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Alexander Dunn
Susan Crawshaw
Patrick Dunn
(Abt 1830-)
Elizabeth Sanderson
(Abt 1830-)
James Dunn
Mary Ann Dunn

Charles Harold Dunn


Family Links

1. Lula Treats

2. Anna Elizabeth Pinson

Charles Harold Dunn

  • Born: 15 Jun 1892, Spring Grove Twp, Linn, Iowa, United States 3 4 5
  • Marriage (1): Lula Treats before 1915 in , , Iowa, United States 1
  • Marriage (2): Anna Elizabeth Pinson on 07 Jun 1941 in Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States 2
  • Died: 17 May 1964, Springville, Linn, Iowa, United States at age 71 5 6 7
  • Buried: 19 May 1964, Central City, Linn, Iowa, United States 5 8

bullet   Cause of his death was Acute urinary infection due to urinary retention.6


bullet  General Notes:

My Dad was working as a carpenter at Oak Ridge when I was born in Knoxville. They were married in Clarksville and maybe Dad was a carpenter working on the building of Fort Campbell when they met.

My memories of Dad are mostly of work. My folks owned the Packer's Lunch across from the Neuhoff Packing Company in Nashville. Dad did the cooking. Then they ran the Log Cabin which was across from Centennial Park. It was a real log cabin with a house attached. The house didn't have a kitchen because the Log Cabin kitchen was where all the meals were made. There was a screen enclosed barbecue pit which also held all the wood and it seems that Dad cooked out there when they were cooking the big picnics sholders each day but the æinside' cook was Harry; and a woman named Queen; Aunt Sara was there and Lila made the pies. The name of the place was the Log Cabin but Dad always called the place the Pie Wagon. A lot of people from Vanderbilt ate lunch there. I always thought it was neat that Queen would fix me anything I wanted. I also remember that we went over to the restaurant early in the morning, probably about 3:30 a.m., and one my earliest memories is sitting on the sliding glass top of the Coca-Cola cooler.

Dad usually wore a white butcher's apron and was behind the counter near the cash register. He talked with the customers and it apparently was a great sport for the customers to put hot sauce in his coffee. He always drank the coffee and wouldn't give them any satisfaction of noticing if his coffee was doctored. One day a week - I want it to be Wednesday - they closed after lunch and on that day we would go out to dinner. We would go to a cafeteria downtown which had two floors with a big curving staircase. And you got to choose your own food which was a new idea to me. They only had a lease on the place and after five years the place was sold and the Log Cabin was torn down to build an insurance company building.

Charles and I used to play in Centennial Park a lot. It was sort of our own private playground. One time we got some ducks for Easter and after they grew Dad had them banded and released in the park. Charles and I would go down to the lake and find them for years. We always seemed to get animals. Ducks, chickens, bunnies and even a hamster that Jack almost strangled one time while tying a bow around it's neck. Dad built a pen for a pet chicken I once had and which turned up on the dinner table before I knew that supper was MY chicken. Since Mom was raised on a farm I guess she never saw the fun of a pet chicken.

Although Dad dealt with the public well I don't remember him having 'fun'. The only entertainment that I remember he liked was to go to the fair each year. He was a carpenter and he and Jack built a tree house in the back yard of the house on Essex Street. The last step was too far for me to climb (probably at Charles' urging) and I would climb up but be afraid to take that last step for the longest time. We got a television one year around my birthday, maybe the Christmas before I was six, and that was the entertainment for the party.

After the Log Cabin they opened a place near St Thomas Hospital. The place was called the Salad Bowl but I don't remember much about the time...if I did I probably would remember why Dad left Maybe I don't want to remember but I don't have a clue as to why or when he left. I always thought Dad left and went to Iowa but in a conversation with Charles just yesterday I found out that he remained in Nashville, working at a Shell Station, for almost a year. When Charles was fifteen he was thrown out of the house for failing to mow the yard and he called Dad and moved in with him. Dad told Charles that he was particularly sad that I was 'mad' at him too. I don't remember hating him but I do remember feeling 'left' when he and Charles were gone.

