
has been withheld for privacy reasons 

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