HENRY C.(Crittenden, Crittendon) DUNN Henry C. Dunn was born September 15, 1846 in Indiana. The son of John and Nancy Claire (Clare, Clair) Dunn, he came to South Texas at three years of age. In the 1850's he lived in De Witt County, Texas. In June, 1863, in Sweet Home, Lavaca County, Henry C. enlisted in Mann's Regiment, Captain S.L. Scott's Company-- Company #, Texas Cavalry, CSA. He served until the end of the war and was discharged at Galveston, Texas about May 1, 1865. On January 19, 1870, he married Elizabeth (Bettie) Winifred Henderson in Valentine's Place, Halletsville, Texas. The witnesses were Frank Valentine, Eliza Rush and the preacher, Reverend Lee Green. Bettie was born July 25, 1844 in Florida, the red-haired daughter of David A. Henderson (1812-1887) and Nancy I. Poppel Henderson (1824-1856). The Dunn's soon moved to McCulloch County where most of their children were born. Three of the children died in McCulloch County. In 1890, they came to Sterling County. They settled first on the Divide, where they ranched and farmed.They planted cotton and corn on the Robert Brown place.After the house on the divide burned, the Dunns moved to Sterling City. The children of Henry C. and Bettie Dunn who lived in Sterling County were: Name Birth Death Spouse CHARLEY JASPER DUNN 15 Jan 1877 15 Nov 1916 Clara Mae Wagner LILLIE JANE DUNN 14 Feb 1879 12 Aug 1946 William Taylor Garrett Joe A. Ellott HENRY KEATON DUNN 11 May 1881 2 Apr 1958 Mamie Colbaugh Jewel Henderson NANCY ELIZABETH DUNN 25 Mar 1885 18 June 1950 Robert Arch Garrett MIKEL L. DUNN 15 Oct 1890 14 Aug 1900 (insert picture) Shortly after coming to Sterling county, Henry C. Dunn suffered one of the last known Indian depredations in Sterling County. He and his two young sons, Charley and Keet, had a mustang horse down when hostile Indians arrived. The Dunns fled, with the two boys in the lead. Henry C. caught an arrow in his back on Lacy draw near the present home of David Glass. Henry c. and Bettie owned various tracts of ranch and farm land in Sterling county, as well as city lots in Sterling city and Cummins. In 1893, Bettie bought 119 acres of a section of land between Sterling City and Cummins, near the river and in 1894, she bought two lots in the old town of Cummins from J.A. Swift. In 1898, Henry C. bought 640 acres, six miles southwest of Sterling City. He paid Snow and Allard 41.00 per acre. In 1899, he began accumulating quite a number of city lots in Sterling. Henry C. also owned a secion of land five miles due north of Sterling City and in 1901,he bought another 640 acre tract three miles east and two miles south of Sterling City. Later that same year, he bought three sections of land situated just north of Lacy School about ten miles west of Sterling City. Their ranching and farming operations also included land on the Divide and land one-half mile south of Sterling city. Henry C. dunn was a horse trader, who broke and sold horses. At one time, Henry C. reputedly owned the largest herd of horses in the state of Texas. His grandsons, H.C.Dunn and Darrel and Taylor Garrett once took some of Henry C's horses to Big Bend and left them at Fulcher's Ranch near Studde Butte. Shen they returned for the horses, the big cats had eaten the colts and the other horses were badly scratched. In the early days of Sterling County, Henry c. Dunn operated a butcher shop. In those days butchers were required to file a written report wiith the County commissioners Corut each month. the reports included a list of all animal slaughtered during the month and also the previous owners' names, brand, earmarks, and cost. Bettie Dunn died July 21, 1898, and is buried in Sterling city cemetery. About 1901, Henry C. Dunn married Katie L. Dunn, who was born Novmer 14, 1860 and died February 28,1 942. a Catholic, she came from Saint Louis to marry Henry. Their home, at the corner of 2nd and Concho Streets is perhaps the earliest built plank house in Sterling City. The lumber to build the house was hauled from Abilene in wagons. Henry C. Dunn died on July 4, 1924. He lived 34 eventful years as a pioneer in Sterling County. (Milling Around Sterling County) Working notes: Henry C. Dunn 640 acres McCullough Co. TX 8 Nov 1897
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