After a year or so they both did move to Iowa and they stayed in a boarding house operated by an old girlfriend of Dad. Charles worked in a restaurant and went to school. Dad drew Social Security and they lived on those incomes. When mother had her heart attack they both came back to Nashville. Dad was concerned and wanted to see how she was doing and Charles thought he should remain with mother. Dad had taught Charles to drive on the trip from Iowa to Nashville and Charles drove most of the way. But he didn't feel he could drive back himself so they both drove back to Central City and Charles returned to Nashville by bus. Charles was in Wichita, Kansas when he found out that Dad was dying and he was gone before he could leave the base. This was in 1962 or 1963. [Elizabeth Dunn Schuck]


Of course I remember your dad. He lived with us for a while and worked for my mom and dad. My folks were with a construction company and they ran the commissary and Charlie was there and they all worked together. So I remember him real well. [James Douglas Dunn]

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bullet  Medical Notes:

Other significant conditions: hypertension, coronary heart disease and pulmonary congestion 1 year



bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• He appeared on the 1900 US census on 16 Jun 1900 in Spring Grove Twp, Linn, Iowa, United States. 4

| |121|123|Dunn, James |Head|W|M|Nov|1854|45|M|20| | |Iowa|Ireland| England ?| | | |Farmer |0| |Y|Y|Y|O|F|F|117|
| |121|123|Dunn, Mary A |Wife|W|F|Feb|1860|40|M|20|7|5|Iowa|Ireland|? Ireland | | | | | | |Y|Y|Y|O| |F|118|
| |121|123|Dunn, James A |Son |W|M|Apr|1877|19|S| | | |Iowa|Iowa | Iowa | | | |Farm labor|0|4 |Y|Y|Y| | | | |
| |121|123|Dunn, Arthur E |Son |W|M|Sep|1884|15|S| | | |Iowa|Iowa | Iowa | | | |Farm labor|0|6 |Y|Y|Y| | | | |
| |121|123|Dunn, Ernest G |Son |W|M|Nov|1889|10|S| | | |Iowa|Iowa | Iowa | | | | | |7 |Y|Y|Y| | | | |
| |121|123|Dunn, Charlie H|Son |W|M|Jun|1892|07|S| | | |Iowa|Iowa | Iowa | | | | | |7 |Y|Y|Y| | | | |
| |121|123|Dunn, Edna V |Dau |W|M|Nov|1898|01|S| | | |Iowa|Iowa | Iowa | | | | | |3½|Y|Y|Y| | | | |


• He appeared on the 1905 IA census in 1905 in Central City, Linn, Iowa, United States. 11
Card 678 James Dunn Central City
Card 679 Mary Dunn "
Card 680 James A Dunn "
Card 681 Arthur Dunn "
Card 682 Ernest Dunn "
Card 683 Charles Dunn "
Card 684 Edna Dunn "
Card 685 Susan Dunn "


• He worked as a teacher at Elmont School before 1915 in Spring Grove Twp, Linn, Iowa, United States. 12


• His Social Security Number was <b>315-12-5076</b> before 1951 in Central City, Linn, Iowa, United States. 6


• He worked as a Cafe Operator in 1958-1964 in Central City, Linn, Iowa, United States. 13


• His obituary was published in The Linn News Letter in May 1964 in Central City, Linn, Iowa, United States. 14


Charles H. Dunn, 72 died Sunday afternoon, May 17 in the Springville nursing home after a long illness. He was a native of Linn County, and was born June 15, 1892.

He is survived by three sons, Charles H. Dunn, Jr., Wichita, Kan., James E. Dunn, Nashville, Tenn., Jack T., Huntsville, Ala.: two daughters, Elizabeth Lybrand of Clarksville, Tenn., and Lois Dryer; one sister, Edna Drexler of Central City; and one brother, Leo M. Dunn of El Paso, Tex.

Memorial services were conducted Tuesday at the Passmore Funeral Home in Central City with the Rev. Harold Arink officiating. Interment was in the Mt. Clark cemetery. Pall bearers were M. M. Filloon, Minor Estill, F.M. Goldsberry, Lee Passmore, Lester Falcon and George Tehel. Services were arranged by the Passmore Funeral Home.


• He was buried at the Mount Clark Cemetery in Central City, Linn, Iowa, United States on 19 May 1964. 15 16

1892 - 1964



Charles married Lula Treats before 1915 in , , Iowa, United States.1


Charles next married Anna Elizabeth Pinson, daughter of Toney Lowe Pinson and Sarah Elizabeth Tyree, on 07 Jun 1941 in Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States.2 (Anna Elizabeth Pinson was born on 04 Nov 1913 in Lock 7, Smith, Tennessee, United States, died on 26 Nov 2003 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee, United States and was buried on 05 Dec 2003 in Hermitage, Davidson, Tennessee, United States.). The cause of her death was cancer.6

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Letter: to Olive Summer Dunn Re: Jack Dunn's Appointment to the Coast Guard Academy, 06 Jul 1955, New London, New London, Connecticut, United States.
Dear Ollie,

Just a line to say all is fine here. Jack has an appointment to the Coast Guard Academy at New London, Conn. He has to be there July 6.

We are going to really miss him. But he hopes to make 4 years of college there and are all for him. He has so much talent & ability.

We sure would love to see you.


Elizabeth & Charlie

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Kenneth had Jack swim the river. Jack wasn't older than anything. Kenneth and some other boys had Jack swim across the Cumberland River. I think he was about 12 and I know I was just beside myself when Mother told me. Jack used to go out to the farm in the summers. When Jack got old enough to have a shotgun we got one for him. Charles thought that was the best thing he ever heard of. Well, we decided that was the wrong thing so we told Jack he would have to take the gun to his granddaddy. When he went out to the farm he could hunt. Jack and some of his friends from the Civil Air Patrol would hunt squirrel and that way Daddy could supervise them.

Sissy also loved to go to the farm in the summer and I guess Charles would have tried too but he just had Daddy's tools all the time. Then when Daddy got ready to use them he couldn't find them. He was always on to Charles about that so we just couldn't let him go to the farm.

We owned the Packer's Lunch, which was over in west Nashville by the Neuhoff Packing Company. It was only open for breakfast and for lunch. We served beef stew and chili and a plate lunch… I know when it burned he had gone off and left a ham or a roast in the oven. It was teeny place, maybe no more than 20 people could fit in. Neuhoff's was a big place and those workers would come in hungry. Charles and Sissy went to McNeely Day Home, it was a place for working mothers to leave their children. Long before you knew about Day Care for children.

After the Packer's Lunch we had the Log Cabin, it was in Centennial Park. We loved the place but the owner sold it to an insurance company and they tore it down to put up a new building. I wish I had a picture of old Harry building the fire… and Queen, she worked there. We lived there about three years. Right after we leased it Jack went to the Coast Guard Academy. We use to go to the B&W for dinner and they'd take Sissy and wander around. We used to go there Wednesday night when our restaurant was closed. We used to eat out that night.

Aunt Sarah Cooper was there sometimes. She took care of Jimmy. She would do things I didn't even have to tell her to do. She would get so mad at Sissy. Sissy had a way of putting her underwear in one of the dresser drawers and Sarah would have to look for it. When Lydia was three and Sissy lived in Nashville she would go pick Sarah up because she wouldn't let her ride the bus. There was no direct route for Sarah to take. Sissy would get her hair done that day and she would make her doctor's appointments for that day. And when she was taking classes at Watkins she would come home and make supper for Sarah because she didn't always eat right. Then she would make enough for Sarah to take some home with her. All Sissy needed her for was to have her baby-sit Lydia but she would be over there ironing your socks.

When we lost the lease on The Log Cabin restaurant we opened the Salad Bowl on Elliston Place. We didn't have that long. After that it was a disaster. Right after that I went to work doing a split shift at The Cross-Keys restaurant. Sarah would stay with Jimmy. People who have never had good help working for them don't know how much of help that is. I would pick her up every morning and then I would go to work. Charlie would go to work at a filling station on Harding Place. Then he let this guy who bought The Packer's Lunch from him talk him into going in with him but that didn't work out 17



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My Dad was working as a carpenter at Oak Ridge...

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The teachers at Elmont School over the years were... Charlie Dunn.

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